Chapter 1

As he stood there with the music blaring all around him, he felt himself getting distracted. He couldn't put his finger on it exactly but if it wasn't for the mission at hand and what it entitled he'd have walked over to his target.

There was something pulling him towards her tonight. He'd been watching her for a week now and never had he felt an urge as much as tonight. Sure she was beautiful and she attracted him, but she was also a traitor.

A traitor that had cost him lots of pain and suffering. He still fought to push the images out of his head as flashbacks threatened to flood his mind. When her unit escaped in '09 his unit suffered the most because they were twins. The brass wanted to make sure his unit wasn't defective like hers and wouldn't escape.

Others had been sent out to try and locate them, but no one had succeeded until now. When he'd reported back the first night he'd seen her they changed his orders. "You are do observe her and found out if she comes into contact with any of the others." Lydecker had ordered.

The only people he'd seen her communicate with were ordinaries, a black African American named OC, a skinny guy named sketchy and a guy named Logan who seemed to be a love interest.

A day later he reported back to the brass and was again ordered to wait, "She's not stupid, she probably only contacts them once in a while to check on things." Lydecker said and no one argued with him since he knew his kids best.

As he observed her during the rest of the week he'd become infatuated with her, her smile was the high points of his day now. He fought against it but there was nothing to do. He watched as she went to work and then went to Crash. That was her routine of everyday, except for twice she'd gone over to Logan's place before going to Crash.

But now standing there watching her dance with OC he fought the urge to go to her. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with himself. 'Get a grip soldier.' his mind yelled at him. When suddenly the lights went out. "A little problem with the generator, relax it'll be back up in a few minutes." The owner yelled to everyone as their cries of complaints.

That's when X5-494 went to her; it wasn't difficult for him to move in the dark with his feline DNA. Grabbing her and putting her against a post he pinned her arms to her side so she couldn't fight him. "I've been sent to bring you home 452." X5-494 could see her eyes almost bulge out of their sockets. He couldn't help but smirk at her reaction when it finally hit him why he was so distracted tonight, she was in heat. "Now I'm going to do you a favor and walk away, just wanted to give you a heads up." 494 couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth as he stared at her full lips, lips that he wanted to nibble on.

His conversation with Lydecker flooded his mind, "Where does she live? Where does she work?" Lydecker had questioned. 494 found himself lying to his commanding officer, "Well first off she'd not in Seattle. She's in Atlanta, and as far as I'm aware she doesn't have a job, plus she sleeps around." He knew he was lying for himself, he just needed time to figure out if he'd actually turn rogue and walk away. Staring at her at this moment he knew he'd turned and brought his lips down to hers softly. She didn't respond to his kiss, her heat cycle hadn't hit her hard yet. Plus she was still in shock.

Max stood there unable to move a muscle. She closed her eyes trying to think clearly, 'I'm not going back.' her mind screamed. When she opened her eyes the lights and music came back on and on OC stood in front of her. "Boo, you aiight? You look like you seen a ghost." OC questioned worried, she didn't see her friend in a state of panic often. "Did you see who was just here?" Max questioned spinning around trying to find him. OC just stared at her best friend wondering what had happened. "Suga, I didn't see anybody in particular. Let's go sit down you look like you're gonna fall flat on your ass." She lead them back to their table in the back where sketchy had just arrived with a full pitcher of beer.

As much a Max wanted to forget the incident that just happened she couldn't. "I'm sorry guys, but I'm gonna head home." Max said getting up with an apologetic look towards her two friends. "You want me to come with?" OC questioned putting her glass down and stopping Sketchy from refilling it. Max told her it was okay but OC new something was really wrong if Max was gonna cut a night short. "That's it for us Sketch, we'll see you tomorrow." OC got up and followed Max out of Crash.

The whole way home they didn't speak, and Max was relieved with that because her mind was racing. 'How did they find me? Zack told me I wasn't careful enough. Is anyone else gonna show up? I have to find him.' As they walked back into their apartment both girls headed to their own rooms to change. When OC was finished she headed back out to the kitchen and prepared some coffee.

Standing in front of her bed Max saw a note.


No one knows where you truly are, I've told them you were in Atlanta. I'm giving you my word of honor or what's left of it since I've turned on the only thing I know... knew. Oh before I forget, I'm sorry about the kiss I couldn't control it because you're in heat. Be careful.

Rogue X5-494

After reading the note Max felt her self breathe easier. Walking back into the living room she found OC sitting on the sofa. "Come on boo, I'm ready to hear whatever it is that's going on." OC smiled to her, when she'd found out what Max was they'd been afraid their friendship would be gone. Somehow though it made it stronger and made Max's life easier being able to tell her best friend the truth.

They talked for over an hour, where Max explained everything about the soldier who'd come to bring her back and didn't. To being told her heat was starting, and OC simply smiled at her, "I'll call Normal tomorrow morning and announce we're sick with the flu." Getting up they hugged and headed off to bed. Normally Max didn't sleep, because of her shark DNA, but when she was in heat she did and found herself dreaming sexual dreams about the rogue soldier.