"Well you are the slayers…can't you just, you know, fight the mayor demon…thingy?"

Buffy shook her head. "We have to get back to our reality. The world's ending and we don't have time…" Xander's hopeful expression dropped. Buffy wondered how long it had been since he had seen anyone close to him other than them.

"Hold on, B. We don't even know how to get back. Might as well do some good while we're here." Buffy turned to stare at the brunette for a moment. Sometimes she wondered if her fellow slayer's conscious was bipolar or something. She either didn't care about anything at all or she cared too much. It drove Buffy nuts because she could never quite figure her out.

"Alright. Xander, go to Giles's house and see what books you can find so maybe one of them u'll tell us how to get out of here. Faith and I will go check out what the mayor's up to."

Xander nodded, muttering a "be careful" and noticed that as the two girls turned around to leave Buffy's hand discretely found Faith's and took hold of it. Faith turned her head just barely toward the blonde as if the gesture surprised her and grinned. Fighting off all of the overwhelmingly hot mental images instantly entering and racing through his head, he left for Giles's, hoping he could find a way in.

It was beginning to get dark outside and Buffy worried at how long they must have been unconscious if the day went by that quickly. When they reached the mayor's office, the giant demon he had become was nowhere in sight but the place was swarming with vamps. Buffy tried to formulate a plan but before she could she felt Faith's hand getting yanked away from her and turned to see the girl fighting a vamp that had spotted them. Before she could do anything to react, two more were suddenly there to help him out and take her on as well. Buffy tried to dust them but it was as if they were too tough to penetrate to the heart…either that or she was too weak.

She continued to fight both of them, able to dodge a lot of their blows but unable to beat them and the few hits that landed them hurt much more than normal. She could hear Faith grunting and continuing to stubbornly punch though it seemed to do nothing. She felt a fist connect to her temple and began to see stars just before she felt a smaller, more girlish hand…Faith's grab her by the shoulder and yank her away from both of them. And then they were running. Back at Xander's. Lights out.

Faith half carried, half dragged the suddenly heavy girl into the house and over to the couch, letting her down finally on it. They were in trouble. Faith felt stupid. She hadn't realized they didn't have any slayer powers until she had begun fighting and then it had been too late. Buffy's forehead was already staring to swell and bleed from where she had been brutally punched and she knew she wasn't in much better physical condition than the blonde. She had just managed to avoid head injury.

The younger slayer sat down on the couch next to the semi conscious blonde and shushed at her moaning in what she hoped was a soothing way. If we end up together I'm really gonna have to work on that.

If they were at their normal performance levels the head injury would be nothing to worry about. In fact it probably wouldn't have even stopped Buffy from fighting. But in their current situation it was bad enough to scare her little. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel, wetting one end of it over the sink and walking back over to the blonde to try to clean the gash over the newly darkening bruise.

"B? Do me a favor and stay awake, alright?"

"uh huh." She mumbled, trying to keep her eyes open.

Faith glanced over her and then at Xander when she heard him come in and sensed him staring at them from the doorway. She knew they must have been a sight, both scraped up all over and tired. Faith's arm bandaged up from the bullet wound and pushed back hair revealing her bite wound leaning closely over a half conscious Buffy that was laying down with a head injury barely awake.

"So I take it didn't go well?" He asked, moving closer to get a better look at Buffy and relaxing a little when he saw that it wasn't life threatening.

"It would've helped if we had our powers." Faith responded dryly, not taking her eyes off Buffy's head.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that I found a few books that were left over from the pillaging." He sat a stack of four dusty ones down on the coffee table. He looked at the concerned look on Faith's face. "Hey, you ok?"

"Yeah I think she'll be alright." She answered automatically. He kneeled down beside her and brought her face over with his hand to look at him.

"No, I asked if you are alright."

Faith grinned at her mistake. "Five by five."

Xander nodded, understanding the clear no behind the answer, though it was meant to make him think she was fine. "Not that I'd usually volunteer for this kind of thing, but you two look beat, I'll do research, ya'll get some sleep. My room's in the basement, you can use that."

Faith nodded, grateful. She started to pick Buffy up before realizing she couldn't lift the girl. She didn't weigh much less than herself. It took Xander a moment to realize the problem but when he did he smiled and quickly moved to carry the blonde downstairs himself, enjoying the fact that for once he was much stronger than the two girls.

The next thing Buffy knew it was dark and she was in a bed next to a warm body facing her but not really touching. Her head hurt, but she wasn't sleepy anymore like she had been and she could see and think clearly. Faith was in an uncomfortable looking position with her head resting on her hand held up by her elbow. There was only one pillow and it was under Buffy's head. The way she was holding herself up made it look like Faith had been watching her before drifting to sleep and Buffy couldn't help but think it was really sweet…and probably something the brunette would never admit to.

She quietly slipped out from under the covers and walked upstairs to find Xander asleep on the couch with an open book in his lap. It was about how to pass through different realities. She grinned, taking it from his lap carefully so as not to wake him and sat down with it on an empty chair to read. Depending on the type of demon and it's method of transporting them, she read, they could easy hope back through other dimensions until they found theirs easy or it could be altogether impossible. But she never saw what the demons looked like that shot her and Faith and sent them there…or even if they were demons. So they were basically screwed. Buffy sank back deeper into her chair. The only good news that she did find was that if they ever did make it back to their reality it would be only seconds after they left it no matter how much time they spent away. They couldn't age in this reality.

Finally she stood back up and walked to the bathroom, gazing into the mirror thoughtfully. Her head had a huge bump on it and her lips had bruised after all from earlier with Faith. And that whole situation alone had her too confused to be able to think clearly. She shut her eyes hard and tried to focus, thinking maybe she had seen something and just didn't remember. She kept trying. Nothing.

She went back downstairs to wake up Faith and try to figure out a game plan but when she got there something held her back. The brunette was laying there under the covers, now on her stomach with her head turned to the side and hair in her face mumbling. The older slayer walked over to the side of the bed she was laying on and carefully tucked away the hair that was in her face behind her ear to reveal the girl's eyebrows furrowed in a very unhappy almost childish look that seemed scared somehow. But that was the thing with Faith, she was like a wild animal that would always ignore or hide her wounds. The thought of the zealous girl looking childish and cute was very funny to Buffy. Half of her wished she knew what kind of past Faith must've had before she came to Sunnydale at all to make her this way and the other half was too scared of the answer to want to know.

The incident in the bathroom earlier that day came to mind as she stared at the pretty brunette and she tried to force it from her mind, telling herself she had enough to worry about, but it wouldn't go away. There was no doubt she had feelings for Faith…more than just the surprising physical ones too. She wanted to make everything up to her for all those years ago when she didn't save her from herself and everything else. Faith was wrong…but she definitely didn't help the situation at all with the way she handled it. The younger girl moaned in her sleep in an obvious nightmare and Buffy sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning down to run he hand along the side of her face as whatever nightmare she was having got worse and the crying out incoherent babbles and moaning grew louder.

"Shh, shh! It's ok." She leant down to whisper in Faith's ear and cradled the girl's head in her hands and running them through her hair. In a second, the brunette's eyes snapped opened at her looked around disoriented before remembering where she was and slipping back to her usual cool and confident persona. She grinned up at Buffy and scooted over just enough for Buffy to lay down against her, pulling the older slayer in to lay down.

Buffy complied and laid down, allowing herself to back up the few millimeters Faith had left between them. She had expected the girl to drape and arm over her side or something but she never did.



"Do you think we'll get back?"

She felt Faith shift a bit behind her. "I dunno."

"Aren't you even worried about it?"

"Sure I am, but there ain't nothing' I can can do about it. We'll either get back or we won't."


Faith interrupted her, not wanting to go over all the endless bad possibilities. "Look," Buffy turned around to look at her and Faith shrugged. "I learned a long time ago that when life starts screwing ya over, just fake an orgasm and leave."

The blonde gave her a quizzical look. "That's um an…interesting way to look at things." She couldn't help herself but laugh." Do you have any philosophies that aren't sexual?"

Faith just chuckled and smirked. "Maybe."

They kept laughing and then Buffy was kissing her before she could stop herself. Faith wrapped her arms around the blonde and Buffy cradled the brunette's head as it became deeper and deeper. They couldn't get enough of each other as Buffy's hands roamed under Faith's shirt and Faith's at the waistband of Buffy's pants…..