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Fan Fic 100 Challenge #:: 077- What?

What If?

They sit in a comfortable silence, each working diligently on the paperwork before them. Albus smiles at the woman sitting across from himself. She is his best friend, his mentor, and so much more.

What would she do, he wondered, if she knew he invited her to work in his office so that he may merely be in her presence?

Minerva cannot help but to return the smile and ask what is on Albus's mind.

"Nothing," he says politely, his blue eyes twinkling madly, but Minerva gives him a doubting glance.

What if she told him that those sparkling blue eyes were her weakness?

"Lemon drop?" Albus offers as he pulls two candies apart and places one into his mouth.

"No, thank you," Minerva responds with a melodious laugh.

What does he find so enticing about these lemon sweets?

Albus shrugs and returns the lemon drop to his pocket. Minerva watches him, intrigued by his contrasting personality of wisdom and knowledge with his childlike passions.

What if she tells him she loves him?

Albus admires her for a few moments as she straightens her shoulders and moves her attention back to her paperwork, her professional but motherly, loving form returning to the surface.

What if he tells her he loves her?

What do they have to lose?