Rating: MA

Warning: Homosexual relationships, coarse language, violence, censored scenes, drug usage, male-pregnancy (?) maybe, alternate reality, out of character.

Pairings: Mirai Trunks/ SonGohan

Beta: Vegeta-sire

Authors Notes: This story has been re-written, there are a lot of changes to take in.

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ.

"He's Mine …Not Yours!"

Chapter 1

Mirai's POV…

I want to be closer to him. To breathe in that alluring scent that is him. I want to tell him my deepest secrets; to hold him in the most intimately possible ways. To see him blush in a way you can only dream about. To know it's your touch that causes him to react like that. Something I relived in my dreams for so long now.

Too long.

I don't think I can keep up the pretence any longer. To be this close to him, when there could be so much more… It hurts not being able to let him know how I feel. If only I could get some time alone with him especially away from him; that creature.

I'm sure there's more to it than what he lets on. He has more on his mind than 'just friendship'. The way he looks at him. Arrgh! He's toying with him in front of me. I won't let him get away with this. He could never truly understand love. Not the true meaning of the word, he couldn't.

I'm sure we're in competition for the same person. Why wouldn't we be? You just have to look at him to see his beauty. You would have to be crazy not be head over heels in love with him.

Look at how he brushes against him. Hmmm… how I wish that could be me. When he glances my way and I can see in his eyes the angst that he has with me. I'm a threat. I can see it.

I can't take this anymore. I can't just sit idle and go unnoticed. I want his dark liquid fire to stare directly into me. To see through into my soul, to imprint himself there. Only then will I know that he will be able to see the truth, the truth of being with me, and only me.

It's been more than a month since I returned to this timeline. Returned to him and nothing, nothing but heart ache – aching to be with him. To whisper those words of enchantment that I so long to hear openly spoken. Words that I only dare whisper from afar. How many nights have I dreamt that we could be together making passionate love? And yet I haven't managed to get any closer to him than I was on the day I arrived back.

Like now, that green monster monopolises his time with meaningless training that he doesn't need. He is strong and doesn't need any of this and if he did I would be the better opponent for him, instead of him, Piccolo.

He's mine not his and I won't lose him to that demon. If he wants a fight then he will get it, from me. I didn't travel all this way through time to lose my hope, my prey, and my future mate, the one person that has truly captured my heart completely.

I can only hope he'll feel the same way about me. I still remember the day I was to return back to my timeline after the demise of Cell. It broke my heart having to leave him like I did.

He was only a child then, a young boy that had already captured my heart and my soul, whether he knew it or not. Maybe I should have stayed. I often dwell on this. What if? What if I had been here with him and watched him grow into the handsome young man he is today. But then I also remember Piccolo as I waved them all goodbye from up high in my time pod. He wanted me gone. Even then he knew my attraction toward his student, his creation.

I don't trust him. I have never trusted him.

That day when I said my farewells, he had purposely brought the boy closer to him, placing a possessive hand over his young shoulder, reinforcing his claim, his title of ownership over the boy that would be mine one day. It's only a natural selection. The same couldn't be said about him. That day his eyes were piercing me. Letting me know I can't have him. I saw it but no-one else did. No-one else saw his game but me. He might be able to put on the illusion for the others but it won't work on me.

Others see protectiveness, trust, a bond, a teacher, a friend or even family. But for me those dark eyes tell me so much more. They tell me a different story. I can see my own deepest desires reflecting in them, the same yearning. The same burning passion for the man I love.

The boy, the young man I love has grown up, in lots of ways, into someone beyond his years, but there is still a freshness… a gentle breeze of naivety about him. With everything that has happened to him, it is still there, beneath the surface. I can see it in his warm eyes, a mixture of curiosity, intelligence. This is what makes him even more alluring to me. Everything about him; his strength, his power over me makes him very attractive to these eyes of mine. So you can see why I need to let him know how I feel.

How I'm madly in love with him.

Mirai Trunks was lost in his thoughts. The two warriors, that occupied his mind for the past two hours were woven in a fiery spar in front of him. He was sitting leaning back against one of the many trees that, bordered the Son's residence. One knee bent with an arm resting upon it while the other leg stretched out in front of him, toying with a twig in his hands.

Suddenly the twig snapped in half as Mirai's blue eyes narrowed dangerously into slits. Eyes fixed as Piccolo embraced Gohan from behind in a powerful struggle forcing the teen to submit. He didn't like it. He didn't like it one single bit. After watching them for two hours, he had a good mind to go over there and show Piccolo just how much he didn't appreciate it.

He watched as Gohan struggled a little before breaking the hold his old master had over him with a powerful burst of ki. Immediately a smirk broke onto Mirai's face that could easily rivalled his father's. He watched with delight as Piccolo was thrown back, hard and to further his delight watched him skid along the ground away from them. It made to broaden his smile even more.

His moment of glee was broken as the familiar piercing sound of his mother and Chichi bellowed across the grounds.

"Lunch everybody!"

Mirai stood up, dusting his jeans and guardedly watched as Piccolo was helped up by the apologetic younger demi. Piccolo glanced his way and Mirai narrowed his eyes seeing the green mentor squeeze Gohan's shoulder affectionately before leaning down, purposely it seemed to the lavender hair teen, and whisper something to the boy.

Burning holes into the green demon, Mirai watched him take to the sky, before disappearing off into the distance. Gohan turned and smiled sending a fleet of butterflies to dance in Mirai's stomach. "Come on, before they eat it all." Gohan said.

It doesn't take a genius to know how to get a Saiyan's attention. Demi or not, you just have to mention food and you'll have a stampede headed your way. In no time at all the two clans were gathered around a large picnic table under a massive old oak tree with its thick branches that fanned and stretched its way over the lush green lawn.

Vegeta's family sat opposite Goku's. Eyes focused only on the huge amounts of food that lay before them, hands busy feeding, words wisely unspoken but each taking comfort in the other. There was a powerful bond of kinship between both the full bloods and their families now, tied by the unique respect of comradeship and knowledge of their heritage. No one else knew them quite like they knew themselves.

Trunks jr, as his mother sometimes calls him, sat opposite his best friend Goten. Carefree both boys stuffed themselves just like their fathers, mirroring their every movement to the fullest. Mirai Trunks, shortened to just Mirai by his father, giving less confusion with his mirrored self being in the same timeline.

Mirai sat quietly opposite Gohan. Both teenagers had all the unsettling emotions and problems that other teens might share with a few added extras that come with their Saiyan inheritance. Both Fathers watched intently from the sidelines waiting for any signs that they need to step in, and make their presence known.

Mirai didn't know why, but every time he got real close to the person that filled his dreams he would become a little nervous. He was unable to think of anything to say that wouldn't make him sound like a total geek. It was like all the important intelligent words he had quoted in his head were trapped in his throat; how frustrating.

He also found himself sneaking peeks at the dark hair raven across from him. The more time he spent with him the less control he had over his feelings. The closer he was to him the more he couldn't help but look at him, and every now and then Gohan would catch him, causing Mirai to turn a deep shade of red before quickly diverted his eyes elsewhere.

But even with the embarrassment of being caught he couldn't stop himself taking more glances. The way his dark soft waves would fall forward hiding his eyes whenever he'd tilted his head in a certain way. The way it was windswept and unkempt no matter what he did with it, so enchanting. It made him look so sexy dreamy Mirai thought. He could imagine waking up next to him with his dark hair all muzzled. To look in those sleepy bedroom eyes as he press and rubbed up against that smooth creamy skin. The hot sweaty friction they could create under silk covers. The things he would like to do with the younger demi in his arms. Mirai found himself shifting uncomfortably in his jeans. They were, all of a sudden, a little too damn tight.

But still he couldn't drag his eyes away. Even the way he ate was adorable. Everything about him was endearing to the time traveller. And the way his tongue would flick out and trail along those soft moist lips, those wet kissable lips, hmm …so damn lickable. Those hot sensual lips that could so easily turn things into a one hell of a steamy affair in a matter of seconds. If only he could reach out and-


Mirai jumped, startled. "Huh…"

"Pass me those spring rolls." Mirai sighed and reached out for the plate only to brush his fingers against Gohan's who was passing it over to him.

Frozen, Mirai stumbled for something intelligible to say. "Uh…thanks."

Add the sideways glanced his way, a slightly amused smirk that creped over Gohan's flushed face from his workout earlier. Mirai had turned into complete putty, mindlessly holding the plate in the air.

"No problem, Mirai." Gohan said softly. Mesmerised Mirai's blue eyes watched the way his lips said his name… GOD he needed to kiss them so bad, it actually hurt.


With a frown Mirai snapped to his father. "WHAT!" He spat only to quickly pale as the sudden silence around him came apparent. He shifted uncomfortably under his father's intense stare. "Uh… sorry." He stumbled. He quickly handed the plate over to him restoring peace and order.

"Sooo, you boys looking forward to school tomorrow?" Bulma asked bored of watching the men consume a whole table worth of food into their bottomless pits.

"Yeah…" Gohan said glanced over to Mirai opposite him. "I think you'll like it there."

Mirai was looking forward to being with Gohan but unsure about going to school. The whole idea was a bit daunting for him, but like everything he kept his thoughts to himself. His real mother in his own timeline, and Mirai Gohan, had always being his teachers. He must have looked worried because Gohan interrupted his thoughts.

"Hey, don't worry. We'll have you settled in, in no time." He winked. Mirai found himself smiling, grateful.

"You won't regret sending him there Bulma." From that Chichi proceeded to explain to Bulma all about their school's high standards. Both boys tuned out having heard it so many times before. Deep in their own thoughts, they went back to eating and listening to the others around them for the rest of their meal.

Gohan was slowly picking at his meal. He wasn't really all that hungry. It seems that lately his appetite was all but disappearing but, knowing his family the way he did, he proceed to blend in with the rest of the males sitting around him though he knew once he was alone he'll probably end up just hurling it all back up again like he has done in the past.

He glanced up from his plate to catch Mirai looking at him, blushing like crazy before returning back to his meal. Gohan smiled to himself. It was good to see him back, but at the same time he wished he hadn't returned. He wished he stayed where he was, but with the death of Mirai's mother he understood why he returned back to this AU where everything he had lost was still living.

So much had changed though. There were secrets to protect. Away from home he was protective of his private life. His social life had skyrocketed since he started school. It was all new and exciting to him. It was everything he had ever dreamed about. He had been exposed to a new world he didn't know existed; a life with friends, parties and wild nights with alcohol among other things. He knew all this would be frowned upon by his family.

He was nervous of Mirai finding out and telling. He couldn't have that. This was his life now. This was what kept him alive for that little bit longer. Gohan looked up hearing his father speak to Vegeta about something that was uninteresting to him, but the sound of his father's voice was still new to him. It still felt so surreal to him that his father was back from the otherworld.

His father had returned expecting a warm welcoming from his eldest son, but instead received the cold shoulder. Gohan had put up a defensive wall distancing himself from him. A wall Goku was determined to break down to get to his son.

Gohan sighed. He couldn't look at his meal any longer. He pushed it aside; something that didn't go unnoticed.

"Gohan, what's wrong honey? Aren't you feeling well?" Bulma asked concerned. Unfortunately this got the attention Gohan didn't want from the other Saiyans at the table. His eyes uncomfortably searched for a safe place to look without looking at the others. Chichi frowned. She had seen this happen more than she cared.

"Gohan, what's wrong? Aren't you going to eat up? You hardly…"

"Mum! Mum, please I'm fine. It's just I remembered I have a project that needs to be in by tomorrow and…"

"Study over food?" Vegeta enquired from the other end of the table. Gohan rolled his eyes. He knew what was to come. "You must be sick brat." He scoffed.

Gohan suddenly found himself standing, angry. "I'm not SICK!" He yelled startling the women, Mirai, and the two chibis. Unable to control his fragile mood swings of late. The blood was rushing pulsating through him as he glared angrily at the prince, challenging. Vegeta's eyes narrowed darkened. Gohan turned to his mother and Bulma frustrated and tired. "Look, I really need to get this done so if you'll excuse…"

"Sit down, and eat UP!" Vegeta ordered. Unfortunately for Gohan the prince saw it as his responsibility to look after him like one of his own.

This started not long after the death of his father at the Cell games. Vegeta had found him on one of his darkest days, and he hadn't let up since. He hadn't backed down either since his father's untimely arrival.

Goku frowned. He's eyes hardened staring at his plate but focused on the conflict around him. He appreciated what Vegeta was doing and had done in the past for his boy, but this was still his son. It angered him and confused him. Why was the boy doing this? He glanced up as the battle of words continued with voices starting to rise. He had enough. He turned to his son still standing now glaring daggers at Vegeta. The tension around the table was mounting he was just about to say something when.

"Fine, GO!" Chichi snapped. She'd had enough.

"Chichi?" Goku's inquired with his frown deepen. He couldn't understand his son's sudden mood swings or his resentment to him, but why did his wife have to give into him? He noticed that happening a lot since returning. Once Gohan would never have been able to get his mother to bend like this. What has happened for it to have changed? He didn't understand. There was lot of things that confused him of late, and a lot of things that remained unsaid.

Vegeta just glared at Chichi biting hard from saying anything more. That would only cause a fight with the earth warrior's mate and he had promised the woman he would be on his best behaviour. Bulma gave him a stern but silent warning from where she sat to keep out of it.

Chichi shook her head. She had had enough. This had been going on for too long, way before he even left for school. She had grown weary of the same old problems. It wasn't easy for her being on her own and raising two boys as with no money. It was humiliating at times. If it wasn't for the support of her good friend Bulma, she firmly believed she wouldn't have gotten this far. Trying to raise two Saiyanjin boys was near impossible with every other problem that was sent her way. She knew her Goku didn't understand that she was aging, growing old, growing tired, exhausted, while he stayed forever young and strong.

"No, Goku, let him go." She sounded tired, but then with a spark of energy she added. "But I expect you to be up in your room studying. And not on your mobile chatting to your friends."

Gohan turned to his mother relieved, and thanked her before making a hasty retreat up to his room as all eyes were on him. Once up stairs he quickly closed and locked his door. Leaning against it, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes with a sigh of relief.

It wasn't exactly a lie he had told. He did have a project that needed doing, but it wasn't that he had forgotten it, more like he pushed it aside, uninterested.

He pushed off the door and crawled over onto his bed and rolled onto his back. He closed his eyes and rubbed his face with the palms of his hands, tired frustrated with himself and everything else. He couldn't believe he blew up like that especially in front of Mirai of all people.

"Aaghhh!" He growled as his hands tore away from his face. "How stupid can I GET!"

He rolled over onto his stomach and shifted so he was half hanging over the edge of the bed with his hand stretched underneath it in search of something. He pulled out a tin, an old toy that had been a present from his grandfather. It was a 'jack in the box' long since broken, but he never had the heart to throw it away.

Gohan rolled over on his back smiling remembering the day he got it. He was sitting on his grandfather King Ox's lap when he was given it. He must have been no more than two. He watched as his grandfather wound it up in front of him with his massive arms stretched around his tiny frame.

He remembered being startled, screaming when the purple dressed puppet had jumped out surprising him, bouncing on its tightly wound spring, frightening him even more. He had buried himself in the old man's arms refusing to look at it as it danced around in his grandfather's hands. But it didn't take long before curiosity made him peek and look at it again. In no time it became one of his favourite toys, One, that his mother actually allowed him to keep. Such a simple toy yet its effects were so awarding. It could achieve something that he found nearly impossible to accomplish these days, and that was to truly smile.

How things have changed.

Gohan sat back and opened the lid with its worn collage of colours and as it popped open long gone was the puppet that lived inside. Instead something more sinister had taken its place. Gohan pulled out a readymade joint and cheap lighter.

"Oh yeah." He purred marvelling at it. "I definitely deserve you." He said at his prize, raising it to his lips, sitting up moving closer to the window, pushing it open a little wider. He sat back down on his bed and made himself comfortable, leaning back against the wall. Knees bent head tilted slightly to the side he brought the lighter to the tip of the joint while cupping it protecting it from being extinguished by the afternoon breeze.

Welcoming it he closed his eyes as he lit it. He drew back on what has become so familiar to him. Holding clinging to that substance that gave him a freedom he never knew of until he met his friends. He knew the freedom he was feeling was just an illusion that it didn't last long. It only made him want more, more of the illusion that he'd harvested; an illusion that everything was fine with the world and that he was coping with his past. He breathed in deep holding it. Relaxing he sunk back against the wall.

He watched as he released the smoke and watched as it sprawled from his lips. It brought a smile curling on his lips. He liked the fact that he was doing something that his parents would hate and he enjoyed. Harmless rebellion, that's what his friends had called it. He liked the sound of that.


Frozen with the joint pressed between his lips, eyes wide fixed on his bedroom door.

"Gohan are you in there?"

SHIT! His mind screamed. Panicking he scrambled off the bed and rapidly stamped out the joint on the lid of the jack-in-the-box. He rushed to put everything back, dropping to his knees on the floor, shoving the tin back as far as he could go not wanting to be caught.

Climbing back to his feet his eyes caught sight of the smoke. Desperately fanning it with his hands toward the window, franticly, as the tapping continued, got louder.

"Gohan. It's me Mirai…can I come in?"

"Hell." Gohan cursed out loud tripping over his bed to get to his deodorant that sat on his dresser and anxiously spraying his room in the scent.


"Yeah…hang on. I'm just… I'll be there!" He hastily reached over and opened one of the books he was supposed to be studying. Standing up he raked his fingers through his hair exhausted.

"Coming." He said taking a deep breath as stepped up to the door. Before he went to unlocked the door he quickly glanced over his shoulder to see if everything was in place.

"Sorry." He said as Mirai came into view. The lavender teen peeked over Gohan's shoulder curious as he was hit with the familiar scent of Gohan's deodorant and a whiff of something else. Nervously Gohan said quickly. "Sorry about that. I can't have Goten running in on me while I'm studying." Mirai knew from previous experiences with the chibi back at his place. He nodded forgetting about the unusual smell.

"That's okay, I understand. I um… just wanted to make sure you're okay." Mirai stumbled over the words and nervously stepped past Gohan.

Gohan checked the hallway for anyone else before closing the door. Mirai sprung around hearing the door close. "Sorry." Gohan saw his friend's reaction and gave him a lopsided apologetic smile, and motioned to the door. "It's become a habit …closing the door that is." He laughed nervously.

"Ah, yeah the same with me at home." Mirai smiled.

"Take a seat." Gohan motioned for Mirai to do just that. The time traveller turned and saw there were really only two places to sit, the bed or the chair. For some reason he became nervous; alone with Gohan and in his room with the door closed. All of a sudden Mirai found it difficult to breathe as all the thoughts rushed to his mind with what they could do.

He hastily decided to take the chair. Gohan went and plonked himself down on his bed sitting cross legged facing him. Unsure what to say next, Mirai found a safe topic looking over his shoulder he said. "Uh… is this your homework you were talking about?" He turned to the opened book.

Gohan glanced at the desk as Mirai lifted up the book. "Oh yeah, that's it. Science, you know not exactly my field…"

"Do you often read upside down?" Mirai looked up at Gohan while still holding the book. His blue eyes shone with a hint of amusement.

"Huh?" Gohan raised his brows, confused.

"It's just, I don't know many people that like reading a book upside down." He smirked turned the book the right way to show Gohan.

Gohan turned a deep shade of red. "Ah… um… I was… just…" He stumbled for those elusive words, reaching over to try and snatch the book back. He ended climbing off the bed to take the book away from Mirai who was laughing. Gohan narrowed his eyes, yanking the book from Mirai strong grip.

"Hehehe!… sorry. I couldn't help myself." He laughed.

Gohan frowned. "Yeah, so you caught me out. So what, I wasn't exactly studying, okay." He growled, only succeeding in making Mirai laugh louder. Gohan glared at him as he tossed the book back on the desk. "So what? It's not like I not going to!" He growled dropping himself back onto the bed.

Mirai felt a little bit more at ease after that laugh. He felt less nervous around him. "It's okay Gohan. I understand. Really. It's not like I haven't pushed aside my studies before."

"Well why were you laughing?" Gohan asked sulking. Mirai's eyes softened. He couldn't stop thinking how cute he was.

"I wasn't exactly laughing at you. I don't know maybe I like this side of you…"

"And you didn't like the one down at the table? Is that it?" Gohan's eyes burrowed into his, Mirai sighed. Gohan's mood had swung again.

"I didn't say that, you did." He argued.

Gohan's shoulders sunk. He picked up his pillow, and placed it on his lap. He wrapped his arms around it, hugging it tightly. He brought his knees up as he rested his head against the wall. Looking away to the side he said quietly "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you like that."

Mirai studied him for a second, wishing he could know what Gohan was thinking. He felt the need to protect him swell inside of him. Gohan had that effect on him.

Gohan was wondering why Mirai had even come to his room. He wouldn't want to be around himself right now. Finally Mirai stood and moved over to sit next to him, resting back on the wall as well. Both boys' eyes met and locked; one lost and curious the other concerned. Time was lost between them barriers were melting until finally the silence was broken. "Mirai, why did you have to come?" Gohan whispered the words that had been circling his head ever since that day the time traveller had returned. His eyes searched for answers in those liquid blue eyes of Mirai's.

Misunderstanding him Mirai answered. "I wanted to see if you were okay. I already told you that. The way you left the table back then…"

"Surprised you, did I?" Gohan whispered. Feeling desponded his eyes returned back to the pillow in front of him.

"Yeah a bit…is everything alright." Mirai watched as Gohan suddenly pushed himself off the bed letting the pillow slip from his lap onto the floor.

"I'm fine. Really I am. I didn't mean to upset you. It was rude of me." Gohan said pacing just in front of Mirai.

Mirai frowned. Something wasn't right. He could feel it, but before he could ask the door abruptly opened startling them both. Gohan jumped ready to yell at whomever.

Both boys were surprised to see Goku and Vegeta both at the door. Mirai promptly stood in front of the two fathers feeling self-conscious and guilty from just sitting on his secret crush's bed. This was exasperated especially the way Goku was looking at him at that moment. Nervously he asked. "Goku?"

"We're going." Vegeta stated to Mirai.

The prince then turned his attention to the other teen in the room, unsettling the boy further. Gohan lowered his eyes uncomfortable with the unwanted attention he was receiving. He didn't like how both men were focused on him. He didn't like how crowded the room had become. It was quickly becoming claustrophobic. Then a swell of anger rose in him. How dare they just barge in here! It screamed inside of him. This was HIS room.

"Let's go. The Baka here wants to talk to his brat." Vegeta commanded turning back to Mirai who hadn't moved an inch.

Mirai wasn't sure if he wanted to leave. He turned to Gohan who was frowning at Goku who had just stepped around Vegeta and into the room. Both the Saiyan fathers' expressions left no doubt in Mirai's mind that there was no room for argument. He felt protective over Gohan even against the two warrior fathers, but being a teenager and living at home with a Saiyan for a father you learn certain things, like don't argue with your old man.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Gohan." Mirai said feeling defeated as he was lead by his father through the door. There was no reply as the door was closed leaving the father and son to descend down the steps. Mirai glanced over his shoulder wondering what was happening back in that room.

Gohan was pacing as his father stood in front of the closed door almost as if he was guarding it. Well that was how it felt for the young demi Saiyanjin. He hated the feeling of being trapped. He felt like a caged animal. Goku watched studying his son with his arms folded across his chest. He was dressed casually in jeans and a pale blue polo shirt untucked almost able to be passed off as a regular dad, except for one thing, he wasn't like any other father. He was Goku, earth's superhero and Gohan's father - a warrior with enough power to blow up the entire world or beyond.

And others thought they had problems.

Goku watched his son pace until he'd had enough. "You can stop your pacing, and sit down." He said snatching up the chair that Mirai had not long ago occupied.

Gohan glared up at his father, plonking himself heavily down on his bed. Making it very clear he wasn't happy. "What am I in trouble for now?" He asked folding his arms in front of him clearly annoyed.

Goku sighed turning the chair around, straddling it with his strong forearms resting over the back of the chair. "We need to talk."

Gohan rolled his eyes before dramatically falling back on his bed. He covered his face with his hands. "Grrr!" He growled.

"Gohan this is stupid!" That got the teenager's attention.

"Say what?" Gohan growled sitting up on his elbows. "What did you say?"

Goku frowned. "I said this is stupid. You, behaving like…"

"Like what exactly?" feeling rebellious.

"This." Goku growled frustrated, gesturing to his son's behaviour.

"Ahh, like this?" He said sarcastically "You mean behaving like any other normal teenager?" Gohan asked sitting up abruptly. Goku closed his eyes. He knew what this was leading up to. Every time they were alone Gohan would do everything to start a fight with him.

"Gohan don't start. I'm not going to get into a fight over this. I want you to tell me what's up? Don't think for one minute that your mother and I haven't noticed you not eating right or snapping at Goten for every little thing. Son it is not like you. What's going on?"

"Not like me? Hmm… well that's interesting since YOU haven't been around long enough to know what I'm like!" Gohan hissed springing to his feet standing clutching his fist at his sides; his eyes fixed firmly on his father, burning. His whole body was shaking, trembling trying to contain the rage he felt building inside him.

Goku looked up at his son. He was reflecting on how different his boy was now and how sad it was that they couldn't talk. He raised his hands up.

"Alright Gohan, have it your own way." He said standing, placing the chair back under the desk. He turned back to his boy. "Just remember that if you need me for anything…" Gohan snorted getting his father to pause before continuing. "If you need me I'm here, no matter what you think." And with that he walked over to the door.

Gohan watched him with some regret and anger, but as his father turned before opening the door Gohan's face hardened. "I mean what I said. I'm here, if you want to talk. Hear me?" And with that he turned the handle and left closing the door behind him as he did.

Gohan fell back on his bed and just sat there staring at the back of his door. The tears started to swell on their own. "I hear you. I hear you all too well." A tear spilled onto his cheek and trailed down. His voice choked as he whispered. "It's just …you're a little too late for me now, dad."

Another silent tear slipped onto his cheek following the same path. "And even you can't save me this time around."


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