Chapter 10: Gotta Go My Own Way

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Flashback: "Uh, excuse me? I need some hot chocolate please." I said, tapping my nails on the counter. The scraggly guy turned around.

"MILEY?!" The man said in surprise.

"UNCLE EARL?!" I said, shocked.


"What on earth is you doin down in these parts?" Uncle Earl said in his thick country accent.

"Trip with my school. More importantly, what are YOU doing here?"

"Well you see I was playing poker with these guys back in Tennessee and Miley I hits it big! I'm a millionaire now! So I moved on up here and bought this here ski lodge. And that's what I do these days." He said, handing me the hot chocolate I ordered.

"Whoa...its all so...random! Well anyway I'm just gonna go sit over by the fireplace and think for awhile. Night Uncle Earl!" I said, walking to the fireplace.

"You too. Be sure to come and talk to me some more later!"

I walked and sat down in the big brown leather chair seated next to the fireplace. I looked at the plasma screen TV and High School Musical 2 was playing at the scene where Gabriella leaves and her and Troy sing "Gotta Go My Own Way" The scene that always made me cry...

Don't wanna leave it all behind
But I get my hopes up
and I watch them fall everytime
Another colour turns to grey
and it's just too hard to watch it all
slowly fade away

Then it got to the scene where Troy comes up to Gabriella and hugs her from behind (A/N: I always end up crying really bad at this scene because I relate to the whole song and especially that, anyway...) and I started to cry...then I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" The stranger said.

"Jake stop it." I said, taking his hands off my eyes. He hugged me from behind anyway and sat down in the chair beside me.

"Miley, can't we just enjoy this last time we have together?"

"As much as I want to...I just can't...because it hurts. You leaving all the time. And I just...don't think things can work out between us anymore." I said, then I got up and started walking to the elevators.

"Miley stop!" Jake said, running after me, "Please don't just end it like this."

"I'm sorry Jake...but like Gabriella, I've gotta go my own way." I said, then I closed the elevator door and went to my room.


Jake's P.O.V.

Gotta go my own way. Those 5 words kept repeating in my head over and over as I sat by the fireplace.

"Hey son, come on up here!" The guy at the counter yelled. I walked over there, wondering what in the world he could want to talk to me about.

"Uhh, yea?" I said to him.

"Why you hurting Miley like that?" He said.

"I'm not trying to it's just-wait, how do you know her name?"

"I'm her Uncle Earl, nice to meets ya." He said, shaking my hand. "Now tell me boy. How do you feel bout this here girl?"

"I can't describe it...she's so pretty. No beautiful. No gorgeous. She's the most beautiful and gorgeous girl I've ever seen (A/N: All this a true story, someone said this to my best friend about me...) I just feel like I'm not good enough for her. She deserves someone better who won't leave all the time."

"Don't be puttin' yourself down like that boy! If you want that girl, you go out there and get her. Prove to her you're a great guy."

"I guess..." I said, "Well it's just she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore and I'm leaving tomorrow at 3 and I just have to see her before I leave...but she won't come..."

"Well then lets make us a little ol' evil plan then! Yous gots a car coming for you at 3, so come down here about 2:30. I'll call Miley down then too telling her she needs to come and talk to her uncle. Then I'll take her to a little spot in the snow where you'll be waiting and yous can have your romantic moment before you leave. Sound like a plan?"

"Sounds great! Thanks uh, Uncle Earl." I said, starting to walk away.

"Yous welcome. G'night!"


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