Bo: waves Yo!

Ski: HI everyone!

Bo: I know, I've been unactive lately, haven't worked on writing stories at all. And to make it worse, I can't' access my Laptop that has all my documents. sulks

Ski: But luckily we are working on getting that fixed. So it should be working again soon by the end of next week, but that could be getting our hopes up a little too high.

Bo: I wanna thank the 54 reviews I've received, the 79 people who the story, the 26 people who made this story a favorite, and the 5 people who've added this story to a C2, and most of all to the 5486 people who've visited the story.

Sadly, when I reread it, I was unhappy with it, I had many spelling errors, and I don't like my writing format for that story, I've gotten a lot better since then. Plus I had an idea for it, that I'll need to change things around for. So I'm going to put it on Hiatus mode for a while. Which, I guess you could say it already is but yeah.

Ski: Hopefully when we get our laptop fixed, I can get Bo into fixing her story, so far I'm having her write up the idea's, like I am for my stories. waves

Bo: Thanks for liking the story so much.