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Yamino walked into the house a new package to unwrap. He was smiling like he had just won the lottery. He tried to see if he could find Fenrir anywhere. Yamino knew it was about time his lazy sibling to get up.

"Fenrir, time to get up!" Yamino yelled. He heard a loud banging sound from upstairs. His younger brother raced down a bewildered expression on his face. Yamino went stock still until he recognized the figure that had just came racing down awkwardly on four legs…

"What the," Yamino said about to go into shock. This was a bit much. He was going to have to tell Loki. Then a certain mystery girl came barging into his house. Yamino could tell immediately it was her from door slamming open without being invited in, though he was sure that was a good thing, that she was so comfortable here. Or it would have been a good thing if Yamino had a certain problem to hide.


"Loki!!!! I got you something!" Mayura yelled from downstairs. She rushed up the staircase through the strange room that she didn't recall being there and into Loki's office. She was wearing her school uniform with a long light green coat that went to her ankles. Her pink hair was plastered to her face.

She didn't even notice a shocked Yamino who watched her race past him. He decided to go make snacks because that would probably be the best thing when it came to Mayura.

"Mayura?" Loki said warily. He turned from his unusual spot by the window his eyes seemed red. She blinked, no they were their normal green. "what are you doing here I thought you had to do that program today to." she just shoke her head. Which I might add was soaking since she had just come in from a rainstorm. Mayura had noticed how little Loki liked water which circled back to it being weird he was standing near the window.

"Well you see I'm here to give you something and my program thing ends next week after our trip to Sendai." (An: sorry not sure where Loki actually lives…) Loki still didn't get it but he would never tell her that. It would be something he would never admit, that this mortal confused him.

Mayura glanced away from his gaze, her face he quickly realized looked paler, her expression seemed awfully stretched a strained. "I just wanted to give you this!" she exclaimed, but it sounded forced. She pulled out a small box from her bag, it was covered in a clumsily wrapped red paper. He walked over and toke it from her. He noticed how she looked so completely out of breath.

"Um, Mayura are you feeling alright?" she seemed hesitant to answer but nodded no then switched quickly to a yes. Mayura jumped onto the white couch next to his desk. He looked at her and saw just how wet she was getting his couch. Just the thought of water on his couch made him shiver. But when she looked at him with a weak smile he forgot mostly. He looked at her trying to place why he had such a strange feeling. Her eyes looked different.

"Hey Loki did you ever see a strange pink thing around your house?" she asked her voice seemed tired. Then without waiting for an answer continued to blabber on, "Loki you know what, I just decided that you can't open my present till after next week." She said with a sly grin. "Otherwise I don't think I'll be able to come here anymore." Loki must looked a bit shocked. Mostly because he didn't think she would say that in her entire lifetime.

With a forced laugh Mayura stood her body seemed to flinch as she repressed shivering, it had to be the soaked clothing she was wearing. Her entire body seemed to be drenched as if she had carelessly ran straight into the rain without a thought of actually protecting herself. Mentally he sighed, knowing Mayura she could of very well done just that, and people wondered why he worried so much about her?!

"You keep those clothes on, you'll get sick." She nodded slightly, her body was tense it felt like Mayura had suddenly been drained of her enthusiasm. Loki reached out to grab her when she spoke in a hard tone.

"You wouldn't open it right." Then she laughed a soft icy laugh. "You promise right?" Loki wanted to answer but Yamino choose that moment to walk in.

"Mayura you staying for dinner?" he said lightly. Clueless to what was wrong. She suddenly brightened.

"Sorry can't, I'm going home now actually. I did what I needed to so see ya." She said. Loki knew that she wasn't smiling though. Yamino noticed to but before anyone stepped forward to ask she ran out of the office skipping until out of sight. Loki, couldn't even really feel better when he didn't hear her tripping down the stairs, he felt like banging his head against a wall. 'How could a mortal be so much trouble?!'


"He didn't promise," she whispered to herself the pain from before though was gone, she could hardly believe she was so willing to harm her friend. Mayura could only hope that he did not open it. Otherwise it would be her fault. 'Good job Mayura. Now you can see your father again. He'll be safe as long as Loki does open that lovely gift you gave him' Mayura blocked her ears but the horrible voice still echoed in her head. Tears blurred her vision.

"Just let my father go. Please I did as you asked." The voice chuckled in her mind. She felt alone. She wanted to stop herself and run and pull the package from Loki. But she knew she couldn't. Mayura could only hope that Loki got her message in those meager moments of control she had of herself. She had warned him not to open it but she wasn't sure he would listen.

'You will see your father when the time is right, but until then,' it chuckled again. Mayura was frightened, she knew that this thing inside her mind wasn't human. And she knew that she mostly was defenseless to its commands. Normally it would have been a dream come true but this, this was to frightening to be a mystery she enjoyed, the way it could do easily overcome her was taking a blow to her sanity.

"What are you?" she whispered. Not realizing Fenrir who was watching her as she stood in front doorway.

'Dearest, I'm Odin's slave that's all that matters.' It whispered, loving how much damage it did the pink haired girl. She twisted to get away from her own mind. Then settled. A blank expression filled her features. Then it grew hard and cold. She looked at Fenrir with light purple eyes.

"So Fenrir, it appears you have been lowered to this state. How sad." A colder voice then Mayura's came from the girl's body. Then she left pulling the large door open and reclining down the front steps into the rain. She felt powerful, because right now Mayura was cowering in her mind. Lost in a maze of nightmares, while she Solaria was free, and able to please her beloved Odin.

She spoke softly as her eyes glazed over. "Die Loki," a low chuckle escaped her throat as she imagined the pain she would see when this girl played out the plan Odin had for her, however the malicious sound was lost in the beating rain.


Loki paced his study while Yamino watched patiently. Waiting for him to calm down and tell everyone what was wrong. He worried because he hadn't seen Fenrir for awhile but was worried to leave his father alone to search. He couldn't exactly remember what he was going to tell his father. Seeing Loki so worried had gotten himself so worked up, he did not know what to do.

"Yamino, did Mayura seem different?" his father asked his worry plainly shown. Yamino nodded which sent his father into an even faster pace. "And I swear she was trying to tell me something…"

"Father!" an unreasonably loud voice echoed. Loki jerked up to look to see a tall black haired youth race into his office. His brown eyes looking wild.

"Fenrir?!" he asked. Fenrir nodded out of breath. Yamino snapped.

"Loki this was what I was going to tell you! Fenrir can change into his human form now." He said brightly. Loki just stared at him with an easily read expression saying 'ya could have told me sooner.

"Guys! Mayura is really weird. Her eyes were all weird. I don't really get it but she was all mean…" (Fenrir blabbering not important,)"and then she was, I don't know!" Loki was pretty much lost from the first part. He went into deep thought his mind straying to her pained expression. (Loki wasn't really to shocked by his sons transformation.)

By the time Loki even looked up everyone had left, Yamino had left halfway through because the timer for dinner had went off, dragging a human puppy with him. They both felt their father needed time alone.

"I just don't get it." Loki said. For once he had absolutely no clue. And seemingly when this happens it always involves a strange mystery girl.


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