Chapter 1: The Return of Jake

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Miley's P.O.V.

"...finally, the school year is almost over!" I said as she walked through the halls with her two best friends Lilly & Oliver. "It's such a good day! Nothing can bring me down!" Yea, of course right when I said that guess what I heard?

"OH MY GOSH, JAKE RYAN!!!" All the fan girls screamed as the school doors opened revealing Jake. Okay, I'm not the same girl I used to be. Nope, I moved on since Jake. Who needs him and his smile, great hair, beautiful eyes...WAIT! I'm done with him! D-O-N-E done!

"...nevermind." I said. Okay, him being here really ticked me off! Here I am having a great day then BAM! Mr. Jake Ryan comes! Lilly & I ran into the bathroom to avoid Jake while Oliver hit on all the girls that were getting passed on by Jake.

In the Bathroom

"Lilly what am I going to do? I don't wanna completely ignore Jake, but I'm over him!" I'm over him...right? I thought.

"Well, you could give him another shot!" Lilly said.

"Lilly, don't you remember what he put me through those 4 months?"


It was the day after Jake left. I had realized I'd made a big mistake, and so did he. He ended up coming to my window at 3 A.M. saying he was sorry and he wanted to keep in contact while he was in Romania. It was so sweet! So he was supposed to call, email, instant message, text message...yea, all that stuff. The first week was great! We talked everyday, and our relationship was only stronger. Then, it just stopped. I got nothing. And I didn't for the next 4 months. I couldn't focus on my life! My tears were endless, my grades dropped, and I began ignoring my friends & family! Then finally this past month I'd gotten my life back together and then...Jake returned.

End Flashback...

"Oh yea. Well Miles, he made a mistake...I don't know. Just listen to your heart, and I'll still be here to help you!" Lilly said.

"Thanks Lil. You know, you aren't so bad. I might just keep you after all!"

"Aww thanks-hey wait!"

"Haha, just kiddin'. Come on, we'll be late for band. (A/N: Yep, they're in band now! LOL!)


In Band...

TAP TAP TAP! Okay, that's like the single most annoying sound on Earth-Mr. Milani's tapping on the podium. He was obsessed...and I heard it the most since I sat on the front row because I play flute(A/N: And now she plays flute too! LOL!).

"Students! Everyone pay attention! I have a very important and exciting announcement about our band trip! But first, let's welcome Mr. Jake Ryan into our band! He'll be playing trumpet." No...I thought. I turned and saw none other than Jake Ryan walking out of the band office flashing that million dollar smile. Stalker...I thought. Okay well not really but now this makes it to where he's in every one of my classes! I turned around to Lilly, who plays clarinet, and mouthed the words 'Help Me'. She just laughed. Jeez, don't I have great friends.

"Anyway, about our trip it will be to-" RIIIIING! "Oops, there's the bell. Sorry kids, you'll have to wait till tomorrow!"

"Sweet Niblets!" I said frustrated. I started taking apart my flute and Sarah took it to our cubby.

I met up with Lilly and Oliver and we walked to our lunch. "I wonder where we're going for our band trip?" Lilly said.

"I don't know. It was Orlando last year." I said shrugging.

"Don't remind me." Oliver said shuddering.

"What? It was your fault you ate those 4 slices of pizza & washed it down with a strawberry smoothie THEN went and rode The Hulk 3 times!" Lilly pointed out.

"'re no friend of mine!" Oliver said, then went into the bathroom. Then there were screams. "Wrong room." They all said in unison as Oliver walked across to the men's room.

"You don't think Jake will you?" I said.

"You know, for someone that claims to be over Jake you talk about him a lot." Maybe she's right...I thought.

"Whatever! But still, you don't think Mr. Milani will let him go do you? He just joined!"

"I don't know. But by the looks of this food, you may not make it to the trip!"

"It looks like cat food!" I exclaimed. It really did, little chopped up squares. Eww. We walked over and sat at our regular table with Oliver and a few other people. Then Jake started walking towards our table.

"He-he's not ya think?" I stammered. Part of me wanted him too, but I'm over him! After what he put me through! And of course, he sat down by me.

"Mile-" He started. But I cut him off.

"Save it Jake. You could've called me once. Or even a little email. But not even that!" And I walked off to dump my tray of food coughCAT FOOD!cough. Lilly got up and followed me. Only Jake & Oliver remained.

"You screwed up big time man." Oliver said.

"Yea, thanks man. Look the reason I couldn't call anymore is because the bills became outrageous and my parents got really mad. Then my laptop broke so there went emails & instant messaging. And every time I sent a letter it was returned saying the address didn't exist! So apparently I had the wrong address. You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt Miley. I really like her and care about her."

"I don't know Jake. You really hurt her. Wasn't there some way you could've contacted her?"

"I tried thinking of everything! And I was so busy!"

"Then what about those pictures of you & your co-star Amanda Leron?"

"Dude, those are innocent! We were just promoting the movie!"

"Yea, well you'd better explain that to Miley."



"Back in the bathroom again..." Lilly said. It was there 2nd hideout from Jake today.

"Sorry. But thanks for being here for me! Hey you wanna spend the night tonight?"

"Yea sure! Sounds fun!"


After School At Miley's House...

"Hey Miley, can I borrow these?" Lilly said, running from my Hannah closet holding up a few shirts.

"I guess so. Hey what kinda pizza you want? Pepperoni?"

"Duh, we get it every time!" And Lilly ran back into the closet.

I dialed the number to Pizza Hut and ordered the pizza then flopped onto my bed and turned on the TV to M.T.V. where The Hills was on. It was that episode where Spencer cheated on Heidi and Heidi is really sad and crying and Lauren is there supporting her. Right now it was at the part where they were sitting on the couch and Heidi is crying and Lauren is on the phone with Spencer. Lilly walked in and flopped onto my bed beside me.

"Ohh I love this one!" Lilly said.

"Yea I know! It reminds me of how you were, whenever Jake...well, you know." It still hurts to talk about how he just ignored me.

"Yea! We have a true friendship till the end...SWEET NIBLETS WHAT'S THAT?" There was horrible singing outside. It sounded like a screeching cat, or nails going across a blackboard...or JAKE?!

Just so you know, this feeling's taking control of me

And I can't help it

I won't sit around, I can't let him win now

Thought you should know

I've tried my best to let go of you

But I don't want to

I just gotta say all before I go-

Just so you know

"Okay that's really sweet..." I started. But I just can't forget what he did. I just closed my window and walked away. "Well I can't just leave him there...Lilly?"

"FINE I'll go talk to him."

"Yay! You're the best!" I said and ran and hugged her. Lilly walked down the stairs and went out the door and walked towards Jake.

"Lilly, wait where's Miley?" Jake said running over.

"She didn't want to come down, but didn't wanna leave you out here."

"Well, at least she cares a little."

"Yea yea. But she can't forget what you did Bud, so just leave her alone for awhile!" And she started walking away.

"But Lilly-!"

"SAVE IT!" Then she walked inside the mansion.

"Great, my second 'save it' of the day!" Jake said, then he walked off.

When Lilly got back upstairs, I had started to cry a little.

"Miles the pizza came-whoa, what's wrong?" She said, dropping the pizza box on her rug and sitting on the bed by me.

"I don't know what to do! All the pain's coming back to me! I want to forgive him but who's to say he won't hurt me again!" Lilly hugged me.

"You don't know if he will or not. Lets just watch him a few days and see. Maybe he's changed! Besides, let's just forget it. The band trip's coming up and we're gonna have an AWESOME time!"

"You're right Lil! Thanks, you always know what to say!"

"Yea I do, now-LET'S EAT!" We jumped down and sat on the pink fuzzy bean bags in front of my T.V. and watched She's The Man while stuffing our faces with pizza.

Best Friends Til The End!


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