Redemption Miracles
Chapter: 1
By: S.Stryker

"He thought he'd left his past behind him. He thought he had a future; he was wrong, the battle has just begun."

'Prince of Persia 3'

AN: Chances are I'll be using other infamous quotes like that to promote the themes of this story. Also before we start, this is called 'Fan Fiction' for a reason. Therefore I will not under any circumstances type in 'I do not own most of the characters in this story.' ….oh crap.

Tai, Matt, Sora - 20

Davis, Ken, Willis, Tk, Kari -17

Joe - 21

Izzy, Mimi - 19

Yolie -18

Cody, Rika - 14

Did you like 'Corrupted Miracles?' It was only the prologue, the true chronicle starts now.
Davis and the Digidestined and their respective Digimon were sitting in the World having a picnic. There was much laughter, and everyone was having a good time. Davis closed his eyes and threw back his head and laughed as Tai and Matt wrestled each other over a chocolate covered rice-ball.

Davis opened his eyes to look at the sky. He suddenly realized that something was wrong. The Sky was no longer a happy-Blue, but a blood Red color. Davis looked around his setting the Digidestined and their partners were no where to be found. Also there was chaos around him, Digimon were being slaughtered by an army that looked and sounded like Digimon, but were hollows of their former selves.

Davis got up, and began to run. He didn't know where, but he had to find the others somehow.

As he ran past the countless bodies of deleting Digimon, Davis finally caught sight of Ken running for his life. Running behind him was a hooded figure, with a long sharp sword. The hooded figure instantly impaled Ken through his back, Ken fell down dead next to the bodies of Tai and the others who'd also died at the hands of the hooded figure. Davis screamed in rage. He reached down and grabbed a discarded sword as ran at the figure. His adrenaline was pumping; his heart ached with the lost of his comrades, his eyes were red with tears, and his entire body burned for revenge.

The hooded figure raised his sword to defend himself, as Davis brought his own down with great force. Davis pushed the figure back, and raced to attack him again. The figure did his best to try and counter Davis's relentless assault but to no avail; it was already hard enough for him just to barely defend himself. Finally, Davis disarmed the figure by slicing off the hand that had once held the sword. The figure didn't have time too scream in pain though, Davis instantly caught him with an upwards slash through the torso.

The figure fell down in a puddle of his blood, groaning.

Davis stood over him with a bloodied sword. "I want to see your face before you die." He growled as he pulled the hood off the figure.

Davis's eyes widened in shock; he dropped the figure and his sword as he himself stumbled backwards and fell on his backside. He found it difficult to breathe as he looked at the face of the once hooded figure.

It was himself in his former 'Raiyoko' persona . The now hoodless 'Davis look alike' saw Davis's horror of learning the truth. He began chuckling, then he began laughing, then he began laughing hysterically.

Davis then did the only thing he could think of, he got up and ran. He had to get away from this psycho. He didn't get far; the soul-less bodies of his comrades surrounded him.

"Davis……You did this to us...You betrayed us …Die...Motomiya…" they moaned.

Davis backed away until he realized that his back was facing the edge of a cliff. Before he could do anything, His 'look alike' appeared in front of him, picked him up by the neck, and lifted him in the air. "You can't hide from me." He whispered before throwing Davis off the cliff…

Davis Motomiya's eyes snapped open as he instantly sat up in his bed. He quickly clamped his mouth shut after he'd accidentally let out a short yell. He quickly stumbled out of bed and made his way to his window, which he opened to feel the cool air wash away the cold sweat on his upper body.

He took deep breathes as he tried his best to forget the nightmare he'd just had, although it was rather difficult to do so. Not only because of the content of the dream, but because he'd been having the same exact same nightmare every night for the past four weeks.

He'd been in the 'Tamer Universe' for approximately three years. He was by this time seventeen years old. He was able settle down, and enjoy his life with his family and friends. There were times he felt guilty about leaving his family behind, and there were times he thought of going home. But his feelings were too conflicting.

He wasn't too sure how to make of these frequent nightmares, the same one happening wasn't a good sign, and Davis had a bad history with the reality of nightmares.

Davis turned to look at his clock, it read 3:53 A.M. Davis shook his head as he got back into bed. He had to go to school in a few hours. Davis closed his eyes and tried to fall back asleep, which was pretty difficult since the scar that Omnimon gave him three years ago, which lead from his left shoulder to his right hip, was hurting.

"Ryo, you're up early." Mr.Akiyama said as he read his morning paper.

"Good Morning honey." Mrs.Akiyama said cheerfully as her so called son entered the dining room.

"Hey mom, Hey Dad" Davis responded tiredly as he sat down to eat his breakfast.

"Ryo, are you okay? You don't sound too well." Mrs.Akiyama asked. "I woke up about a little before four in the morning because I thought I heard you yelling."

Mr.Akiyama looked up from the sports section in the paper "Again? Good lord son just what's with these nightmares of yours, every time I ask you about them you just shrug it off and say 'its nothing'."

"I say that because it is nothing." Davis lied. "It's just a little stressful, how many Seventeen year olds can say that they were smart enough to be a Sophomore attending Shinjuku University? It's been a long week that's all. Besides next week I'm moving back into my Dorm room, the whole reason I'm here for is so that I could see you and the others remember?"

Mr.Akiyama sighed; he was being a little harsh on his 'son'. "I'm sorry son, its just…I've been worried that you might disappear again…like you did all those years ago."

Davis forced a smile for the sake of his 'father'. "Don't worry Dad, I'm not going anywhere." He said, although for some reason he couldn't help but feel as if that was a lie.

Davis excused himself from the breakfast table to go brush his teeth. Once he was done this, he grabbed his book bag and walked back into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. "I'm leaving early today. I want to take a walk before I go to school see, you guys later."

"Actually your father and I are going to see a play this afternoon, and we have more plans for tonight. So we won't be home until really early in the morning." His mom responded.

Mr.Akiyama smiled "Kid, I gotta tell ya. I couldn't love you more than I already do, but ever since you've gone off to college, your mother and I have been…"

Davis screwed up his face. "Dad! Come on!"

Mr.Akiyama blinked."What? I was going to say that we've been spending more quality time together. You're the one with your head in the gutter."

Davis rolled his eyes, as he walked out of the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Akiyama sat in silence for a minute or two after Davis left until Mrs.Akiyama broke the ice.

"Do you think there's something he's hiding from us?"

Mr.Akiyama sipped his coffee "I'm not sure, but if he's in any trouble he knows that he can come and talk to us. Still, the way he's behaving, sometimes I wonder if that kid's from another planet or something!"

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