Lyrics guessed it: RENT

Tittle: Minuet

Alexandra Cabot slowly walked down the aisle, tears forming in her eyes, her body shaking, her heart pounding. She cant believe she was actually here. She cant believe that this day finally came. Her dream wedding is finally here.

It seem like forever but she finally made it down the aisle. There she stood beside the one person that she would spend the rest of her life with. There Alex was smiling ear to ear as the pastor began the wedding service. The time came when they recited their vows. Another milestone...

Alex took her lovers hand. "I love you so much, I waited so long for this moment. Words can not even express how I feel right now... Every time I look at you I melt, every time you touch me, every time I come near you I..." Alex wiped away the tears from her eyes and continued. "I know longer have to wait, I know longer have to wish to be touch by you... I've long to discover something as true as this is...I love you so much, ill be here with you always."

With a thousand sweet kisses

When your cold and your lonely

With a thousand sweet kisses

When your worn out and tired

With a thousand sweet kisses

When your heart has expired

I'll cover you

"I love you so much Alex. From the first time I laid eyes on you I knew... I too waited so long for this very moment. I waited so long to be standing beside you, reciting my vows to you. To finally have you as my wife..."

:: Minuet ::

Alex and her lover shared a passionate kiss, before they both walked down the aisle. As they exited they were greeted by cheers, laughter, smiles and white doves who flew above them...

:: Minuet ::

That night Alex walked in her bedroom, dressed in only lingerie, her blonde hair out flowing pass her shoulders. She laid on the bed, kissing her lovers lips. Every inch of her lovers body.

"I love you so much." Alex said.

That night two bodies became one. That night, their love was finally expressed. That night Alexandra Cabot and Olivia Benson united as one body...

Like a breathe of midnight air

Like a lighthouse like a prayer

Like a flicker or a flame the sky reveals

Like a walk along the shore

That you walk a thousand times before

Like the oceans roar...

When you look out at the sea

That's where love will be

That's where you'll find me...

"I'll always be their for you Liv' till the end of time, always..."

:: Minuet ::

By: Alexx