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"Odin," Mayura whispered, "You lose."

Odin just smiled at her, and shoke his head in disbelief. It couldn't be true right, this child that was so weak that he had once possessed her, no way that anyone would accept her truly as the leader, and few moments she will be booed away and he would stand again. And accept that crown gratefully right.

The slight figure of this girl shifted closer to him, her eyes as crimson as his watched his every movement, and she toke one step slowly after another. He could see occasionally something flash in the light, feathery wings draping through the air.

"They won't accept you." He said confidently.

She just laughed at him; he was confused, as a grin came across her face. "They," she pointed into the watching crowds, the body of his servant, his wife, the thousands that once bowed. "Managed to accept you, dirt far below any sinner resting in Hel's realm, Why not me?" She laughed harder, starting look more and more like him.

Her porcelain skin covered in blood, lips cracking with hysteric laughter, her entire body standing tall showing power that someone about to die never should have been able to have.

"I won, the moment you gave a reason to fight back." She said softly, and toke another step closing the feet between them. Her hot breath against his face, he wanted to hide, in his Mayura stood as a monster he had created. "now, if you want me to spare you, and keep my promise, then you need to leave now."

He shrunk back from the blade she had in her useful hand. The one his son was meant to kill the angel of Ragnarok. He hesitantly laughed. "Kill me, and you will be the same as me. you'll murderer, just like me, and eventually you'll be overthrown. Or more likely you'll just dead from those wounds you have, this is the world of the gods time does move different here, but not enough that you can live much longer. I just need to wait it out."

"Or," She brought her blade to his neck, "I can kill you right now and end this all. And accept that I am a murderer, not that weird, not all angels were heavenly beings."

Her blade sunk deep into his flesh blood covered her hands. And in the moment Odin realized exactly how much she was willing to do. She was going to ruthlessly kill him, and it would be over. As he felt his head spin and his entire vision spin, he started to feel an emotion he hadn't felt in a long time.

True fear.


Loki raced forward, he got close but the crowds pushed him away, and he couldn't help but feel helpless. She could die any moment now. "Loki?" He turned to see his friend Thor and Urd coming closer, and soon Urd stopped him completely by gripping his shoulder and forcing him to freeze with her dark hooded eyes.

"Loki, She cant help you." Loki looked at her in confusion.

"She's a healer, she can give Mayura the apples of eternal life, then it will all be fine right?" Loki whispered. But no one was listening they were all enraptured by the intensity of the two rulers.

Urd shoke her head. "She can not be saved, Loki either you die or she does. At least let her use the last of her life to finish her battle, then let her end this pain. We need Ragnarok, and Mayura no doubt understands that. She has returned her memories, she knows that her death will save our worlds." Urd just looked patient. no emotion that matched Loki's horror and confusion in that gaze.


"She's half a goddess, Loki, she is more of a god then even you are. Loki, child of giants, and Mayura, Child of the queen of gods, the twosome that's to bring the rebirth of these worlds. When one dies, the other will be able to live on, stronger, and become the ruler of our worlds. And save everyone of the fate that people had brought themselves to. Ragnarok" Urd said her grip tightened only slightly.

Loki tore away from her. "Why does she need to die!" he felt hot streaks on his face. "Why not me? I have lived much, much longer then her! she is, how can I live without her, let the worlds wither away for all I care, let her live!"

"Loki I didn't decide to give this chance of rebirth the worlds, nor did Odin. I don't control the outcome. She will die."

"Is there anyway you can switch our fates? Please?" Loki whispered with a soft voice. "I will give anything, just please, save her." Urd looked at him quietly, as her eyes flashed past him to where Odin and Mayura stood.



"Fenrir, stop!" But he wasn't listening to Skuld anymore. He was running through the crowd pushing through to get to Mystery girl, no Mayura, he needed to stop her. he could not let her kill someone. She, she couldn't kill someone! He felt like screaming for her to stop, Odin wouldn't last much longer.

Throwing himself over spectators, he released his true form, his legs grew and he felt a rush of freedom as limbs became the wolf form he had before. Gods and goddesses screamed. And almost chuckled as Tyr screamed girlishly and hide his other arm from him.

No one stopped him as he came and forced Mayura gaze away from Odin to him. Her eyes widened when she saw him, "Who, who are you?" Fenrir, growled and released a voice that was husky from so little use.

"You will hurt yourself and Loki if you kill that man." Fenrir said soflty. She still held the blade the mans eyes turned to Fenrir beagging like a foolish child. He almost wanted to tell Mayura to keep pushing the blade in.

"But, he deserves this for all those he hurt!" Mayura said but he blade left the wound, still she looked ready to kill the god anyways. Fenrir nodded.

"He does, that is true, but you don't deserve to live with this." Fenrir said with as much emotion as a giant wolf could. He turned to look at the god grasping his neck, and licked away the blood and stared at on of the more cowering gods.

"Mayura you won. You only need to accept your spot as queen and you will have finished this and he has no real need to die." Mayura looked at him as if he was insane. "you don't need to do this to yourself."

She looked at the blade and Odin and as if she didn't know what she had done she backed away and fell to the ground, tears more heartfelt then any others rolled down her face as she sat and started to die.

Tyr, stood watching, Fenrir's perfect target. "Tyr, walk over here and bind Odin's wounds now, or lose your other hand, and maybe a bit more." He hurried over and he saw Mayura growing weak, but anger clear. It was obvious she would lose her life soon, her emotions are winding down, and that was all she had been running on til now.

"Why do you let that monster live, you must know what Odin has done." she asked with a tight voice and landed painfully on her knees, she was beginning to feel the true depth of her wounds once she began to lose her reasons to keep fighting. "I just want to know."

Fenrir felt like crying at the sight of her, those gentle wings slowly growing more and more solid and weighing her already dying body down. "You can't kill someone, it will ruin, everything. You're an angel."


Mayura fell forward, her lungs seemed to be crushed by her weight, and her back was nearly snapping. She felt like her skin on her shoulders were ripping away and felt like every part of her was being forced onto her back. She was about to kill someone, really kill someone and now she was going to die. For a moment she wanted to try and get help, but what was her life really worth anyways?

She would never see Loki again.

"I am not an angel. I hurt him." she looked at the wolf, as she started to hear her heartbeat slow. These would be those infamous last words huh, she smiled through her tears. " I hurt Loki so bad, he was so hurt he had to forget me to even get over whatever I did to him."

A sob crawled up her throat. "Loki, he was the only innocent person in this game, and he got hurt so bad. He would never want me to take this position right, he would want me to lose. He probably hates me, no he doesn't even know who I am" she turned to the man being tenderly bandaged.

I should of just been alone, Mayura thought, maybe I should just die here, and let loki live on without her memories. Closing her eyes she let herself stop breathing, it was simple, not pushing her lungs made it easy for her to not feel the pain. This way it would end and Loki would live happy, and find someone worthy of the title angel.

Then Mayura giggled at the irony, she never told Loki even what she felt for him, she would die as a friend who left one night, and was soon forgotten completely. "Mayura!" a voice called out. She turned to look at the face of the wolf, but the voice and that scent was so familiar she could of sworn.

The wolf bowed down. "Mayura don't die yet, Loki wouldn't want you to, stand up and finish this. I know your weak, but we are there for you. You don't need to become a monster like that man to become a true leader of the gods."

She pushed herself up, but her legs gave out again. She looked to see if the wolf would help her but he just watched sadly. "You are in love with Loki right? If you want to save him, use your wings, and stand, and become the ruler of the gods. Save these worlds."

"Why?" she asked as she moved her good arm to balance her body and felt her ribs move. "should I stand, you can take my place. Become the ruler, just let me die alright."


Fenrir knew if he touched her at all it would wipe her out completely, if he forced her up it would useless anyways. "Mayura," this was all he could do. "if you stand, you will see Loki again. He will be proud to call you queen of the gods."

"he would?"

"Yes, Mayura, Loki loves you. He wants to see you finish this as a angel."


Loki walked up with Urd walking but a few feet away to go to where his son and his love were. he felt a deep peace. This was a nice choice, this at least would bring him the happiness he wouldn't have been able to get if she would of died. She was struggling to stand, he watched as her hands gripped hard onto balacony wall that blocked her and Odin's bodies from the view of her people.

She would stand, and he would die. Then she will grow into a great leader, thousands times better then him, and he would accept the future Urd had given him. This was the best solution.

Stepping through the crowds he only paused as he watched Mayura force herself up and grasp the balacony for balance and with a shaking pause she prepared herself, then stood her height, her entire form was red with blood except on thing that everyone gasping in shock.

The new queen of gods, the new bringer of Ragnarok, and his love stood with gorgeous white wings spread wide coming into and out of his vision as he saw the dawn break and sunlight from the far corners of the world lite up her form with such brilliant light, no one could doubt she had the looks of someone strong enough to take her new postion in the world.

Fenrir stepped up beside her and his tail wrapped around her to help her stay up. "Bow down to the new leader of the gods."


Mayura watched the crowds with a feeling of childishness. He wasn't there she couldn't see those beautiful emerald eyes anywhere, and Odin was right, no one there even accepted her.

"You lied." She said softly to the wolf. But she wasn't mad. It was only natural it was a lie, Loki would never accept her.

"No, watch" as he let out a howl and gently turned to grab blade she had used against Odin and placed into her weak grip. "Now say I will lead you safely until my crown is passed to a more worthy ruler."

Mayura said it softly, her tone barely over a murmur. "louder." She looked at him and the blade and into the audience when she saw sharp eyes moving towards her. tall, with the same walk she admired since she could remember her first glimpse at happiness.

"I will lead you safely," she looked at him longingly. "Until my crown is passed to a more worthy ruler!" she yelled as loud as she could. And though the crowds roared with excitement and acceptance, she could not hear a single sound, she was just to hypnotized by the smile she saw on his lips.

And as she felt her mind go blank, and her body collapse, all she could do was smile. For she got to see her Loki smile once more before she died. That was all she really wanted.


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