It was just a simple hunt but now because of that Boba Fett was now being chased through space by his fellow mercenaries.

"Good. A Hyperspace lane," he muttered.

As he made the jump into Hyperspace he failed to notice a bomb attach to the hull of the Slave.

He exited near a small planet. The scanner said it was called Earth and that all contact was prohibited. He wondered why, when he felt a tremor from deep within the ship.

/What the stang?/

But Fett would never know because another tremor rocked the ship causing him to fly forward and hit the yolk. The last thing he saw was Earth getting closer.

Boba Fett awoke to find a blazing sun overhead. He got out slowly and assessed the damage, the last thing he needed was to be stranded in unknown territory.

The Slave had taken a direct hit and required some replacements but that was pretty much it. As he scanned the area Fett saw, in the distance, what looked to be a town

/Better head that way if I'm going to find the parts I need/ he thought.

He reached the town in a half an hour and he realized that he wasn't going to find any of the parts he needed. The sign next to him read:

City of Perfection.

Population: 5


The town was only four or five buildings and he could tell from the architecture that he had landed on a backwater planet.

/Stang. This is just my luck./