Second Chance Chap. 8: Reconnecting

Seto sat at his desk staring at the golden pieces before him. How long has it been? Three, four years? How could he have been so stupid? He picked up a piece and tried to fit it to another. It didn't work.

"Damn it." He cursed angrily. Everyday since the incident on the ship he would find a place to sit and try and piece the puzzle back together. And everyday it felt as if he had gotten nowhere. No wonder it took Yugi eight years to solve this thing. He touched the surface of the golden eye as he remembered back to that day.


The puzzle shattered beneath his leather boot as he stomped it hard on the golden object. The pharaoh's crimson eyes darkened to a near black until suddenly….he was gone. Kaiba was slightly shocked at first at the suddenness he disappeared. There was a painful jolt in the back of his skull almost as if something was being torn away. Seto grabbed his head as a massive headache began to pound relentlessly against his temples.

"Kaiba? What the hell was that?" Duke cried whipping around in his seat. He saw the man clutching his skull and the broken pieces of gold scattered across the floor. "What…?"

"Dude, Kaiba! You alright?" Joey questioned concerned. His eyes widened as he noticed the puzzle. "Shit, man you broke it."

"Shut the hell up Wheeler." Kaiba growled. He grit his teeth as the pain sent a new wave across his brain.

"What is that?" Duke demanded.

"It's a family heirloom." Joey replied hopping from his seat and gathering the small pieces. Kaiba just stood there trying to keep from keeling over.

"A what? How would you know? He's amnesic remember?"

"Yeah, well he saw this and a few thoughts came back to him. Told me the whole story and everything." Kaiba's eyes briefly met Joey's who gave a wink.

"I don't believe you." Duke replied folding his arms.

"No I'm serious, Duke. He's completely telling the truth. I was as amazed as you are, but it's all true. Even ask him." Joey lied pointing towards Kaiba.

"I would, but he looks like he's ready to pass out."

"Oh, shoot!" Joey dropped the pieces and grabbed Kaiba's shoulders just as he was about to fall. Kaiba gripped the armrest for support. Another flash of pain and before Kaiba could register what was happening he blacked out.

Kaiba picked up another golden piece and tried to fit it to the first. Once again it didn't work. Sighing he moved for another. He smiled slightly as he remembered attempting to explain the puzzle to Duke. It was surprisingly easy. He told the truth with just a slight twist. He described how long ago the necklace belonged to a friend of the family's. When the man died he had it given to the Kaiba family whom then lent it to the museum. Unfortunately, during the Journey they were unable to retrieve it. He went on to describe the incident with the cockroaches and finding the puzzle amazingly. Of course he left out the details of the shadow magic and the pharaoh, and the part of Jacob and him being three thousand years older, but what he described was good enough for the reincarnate and the subject was from then on dropped. For some reason through the whole ordeal Kaiba had expected to be shot down by lightning from God or forced to give penance because of his lie and stupid deed, but nothing ever occurred. The subject drifted away forgotten like nothing had ever happened.

In a way Seto Kaiba was grateful, but in another he couldn't stop the nagging feeling in the back of his mind. Had he just doomed everybody? With the sudden rashness of his rage had he just completely destroyed any hope of bringing down the star society? He will if couldn't get this damn puzzle back together.

It fit!

Through Kaiba's thoughts he had barely paid any attention to what his hands were doing and with shocking surprise two of the pieces actually connected with a small click. Emotion threatened to overcome him but he forced it back. He wasn't finished yet. Shakily he continued to try and put the puzzle back together allowing his mind to wander off again.

After the 'demise' of the pharaoh four years had passed. When Kaiba wasn't trying to put together the puzzle he was off starting a new life. He continued to work for Pegasus, soon learning how to fly a ship and all the tricks of the trade. Within time he had been able to afford his own apartment and car. He learned of the planets' history, how this new society worked, and why people feared the star society.

The way Jacob had described them made them seem like saints compared to what he himself had witnessed. They ruled with an iron fist and a large pocket. It reminded him of the dogs that tried to take over his own company several times. He shook his head ridding himself of the thought. That life was long over. The trials of that time could no longer haunt him. Not anymore. However, as he had been thinking, the Star Society was a force to be reckoned with. They may have been greedy but they were by no means stupid.

On several occasions Pegasus's company was put on watch for 'suspicious' activity. If it wasn't for his harsh business skills and cunning mind the company would have gone under a long time ago. The Star Society had all weaponry band from the common citizen, so when Pegasus continued to ask for more arms, the government became increasingly suspicious. Riots and rebellions had begun to increase over the years. Anyone who opposed was immediately taken care of, whether by sudden disappearances or by indefinite imprisonment or execution. Anything that began was wiped out before their voices were even heard. Everyone was scared shitless of these people. They hit where it hurt and had the entire Solar system under their boot. Any company that associated with a rioter or rebellious individual was shut down. People couldn't afford to fight back. On top of being frightened they began to stab each other in the back. Fearing for their lively hood they would turn in anybody who threatened the Star Society. The smallest breath of treachery and they were whisked away.

Holding almost all weaponry wasn't the only problem, they held all financial sway. A person's pay check was hardly worth a cent, many people were barely surviving or were already living on the streets. The taxes that were deducted were so high and unreasonable that the first time Kaiba had witnessed it he nearly had a heart attack. But because everyone was so afraid, nobody fought it. "It's the way it was. They should be happy with what they had. It could be worse."

Kaiba nearly choked the first time he heard that statement.

Three more pieces had connected and the item was finally beginning to look like the upside down puzzle again. Kaiba's heart was beating so fast that all other thought was lost and his mind was solely trained on the puzzle. His hands quivered in excitement as two more bonded.

Hours ticked by and soon it was well into the night. Kaiba forced his eyes to stay open as he fitted the last four pieces.

"Please God." Kaiba prayed. He gently reached for the last piece and held it admiringly in his hand. Its eye stared up at him waiting, almost pleading him to reattach it to its body. The man granted its wish as, with hesitant fingers, he clicked it into place.

However, his joy was soon replaced with a flush of dread. Nothing happened. He could still remember the first time when he picked it up quite vividly: The flash of white light, the massive headache, etc. What was going on? Kaiba gripped the string that held the puzzle tightly in his hand. His eyes began to droop as the sudden rush of emotion drained the last ounce of his energy. The puzzle had tricked him. He hadn't put it together right after all. Dropping his head into his arms he drifted off, still holding the necklace with a grip of iron.


Kaiba jolted awake alarmed. He gripped the sheets and bolted upright in his bed.

Wait, what? When did he find his way to his bed? And…why were his sheets a cool silk? Cautious eyes drifted around the vast room. Cool blue slightly faded paint plastered the walls along with a variety of jagged cracks, while soft white carpet littered the floor. A small nightstand next to his bed held a dusty alarm clock and a picture frame face down. A row of filing cabinets sat in orderly fashion against the far wall framing two large mahogany doors with the carving of the Blue Eyes White Dragon in the center.

Kaiba was stunned at what he was seeing, but he wasn't afraid. He was actually quite comfortable as if he'd known this room his entire life. Kaiba cautiously stood to his feet, he was surprised again to see he was completely dressed much in the same outfit he remembered wearing as a young adult during his dueling career. Damn how he missed that white trench coat. Taking a deep breath he walked forward and stood in front of the door. Reaching out with a steady hand he pushed on the center. The doors groaned in protest acting as if they hadn't been open in years. As he added more pressure they squealed but relented and opened full and wide.

Seto stepped out into a dark stone hallway. There was nothing but darkness on either side, never ending. He immediately felt uneasy and vulnerable. If he were another person he would have ran back into his room slamming the door tightly closed, but he wasn't. Dismissing his fear he continued to examine what lay before him. A door. It was made of solid stone and steel and had the appearance that it was crumbling. On the top in the center shown the very eye he had seen countless times shining bright unblinking. Purple mist surrounded it and slithered on the ground feeding itself to the darkness.

"No. It is the darkness." Kaiba commented to himself. His cold eyes glanced back at his room the doors still slightly ajar, then back at the door in front of him. He pondered slightly if he should continue forth or turn back and forget all of this, but his stubborn heart would allow no such thing. This could be an enemy and by God he refused for it to catch him with his back turned. Glaring hard at the eye in challenge he stepped forward and grasped the metal handle.

Kaiba gritted his teeth as the handle burned his hand from the intensity of the cold. Turning it, ignoring the pain, he pushed with all his might. The cold slithered around his body making his body tremble even the sweat from the exertion he was using was no help in fending off this bitterness. The stone inched forward scraping across the ground and screaming. Suddenly, without warning, the freezing temperature he had been experiencing suddenly went scalding hot. The sudden change caught him by surprise causing him to yelp and leap back. The door immediately slammed shut.

Growling angrily Kaiba flexed his hands and prepared for another try. He didn't care what was on the other side of this door. He was bound and determined to get through. As he reached for the handle again the sketch of a large beast came to life. It stretched its head out from the door and bit harshly at the air barely missing Kaiba's hand who snatched it back in the nick of time. The beast growled ferociously but seeing the threat gone replaced its head back upon the door once again turning into 'just a sketch.'

"What's on the other side of this door?" Kaiba demanded frustrated. Perhaps if he could just position his hand just out of reach of the heads. There were only two near the handle, if he stood off to the right, then perhaps they couldn't reach. Deciding to test his theory Kaiba positioned his body on the right side of the wall. Reaching out for the third time Kaiba touched the handle.

Nothing happened.

Feeling a little more confident he curled his fingers around the knob and gave it a push. Kaiba leaped back as the door cracked and a large demon suddenly snapped out of the frame. This wasn't one of the sketches! The black horned demon reared its head howling flexing his claws dangerously. Kaiba stepped back slowly as the demon squared off. Baring its teeth, saliva slipping from its jowls, it glared hungrily at the man.

"This is a dream." Kaiba muttered. "This isn't real."

Whether it was real or not the demon could care less. Roaring it leaped. Kaiba attempted to run back, but the demon was too quick and had him pinned in an instant. Its claws snatched at his throat, but as the hand descended another, more familiar roar, cried out and the demon was yanked off the reincarnate's stomach. The Blue Eyes thrashed its head from side to side tearing the demon to shreds. Tossing it into the air it opened its jaws wide and consumed the creature with a single gulp.

Shakily Kaiba stood to his feet and stared in wonderment at his beloved dragon. The lizard held its head high as any mighty dragon and bore down with loving affection toward the man. Turning its face to the door Kaiba had previously been trying to open it lifted its clawed front foot and slashed at the stone. The sketches cried out in agony as they were shredded to pieces. With a final glance at its work then at its master it disappeared back into the door.

Shocked Kaiba stood there frozen for a brief moment. Perhaps this wasn't a dream after all. Taking a deep breath he slowly made his way back to the door to the unknown room. Reaching out he couldn't help but hesitate as he touched the handle once more. To his relief nothing happened. Pushing once again with all his strength the door inched open until finally he could fit his body through.

Breathing slightly ragged Kaiba readied himself for the next surprise. The room was damp and smelled of mussed. It was severely dark only allowing him to see a few feet in front of him. Releasing the door he allowed it to slam shut with a crunching thud. A cry of agony echoed through the room causing Kaiba to once again jolt in surprise.

"Yami?" Kaiba called. He had never heard the pharaoh cry out in pain before and it wasn't pleasant to hear.

"What the hell did you do?!" Yami rasped. Kaiba whipped around to see the pharaoh standing wearily behind him.

"I…" Kaiba was speechless.

"Why are you here?!" He barked. His voice was weak but it still held the same authority.

"I don't know." Kaiba replied truthfully. "What's going on?"

The pharaoh snorted and walked away.

"Get back here!" Kaiba demanded. He reached out and grasped Yami's arm in anger. The pharaoh yelped in pain and pulled back clutching his arm. Kaiba didn't move as he tried to stare at his hand. A dark sticky substance clung to his fingers. He didn't need the light to tell it was blood. "What happened?"

"What do you think happened?" Yami bit.

"I haven't a clue that's why I asked. Put some light on so I can see you!"

"No." Was the flat reply.

"Yami I can't help you if I can't see you." Kaiba replied calmer.

"I don't need your help. You're the one who caused this in the first place!"

"I didn't do anything to you!" Kaiba growled.

"You broke the puzzle and destroyed my defenses!" Yami barked back. He suddenly staggered on his feet and dropped down to his knees.

"Yami, please. Put some light on so I can see you." Kaiba asked kneeling down next to the darkened form. Yami snapped his left finger and the darkness lifted as an unknown light source lit up the room. Stairways and doors twisted and morphed all along the ceiling and walls. You couldn't tell up from down or anything. It was a thousand times bigger than Kaiba's and a hell of a lot more disorienting. Returning his gaze to the spirit before him Kaiba couldn't help but slightly gasp at what he saw.

The man was covered in blood from head to toe. His face had several cuts and bruises, his clothes were shredded, and his left arm appeared to have been rubbed raw of its flesh. Bruises covered every exposed spot of his torso and legs a variety of fresh and old. It looked as if he'd been beaten with a bat and then dragged around for a while on jagged rocks.

"What happened?" Kaiba demanded.

"I already told you." Yami replied quietly. "You broke the puzzle and forced your way into my soul room."

"That's what caused this?"

"You broke my defenses too." Yami replied. "That's where I got this." He gestured to his raw arm.

"Yami I didn't know." Kaiba defended. To his surprise Yami smiled.

"I know. It's not like I can feel it anyways." He replied directing to his body. He grimaced as his sight began to grow hazy.

"How can you not feel that!" Kaiba cried perplexed.

"It's been a long time…" He whispered. He suddenly closed his eyes and passed out onto the floor.

The room immediately went dark. Kaiba whipped his head around as inhuman screams cried out echoing off the walls. Kaiba's heart clenched in raw fear as he subconsciously gripped the pharaoh's body close to him. What the hell was going on?

"Yami wake up." Kaiba whispered shaking the unconscious form. "Yami."

A skittering noise ran passed to his left. He jolted in surprise and pulled the pharaoh into his arms. Doors began to bang open and shut, open and shut. Squeals of anger and excitement shouted from above. Deciding he had had enough Kaiba lifted the unconscious body into his arms and bolted for the door behind him. Setting the body down he pulled at the handle, but the door refused to budge. Glancing behind him he tried again harder this time.

He called out in surprise as a clawed hand sliced across his calf. His body went rigid and his mind went blank.


"Yami!" The little girl raced passed the various Egyptian artifacts and bee lined straight for the upside down pyramid. "Yami!" She cried again. Yami's spirit suddenly appeared sitting upon the case of a dead mummy.

"What's wrong, Lily?" He questioned confused. Lily dropped to her knees in front of him and began to shake with her uncontrollable sobs. Yami immediately dropped down to her level and held his arms out as if he were going to grasp her shoulders but he never closed the slight gap. "My dear, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Did somebody hurt you?"

Lily continued to cry unable to stop her wails. Yami waited patiently and tried to sooth her with words of comfort. However, his spirit never touched.

"Th-They're coming!" She cried.

"Who's coming?"

"The bad people!" Yami's face froze in shock and quickly morphed into anger. "They're coming to get me!"

"Where's your parents?" He asked sternly.

"They already took them! I escaped out the back door and ran straight here!" She replied between hiccups. "Yami please help me."

Yami furrowed his eyebrows in thought. He wasn't strong enough to fend them off. At the most he could use poltergeist activity to perhaps scare them or maybe get a few hits in, but nothing to completely stop them. "You need to hide." He stated. Directing her to stand up he ushered her through the maze of artifacts. "Open this case." He demanded pointing at a glass container that was housing a large pot.

"I don't know the code." She replied frantically.

"Just do as I tell you." Yami replied soothingly. "21…33…" The girl punched the numbers in the pad. "49..71." With a bright click the locks were undone. As Lily pulled the case door open a loud crash was sounded outside the room. Yami stiffened as Lily scream in fear cowering down on her knees. "Into the case Lily! Quickly!"

"But I'm scared!" She sobbed.

"Don't be afraid. I'm right here. Trust me." He soothed reassuringly. Lily nodded and immediately climbed into the decorative pot. Closing the door just enough so it didn't appear open but it didn't lock her in she ducked down and waited in fearful anticipation.

Yami turned his attention away from her and scanned the room for any small objects he could project easily. The door to the exhibit suddenly crashed open. Four men dressed in black suits wielding a variety of new guns stormed their way in scanning the room with scrutinizing eyes.

"Come out little girl. We wont harm you." As he said this he cocked his gun.

"Oh, real convincing." Another replied shaking his head in annoyance.

"Quiet!" The third bit angrily. "Let's get this over with quick."

Yami bit his lip as he tried to think. Floating up next to the man bringing up the rear he began to whisper.

"You not welcome here." He growled. The man jolted in surprise and whipped around in a circle confused. Yami couldn't help but smirk in success. He took his hand and ran it up the other's spine. The man yelped in surprise and aimed his gun at his unseen attacker.

"What the hell's your problem?" Man 1 demanded.

"I heard someone whisper and then touch me!" He replied shaken.

"You sissy! It's these damn mummies. They're getting to ya!" Man 2 replied kicking one of the cases showing an open casket of a dead body. The mummy suddenly sat up and began banging on the glass. The four men cried out in horror and sent a barrage of bullets through the glass tearing the poor body to shreds.

"This place is haunted!" Man 3 cried afraid. Other cases began to rattle as the objects began to bang against their casings. The four men scream again, man 4 and 3 booking it out the door as quickly as they could.

"Damn it! Find the girl! Ghost or not we don't leave without her!" He yelled angrily at the second man. Man 2 nodded his head even though his knees were shaking with terror. Yami's spirit shook as his energy was nearly sapped. Thinking quickly he floated near another set of doors leading near the back of the museum. Several small objects were laid out in the open. Using what was left he lifted a small shell and hurled it in the two men's direction. It crashed on the floor shattering.

"In there!" Man 1 growled cocking his gun. The two cautiously stepped through the door unknowingly following the pharaoh. Yami threw another item hitting Man 2 in the shoulder.

"It's the ghost!" He yelped.

"It's not a ghost you idiot! It's the girl! Little girl you better get out here right now! I'm going to count to three! One…Two…" Another shell flew through the air and smacked Man 1 hard in the face. "That's it!" He stomped angrily in the direction of the toss, anger written all over his face.

Yami's spirit was trembling uncontrollably from the exertion from not only the magic but from the pull of the puzzle. He was nearly all the way to the back of the current room and was reaching his limit. If only he could get them into the other room he might be able to get Lily out without them noticing. Taking his chances he dove for the back double doors and burst them open as loud and as hard as he could. Four invisible chains suddenly appeared clamping his wrists and ankles. The pharaoh called out as his spirit was sent flying through the air and forced back to the puzzle. The length of the chains shrunk now only allowing him to move but a foot away from the item. Collapsing on the ground he called out softly.

"Lily, get out of your hiding spot! Quickly. But you must be silent!" Lily's head popped up from the vase as she heard his command. Slowly she pulled herself out and reached to step on the ground below. Yami watched in horror as she lost her balance and the vase toppled over crashing on the ground below.

"What the hell?"

"There she is!!"

"Lily run!" Yami yelled. The little girl quickly recovered from her daze and sprinted out the door. Yami could only watch helpless as the two men ran after her.

The room fell silent. Yami continued to watch the door anxiously.

A loud explosion and a scream tore at his ears. The pharaoh snapped his head to the back room and widened his eyes in shock as half the building disappeared in black smoke and flames.


"Seto, on your feet!" Kaiba's eyes snapped open in horror. He was lying on his side still in the same room. "Seto!"

Kaiba quickly moved to his feet and nearly cried out as he stared at the hundreds of red eyes surrounding him. Jacob stood to his left holding up a white spear that was shining bright illuminating the three.

"Jacob?" He hadn't seen the angel since before he broke the puzzle.

"You need to wake the pharaoh!" Jacob replied, his eyes never leaving the black shadows. Kaiba bent down on his knees and shook Yami harshly. The man's face was contorted in anguish at his apparent nightmare.

"Pharaoh!" He shouted. "Wake up!"

The latter stirred slightly. With another shake his eyes flew open and the shadows and eyes disappeared in a flash. The angel quickly doused his light and vanished as well.

"What happened?" Yami asked, oblivious to their previous danger.

"You passed out!" Kaiba growled angrily. He was still confused about the dream he had just witnessed.

"Oh." Sitting up the lights came back on. Kaiba was shocked to see more wounds gracing his face and arms.

"We need to clean you up." Kaiba stated calmer. Yami shook his head and waved the other away.

"I just need to rest." He replied tiredly.

"You need to stop the blood flow."

"It's not real."

"It looks real enough to me."

"I can't feel them."

"That doesn't mean they're not there." Kaiba growled frustrated. Yami glared at him, but shrugged it off.

"Go away."


Sighing in annoyance Yami stood to his feet and walked away. Kaiba quickly followed not giving up.

"You do realize we almost died."

"You can't die in here." Yami replied casually. "They can't hurt you."

"With 'they' your talking about the demons that were trying to eat us."

"They don't eat, they don't sleep, and they don't kill."

"Well they harm."

Yami turned around and paled in surprise as he saw the large cut on the back of Kaiba's leg. Alarmed he couldn't help the sudden lack of strength in his legs causing him to lean back against one of the walls.

"What did you see?" He demanded softly.

"What's it matter?"

"What did you see, Kaiba!" Yami demanded even harsher. Kaiba saw the fear in the spirit's eyes.

"I saw you, a little girl name Lily, and four men dressed in black." A connection was suddenly made within Kaiba's brain. "It was one of your memories. Wasn't it?"

Yami didn't reply. His cheeks flared red as he thought about the invasion of his privacy. Why'd the puzzle let him in? His anger and shame eventually disappeared back into weariness.

"Who was she?" Kaiba asked curiously.


"Who was Lily?" Yami was silent for a moment and Kaiba didn't expect him to answer, but when he did he couldn't help but listen intently.

"She was just some little girl who came to the museum one day." Yami replied. "She was the only person who could see me or whoever saw me. It's not a big deal."

"Obviously it is if you still remember her." Kaiba stated.

"She was my little information source. Her parents were the museum owners so she was constantly there. She was an only child, barely just beginning to go to school, and had lots of time on her hands. She would sit with me everyday and talk like little girls do." He slightly smiled. "She would bring me the newspaper everyday and hide it underneath one of the coffins so I could read it when she was gone. The night manager used to get so upset when he'd fine piles of the papers all over the place."

"Who were those people dressed in black?" Kaiba questioned hardly caring about his pass time. "And why were they after her?"

Yami sighed his smile falling.

"Japan was at war with America along with several other nations. It started out on American soil but somehow the war front shifted and they were fighting on Japanese land. The people in black were part of the Star Society force. They were known for coming into a city and just annihilating everyone. They were literally attempting Genocide."

"But why?"

"Why not? It was the same thing with Hitler and the Nazis. They were trying to create the perfect race and to dispose of their enemies." Yami chuckled to himself. "You people always find it so hard to believe that it wasn't some great revolutionizing reason. There are just evil people out there who will do horrific things without a second thought."

"How could anyone justify their actions though?" Kaiba asked having a hard time grasping the idea.

"It's war Kaiba. People will do anything and everything and always have a justifiable reason for it. Anyone can start a war. It's preventing one that's the hard part."

"Such a noble answer as always." Kaiba replied rolling his eyes. Yami didn't comment. He allowed his back to slide down the wall falling to the floor with a weary plop.

"What are you doing?" Kaiba questioned as Yami sighed and extended his legs.

"Sitting, resting, not moving, take your pick. What are you doing?"

"Staring at you as if you were an idiot. If you fall asleep they'll come back."

"Story of my life." Yami replied closing his eyes.


"I told you I needed to rest. You are very welcome to go back to your own soul room."

"Soul room?"

"Uh, yeah. That would be where you are." Yami replied raising his eyebrows in annoyance. Kaiba rolled his eyes and huffed folding his arms. He really did hate all this magic bullshit. He glanced around the 'soul room' as Yami had called it with a mix of dull interest and apprehension. There were too many doors, too many places for an enemy to hide. How could Yami stand it in here?

Glancing down back at the spirit he couldn't help but feel a slight ebb of guilt. If he hadn't of lost his temper those wounds would never have been there. Leaning against the wall, Kaiba sighed.

"I'm sorry…about wrecking the puzzle. I shouldn't have gotten angry…no matter how annoying you are." He muttered the last part. Yami started chuckling. "What?"

"Oh nothing, just the fact that the big bad CEO is actually apologizing to his one time rival. Truly you have changed over the years, Kaiba. I'm impressed."

Kaiba growled in anger. "I just spent four years wasting my time putting that stupid puzzle back together again to release your sorry ass!"

"The puzzle you broke in the first place." Yami stated cocking his head to the side and looking up at the blue eyed man with amusement.

"I should have left you in pieces and tossed you away." Kaiba snapped, not at all finding the situation funny.

"Then why didn't you?"

"Because they need you to save the universe!!" Kaiba grimaced at the sentence he just spoke. Did he really just say that? This was turning out to be a really bad sci-fi movie. He was suddenly surprised to see Yami on his feet glaring up at him.

"So you do know!" Yami hissed anger lacing his words. The blood and wounds covering his body made him look menacing and not at all sane.

"Of course I know! I told you!" Kaiba stood to his full height and returned the stare. It suddenly dawned on him. He hadn't told the pharaoh. The moment he had had the chance he had stubbornly refuse just to spite the man. Fifty years later he was still making teenage mistakes.

"You lying son-of-a-bitch!" Yami roared turning away and storming off down a random hall.

"Yami wait." Kaiba called calmly reigning in his previous anger. This was all giving him a headache. Yami spun on his heel and bore his teeth.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for this? I swear they mock me!" He snapped pointing toward the ceiling, or what Kaiba assumed was the ceiling, indicating the heavens. "Of all the people they send me the most stubborn ass on the planet! Why?? Why do you hate me, damn it!"

"Yami, calm down." This was getting nowhere.

"Calm down? Calm…." The pharaoh suddenly stopped and took a deep breath. Kaiba could see the trembles through the other's form, whether by exhaustion and pain (Kaiba refused to believe he couldn't feel those) or from anger. Last thing he needed was for the man to pass out again.

"You need to rest." Kaiba stated.

"You need to tell me what my mission is." Yami growled, his weary red eyes locking with cold blue.

"It doesn't matter right now, your wounded and tired. We can talk about this later."

Yami's aura seemed to flare up at the statement. "Oh so you suddenly care about my well being? Aw, I'm touched Kaiba." He drawled out the name mockingly. The ex-CEO ground his teeth keeping his mouth shut as the spirit glided forward, his every movement dripping with sarcasm and anger. A sudden blast of black magic pinned Kaiba against the wall. He gasped in surprise as the tendrils of darkness wrapped around his form. "Let me tell you a little secret Kaiba." Yami stood tall, his right arm held out keeping the darkness in control. "You don't stand a chance against me. Physically nor mentally. I can overpower you, I can destroy you, I can take over your mind and body with the flick of my wrist. And right now you are at my mercy. I can keep you here for all eternity if I so please, until your physical body rots and decays. What say you to that?" Kaiba didn't answer as the man continued. "I've waited long enough to learn what it is I have to do to get out of this hell hole. I want an answer. What's my mission?"

Kaiba glared hard into the others crimson eyes. Sighing, with slight reluctance he answered. "You're to take out the star society." He stated flatly. Yami blinked at him.

"Are you serious?"

"Dead serious, now let me go!" The shadows immediately evaporated releasing the man. Yami turned around and ran a hand through blonde bangs.

"It took all this effort just to get you to tell me that?" Yami spoke with exasperation. Kaiba shrugged. "Ugh, I'm truly hated."

Kaiba straightened his jacket and faced the door to his exit. "I'm out of here. Do something about those wounds." He briskly walked away. The lithe form of the pharaoh suddenly blocked his path. "Yami…" He growled warningly.

"You know I'll need your help in this." It was a statement rather than a question.

"Your mission's not my problem."

"I need a host."

"Again, it's not my problem."

"I could overtake you in a minute and make it your problem." He threatened.

"But you won't." Kaiba smirked.

"I've changed."

"You haven't changed that much. You're not completely heartless."

"How do you know?" Yami challenged. Kaiba sighed again.

"Yami. You look like shit. You're bleeding from wounds you don't think are real. You've passed out once already and look like you're about ready to drop again at any second. Let me pass."

Yami appeared to have nothing to say in return so Kaiba quickly took the chance and walked around him. Grasping the door handle the CEO halted. Turning back he asked: "Will this…?"

"It'll open fine." Yami replied softly. Kaiba opened his mouth ready to voice that that wasn't what he meant, but shook his head and decided otherwise. Opening the door he peered into the hallway and immediately recognized the door to his room.

Again he halted.

"They'll be back won't they? Those…demons."

"I'll have them suppressed in due time. They can't attack you in your soul room." Yami answered waving his hand dismissively.

"I'm not afraid of Them, I'm just worried about you." His jaw suddenly tightened.

Yami gave him a funny look. "You're worried about…me?"

"I broke the puzzle and am the reason for your pain…"

"I can't feel it…" Yami interjected.

"The pain you're in is my fault and the least I can do is spare you from another attack from those…things!"

"I told you I'll be fine. I just need rest."

Kaiba brought a hand up to his face, resisting the urge to ruffle his brunette locks in frustration. Screw this! "Yami get your ass in there before I force you!"

"But that's your soul room…"

Kaiba let go of the door, grabbed Yami by his good arm and proceeded to drag the stubborn pharaoh out of the decrepit labyrinth. Yami stared at his now shut door. It'd been so long since he seen the other side. The last time was with…Yugi. Shaking off the memories he turned to see Kaiba glaring at the end of the dark hall.

"It's the rift between souls." Yami explained. "It never begins and it never ends, it's just there."

The ex-CEO harrumphed and proceeded to open his soul room. Yami wasn't surprised to see the Blue Eyes White Dragon carved on the double doors. The doors opened and Yami felt his body relax. It may not be nearly as innocent as Yugi's, but the peace and completely unexpected warmth from this cold man was enough to make Yami's frozen and angry spirit melt on the spot.

"So you're my new hikari, eh?" Yami smiled.

"Furthest thing from it."


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