Redemption Miracles
Training Daisuke arc
Chapter: 24
Return of the Anti-Hero!
By: S.Stryker

Gennai quickly grabbed Veemon and leaped away from Davis just as Apemon brought his bone-like club down on Davis.

The impact formed a small crater in the floor. The sound echoed throughout the chamber as dust flew up in the air. Still the Guardian watched on, observing the events that had just transpired.

"DAVISH!" Veemon screamed. He violently struggled to break free of Gennai's hold over him.

"LEMME GO!" Veemon yelled. "I gotta help him!"

Gennai did not respond and continued to calmly watch as the dust cleared. "Calm yourself Veemon." He said firmly.

Veemon grinned his teeth "The hell you mean calm down! Davish is..!"

"Davis…" Gennai interrupted. "Is not the type who can be beaten so easily."

Veemon blinked.

"Observe." Gennai said not taking his eyes off the battle field.

Apemon grinned and laughed maliciously to the point where he began screeching like an Ape. He then looked where the end of his club was to see the body of the human, when he realized that there was nothing there but broken floor.

Apemons' eyes widened , He began to look around frantically.

"Your attack….it's too slow to touch me." Said a voice behind him.

Apemon spun around to see an unscathed Davis staring back at him.

"Don't make your attacks so obvious." Davis continued calmly. "Your assault could have been so much more effective if you had actually thought about what you were doing, a straight up frontal assault? Don't make me laugh…idiot."

"Davish!" Veemon yelled cheerfully.

The Four Guardians looked on. Although their faces didn't show any hint of surprise, they were all impressed that Davis's speed was good enough to avoid an attack like that. They were all at least a hundred times faster than Davis of course, but still for a human to become so fast in such a short amount of time was unheard of. Had they not seen it for themselves they would have never believed.

Apemon charged and swung his club at Daisuke when he was within arms reach. Davis ducked to avoid a blow to the head. He then balled up his right fist, reared it back and back handed smacked Apemon. Apemon who'd seen the attack coming but was too slow to dodge it felt as the back of Daisukes fist impacted the left side of his face. He spun through the air and landed hard thirteen feet away on the ground.

Apemon struggled to get up. He couldn't believe that he was getting owned by a human!

He snarled at the thought as he got off the ground. He looked furiously at Davis who looked right back at him. This Apemon had been known as a Serial Killer for the better part of his life. Battle was his greatest love and he didn't care who he had to kill in order to alleviate his obsession for violence. He'd destroyed small villages single-handedly, and wiped out hundreds of Digimon. His favorite part of a battle was the look his opponent gave him right before he killed them. Sometimes they gave him a final look of fear and despair before he crushed the life out of them. Other times he would get a last look of unwavering bravery as his victims died with honor. He'd even had victims who'd died in vain trying to protect their allies or families from him.


He'd never seen from anyone, the expression that this opponent was giving him. Davis wore no expression of deep hatred on his face or fear for his life. Nor was it an arrogant smirk. He merely looked at Apemon impassively; with no sign of interest what so ever. One would think he was watching paint drying on a wall rather than being in a life or death fight. Davis's eyes held no wonder, no interest for Apemon at all.

Apemon hated that. He forced himself up and prepared to take on Davis once more.

"Don't do it." Davis said calmly.

Apemon looked at Davis.

"Don't do it." Davis repeated. "You're way out of your league, your lack of speed and reaction timing, and defense has proven that."

Gennai smiled to himself. "Good lord, the battle has only just started and yet he's already come up with a summary of his opponents' capabilities. The fact that Apemon wasn't able to dodge Davis's attack means that Davis's speed surpasses Apemons' reaction timing; what's more Davis was able to hit him that far away, which means that his strength is greater than Apemons defense."

Davis continued. "You don't interest me right now. Just turn around and walk away if you know what's good for you."

"I will not be looked down upon!" Apemon screamed as he lunged him self at Davis, swinging his club at his head once more.

This time Davis didn't dodge he blocked with his left arm and grabbed the Club with his right hand and yanked it away from Apemon. Twirling the weapon around in his hand Davis grabbed an end of the bone and smacked the shit of Apemon with his own signature weapon.

Davis first hit Apemon in the face repeatedly. He then smashed the club in Apemons' mid-section. Apemon doubled over in pain. Davis responded by driving his knee into Apemons' face. Apemons' body rose of the ground by two to three inches. Davis quickly took the club, spun around three hundred and sixty degrees and smashed it into Apemons body once again. Apemon flew into a wall like a baseball.

Apemon slowly slid to the floor in pain. He struggled to maintain consciousness as he tried desperately to get up.

"It's over." He heard Davis say. He opened his eyes just wide enough to see the teen walking away from him, turning his back on him in the middle of a fight while he was still holding Apemons' Bone-club, a sign of complete disrespect.

Apemon would not have it.

"I…" Apemon growled.

Davis stopped.

"I…" Davis looked back at Apemon, waiting for him to continue.


Apemon leaped into the air. His eye filled with Bloodlust. He'd already forgotten that the Guardians had promised to release him if he could kill the human. All that matter to him at that moment with tearing this person limb from limb.

Apemon let out a war-like cry as he descended from the air, and over Daisuke. Apemon suddenly saw glints of shiny objects in Davis's hand, then saw swift hand movement.

Apemons' face changed from a belligerent one to one that grimaced in pain as he felt five sharp objects enter his body. He looked at himself and saw five shuriken sticking out of him. He screwed up his face and did his best not to show and sign that he was hurt.

Davis knew better.

He'd aimed for and managed to hit Apemon in the arms with the deadly projectiles. Three in one arm and two in the other. Davis knew that Apemon probably couldn't even raise his arms to defend himself from anymore of Davis's attacks.

Davis spun the bone-like club around in his hand once more and this time held it as though it were a throwing spear.

"This weapon of yours is barbaric, have it back." He said.

He hurled the club at the airborne Apemon who was unable to lift his arms to stop it.

The club impaled Apemon in the stomache, whose eyes widened in the shock that his weapon was sticking out of either side of him. His body angle curved slightly on his way down.

His original plan to land on his feet when he touched the ground, abandoned him. He instead crashed on his back. Apemon coughed violently as the life began to leave him he struggled to sit up once more, it wasn't going to end like this….it couldn't.

"This…isn't ….over….This…. isn't….over." Apemon gasped. He then heard something sizzling. At first he thought it was jut his imagination playing tricks on him, until he looked down and saw a red rectangular piece of paper attached to the bone club burning up.

Apemons' eyes widened. "AN EXPLOSION TAG?!"

Seeing the look of despair on Apemons' face Davis concluded. "It's over."

Before Apemon could do anything, the tag exploded sending him to the Afterlife.

Davis saw something flying towards him. He merely side-stepped out of the way as Apemons' head flew past him, into a wall and exploded into data.

Veemon watched in shock. He'd never seen his partner be so, there was no other word to describe it…brutal. The Davis he remembered always saw deletion as a last resort. His battle style had always been defensive. He'd had plenty of opportunities in the fight to put Apemon into submission, yet he was more interested in finishing him.


The Digimon in question looked at his partner who was staring back at him.

"I want you to absorb his data." Davis said. "It'll give you a much needed chakra boost, hurry up before it goes back to the Primary Village."

Veemon blinked. "Absorb…his data?"

"Hurry up!" Davis stressed.

Veemon was at a lost for words. "But I…?"

Before Davis could say more he sensed a presence behind him, he quickly drew a kunai and spun around to slice the person behind him. Gennai caught the knife between his thumb and pointer fingers before Davis could cut his face. "Easy there." He said.

Davis hesitated for a moment before putting away his knife. Gennai leaned next to his apprentice. "Daisuke, Veemon still isn't fully capable of doing certain things that are basic survival skills of a Digimon like absorbing data. Give him time." He whispered.

Gennai turned and looked over at Veemon who looked baffled. "Don't worry about it Veemon, Daisuke was only joking with you."

Veemon breathed a sigh of relief he had no idea what Davis meant when he asked him to absorb Apemon and he didn't want to disappoint his partner.

Azulongmon cleared his throat.

Gennai and his two apprentices looked up at the Four Guardians who'd just witnessed the fight between Davis and Apemon.

"That was most impressive young Motomiya." Biahumon said. "It seems that our investment in you has paid off."

Davis raised an eyebrow. "Investment?"

Biahumon nodded. "I'm sure Gennai has already taken the liberty of explaining this to you but when we sent you to that other Dimension three years ago. We had an agreement with the Guardians of that world that you would only be there to assist the Digidestined of that Dimension stop a powerful enemy. You were to return to us after five months time. However we received information that Black Azulongmon would begin to wage his war a mere four months after your departure. By the time we found this out, it was already a week later, and you were still occupied with your assignment. We had no choice but to put preparing for the war as our top priority. Finding Digidestined to assist in the war effort, creating the Four Guardian Guilds, Creating Equipment for the war, Training the Digidestined so that they would be capable of defending themselves against enemies. Luckily time in the Land of the Guardians is a lot slower than Time in the Digital World or we would have never managed to get everything ready in time Even when the war started we were still behind schedule. What's more we knew Black Azulongmon was looking for you, so we didn't want to have to open another Gateway to the other world and attract B.Azulongmons' attention. Not until we had no other alternative but to bring you back."

Ebonwumon spoke up. "While you were training, we had been in contact with Gennai who kept commending you on your progress. We became so intrigued by His Recommendations of you that we decided to give you a test. That Apemon you killed was a Serial Killer that had been terrorizing small Digimon village for months. A group of Digidestined managed to capture him, so we requested that he be sent to us. When he arrived here we gave him an ultimatum, either he die by our hands or he fight you, our investment, to the death in exchange for his freedom.

Zhuqiaomon took over. "By offering Apemon a chance at his freedom we were able to get him to fight to his full potential, but the real objective of this was to see how you would fare against him."

"And it would seem that you surpassed our expectations." Azulongmon said. "That Apemon was a Digimon, but to our understanding he was strong enough to fight on par with that of a level '51' Necromon. You've grown strong Daisuke; your assistance in this war will be of most useful."

Davis looked at Azulongmon. "I couldn't care less about this war."

The room grew silent as all eyes turned to Daisuke. Daisuke merely looked back at the Guardians who were awaiting an explanation.

Daisuke scolded. "I only came back for one reason and one reason alone. I'm gonna rip your brothers' rip heart out!"

Azulongmons' eyes widened. "This level of killing intent, it's not human!"

Azulongmon looked over at his fellow Guardians who had similar looks of concern on their faces. "We'd better keep a close eye on him." They all thought.

Gennai cleared his throat, immediately killing all the tension in the room. "Guardians, I believe that Daisuke has proven his capabilities in combat, in fact after seeing him fight off that Apemon I'd have to say that he can fight on par with a level '42' Necromon. If you all are satisfied, we'll take our leave.

Azulongmon nodded. "Very well."


"That was an impressive victory Davis." Gennai commented as he and his companions walked down a narrow Hallway.

"The Apemon was trash." Davis said simply.

Gennai sighed to himself. "Geez can't he ever just accept a compliment without sounding arrogant? Seriously I should have taught him what it means to be humble."

Gennai then spoke up. "I already took the liberty of putting your identity in the archives of 'The Digidestined Guardian Force' including a copy of your service record, my recommendations of you, a confirmation that you have completed training, and your reinstated status as a Digidestined."

Gennai stopped and handed something to Davis. "Here you go you're going to need this."

Davis took the handheld object from Gennai, a Dark Blue Motorola RAZR V3. Davis blinked before handing the cell phone back to his teacher. "This phone is a piece of crap, even in the other Dimension I was in for past three years it sucked."

Gennai shook his head. "That device you have there is merely based off of the design of that instrument; that's really your new Digivice. Your old one is obsolete. That is standard issue for all Digidestined. It has all of the capabilities of a Digivice, D-terminal, cell phone and more including your Identification Badge. No Digidestined is able to get into any of the four Guardian Guilds without one for the safety of the other Digidestined; it's been dubbed the 'DZR', and its communication features are untraceable."

Davis opened up his 'DZR' and looked at his I.D Badge.



AGE: 17







"Just had to mention the scar didn't you?" Davis muttered as he read the last part.

Gennai smiled slightly. "It's to help ID you….speaking of IDing you…" Gennai took the DZR from Davis and pointed it at him. "Smile." He said as he snapped a photo of him for the ID. Gennai looked at Davis's impassive face in the photograph that now appeared on the right side of his ID.

"Are we done here?" Davis asked.

Gennai grinned. "Ahh, a bit eager to go back home are you? Just sit tight I'll be out of your hair in just a bit."

Gennai held out Davis's DZR and pointed to the side of it. "I had Benjamin, a fellow Guildsmen, custom design this DZR for you while we were training. Unlike the DZRs' of other Digidestined, your DZR has an extra feature. There's a slot here for you to swipe your Digimon Battle Cards. The DZR and Veemon are linked together; all modifications will go to him through your DZR. You've become stronger but you will need Veemons' help, make no mistake of that.

"Yeah! I'm the roughest, toughest Digimon around! You hear me?!" Veemon yelled excitedly.

"I wish I had a 'shut up' card in my deck." Davis muttered. He took out his chest of Cards from his and grabbed the deck inside marked 'CYBERDRAMON' this was the deck that he'd used in Digimon Battle back when he was Ryo Akiyama. It served him well then and it would do the same again.

Gennai spoke up once more. "I know you're ready to go rip all 'bad guys' in the Digital World a new one, but I think it will be for the best if you went to go see your family first, return to good old Odiaba, see what's new. Three years is a long time.

"My…Family?" Davis asked.

"We're going to go see Mom, Dad and June? Hell Yeah!" Veemon rejoiced. "I'm gonna ask Mom to make me a pie full of Syrup and Ice-cream, then I'm going to have a Cookie Party!"

Gennai nodded to Davis. "When you left, in order to avoid complications for your family, the Guardians erased all evidence of your existence in the Real World. Your mother didn't even remember giving birth to you or getting pregnant for that matter. All records of you were taken away and hidden, and memories were erased. Only the Guardians, myself, and Digi-Destined and their partners who you have met remember you.

Davis blinked; he could help but feel slightly shocked by the news. When he was away there were times when he did think of his family. He often wondered if they were holding up without him. Now he finds out that they'd completely forgotten him. "So what am I supposed to do? Knock on the door and tell my mother who wouldn't even know who I am, that I'm her son?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

Gennai shook his head; "The whole process was set up so that the moment you set foot back in the Real world, your existence would return. Your family won't even remember that you were gone."

"Ouch." Veemon said

Davis ignored him. "Well alright then."

Gennai opened up a portal; through it Davis could see the real world. "Nostalgic isn't it?" Gennai said smiling softly. "I'm going to give you a while to settle in before I summon you for your first mission."

Davis nodded. "Veemon." He said to his partner. "Revert back to DemiVeemon, you'll be less conspicuous that way.

Veemon grinned. "Right-O" In a flash Veemon De-Digivolved into DemiVeemon and hopped onto Davis's right shoulder. "Let's go!" He yelled excitedly.

Davis nodded. "Later." He said to Gennai.

Gennai nodded back. "We'll rendezvous later once you've settled in with your family….Oh! I almost forgot! Davis it's about your parents, they had a…"

Before he could finish his sentence Davis and Demiveemon had already crossed over.

Gennai rubbed his temple before he let out a small chuckle at himself for his own foolishness. "Oh boy, he's in for quite a shock when he gets home!"

What is this news that Gennai has forgotten to tell Davis? What's waiting for him at his home? And what of T.K and Kari?

Next Time: The Call to Duty

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