He's Mine …Not Yours!

Chapter 6

Gohan steadily made his way down the stairs not looking forward to being forced fed breakfast. Well that was his mother's warning if didn't at least try to eat with his family before heading off to school.Dressed but far from awake and yawning, Gohan blinked doing a double take.

"Morning son." Goku greeted his eldest between stuffing his face with pancakes. Dumbstruck, Gohan turned to his younger brother for answers. Goten was already at the table with a plateful of his own food and shrugged his shoulders as he was as much in the dark as Gohan.


"Sit down and eat something before your father eats it all." She ordered without turning around being too busy cooking.

Doing as he was told. Gohan dragged a chair from the table all along his eyes warily on his father. "Has someone died?" He found himself asking. Goku frowned turning looking up at his wife Chichi.

"Who died?" Goku asked becoming suddenly serious and about to scan for all their friends or possibly a fierce foe that had slipped passed his heightened senses.

"No one has died dear." Chichi reassured her naive husband. Coming to the same conclusion Goku nodded and went back to stuffing his face.

"What's' with the suit then?" Gohan asked watching his father like he had contracted some contagious deadly disease. It was so out of place to see his father dressed in his best suit. The only time Gohan could recall his father pulling it out from the depths of his closet was at wedding or funerals.

Chichi sighed placing another overflowing plate of pancakes in front of her motley horde. "Your father is going into town to find himself a job."

Choking and coughing up storm as the pancake that he just had taken a bite from had now found its self wedged deep in his throat when he heard his mother's words. His eyes bulged and became teary while he struggled to gain control with his ki spiking in his panic for air. Goku instantly jumped to his feet and grabbed him from behind delivering the Heimlich manoeuvre. With one swift movement the offensive item dislodged from Gohan's airways. Goku released his son as Gohan slumped forward with hands outstretched in front of him for support. He leaned against the table while he caught his breath and blinked away the tears from his red eyes desperately trying to gain control of his breathing once more.

"You all right?" Goku asked rubbing his son's back affectionately the way he used to when he was little.

"Yeah-" Gohan coughed as his mother fussed over him.

"Here drink this." Chichi ordered shoving a large glass of water in his face. He glanced up at the glass as if it was the last thing he wanted to do at the moment. "It will help." She insisted. Sighing he wiped at his eyes as he took the glass under his folk's concern eyes.

"You should have seen your face Gohan. It went beetroot red." Goten stated finding whole ordeal fascinating.

Gohan refrained from rolling his eyes. "You don't say." He mumbled sarcastically rubbing his burning throat. He placed the glass down and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"You should be more careful." Goku commented watching him with a mask of concern.

Just as Gohan was about to retort with some half-cocked reply, since in his eyes it was his father's fault in the first place for wearing the stupid suit that was so out of place, they were rudely interrupted.

A powerful royal frame appeared in the doorway, "What's wrong with the brat?" Vegeta demanded as if his morning schedule had just been crushed because of it.

"Ahh... hey there Vegeta. What are you doing here?" Goku asked seemly not that surprised in seeing the Saiyan prince. The prince ignored the moron as he stepped further into the kitchen looking at the eldest Son boy.

"I see you let yourself in... again." Chichi complained the last bit deliberately under her breath but everyone heard. She went about her business ignoring the prince's cold glares that were directed her way as he contemplated if he could get away with blasting the banshee into kingdom come.

"We came..." Turning to the boy in question, "...to see what was up with the brat." He began defensively.

"We?" Gohan asked turning to look over the prince shoulder to see who else was here. Someone was cloaking their ki.

"Hi." Mirai Trunks waved meekly appearing from the other room behind his father. Anxious blue eyes fell on the younger teen with an apologetic smile gracing his lips.

"I hope you realise baka, you ruined a perfectly good training session." Vegeta grumbled disliking being dragged from his gravity room in mid mock battle with his eldest boy. It had become clear once they had both felt Gohan's ki spike dramatically that Mirai couldn't focus until they investigated what was happening with Gohan. Mirai insisted that they should go and check on him. With little protest the prince and his son rocketed over as fast as they could to see.

"What's that?" Vegeta growled looking disgusted and pointing to what Goku was wearing.

"It's called a suit, but then you wouldn't know about that." Chichi growled annoyed and not liking her family meal being interrupted. "Goten eat up!" She growled. The boy jumped and did as asked with little complaint as he watched the commotion with interest and wishing that chibi Trunks could have come over as well.

"I know what it is, but I want to know what it's doing on the baka?" Vegeta growled back. Mirai rolled his eyes and motioned for Gohan to follow him out.

"And where do you think you're going?" Chichi called after her son quickly disappearing from the room getting the attention of both fathers.

He sighed, passing Mirai Trunks, "School mum." Gohan called reaching for his school bag on the floor beside the couch.

He frowned, "But you didn't even eat anything..." Chichi complained following him over to the front door. The whole point of this was for him to eat something anything he was too thin.

No. I was too busy choking he thought. "I'm really not that hungry mum." This was the truth. His lack of an appetite was becoming a household concern. Gohan quickly slipping his bag over his shoulder before pushing open the flyscreen with Mirai following him.

"My apologies Mrs Son, but we really should be going if we're to make it on time. I still have to get ready." He stopped and glanced over his shoulder looking apologetic.

"But that doesn't mean Gohan has to go with you. He could finish his breakfast here." Chichi argued hands on her hips getting defensive. Gohan was her son after all.

"Mum! Pleeeease... like I said I'm not hungry." Gohan found it difficult to escape his mother's constant fussing.

They paused in mid stride. Mirai turned to his father for help, pleading with the dark eyes that masked themselves to everyone else until Mirai saw a hint of amusement flash in them, Vegeta turned to the woman in question. "Let the brats go."

Taking offence at someone telling her what to do when it came to family matters that involve her family, "I thank you Vegeta to keep out of this!" Chichi demanded. The prince scoffed and looked away unaffected.

"Chichi," Goku stepped over and placed an affectionate arm over his wife's shoulders. She looked up into his pleading eyes, eyes that she had missed so badly.

She sighed and shook her head at going against her better judgment. "Fine BUT!" She added quickly before both boys could escape through the door. "I want you to take some lunch."

"But mum..." Gohan went to contest but was stopped.

"No buts mister!" She growled turning around back into the kitchen leaving both boys alone with their fathers.

Gohan rolled his eyes and, not hiding his frustration, turned to Mirai. Mirai gave him an understanding look when Goku stepped forward. "You know if you like we could meet up for lunch Gohan. I could come around and we could..."

"I –I don't think so." Gohan cut him off before he could continue. "I've got a lot on." He said after seeing the disappointment in his father's eyes. He was feeling guilty and hated how his father could so easily make him feel that way.

"Oh-oh okay then... It was just a thought." Goku said trying and cover up his feelings and doing a lousy job of it. Vegeta's eyes narrowed not liking what he was witnessing.

"Yeah well, "Shrugging his shoulders wishing his mother would hurry up so they didn't have to be around this awkwardness any longer than he already was. "Maybe another time..." Gohan found himself saying not really meaning it but the expression on his father's face was enough to cut through his protective shield.

"Really?" Goku asked as a small smile spring to life. "Well that would be cool." He said looking forward to a day he could spend with his son. There was a glimmer of hope there that his son's walls were starting to break down enough for him to slip in there and make something from their tatted relationship.

Gohan shifted from one foot to the other not wanting to look up at his father who was staring at him with an expression of anticipation. He felt uncomfortable and nervously rubbed at his arm when he felt Mirai Trunks looking at him as well. He turned when he felt a gentle touch to the small of his back a comforting suggestion. A small smiled caressed the corner of his lips as their eyes did all the talking for them. It was reassuring to know Mirai was there and he could understand some of what Gohan was feeling.

He felt a flood of warmth rise inside of him with the single touch, butterflies escaped with the way his friend looked at him. It was then that Gohan realised just how close they were and Mirai hadn't retrieved his hand as he circled it over the now sensitive area with a feather touch. A light blush spread over him seeing how little the older boy was dressed having arrived from the demanding training he must have had with his father. The tattered material clung to his perfect frame in dribs and drabs that all but screamed power, sex appeal on a hot sweaty body that was only inches from his reach.

That toxic aroma quickly overwhelmed his senses and he had to get a grip of himself he felt his self-control slipping as he breathed in the alluring scent that was Mirai. He didn't understanding how he could so easily forget he was already in completed relationship as it was, while standing next to a handsome throb.

It was then he realised just how much he had been staring as his eyes roamed freely over the taller boy's well defined muscles. He gulped with embarrassment at being caught as a sly smile slipped over those hot tantalizing lips. He turned away in alarm and was mortified when he heard Mirai chuckle at his expense as he wished his mother would hurry.

He told himself that Ash meant the world to him and wanted to reach the ultimate goal of a subnormal existence that his human blood taunted him with each day. It was everything his mother had always wanted for him to attain. There was a minor complication; the fact that he was gay in every way that there was. He was unable to deny that part of himself any longer and it was something that Ash had helped him deal with some time ago. He had helped him come out to himself and some trustworthy friends in their close knit group. It was something he knew his family could never understand or accept. It was a bombshell he didn't want to explode in their faces any time soon, not until he had moved out of home at least.

Mirai wasn't doing anything to help keep that part of him at bay by standing there all alluring like and awakening the most basic of cravings. Gohan couldn't help the vision that flashed through his mind of Mirai leaning down and bringing those tantalizing lips to meet his. Being pressed and held in those strong arms, being crushed up against him and as their bodies pressed firmly together a soft moan escaped with the thought of sharp Sayain canines piercing his skin. Just the thought made him want to cum there and then. He willed his hormones to settle before the whole situation became more embarrassing than it already was.

A raised single brow at which Mirai Trunks was all but amused at the smaller boy's reaction to him. It lifted up his hope once again. Vegeta scoffed knowing all too well the looks going on between the two even if they didn't realise it. But it was becoming painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that there was something more being exchanged. There was something more than just friendship or sexual appeal, especially with the looks exchanged by his son. The love struck puppy that what he was, a lovesick cub that knew exactly what he wanted in a lifetime mate.

His heightened Saiyan senses just had to sniff the air around them to tell him that there was something forming there, anything from strong affection, warmth, love, lust, fear, confusion, apprehension and determination on both sides. It was a rollercoaster of emotions sweeping over the two teenager's demi Saiyans over the last couple of weeks. It was a cocktail of trouble about to explode in all their faces, just ticking around them. He turned to the earth Saiyan, who looked on perplexed at the pair.

With an inwards groan Vegeta stopped himself from rolling his eyes in annoyance. It seemed to him the Son's males only had half a brain after all. He blamed the halfwit baka next to him for not being more Sayain. It was painfully obviously from the start that Gohan knew little to nothing of his heritage. Nothing about Saiyan courtships, mating behaviour, things that were natural to them, and whenever he tried to correct these things the brat's mother would interfere.

It seemed to him it was one thing to be the boy's guardian while the boy's father was absent but it was another to interfere with the ningen teaching.

Hence the predicament they were left with today. He knew he would have to step in at some point soon if something wasn't done about it, but he really did prefer not to interfere. There was still time for them to work it out together. He knew that the boy he saw Gohan with earlier was going to cause trouble. His primary concern was how much did Mirai know of the other contender for Gohan's heart. It would be dire-straits on the ningen's part if he got between a Saiyanjin and his desired mate. It was one he knew all too well and it wouldn't be good for all parties involved.

The scene seemed to be frozen in time and it only took a short few moments before it was broken as Chichi walked in holding out a full bag containing a small Saiyan size lunch. Gohan quickly took it and packed into his backpack.

"Make sure you eat it." She ordered stepping between the two boys expecting her kiss from her eldest boy. Mirai hid the amused smile that tugged at his lips as Gohan blushed leaning down to kiss his mother's cheeks in front of all the males. "That's my boy." She cooed eyes shining bright as she tried to iron out the t-shirt she disapproved of him wearing.

"I really got to go mum." Gohan insisted eagerly pushing the screen door back with a sidewards glance at Mirai before rushing to escape.

"Okay dear, but make sure you're home before five and don't make me wait a minute more." His mother called after him.

Gohan shook his head and stepped outside into the clearing. "Let's get out of here." He whispered before they both took to the sky as both fathers stepping to the door.

"That was odd." Goku said watching the two strikes across the sky. "If I didn't know any better I swear Gohan was intimidated by Mirai Trunks. Why would that be?" He wondered.

Vegeta just shook his head. "You're a bigger baka than I thought."

"What did I say? Aww... come off it Vegeta! Tell me what you meant?" Goku demanded following the prince who had decided to take his time returning home allowing the boys some alone time.

They stepped back into the house to see if any pancakes were left and it could be entertaining to annoy the Onna while he was here he thought as he disappeared indoors once more while all along praying his son makes a move on the younger boy soon.

"What's he doing back in here?" came a scream, "Don't you dare think you can eat - GOKU!"


They made good time on the trip to Western City where Capsule Corp, now Mirai's home, was stationed. They knew they didn't have to leave for school for another hour as they landed on the second floor balcony with Mirai Trunks opening the sliding door that led through to the foyer. "I'll just have a quick shower." He smiled coyly.

Gohan became nervous with the look that was directed his way, "I'll wait downstairs then." Gohan said eager to escape and approached the stairwell that led down to the living room where he could hear the drone of the TV.

Mirai stopped at his door and glanced over his shoulder with a reassuring smile, "Hey, its fine. You can wait in my room. I won't be too long." He reassured him not wanting him to leave.

Gohan licked his dry lips having second thoughts when he final shrugged his shoulders and followed the lavender hair into his room. As he stepped further into the room he turned to see Mirai close and lock the door, a raised brow. "Just in case..."

Just incase what Gohan wanted to know watching the taller boy step away with a sly smile. "I can't have Trunks just burst in here." Yes we can, Gohan thought panicking at the way the boy kept looking at him like he was an appetiser.

He played it cool, "Yeah, it's the same deal with Goten." He laughed it off all casual like and stuffed his hands further into his jean's pockets trying to stop them from shaking so badly. He watched nervously as the older boy started to strip in front of him. "Mmmaybe I should wait outside..." Gohan stumbled the temperature had just shot up another hundred degrees as Mirai started to peel down what was left of his spandex pants. Eyes sprung wide as Gohan quickly spun around pretending to admire the painting hanging on the wall above the bed.

"Don't be silly. It's okay." Mirai reassured him knowing all too well what he was doing to the younger demi Saiyan. It was all planned after seen the way Gohan looked at him at his place. He thanked the heavens that he had this opportunity to have the boy of his dreams captured in his room like he was now. "You don't have to be bashful Gohan we've all guys here." That was the problem he thought licking his lips. "You haven't seen anything I don't have."

Maybe so Gohan thought but right now he was sporting something he sure as hell didn't want to disclose. "Ahhh... yeah sure. Wow look at that! I never knew what cool paintings you had here." He lied. Keeping eyes fixed on the landscape as if his life deepened on it.

Mirai had to stop himself from chuckling hearing Gohan's lame excuse to not look at him. Suddenly Gohan jumped feeling Mirai standing right behind him so very close. He could feel his breath on the back of his neck. The first thing that jumped into his head was, was he naked?

"You know," Mirai said softly as he gently ran a finger tentatively over the smaller boy's shoulder. "...all the times you've been in my room I don't recall you ever being interested in the paintings before now."

"Nnnot true..." He lied.

A sly smile curled on Mirai's lips. "Why don't you turn around and look at me." He whispered with his hot breath tickling the younger boy's ear. A shiver ran down Gohan's spine. He so wanted to do just that. He visualized attacking that mouth with his own but something inside him quickly reminded him of Ash. He had to stay focused for both their sake. Unconsciously he leaned back into that firm chest that was there supporting him. A warm haze took him over as strong as any drug that he had dabbled with. It had him melting with Mirai's scent being so close. He closed his eyes his breath caught in his throat feeling the older boy's arms slide down to grasps his hips on either side of him.

"I-I really don't think that would-would be a good idea right now." he stumbled over his words feeling Mirai's hands slide under his shirt. "Hmmm...I-I think it would best to take that shower," Preferably a cold one for the both of us Gohan's clouded mind thought. "...before we find ourselves late again."

Disappointed and frowning with dejection, Mirai let his hands slip from the younger boy. Far from giving up, it only made him more determined than ever. "Okay then, I won't be long." He said with his eyes on the back of Gohan's head, fresh shampoo fragrance emanated softly from his rich dark hair as Mirai breathed it in along with his scent. He closed his eyes with the intake that was exotic. He turned to leave, but had second thoughts. "You won't go anywhere?"

"I won't." I couldn't if I wanted to Gohan thought feeling aroused and knowing all too well that Mirai could tell. If he couldn't then he was seriously missing a few brain cells as he stood still facing the wall willing it to behave.

In the corner of his eyes he saw Mirai toss the remaining of his ripped clothes into the tidy bin near his desk. So he wasn't completely naked Gohan's mind pondered. "I won't be long." Mirai said disappointed that Gohan didn't sneak a peek. He left the door slightly ajar on purpose, just enough to tease as he stepped into the steam of the shower. It was an open invitation if there was ever one.

He was hoping to evoke Gohan's Saiyan instincts in to action but it seemed Gohan was fighting this all the way. It frustrated the older boy no end. He wanted Gohan to let his guard down and let his impulse to work their magic.

His father had had a little heart to heart talk with him the other day and had explained everything to the younger hybrid. It helped being told that everything he was feeling wasn't uncommon among Saiyans. In fact his father thought it was about time something happened with him coming of age. He wasn't certain that half-breeds would be affected as much as a full blooded Saiyan would at this age. It was all a learning curve for the both of them but from what his father had seen he felt Mirai was on par with any other Saiyanjin teen that came in contact with his desired mate. He frowned at the thought that he would have learnt a lot more if his mother hadn't kept interrupting them always wanting to know what's going on when it came to his life. He was a big boy now and didn't understand why couldn't she see that and give him the privacy he asked for. There are just some things a guy doesn't want to talk to their mother about.


Gohan turned around collapsing back on Mirai's unmade bed and listened to the shower splashing down over the form in the next room. He closed his eyes, unable to control the flood of images that flashed before him. One in particular was appealing as he listened to the water run in the next room and the lavender hair prince glidign the soap over that naked form, that handsome frame, steaming moist flesh that was so easily accessible right now. Gliding a feathery touch over those sold muscles with his fingers reaching up tilting his head to the side as he captures those lips in untamed passion unleashing his all – Eyes snapping open What the hell? Unable to breathe between the laboured pants Kama his jeans were killing him. Eyes quickly becoming glazed as he breathed in more of that scent that was Mirai.

He tried to be careful not to hurt himself anymore than he felt he was with the restriction in his pants and nervously raked his fingers through his unruly hair, trying to calm his racing heart. His eyes fell on the open door before him hearing the taps been turned off. The next thing he knew Mirai was emerging soaked from out of the shower in his line of vision he thought he was going died right there. Just kill him now and get it over with he prayed. Kami he was going to have a lot to say to Dende, when he gets his hands on him and it won't be pleasant.

"Sorry, I took so long." Gohan franticly looked down to see if it was descent. DAMN! Life sucked. He snatched his backpack off the floor and made sure it covered him as Mirai looked up from drying his hair with a towel, looking at him oddly. "You alright?"

Afraid to speak, "Ye..." He cleared his throat and tried again. "Yeah of course, why wouldn't I be?" Gohan chuckled nervously playing it cool while quickly averting his eyes.

Mirai frowned knowing something was not right but took his word before heading over to the closet in the hope of finding something that would turn heads, preferably Gohan's.

At the same time Gohan sighed with relief. "I'll let you get dressed..." He wanted nothing more than to escape the embarrassment – his embarrassment. Mirai would have none of it.

"Hey it's okay." Mirai insisted with a sidewards glance as he yanked up a pair of worn-out khakis pants that hung low on his hips and comfortably cupped his butt-cheeks. He was pleased to see he had got Gohan's attention at last as he purposely moved around stretching and trying to not make it too obvious while showing off.

By this time Gohan wasn't that concerned with his nerves working their magic and deflation things that had no business reacting to the lavender hair boy in the first place especially when he was already in a relationship. This he reminded himself again as his eyes were transfixed on a certain ass.

Mirai had been disappointed that Gohan never took the opportunity to make an excuse to come into the bathroom before but seeing Gohan from the corner of his eyes he knew he had his full attention which was something he relished.

Gohan couldn't draw his eyes away. They were glued to the lavender hair. It was almost painful just standing there watching Mirai search for a t-shirt to wear. He kept telling himself to move to turn around and walk away before it came evident as to what he was doing, perving and shamelessly so. He had no doubt in his mind thought that he been caught some time ago. Blinking and gathering what willpower he had he turned away without a word and fled from the room. He didn't get far. Just as he reached the balcony to take off a hand grabbed him from behind him. Startled he's whole body stiffened nervously.

"What you doing?" Mirai asked cautiously as he turned the smaller boy around to face him. He saw the uncertainty in those dark pools that he loved so much and wanted nothing more than to reach down and kiss those supple lips that called out to him. He leaned closer, hesitantly at first, before becoming gamer and with a feathery touch he pressed his lips to Gohan's.

There was a feeling of light headedness and everything seemed so surreal standing there lost in their surroundings. Both becoming gamer, leaning further into the embrace wandering hands on a quest of their own. A deep throated moan erupted from Mirai Trunks as Gohan cupped that ass that had tormented him many times before now. Hungrily they worked to bring themselves into a dizzy frenzy with hands hungrily groping. Labour breaths from both as they devoured each other right there in front of the world for all to see under the bright morning sun. Mirai tightened his hold on the younger boy until Gohan found himself firmly pressed against the taller boy. Pushing away, panting with his eyes dripping with pure lust before turning to a point in the sky with alarm.

Mirai dragged his eyes from the beauty in his grasp to see two dots on the horizon speeding towards them. There it was again an explosion of light as a burst of ki accelerated the two figures their way. "It's dad." Gohan breathed gathering much needed air into his deprived lungs. He still felt extremely aroused after everything that had played out that morning between the two. But not without a sense of angry and confusing, turning to Mirai who was watching the two figures with mixture of concern and determination.

He turned to meet Gohan, not expecting what was to come from his lips. "This is WRONG!" His heart sank on hearing those words from him, "Forgive me..." He cried before rocketing into the sky and leaving the older teen standing there in a daze. Growing angry Mirai shot into the sky powering up in an eruption of ki as he chased the younger boy that was now long gone.

Goku pulled up abruptly in the air at seeing the two hybrids. He was in two minds to follow and find out what had happened when the prince pulled up alongside of him. "They don't need us interfering."

"Interfering?" What could he possibly be interfering withGoku thought.

"Like I said before I'll explain after you talk to the Onna about setting you up with references other than what that blasted pervert on the beach can offer. That's if you are really serious about doing this?" Vegeta growled after being reluctantly shanghaied by the harp into helping the baka to find a job. He knew it was a bad idea to step into the house that day. Things had a way of always falling onto his shoulders.

Goku had long lost sight of the two boys but he could still sense them racing off at a frantic rate toward Satan city. Maybe it was just a race but he could sense something else, a sense of high emotions that emanated from his son. Gohan was upset about something but with what he couldn't say. He turned to Vegeta who was looking off into the distance, probably sensing something similar from Mirai Trunks. "Okay, but I want to know what this is all about. I hate being left in the dark." Goku growled feeling frustrated as they both turned and headed off towards Capsule Corp once more.


Arriving at school Gohan headed downstairs to a place he knew he could hang and hope no-one would think of looking him there. He beat Mirai by a mile and didn't want to show his face after what he had done. He hated himself for been weak. Why did Mirai have to ruin everything?

He entered the janitor's office and snatched up a key from a hook behind the door and took off before being caught. Gohan reached the hall and, without anyone watching, managed to unlock the side door that led down a winding staircase that led under the stage. He lowered his ki until it was masked completely feeling safe that no one would find him, not even his father. He climbed over some school props before reaching an old red loveseat which he promptly climbed on and curled up into a tight ball.

He lay there allowing fresh tears to escape as his shoulder shook with each painful memory from moments ago that entered his head. He was sure that Mirai must hate him now. How could he be so stupid to let this happen, to be so easy that all the walls that he had built over the years crumbled and fell like that? After all these years he had never really gotten over Mirai and now this. He was so stupid to show how he felt and to show his feelings for him as he did. He was confused as to who had instigated the kiss first that quickly led to the fire that they had had. He was quick to blame himself for being the weaker of the two. He wasn't completely blind to know Mirai had been trying to seduce him for some time now, but didn't quite understand his motives for it. Was it just lust or was there something deeper there that he had missed? Surely Mirai knew it wouldn't work between the both of them? Why would he even think of proceeding with this? Once both their fathers get a wind of this their lives wouldn't be worth living. There was no doubt about that in his mind. Then there was the fact that always resurfaced that he was already in a relationship. How could he be so stupid as to let a childhood crush rule over what he had today?

He was sure Mirai would come to his senses and see it his way. What they did was a BIG mistake, but still how could he face him after something like that? He pushed himself up weakly. With knees bent and head hung low he tugged at his hair in anguish, loath and hatred. How could he do this to Ash? It kept beating at him like he was on the receiving end of one his father's Kamehameha wave, relentlessly bring a flood of guilt with it. He was drowning that's how he felt. Drowning in his own pain. Crying, sniffling and rocking himself how could he do this to everyone?

Wiping the hot tears that ran down his cheeks staring off into the dark dusty room beating himself over every little thing, seeing it as being all his fault. Some time had passed and he was left hiccupping with all the tears he had shed. He beat himself over and over until he felt drained from any kind of emotion. Gohan knew there was no way he could venture outside looking the way he felt.

Sniffling and feeling exhausted he pushed back the strands of hair that had fallen over his face. He knew he must look a mess with his hair looking uncombed and face drained of any colour except for his red swollen eyes. He wished he had gone somewhere else other than under the very place he knew that he had to be in less than a few hours. Locked away hiding out, how was he going to explain this mess to his friends and especially Ash? It was then that he remembered he was probably not even talking to him. Just GREAT! His boyfriend was giving him the cold shoulder so he pounces on the first person he came across. That just happened to be his best friend. Things couldn't possible get any worse he thought to himself. Lying down once again before closing his eyes resting a hand over his tired weary eyes wishing he could turn back the clock. He choked out a laugh at the pun behind his thoughts knowing the one person that could help him turn back time probably hated his guts by now.


Mirai had just about turned the school upside down in an unsuccessful search for the smaller demi Saiyan. Dejected and angry Mirai found himself in the last place he wanted to be, in class. He found it difficult to concentrate and constantly worrying about the younger teen. Not being able to pick up on Gohan's ki, he snapped the pen he held in half. He offered a silent apology to the girl beside him who had lent him her pen. He turned back to the problem at hand. He stared off into the distance at nothing in particular when his eyes fell onto a loud group of students entering the class room. Hopeful Mirai waved them over sitting forward.

"Hey Mirai," Videl waved smiling but it quickly slipped seeing her friend looking at her anxiously.

"Have you seen Gohan?" He asked before she could even reach her seat.

Frowning, "No, why? Is something up?" She asked growing alarmed as Eraser and the others piled around him each taking a seat where they could.

Sighing disappointed Mirai shook his head. "I don't know. We had fight of sorts."

"Woww... Gee, not you too?" Tyson chimed looking on concerned. "First Ash, now you." He said taking a seat as Dan pulled up a chair to listen in on the conversation.

"You and Gohan had a fight? When was this?" Dan asked leaning forward.

With his eyes he was drilling holes into his desk, angry at himself. "This morning. I tried to catch up to him but I lost him." He explained.

Frowning Videl stood when a thought came to her. "Here, huh?" wondering if her hunch was correct. "Dan can I borrow those keys Mr Lang gave you guys."

"Yeah sure. Why?"

"No particular reason." Dan handed them over. "Thanks." She said grasping at them.

"Don't lose them-Hey! Where're you going? The teacher will be here any sec now." Dan called watching the dark hair girl rush away.

"Can't be helped. I'll catch up with you later" She called over shoulder before disappearing out the door with everyone watching on.

Tyson hadn't heard the conversation between Videl and Dan. "There goes Satan city's hero." He said matter-of-factly when he looked up to see Videl vanishing from the room as he placed his text book out in front of him. "I feel sorry for the bastard."

"What are you talking about?" Mirai asked annoyed with the interruption of his own dilemma.

"Oh, she goes off like this now and then." Tyson explains. "She goes off to fight crime, but funny enough I don't remember hearing her get a call."

"You're kidding me?" Mirai asked in disbelief. That tiny girl fights crime and they let her? They turned to where she had left.

"Strange." Dan muttered. Being the smart guy he was he had a fair idea of what was going on but refrained from saying anything to the others. He knew out of all of Gohan's friends Videl was more likely to pull this off.


Videl's hunch led her over to the hall. It was a long shot but she remembered Gohan saying he had a place he would go to think and remembered an instance where she had seen him on one of those dark days emerging from under the stage. She prayed she was right.

Creeping into the hall she made her way over to the stage before quickly descending down the stairs that would lead her under the stage to the storage area. In the dark she stumbled her way through the props before coming across a faint figure lying on one of the prop sofas. She quietly made her way over and knelt beside the prone figure feeling a wave of sympathy for her long time friend. She smoothed back his hair, pushing it away from the closed eyes. Even in the dim light she could make out he'd been crying. His face felt clammy under her touch. She shifted to get more comfortable on the floor as she stroked his hair and watched him slowly stir. Without opening his eyes Gohan's sleepy voice spoke. "I knew out of everyone it would be you that would find me." He whispered croakily.

"Well you have known me a long time. So how are you?" She asked as Gohan pushed himself up making room for her. Sleepily he rubbed his stinging eyes.

"I feel like shit." He half heartily chuckled but without humour. He was too numb to feel anything as Videl climbed up on the couch next to him and cuddled up close looking at him worriedly and kissing him on the cheek. Gohan turned to her. "Did he send you?"

"Who Ash?"

"No not him... How is he anyway?" He asked looking away feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. Videl curled closer placing her head on his shoulder wrapping her arms around him.

"He didn't come to school."

"That would be right. He's not talking to me." He said drained of all emotion but feeling the tears ready to spill again.

"Give him time you know how he is. He's emotional." She whispered.

Chuckling, "He's not the only one."

Lifting her head, "You wanna talk about it?"

"Not really."

"I didn't think so." She smirked placing her head back on his shoulder as they hugged each other in the dim light that filtered through the cracks of the floor boards above and the door. "It's not so bad down here." She chuckled feeling Gohan doing the same. They stayed down there for some time just enjoying each other's company before Videl managed to convince Gohan it was time to go and get out of this dismally place.

With Gohan close beside her they both managed to sneak out of the school grounds and over to her sports car. "Come on lets go back to my place. You can freshen up there and we can grab some lunch."

"What about the guys? They will be expecting me for practice... And what about the key, shouldn't we- "

"Don't worry about that. I'll give Dan a call and explain." Gohan looked a little uncomfortable with that idea. "Don't worry. I won't go into any detail." She reassured him as she climbed into the car opposite. Smiling, "Don't worry just sit back and relax." She said just before they took off.

As Videl drove Gohan turned away wishing his life wasn't so complicated. He leaned back and closed his eyes trying to quieten his mind and relax as they went through the centre of town. It wasn't until they reached Videl's house that he opened them.

"Did you fall asleep sleepyhead?" She asked smiling and taking the keys out of the ignition.

"I think might have." He said groggily getting out of the car and following her up the porch stairs.He stuffed his hands into his pockets while looking around. Regardless of how many times he had come over to her place he couldn't get over the place with its life size statue of the man himself Hercule placed in the centre of the circle driveway. Shaking his head amused before his attention was turned to the door opening in front of him.

"Come on in. You know where the bathrooms are. Just grab a towel and take a shower. I'll make us up some lunch. The cook isn't here during the day." She smirked knowing she shouldn't be home.

Gohan returned the smile as he sprinted up the stairs while Videl disappeared around the corner in the overly lavish tasteless mansion. Gohan passed a massive likeness of Hercule painted just after being declared the saviour of earth after defeating Cell at the games. Gohan rolled his eyes feeling nauseated being reminded of those days. The place was riddled with images of Videl's father back then before he showed signs of going bald. He made his way down the endless hallway devoid of any human active.

Finding one of the guest bathrooms he quickly stripped away his clothes and relished in the ideas of immersing himself under a hot shower to wash away all the aches and pain. Feeling the steamy stream wash down him his eyes closed welcoming the relaxation. He tried not to think too deeply about what had happened. He stood there not wanting to give it up and rubbing the perfumed soap subs over his tired skin.

It was ages before he showed himself down stairs. Videl had already started eating. "You enjoyed yourself then" she asked seeing the handsome teen enter the room looking a lot better since the last time she saw him.

"Yeah it was great. Thanks heaps, Videl. You're a saviour." He shone that killer smile of his.

He was wearing jeans and black t-shirt hair weighted down still damp with strands cover over his dark tired eyes. If she didn't know he was already taken she would try her chances again with Gohan.

"No problem. Dig in." She motioned him over to his lunch remembering her crush with the hot teen now sitting opposite her at the table. "I rang Dan and he said not to worry he'll sort it out."

Gohan eyes lifted up with mouthful of food and nodded his gratefulness and having confidence that Dan would do just that. He swallowed his food. "So ...you and Dan?"

Videl looked back down at her sandwich. "I don't know what you mean." She played ignorant. Gohan only smirked.

"Yeah riiight," He smirked taking another bite.

They sat in silence for some time comfortable eating in each other's presence. They both looked up at the sound of a car pulling up outside. Videl got up and drew back the curtain to take peek out of the massive window. "Ahh hell-"

"Who is it? ...Your dad home?"

"Uh no, he's away on some promotion scam. Just stay here I'll be back soon." She said heading off into the foyer.

Gohan shrugged his shoulders and went on eating. Videl walked back in soon after and stood near the door looking apologetic. "Umm...I'll just leave you guys alone then." Gohan frowned placing his sandwich down looking at her guardedly. He slowly stood watching her retreat and a smaller figure taking her place.

"Hi babe."

"Ash? What are you doing here and how the hell did you find me?" He asked standing approaching the smaller boy.

Ash looked nervously at the floor. "I sorta overheard Videl's phone conversation with Dan."

"Sorta? You mean you bullied Dan into telling you?" Gohan smirked stepping in front of the boy that was looking as guilty as all hell.

"Yeah well I might have come off a little strong." He mumbled looking away.

Gohan laughed, grabbing him in tight hug. "Yeah, I can visualise it." He pulled away. "I thought you were at home?"

"Yeah I was, but we had practice today so I rocked up and then found out that you weren't there and Mirai had gone home because of a fight you two had."

"Mirai went home?"

"Yeah, I think that's what Tyson said. Either that or he went to your place."

"Shit, he didn't?" Gohan growled fear sprung to his heart.

"Hey... I'm not here to talk about you two. Don't you think you should be concentrating on us?"

Gohan looked down at the boy he loved and struggled with the idea of going off to look for Mirai or staying with Ash who was looking hurt and angry. "I'm sorry. It's been a long day." He said feeling guilty for cheating on his boyfriend and brought Ash into an apologetic hug, "Sorry." He whispered.

Ash pulled him away with sly smile. "You smell good." He purred reaching up boldly taking Gohan's lips with some urgency before breaking away. "You look hot." He whispered with longing in his eyes as they met Gohan's. "You know, I could take you here." He smirked watching Gohan blush.

"I don't think so. Videl might have something to say about that." Gohan chuckled before leaning in for another kiss. Right now he wanted to lose himself and forget about Mirai. He noted as he pulled away that there was something amiss in that kiss compared to the one he had earlier with Mirai. "Come on, I feel much better let's get to school and practice that new song." Gohan suggested wrapping his arm over his guy. Ash called Videl down. They listened to the echoing before seeing her appear from upstairs.

"You two made up?" She asked hopeful sprinting down the stairs. Gohan turned to Ash and they both nodded.

"Yeah, it's all cool." Ash said with his hand pushed into Gohan's back pocket getting a good feel. Gohan didn't say a word. His mind was on his little fiasco early this morning when he had cheated on his boy. Ash would kill him or at least never talk to him again. It was something he couldn't have or cope with right now in his life. His friends were what were holding him together. He really wished he could talk to someone about this. Maybe when he gets a chance he could pull Videl aside and see what she has to say. Hopefully she will know what to say or do.


Gohan made a note to get home on time but couldn't help the feeling of overbearing dread as he slowly lowered himself in front of his house. He wondered if Mirai had made an appearance something he hoped hadn't happened. If he had, he was so in the shit right now that would make fighting Cell looked more appealing than entering that house knowing his mother wasexpecting him. He sensed her milling around in the kitchen like she normally would at this time.

He stepped through the front door and lowered his bag from his shoulder. He cautiously poked his head around the corner peeking into the kitchen.

"Good to see you are home on time for change." Chichi said without looking around from what she was doing, knowing full well her son was home.

"What are you cooking? It smells great." Gohan said thinking it didn't help to butter up his mother as he leaned down with her expecting her daily kiss from him.

She knew full well what her boy was up to. She knew he must be feeling guilty about something. Suspiciously Chichi turned to him and watched him pinch a few cookies from the plate on the table. "Spill it!" She growled unexpectedly. Gohan snapped to her, eyes wide startled.

"Huh?" Confused he looked at her expectantly with a mouthful of food.

"What have you been up to?" She demanded to know. Gohan stood up not knowing what to say. Wondering if Mirai really did come over because if he had he doubted his mother would have let him kiss her.

"Nothing." He defended himself getting ready to leave before she started.

"Where you think you're going?"

"Up stairs. Homework." He added trying to win her approval.

"No, you're not. I want you to go over to Capsule Corp and pick up Goten."

He stopped in mid step and looked back at her in disbelief, "You what?" Not believing this. "But mum can't dad pick him up?"

"He's not back yet. What's got into you? It won't take you long. I thought you would be happy to see your friend."

Gohan looked away he was far from happy. "Fine I'll go." He grumbled storming out of the house and rocketed into the sky. He didn't particularly want to face the young prince just yet and he was sure as hell Mirai wouldn't want to see him. This was going to be awkward at best.


"Gohan." Bulma smiled letting him in through the sliding door that led out to the yard. "Your mum sent you to get Goten huh?"

Nodding he stuffed his hands in his denims pockets and looked around nervously for a much taller lavender hair boy other than the midget racing up the stairs with a fistful of what looked like lollies. "Trunks tell Goten that Gohan is here!" She called after him.

Gohan physically cringed at Bulma shouting out his name. He was hoping that he had gotten away with not facing the older boy but knew for a fact that he would have heard his mother shout out his name. He was proven correct with the next person that came down those same steps. Mirai stepped down with a solemn mask firmly in place over his handsome face. Gohan unconsciously backed up a few steps as the older boy steadily approached looking more like he was going to strike him as he passed his questioning mother. "Mirai?"

"We're going out." Mirai stated grabbing Gohan's arm and yanking him back so as he had to follow. He didn't let go until he had the eldest Son boy where he wanted him. He pushed him roughly up again the outside wall of his home with both hands stretched on either side of Gohan's head pressed into him, and before he could utter a word Mirai kissed him full on the lips.

Breathless Gohan melted sunken into the heated needed kiss. Feeling lightheaded he swayed with the overwhelming sensations that pulsed and coursed through him. Strong hands kept him from falling as the kissed deepened drawing the very life force out of him.

A moan escaped, but from who? Gohan couldn't answer as he felt he was losing himself. A warning snarl emanated from the older boy as Gohan tried to push away. Mirai was going to have none of that as he clutched him tighter not letting go of him so easily. Gohan's reasoning snapped back in full force as he powered up and shoved the older boy back. "Don't you DARE!" He growled as his chest raised and fell in time with his beating heart.

They locked horns in a ferocious look that would put any one of their strongest foes on edge with the impending war that was about to erupt at any moment. One that held a promise of great pain that would otherwise be capable of killing someone less stronger than themselves no doubt.

"Why do you have to complicate THINGS?" Gohan snapped turning his back only to be shoved back with greater force. He slammed into the wall hard and was knocked to the ground. Mirai quickly advanced pinning him down. They wrestled trying to overpower the other which quickly led to both demi Saiyans powering up, a vow of things to come.

"Why do you have to fight THIS?!" Mirai snarled blocking a blow to the face with Gohan pinned under him bucking desperately to throw him off. Mirai held his ground. They rolled in the grass as they exchanged blows until Gohan escaped from Mirai's hold, quickly rolling back onto his feet. Ready and guardedly they locked horns again like young bulls with their eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about! There is no THIS!" Gohan snarled back. "THERE NEVER WILL BE!"

"You're a BAKA!" Mirai spat. "You think you can just walk away from this?" he snarled.

Eyes locked narrowing into dangerous slits as they circled each other ignoring Trunks and Goten inside yelling to everyone that there was a fight going on.

"As far as I am it is... It ends HERE! I can't do this. Why can't we just be friends? It was perfect but then YOU had to KISS ME!" Gohan growled charging the taller boy and knocking him back tumbling them both down as the front door swung open with two chibis and Bulma rushing out to see both boys on the ground exchanging blows once more.

Pulling her hair Bulma could only scream. "MIRAI TRUNKS, SON GOHAN?"

"Go Mirai hit HIM!" Trunks cheered. "Get him good OWWW, That's gotta hurt!" Trunks cringed seeing himself nail a hard punch in the side of Gohan's face. That was bound to leave a nasty bruise.

"COME ON GOHAN, GET HIM!" Goten cheered just much for his own brother before Bulma grabbed the pair much to their angst and told them to get back in the house.

"BOYS, STOP THIS!" Bulma shouted looking up into the sky to see if her wayward husband was anywhere in sight. To her delight she saw two streaking of burning lights heading their way. She was relieved but wished they would hurry up. She turned back to the two teenagers going at each other like they were out for blood andlooked over shoulder to see the two chibis with their noise hard pressed up against the glass of the living room window. Her eyes narrowed glaring up at them, Sayains!

Her eyes fixed on the hose and the possibilities as they returned to the two teenagers that needed to cool down. She was just about to institute her plan when she turned in time to see two warriors touch down beside her. Curiously looking down at their teenager's boys, "What's going on?" Goku asked watching the boys plough their fists into each other with the intent to cause some serious damage on the other.

"How am I supposed to KNOW? I came out and found them like THIS!" Bulma growled wanting someone to put a stop to it, preferably their dense fathers who were just standing there watching with some fascination.

With a superior raised brow and a smirk gracing his lips Vegeta turned to the earth Saiyan smugly. "It looks like my brat has the upper hand." He boasted with his arms proudly folded across his chest. Goku shoot him with a glare.

"Gohan can take Mirai anytime!" He growled seriously, folded his arms across his own chest mimicking the arrogant prince.

"In your dreams, Baka." Vegeta scoffed before they both turned back to watch their boys. Willing each of their sons to beat the other, it came down to a matter of pride for both full bloods.

"Weeeelll? ... Don't just stand there!... STOP THEM!" Bulma growled causing both Saiyanjins to turn to her surprised at her outburst. With a sigh of annoyance Vegeta un-folded his arms and stepped over to the two hybrids. He reached down and in one swift movement had his son pulled off and away. Goku reached over and helped Gohan to his feet as the boy wiped away the blood that was pouring of his nose.

Both fathers stood with their sons beside them. Bulma stood between them all waiting for answers. "Weeeell?" She asked expectantly. "You both have a lot of explaining to DO!" She growled with her hands on her hips looking sternly at them both. Both boys looked away wiping the blood from their faces. Both too pissed to get a word out. Chest rising falling angrily.

Rebellious both boys stayed tight lip with their fathers watching guardedly arms folded waiting until Vegeta patience left him swatted Mirai on the back of the head. "Answer the Onna!" He ordered.

Mirai's fiery eyes snapped to his father refraining from saying something that would only land him in more trouble. He looked over at Gohan who was touching nose gingerly until their eyes locked. "It was nothing so I've been told." He growled, eyes narrowing.

Gohan scoffed looking away too pissed to say or do anymore. Not understating Goku turned to his son. After his little talk this morning with Vegeta he had a better understand of what changes his boy was having with coming of age. He still didn't quite understanding the finer points. "Haven't you got anything to add? Was this about nothing?" Goku asked not believing it for moment.

Gohan looked away furious. "That's about it."

Bulma rolled her eyes and was ready to throttle the pair of them. "Mirai get inside and clean yourself up and don't YOU DARE put any blood on the carpet." She turned to Goku who was fixed on his son watching him like a hawk. "I think it would be best if you take Gohan home."

"I can take myself home." Gohan snapped surprising Bulma with his curtness. He rubbed his grazed arm where he had hit the concrete wall with great force. Mirai had grown a lot stronger since their last meeting.

"Let's go." Goku said taking control. Eyes narrowing Gohan did as his father asked but not without letting him know he didn't liked being told what to do. With a violent blast of strength Gohan was out of there. Goku shook his head and called his youngest son who came running out keen to tell his father all about the fight as they raced to catch up with Gohan.

Mirai with a sidewards glance watched Gohan and Goku as they quickly disappeared stepping past his mother and up into the house. This was far from over. Like his father, Mirai's patience had run out.


Unable to get away from his mother's wrath when he rocked up with a bloody nose, a massive red and blue burse that swelled its ugly head on the side of his face, one that looked too tender to touch. The cuts and grazes that were any ever day occurrences for earth's warriors when it came to fight a foe, but never delivered from fighting a friend.

Chichi was speechless seeing her son standing there like he has just returned from a war zone. His head hung low ashamed standing just behind his father to afraid of his mother's wrath. Shaking her head disgusted, "Up the stairs and wash yourself."

Gohan not looking up turned away with Goten rushing to his mother to tell her everything when she sternly put a stop to it. She didn't want to hear it quickly sending him to his room turning back to her husband for the answer that he couldn't offer. Pulling out the chair tea forgotten as slumped down in tears what was happening to his family? Crying with Goku quickly coming to her added, "I don't understand... What's happening to him?"

Sympathetically he hugged her letting her cry while lost in his own thoughts on their troubled son.

Gohan didn't leave his room that night, doused in self-pity. Washed with all the blood gone leaving only the swelling on his face and his pride barely intact with all grazes that lined his body. Aches and pains he knew will be all but gone tomorrow.

Full of anger at what Mirai did. How dare him! He collapsed back onto his bed, wearing only a pair of loss fitting track pants, staring off at the ceiling, recalling every blow with great detail, allowing his anger to swell to the surface all over again. His eyes narrowed with the thought of the lavender hair teen. "The bastard!"

He rolled over in two minds of going after him once more and really showing him what he thought about his little fiasco, but he doubted his father would let him slip past to their place. He knew his folks were downstairs still talking about him. He could hear his mother's voice rise more times than he would like to count.

Restless he climbed back onto to his feet pacing running his fingers through his still damp hair. Feeling like a caged animal he was in two minds of escaping but he didn't like his chances. He crouched and reached under his bed to quickly pull out the answer to everything. He needed to stop thinking stop hurting. It was all just too much crushing down on him and he couldn't take it. His hands shook with anticipation as he tried to light the thing.

He leaned back against his bed with one leg bent while the other stretched out in front of him drawing in the toxins that filled him with promises. He felt the warm glow taking hold of his senses as it quickly spread cloaking his mind of any real thought. This is what he wanted. He relaxed watching the smoke swirled in front of him as it drifted away. He felt himself sinking into numbness as a small smile graced his lips. The pain was bleeding away with all the troubled memories. He wished he could be permanently stoned so he didn't have to feel anymore. He wished all the pain could just dissipate like the smoke in front of him as he allowed himself sink into the warm feeling as the drug took hold over him.

He was uncaring as the drone of his mother's voice once again rose from downstairs. Nothing could affect him while he was like this. Nothing could penetrate this smoke haze. He felt himself drifting and that's how he liked it. His world was becoming all too familiar complicated again. Dangerously so and he couldn't handle it if it fell into those dark days again.

He felt as if a part of him was missing somehow a day a month taken away from him and he couldn't retrieve it even if want to. What happened in those missing days? Whatever it was it never truly left him because it kept it was constantly religiously knocking on the back of his brain letting him know he couldn't escape from this. Not until he was introduced to drugs and booze. He was thankful of it because without it he couldn't see himself lasting as long as he had.

He took another puff not wanting to give it up anytime soon as he allowed himself to sink further in. He had lost count how many he had smoked when he turned to the door hearing what sounded like someone knocking on his door, but it didn't sound real. He looked at it as if it was something alien and probably was as he thought he heard his father voice calling him.

It was muffled and so far removed from the sound as the room tilted around him. He didn't mind it and just went along with it as he lowered his head to the ground while hearing his name once more closing his eyes welcoming what the drug was doing to his system.

It was then he jumped and turned to the door with the sound of a loud thud and there it was again his name. "Goo aw-ay" He slurred frowning slightly as he forced himself to sit up with the help of the bed.


Whhhat..." He slurred frowning not liking being pulled away from the warm haze he was surrounded in being forced to think, it hurt. "What you want?" He asked trying unsuccessfully to hide the evidence, placing the tin back under his bed. He waved the smoke toward the open window and went to stand only to collapse back onto his bed in a fit of giggles.

"Son, what's going on in there?"

"Nothing." Gohan giggled rubbing his eyes warily wanting nothing more than to sleep. "I'm tired go away!" He chuckled letting his arm go limp over his weary eyes when he heard the door open. DAMN! There goes another lock he mindlessly thought as he giggled and rolled over when he felt strong hands lift him up forcing him to sit. Unable to support himself Gohan collapsed back.

"Gohan what's wrong with you?" Goku asked confused sniffing the air. This wasn't the first time he had smelt this strange odour around his son. He looking at his boy who seemed to be content to curl up asleep with him supporting him. Something was far from right. He shook him. "Gohan!" He called.

Gohan's only response was to curl closer whilst mumbling something incomprehensible into his chest. Dumbfounded Goku just looked down at his son in his arms. "Son?" making up his mind Goku lifted Gohan up and carried him into the master bedroom where pulled back the covers before careful laying him on the bed. He quickly removing his clothes down to his boxers and climbed into bed beside him. He was just getting settled when Gohan rolled over and curled himself alongside his father resting his head on his shoulder as Goku shifted so he could get more comfortable and pulled the covers over both of them. His nose twitched in annoyance with the foul smell that coated his son.

In the dark he looked up at the ceiling in deep thought. He wasn't looking forward to tomorrow where he knew he would have to explain to his boys that their mother had left for a few days to stay with her father the Ox King. Maybe he could leave out all the sordid details just let them think that she was on a holiday. He sighed as he tightening his hold over his troubled eldest boy when he felt the mattress shift under the weight of his youngest crawling in to bed with them. It was going to be full bed tonight he thought as the little half asleep chibi curled up close to him opposite his brother.

"What stinks?"

"Your brother."



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