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Naruto laughed. "Y-YOU TOOK BALLET?"

Sighing, Sasuke explained again, "Yes Uzumaki, I took ballet. All Uchiha's did. It improves co-ordination, makes movement easy, and makes learning fighting moves that much easier."

Naruto was still laughing.

Sakura was trying hard not to imagine Sasuke in a tutu, and failing miserably. She broke out into a fit of giggles.

For some reason, this irked Sasuke the most; he'd hoped Sakura would've been more mature and understood. Obviously he was mistaken.


"It's perfectly reasonable you two. If I had the chance to, I would've gone into dancing. Unfortunately, I could never keep a beat." Kakashi scratched the back of his head; Sasuke didn't miss the amusement laced through his voice and shot him a dirty look.

"I went to one of your recitals once." He said matter-of-factly. Sasuke got a bad feeling at the pit of his stomach. "It was The Nutcracker wasn't it?" Sasuke's bad feeling increased.

Politely, Sakura asked, "how was it?"

"It was wonderful! The costumes were particularly well done and the children remembered most of their choreographed moves." Kakashi tapped his chin, and with a sidelong glance at Sasuke said off-handedly, "Although, I do remember a certain Nutcracker Prince being very put out about not being allowed to be Clara."

Sasuke ignored the comment, choosing instead to fiddle with his sword and look around non-chalantly.

Sakura, being the second smartest out of the group of three, was on the ground clutching her sides.

Naruto stood staring at everyone for a few minutes before he looked at Sasuke "...what character did you play Sasuke?"

Sasuke mumbled something.



There was a silence, and then Naruto and Sakura burst into laughter again. Kakashi was trying very hard to stop laughing, but seeing Sasuke looking so indignant was making it difficult.

Sasuke stalked off, (he definitely wasn't stomping and sulking, as those two had said; teasing him about the whole affair afterwards. Uchiha's don't stomp. Or sulk.) tired of trying to defend himself to those two, who obviously wouldn't know culture if it came up and give them a swift kick in the face. He still thought he would've done a better job as Clara than that blonde, whiney, snot-nosed brat they chose. He definitely didn't have a grudge against her like Naruto and Sakura said. He didn't practice every night in the hopes that he would get called back to play her part. That would be ridiculous, who has that much time anyway?(1) And in the off chance that he was asked; those two could FORGET about getting front row seats, or even being informed of the fact. Ass-holes.

Ten minutes later of walking and fuming, he could still hear their laughter.

Sasuke hated his life.

(1) lol Sasuke does XD that's why he never goes out to eat with them (well hardly ever) he's practicing his ballet moves.