A/N: Hi all, it's me again, back with the sequel to Sensei. This one is a short one, takes place two months after Sensei wrapped up, and is told from Mei's point of view. I will warn you that it is quite violent once it gets going. I'll post warnings as we go. So let's get started - enjoy! And of course, I don't own Naruto.


My life was picture perfect. Kakashi and I had been married for two months and our busy existence inside the academy was a joyful one. His genin were prospering under his tutelage, and I felt like the most important person in the word whenever he looked at me. We were crazy about each other and the times we were apart were lonely ones. The one and two day missions he was assigned to left me lonely and longing. This last mission he'd been assigned was to take a week, but he was due home tomorrow and I couldn't wait to see him, hold him and have him. Life was good and I waited. I couldn't wait much longer; I had a bit of information to tell my husband.

A messenger approached me as I walked through the gardens while I tried to occupy my time as I waited for Kakashi. "Miss Mei, Hokage needs to see you immediately! He requests your presence now." What's this? An emergency! I hoped he didn't want to send me on a reconnaissance mission; I wanted to wait for Kakashi. I nodded to the messenger and went off to see what Hokage needed.

I arrived at the office of Konoha's 3rd Hokage, and burst through the door, "Hokage? What is it? What's the matter?"

He looked at me slowly with sadness on his face. He said, "Mei. I hate to tell you this, but they've got him."

"Who's got who? Don't say Kakashi."

"I'm sorry, but it's true. A group of rogue ninjas have Kakashi. The man he was escorting walked him right into a trap and he was overwhelmed and ambushed."

I was stunned to silence. I've learned that happiness can change in the blink of an eye. Shinobi know this. I know this. But things had been so perfect; I didn't want to believe things would turn bad. Unfortunately, they did.

I asked, terrified at what I might hear, "Is he?"

Hokage answered, "He's alive. They're demanding ransom money. They know who he is and how valuable he is to this village Mei. But I fear we may be too late if we try and negotiate. They've had him for three days already. They say they're keeping his hands tied behind his back and separated so he can't do any hand seals and they've got him blinded with a kind of blind fold his sharingan cannot see through. Mei, we've got to act fast."

"But how did you get this information? I don't understand; it can't be Kakashi. How could he get caught?"

"I was given this information from a messenger who brought this document, and these," he opened an envelope, turned it upside down, and out came the document he spoke of, Kakashi's forehead protector, and some of his hair."

"Oh dear God," I muttered as I picked up the headband and held it to my face. I could smell him on it. No doubt it was his. "When do I leave?"

"You can't leave yet. There are a few things we need to put into place before you go, to ensure your safety and your child's."

WHAT? How did he know? I looked at him suddenly and he read the surprise on my face.

"You forget Mei, I am an elite ninja. There are many things I've picked up over the years. I've developed something similar to the byakugan gift, and I can see a little something, or shall I say someone. I'm right aren't I?"

I nodded.

"Does Kakashi know?"

"Not yet, I was going to tell him tomorrow when he got home. I wanted to surprise him with a welcome home present."

"I must warn you Mei, this mission will be extremely dangerous, not only to you, but to your child. It will most likely be physically demanding. I could assemble a team of Anbu, or possibly send some of the other jonin that are available to do this."

"No Hokage. I insist on going. I'll travel by myself, that way I won't draw any unwanted attention. I need to get my husband back."

"Then there is no time to waste. Come with me, we have plans to finalize, and there are a few things I need you to learn from the first Hokage's secret scroll."

"Secret scroll? Really?"

"Yes. You need to be able to travel in silence, disguise your scent, and mute your heartbeat. Some of these things you already know, the rest I will teach you. They are not hard to learn, but you must be sure you know them before you leave. Also Mei, you must be willing to get to him no matter what. Are you ready to do this?"

I felt angry, hard and cruel all of a sudden as I remembered my vow. I looked sternly at Hokage and told him, "I made a vow when Kakashi and I were first together that he was mine and I'd kill anyone who tried to keep us apart."

"You're going to have to keep that vow I'm afraid."

"When do we start?"


Hokage brought out the secret scroll and we studied the jutsu together. I was already very familiar with how to cloak my scent and heartbeat. The one I didn't know, but especially liked after I learned it, was a type of mind talking jutsu. It allowed me to talk to someone telepathically, and they could talk back to me. The jutsu more or less connected a pathway of invisible chakra, opening communications in the mind so no sounds needed to be uttered. I'd need this if I was going to travel silently to rescue Kakashi.

Hokage summoned Gai and Asuma then, both of whom agreed to be contracted in summoning scrolls in case I met with too many enemies. I had two scrolls for each of them. Finally, we worked some ancient ninja technique on three scrolls that would be used as teleportation scrolls. The first scroll would be hidden in a secure place of my choosing not far from Konoha. The second would be set up in another secure location, about half way to where Kakashi was. The third I would keep with me. When I found Kakashi, I would open the third scroll, and it would transport us back to the second location, so I could assess his injuries if he had any, before we traveled on. Then when I was sure he was able to continue, I would open that scroll, and it would teleport us back to the first location. All I had to do was find Kakashi first. I had to get him back home where he belonged.

Hokage told me, "We think we know where he is, and we know the men who will be waiting for our response. We will respond to them as if nothing is wrong, like we are going to pay the ransom. In the meantime, you travel, talk to them in their heads; make them reveal things that only a jonin ninja of your particular skill could coax out of a person. Most of all, stick to your vow."

Asuma wished me luck. Gai just crossed his arms and looked at me. I knew he didn't really care if I brought Kakashi back or not. Even though he enjoyed their rivalry, he still hadn't forgiven Kakashi for marrying me, his step sister.

I couldn't waste any more time. I told them, "I will not fail. I need to go now. I need to pack." I thanked all of them and made my way back to our quarters. I put on my ninja gear that would make me look like a shadow in the trees, only my eyes would be seen if I let them be. I was loaded to the max with many throwing weapons of all sorts. I was furious, anxious, and sick to my stomach all at the same time. I had to make sure I packed one more thing before I left, and then I was ready. I muttered to no one in particular, "Those bastards stole my husband. Now they'll have to pay ME for taking him. They'll pay with their lives." In minutes I was ready to go.


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