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"WHAT?!" Kakashi suddenly stood straight up. I whipped out a teleportation scroll and wrapped my arm around him and said, "Hang on!" I opened the scroll and we went hurtling through space and time to the embankment. I helped him down and sat next to him.

Kakashi looked at me with a bit of disbelief on his face as he said, "You're what?"

I answered him very matter-of-factly, "What did you expect? All we ever do is have sex. It was bound to happen sometime."

"Pregnant, holy shit."

"Hey! Weren't you the one who told Hokage when he said, "you're young you probably want to start a family" – you said, "right away sir!""

"Yeah, I did didn't I?"

"Yeah you did." I began to get concerned. Maybe he really didn't mean "right away."

Kakashi said, "Mei, I couldn't be more thrilled." I was instantly relieved. Then he did something very tender, he placed both of his battered hands on my stomach and smiled at me. Then he started. "I feel something."

"How! It's only been eight weeks."

"Believe me Mei; I've been in the grips of death many times before. I've felt death. I can tell what life feels like. It's like a tiny ball of energy. This is the greatest day of my life."

I smiled at him sideways and said, "So far."

"So far," he agreed.

We had a quiet moment then, but just a moment. Finally, I broke the silence and said, "Please, you need to eat something and get some strength back. We don't have much time. I've got to get you back home and we have to get to our second shelter to do that. We'll be traveling the same way, so I need you strong enough to hold on to me. I've got food pills if we need to use them."

"We may have to, but right now, some ninja food will do." Kakashi's Ninja food, aka, dried fruits and meats. I ate a little with him, but not much, saving the rest for him. "Not hungry?"

"Sometimes now, not really. It's the hormones."

"Really? I understand."

"Good, because you've got about two minutes before we're going to have to leave."

"You sure are pushy aren't you?"

"I sure am. I'm not leaving without you. There is no life for me without you. Therefore, I will get you home ASAP and get you back in our bed."

"I like the sounds of that. But Mei, my hands are practically ruined."

"Here, let me look at them." I took out some healing balm and rubbed it between my hands. I was no medical ninja, but I had to try something. I took his left hand that was pretty badly battered, but not broken. I began to slowly massage his hands, palms first, moving down his fingers, turning his hand over, covering the backs and each finger. I tried to infuse some of my chakra into his hands. It was difficult, but I managed to do it a little. Soon he was able to flex his fingers and make a loose fist. This was a good start. I worked on his other hand the same way and got pretty close to the same result.

Kakashi was surprised at my skill, "You never cease to amaze me Mei. That actually worked a bit."

"Can you hold on to me? We've got to go."

"Let's give it a try."

"Ok, here goes." I took out the other teleportation scroll and opened it with one hand, while holding Kakashi with the other. We were immediately teleported to the cave. We both sat down hard, breathing heavily. I told him, "We're close now. But we have to travel through the trees. I know you're not strong enough, and I'm pretty tired now. I can't carry you the whole way. I'm going to summon Asuma and Gai. They can get us back."

Kakashi looked at me and said, "I'm glad I married the smart, deadly one."

"Don't let your guard down, we're not there yet." I took out one scroll for each ninja I wished to summon, opened both and threw them close to the entrance of the cave. In a minute after the smoke dissipated, Gai and Asuma stood before us. Asuma said, "Dear God Mei, you did it. You found him! How'd you get him back?"

"Why'd you get him back is more like it," Gai said over his shoulder at Kakashi.

"Gai," I said menacingly.

"Sorry. So you're ok then Kakashi?"

"I've seen much better days, but I think I'll pull through if I get back home."

Asuma said, "Then leave it to us. Home we go." He hefted Kakashi up and draped him over his shoulder. I held on to Gai and all four of us left the cave and arrived inside the walls of the village. We walked immediately to the infirmary where we summoned the other jonin and Hokage. They were stunned to see I'd brought Kakashi back alive.

As Kakashi lay on a bed being tended to, I pulled up a chair and sat next to him. He reached out and put his beaten hand in mine, and I put it on my stomach. He smiled.

Gai noticed and said, "What's going on Mei? You having stomach problems?"

Kakashi couldn't resist, "Gai, how do you feel about babies in general?"


"Your little niece or nephew will be here before you know it."

"You mean to tell me there's a little Kakashi! Mei!!!"

I smiled at Gai and said, "Sorry Gai, but it's true. We are married you know. I just risked my life for this man, so he can know his child and raise him or her."

Kakashi said, "I need to make some more changes in my life. I want to continue to train genin for the exams, and teach at the academy, but I'm done with serious missions unless there's an emergency or we're at war. I want to live to know, raise and love my child. I see how Naruto suffered; I won't be an absent or non existent parent."

I smiled quietly at Kakashi as Gai continued to whine. I'd gotten my Kakashi back, just like I said I would. I fulfilled my vow. And now he had made a vow of his own, to be a husband to me and a parent to his children. The happy feeling I felt before I heard he was captured returned to me as I looked at his face as he rested.


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