Samia smiled as she glanced around the nursery one last time to make sure everything was in order. Spotting the baby monitor on the dresser, she chided herself for even coming close to forgetting it; the damn piece of plastic has been attached to her body in some form or fashion for twelve weeks now. It was always between her and Dave and, even though this was the first time they had planned an evening alone together, there she was, holding the monitor and subconsciously attaching it to her waist. Realizing she had on a black sheath, the edges decorated with glossy black beads, she dropped her arm to her side and turned to go.

The two of them desperately needed tonight. They had been up to their elbows in diapers and breastmilk. Lita, Kerri, and Samara had all spent a week each with them to help out. They were the best substitutes for a mother the blonde could have. Kiersten was never, ever far away, and always there three days out of the week. It was a constant fight between father and daughter who was going to feed, rock, or push the stroller, with the exception of changing dirty diapers. Somehow, Samia still got that responsibility. She loved Kiersten like a daughter but there was so much going on in her life she could use the space. And while she was grateful that Dave's mother had come to the rescue when she went into labor a week early, Samia knew the woman never liked her, equating Dave's divorce with the diva, and she was ready to get away from her.

Then there was the fact that the lawyer didn't exactly get maternity leave since she worked from home. She had accepted Linda's offer, invested in a fax machine, and spent her afternoons—when she finally found the motivation—handling contractual issues. There was the once a month trip to Stamford for the board meetings and three of the past four monthly meetings she had been able to attend through a conference call. There was a week's grace period and then she was back, writing and approving contracts for the next pay-per-view a few hours out of every day. She had unfortunately found herself at four events but no one would dare touch her for fear that Batista would literally kill them; they had no doubt the man would risk prison to keep her safe.

Just today she had settled a women's championship match between Samara and Melina, who had taken the belt back from Maria a couple months back. Melina hadn't wanted it easy but the lawyer was going to make this contract for the pay-per-view airtight to give Samara the chance she deserved. Her sister had made a place for herself in the women's division, finding an ally in Mickie James and a lover in Lane Wesley. Samia couldn't say she wasn't grateful that Samara had found a relationship with someone other than a wrestler—they were too much trouble, she thought with a smile.

The same could be said for Lita and HBK. The redhead swore on her life that she was fine without a boyfriend. For some reason, however, she talked non-stop about Xavier Kaplan, Zoe's brother who had moved back into town about four months ago. What Samia had gathered from Zoe, Xavier couldn't stop talking about Lita as well. It was only a matter of time, she knowingly thought.

As for Shawn Michaels, Samia had been a little worried that he was going to ask Samara out. It wasn't that he wasn't a great guy—that was evident in the way that she had treated Lita, despite their relationship fizzling. If Samara was anything like her sister, HBK was not whom she needed to date. Plus, it wouldn't have been such a fun surprise to see McKenzie Boyd catch the bouquet at Hunter's and Stephanie's wedding and then Shawn suddenly announce their engagement. Samia might have been in on the bouquet toss, fighting for the flowers, but being eight months pregnant screwed with that. Besides, she constantly kept trying to tell herself that she didn't need to be married nor was the time right for her and Dave to be married. The babies were almost here.

Yes, that was plural. Apparently twins ran in the family. What Samia wouldn't have given to have had Dave's reaction to that on video. He stared at the sonogram and blinked his eyes as he realized what he was seeing. He looked for all the world like he was going to faint and the physician's assistant wisely pushed a chair under him as he heavily sat down. Samia could only laugh, at both Dave's reaction and the fact that they were going to have twins. She couldn't wait to tell Kiersten—not only was Dave's daughter going to get the sister she wanted but a brother as well. The eleven-year-old took part in the heated battles over naming them, adding an element of humor to the fights. Finally agreeing that Dave could choose one name for his heritage, Samia could do the same. Kiersten, who was named by her mother, had already settled on her sister's name, Acacia Denise, and Dave gave in when his girls couldn't agree on his choices. Cacy would be named after her two Greek great-grandmothers. Samia felt she had little heritage to offer, although she now knew for sure that she was mostly Irish, and named her son for the only man she knew as her father—Charles Connor. She firmly believed that a person's legacy was not their biology but the values and traditions passed on from their parents.

The second Batista learned that he was going to have a son and another daughter at one time, he demanded that Samia get down off her high horse, stop worrying about their past relationships and about it being too soon to move in together, and realize that she was having twins, their twins. She reluctantly acquiesced, packed up her small DC apartment, and moved in with Dave and Kiersten. Despite her reluctance, for the exact reasons Dave was accusing her, she was elated with their new situation and she was definitely grateful for his help when her feet began to disappear from her sight. Then the twins arrived and their life together became chaotic.

So, tonight, there was to be no chaos. Samara was baby-sitting for them with all the pertinent phone numbers and the hope that she wouldn't call them for any reason. After a dinner at a restaurant that required a reservation two weeks in advance, she and Dave would return to a honeymoon suite for a night away from home, family, friends, and babies. Kissing Cacy and Connor softly on the forehead, guilt washed over her for wanting to get out tonight but she knew she had to for her sanity. Their mother looked them over again to make sure everything was in place and then ran a finger over their downy black hair. They took after Dave—hair, eyes, and even noses. Poor children, she jokingly thought, maybe they'll grow into their ears. With a smile, Samia tiptoed out of the room and was on her way to what was supposed to be a lovely, quiet, relaxing evening with Dave.

Lovely could have characterized it at first. She hadn't had anything from a restaurant in three months besides take-out. Without Kiersten underfoot—she was at the house with them when Dave was home and rightly so—they could talk about anything they wanted. Two things were off limits though—wrestling and the twins. They both loved wrestling, she loved being a mother, and he loved being a father; it was going to be difficult.

The two of them had never truly dated, at least not without her pregnancy looming over them. It was as if he was courting her and she loved it. The problem was that she could hardly hold her eyes open; she was just so exhausted. If she could only get to the hotel where they could make love for the first time since the twins, then she knew she'd be awake and ready to go.

Dave carried their overnight bag into the bathroom, almost pulling the door closed behind. He checked his teeth and then smelled his armpits; he had already crunched a breathmint on the drive to the hotel. Maybe he'd add a spritz of cologne, he thought, after pulling his tie off and hanging his coat up on the rack inside the door. They had been flirting and teasing each other for over a month but there was always an interruption. Tonight, he'd make good on all those whispered promises.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Dave was disappointed to see Samia lying on the bed and sound asleep. She couldn't hate him too much if he roused her, so he lay down beside her and ran his hand over her hip and up to her breasts. "Wake up, Blondie," he growled.

"It's your turn to get them," she mumbled and turned away from him. He blinked at her for a moment and then decided to try again until she started snoring. He honestly couldn't blame her. She got so little sleep, most of it when he was home during those few days of the week. He would just have to plan another night for the two of them. At least he could watch whatever he wanted on television.

Dave realized he must have dozed off as his body jerked awake at the sound of the first whimper—he was particularly attuned to anything that cried. He glanced at the clock, showing a quarter 'til midnight. Usually, the two of them were hardly even in bed at that hour. When he heard the small sob, he knew what woke him and he looked over to see that Samia was out of bed. Knowing she must be in the bathroom, he pushed the door open without knocking to find her sitting in the floor, leaning up against the wall and holding an open velvet jewelry box. It must have fallen out of his pocket when he dropped his pants on the floor. Oh, he must have really screwed this up.

Samia's eyes met his and the tears began streaming as he knelt down beside her. "I'm sorry," she barely whispered and he gathered her into his arms. "I didn't…" Her breath caught in a sob. "…mean to-to ruin it."

In the small bathroom, Dave somehow managed to get an arm under knees and carry her out to the bed. He set her down in his lap and held her until she could cry no more. God knows she needed it. He didn't know what went on while he was on the road but she hadn't cried in his presence since the babies were born. Samantha couldn't stop for two weeks after having Kiersten. He tried not to think about how hard she must have had it with him on the road and the guilt twisted in his heart more as he felt hot teardrops hit his naked back. Apparently, asking her to marry him was a very bad idea. He was terrified of what was going to happen to them now. Would she want to move out? Would she never want to see him again?

Finally, Samia pulled back and Dave realized she still held the velvet box. She clamped it shut and reached for his hand, placing the ring in it. "I don't deserve this," she began.

"Don't say that—"

"You had this night all planned out and I fell asleep," she said, trying not to cry again. "It would have been perfect but I ruined it. I didn't even notice the roses until I woke up."

"I can still ask you to marry me," he said, wiping away the tears.

"But I don't deserve that," she sniffled.

Dave couldn't help but chuckle. "You have an odd sense of guilt. Tell me, had it been perfect, had I proposed instead of you falling asleep, would you have said 'yes'?"

"Of course."

"Then what's so wrong now?" he asked, flipping the box open with his thumb. "Samia, will you marry me?"

"Can you imagine the story we'll have to tell our children?" she asked.

"I'm living it right now but you have to say 'yes.'"

"That's a given," she replied with a smile as he released his hold on her to take the diamond solitaire from its box and slip it on her finger. She admired it for a moment and then smiled up at him. "I'm awake now," she suggestively stated, placing her hands on his cheeks and pulling him close for a kiss.


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