Title: False Hopes

Characters: Saeleth (OC), Morwen, Húrin, Túrin

Prompt: 044. love, I get so lost, sometimes; days pass, and this emptiness fills my heart

Summary: The hopes of Morwen and her house wither as winter comes.

Author's Notes: Narrated by Saeleth, my OC who was introduced in 'Leavetaking'. Inspired by a quote in Unfinished Tales: 'False hopes are more dangerous than fears,' said Sador, 'and they will not keep us warm this winter.'

It's not my place, but I do worry about Lady Morwen. It's been more than a month since she sent young Túrin away – what a terrible journey into the wild, and he only a boy with two old men for company! – and she's grown more and more distracted as the winter goes on. She'll sit by the fire to mend a garment, but often I find her still there hours later, staring at the dying embers, the tear unmended. Sometimes she looks towards the Mountains for a moment, then returns to her task, and when I come to her in the early mornings she's often looking out at the hills to the north. It saddens me to see her like this, with no husband or son to care for her. It isn't wise to trust to hope in these evil days, but I do wish that Lord Húrin would return in time for the birth of his child. But if I could, I would give my hope to Lady Morwen and her child, for they need it more than I.