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The rain pitter-pattered against the cement, while some drops ran in between the cracks of the sidewalk. The sun was setting slowly, and the sun was peaking its way through the overcast of clouds, thin rays of sunlight scattering over the tops of tall buildings.

Almost…there…I'm finished.

Naminé took a glance at the sky above, then back to her sketchbook. She wouldn't call it a spitting image of the scenery around her, but it as close as she had ever gotten, especially with freehand. Shoving her sketchbook inside her bag, Naminé gathered her things and stood up from the building steps. She brushed off dirt from the back of her jeans.

She grabbed her white beach cruiser, and threw her bag into the basket attached in front. After placing her feet on the pedals, and pulled the brake from the ground, she set off.

Naminé pedaled through the sidewalks, sometimes glancing away from the path to look at passerbies. Then her thoughts trailed to her school.

God, do I wish school was different. I've only been there for two semesters and I'm already considered an outcast. I just moved here! But I guess that's what you get when you piss off the Queen Bee…if Kairi even deserves that title…

After about 5 minutes, Naminé spotted a nice café to enter. She stopped the bike, pulling her bag back out, and chained to bike to a stop sign.

The inside was warm enough—a cozy, relaxed atmosphere floated around the room. The deep purple walls and French furniture lulled Naminé to sit down, sketch some more, or maybe just daze with a cup of coffee. Either sounded good.

As Naminé was looking around she was immediately pushed into a line. She glanced at the menu and was surprised there was so much variety. When the cashier asked for her order, Naminé frowned.

"Um, what do you recommend?" she twisted the pendant on her neck around nervously.

"The Vanilla Bean is good. If you like…well, vanilla."

"I'll take that then."

The cashier rung up the price, and for nearly four bucks, Naminé was happy with the size of her drink. She found an outside seating area and headed for there, her bag swishing lightly against her hip. A table was pushed back into the shade—Naminé immediately took that one. Direct sunlight for Naminé was like asking for sunburn.

While drinking in the sweet cold drink, she saw other teens her age walk inside the store. The ice quickly turned to stone in her stomach once she realized it was Kairi and Selphie.

Even from behind a glass wall, Naminé could hear their loud chattering. Something about a boy from a party. And that he was supposed to be in town today. Naminé watched as they ordered some low-fat drink, still gossiping to each other. They turned to look for a seat, but instead found Naminé. Narrowing their gaze, they sauntered over. Kairi slapped her hand down on the table.

"Naminé? Haven't seen your damned face in a while." The redhead sneered. She glared, while the other girl rested her weight onto the left of her hip.

"Hello, to you too." Naminé sarcastically said, glancing away from them.

"Since when do you come to somewhere like this? Wait, scratch that. Since when do you leave your house?" Selphie quipped, earning a round of high pitched laughter. They waited for Naminé to reply.

"…" She didn't. She knew it was better to keep silent and pretend they weren't there. Like always. Eventually they'd go away, and she would flitter out of their tiny minds as something else replaced her.

Kairi snorted. "I think she's deaf Selphie. Or just plain stupid. C'mon, she's just a loser anyway." The two stalked off without another word.

Naminé sighed. She wondered why she was still here. Her drink was finished, and now that Kairi and Selphie were around, she wasn't sure how long it would be before they caused some drama for her. Ever since she stood Kairi up, her life had become nothing but hell. Naminé closed her eyelids and felt a memory resurfacing.


"Hi Kairi, Selphie. How was your weekend?" I asked and looked up from my lunch tray.

"All right. I got a couple of dresses, and I got my hair highlighted." Selphie pointed to her hair.

"Mine was completely, awesome! Had an excellent shopping spree—and then a quite excellent make-out session with this hot guy named Drake. We're supposed to go out Friday." Kairi said, and sat down.

"…What about Sora? Aren't you supposed to meet him at the Mall that day?" I asked.

"Sora?…Oh! That Sora! I'll just cancel on him. He wouldn't mind—he understands how our relationship works. Besides, he's just my boy-toy." Kairi explained casually, shrugging the Sora problem off.

"I thought you guys were together—"I raised my eyebrow.

"No, we can never be together. He may be popular too, but he's too nice. I need a man…someone like his friend Riku." She glanced over my shoulder to wink at Riku, as he returned it.

I shook my head. "Kairi, you know Sora's crazy about you. That's messed up."

"What are you, my conscious? Shit, get off my back. It's none of your business anyway."

"No," I snapped, my temper rising a little. "I'm just trying to warn you, as a friend."

"Well, as a friend, I'll tell you that you look you like you got dressed with your eyes closed this morning. Your make up is a complete mess. And, as a friend, you need to shut the hell up."

"That's it! Kairi, I've had enough of you! You're being a bitch just to be one! Why do act all high and mighty when you're just like everyone else?! Get OVER yourself!" Pushing my lunch tray away, I stood up and stomped away, nothing but silence and eyes following me.


"Hey, you mind if I sit here?" An unfamiliar voice rang through Naminé's head. She snapped open her eyes, and fell into the gaze of navy blue eyes. She lost her voice and struggled to say something. Suddenly her heart was racing and she couldn't speak. Her mouth moved but there was sound from them.

"I can sit somewhere else—"

"No! I mean, here's fine. G-go ahead." She blurted and gestured at the seat across from her.

"Thanks." The boy sat in front of her, and she mentally kicked herself.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Naminé! Way to be articulate!

The boy folded his arms and pressed his head against them. He whipped out a pair of sunglasses and put them on, and almost immediately, it looked like he had nodded off to sleep. Naminé blushed when she realized that he was actually really cute—in an aloof, bad-boy sort of way.

She curiously glanced at his head, pretty sure he was asleep, and noticed how it spiky it was—but it looked like it would be soft to the touch. Weird hair. Then she glanced inside the store and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kairi and Selphie, sending her death glares.

But …why? She guessed this was the special boy they were talking about. But why was he sitting here? With her? Why not Kairi and Selphie? Didn't he see them? Naminé shrugged it off, settling all the questions to the back burner of her mind. It's not like she'd get an answer.

Glancing at his peaceful face again, Naminé had the urge to draw the boy, and after debating with herself, chewing on her bottom lip, she decided to. So she grabbed her sketchbook from her bag, and got out her colored pencils. She usually only sketched in entire solitude, but she just had to draw him…he was so still and quiet...when would she ever see him again?

Most likely never. If Kairi and Selphie know him, then the chances are slim to none. I really don't even know why he's here...

In moments, Naminé was in another place, sketching her new coffee partner. Naminé enjoyed drawing the sharp, crisp lines of his shirt, the smooth curves of the table top—it was a wonderful escape for her, shrinking the world down to just her, the boy, and her book.

But, upon drawing his face, she had a small artist block because she couldn't make out his eyes, nor remember their color when she had looked into them before. She didn't want to sketch in his sunglasses; for some reason, she just felt it'd be more natural to draw his eyes. Impulsively, she reached over and slowly pulled his glasses off. She jumped—his eyes were completely open, staring right back at her.

"Oh! S-sorry! I didn't mean to…I just w-wanted to…sorry." She bowed her head, and tried to sketch his eyes, to busy herself, but her hand was trembling. She heard a chuckle.

Great, now he thinks I'm sort of weirdo. I'm sure the girls are getting a kick out of this. Naminé quickly glanced inside the store, but didn't see a hint of Kairi or Selphie.

"You're so shy. It's kinda cute though. Especially when you blush." The blonde boy shook his head, and slouched further into the chair.

Her head shot up in shock at the word 'cute'. Now she knew this was some joke. Kairi and Selphie probably set it up, she thought. Get the hot guy to publicly diss Naminé. Well, I give them points for originality.

He caught her disbelieving look, and frowned.

"What? No one has ever told you that?" He leaned onto the table, and bored into her quizzically. She squirmed under his gaze. She wasn't used to this much attention from a boy. Or anyone, really.

Her head bowed again. She mumbled, "No..." and chewed her bottom lip.

"…Oh…why not? I mean it's true." He shrugged. She started quietly laughing.

Okay, so maybe it's not a joke. But I think he just made my day.

"Thank you." She gave him a smile, another thanks, in a way. He returned it, visibly getting more energetic.

"Any time. Hey, you gonna finish your drawing? I really want to see how it turns out." He eagerly peaked at the book only to have his sight covered by her hands. He glanced up.

"I-its not ready yet. So, just go back to your previous position…please." He nodded with a hint of a smile.

"Um, lean forward a little…chin lower…good. Hold that." He stayed still, as she finished his portrait. Naminé was so glad she wasn't close enough to hear her hammering heartbeat, or see the slight shake to her hands.

After scrutinizing it, she handed the book over timidly. He looked at it, his eyes dashing all across the page. A slow smile crept upon his face, and it started some fluttering in Naminé's stomach.

"…Wow…it's…awesome! Did you take lessons or something? It's so detailed."

"I, uh, used to take lessons. But I moved here and I just taught myself after awhile." She blushed, again, tucking some golden locks behind her ear. Naminé sheepishly glanced at her lap.

"Well, this is amazing—um…what's your name?" Her heart sank six feet into the ground, as if it was reminder that he didn't know her, and most likely, he wouldn't get to know her. Not after today. This was some kind of chance meeting, wasn't it?

"Naminé Clarke."

"Ezra. Roxas Ezra." She laughed, muffling it with one hand, nodding and muttering out a "nice to meet you." She was happy he was so comfortable and easy going around her. No one had bothered to make the quiet girl laugh in a while.

But she had to wonder…did he act this way with everyone else? With complete strangers? Was he treating her in a special way? Did he really mean what he said—about her art, her drawing of him? Or he was he being polite?

Naminé frowned. Ugh, too many questions!

"So, Naminé, tell me. What were you doing sitting all alone?" He asked, and rested his chin on his folded arms, his bright blue eyes staring up at her.

"Thinking. Something most blondes don't seem to do anymore." She dared to joke, and was pleasantly surprised when he laughed with her. Naminé smiled a little broader.


It wasn't long before Roxas had lulled the friendlier side out of Naminé. They talked of movies and interests and random things. Sometimes, it was serious. Or it was just plain stupid. But each time, Roxas brought out a smile that seemed to dazzle on her face.

"I mean, really, if you think about it, vampires suck. Literally." Roxas waved his hand around in the air, a grin on his face. His comment earned a sort of cough from Naminé, which was meant to be a laugh, but she was sipping her second Vanilla Bean at the time. Placing a hand to her chest, she shook her head.

"Yeah, okay, they suck. They do. But werewolves are all smelly, and hairy. And the whole silver bullet thing? Big weakness."

"What about vampires and garlic?"

"That's a lie. Everyone knows garlic has no effect on vampires."

"Oh, really?" Roxas lifted his eyebrow, leaning on his elbows to get closer. Naminé leaned forward too.

"Yes. Really," she said, coolly, almost whispering.

For a moment, they stared each other down. Him, with a teasing look to his eyes, and her, with a close-lipped grin. And as hard as Naminé tried, she couldn't bring herself to look away, or wipe the beam off her face. She could only blush and smile until Roxas sighed, leaning back into his chair, releasing her from his intense and yet all too teasing stare. Naminé took a deep mouthful of air and realized she was holding her breath.

"Mmm…you've won this round, Nam." He said, begrudgingly, and took a long sip of his coffee. She blushed, for the hundredth time.

Roxas was giving her own nickname. That had to mean he found her special…right? What else could it mean? She was having a great time with him—Naminé was smiling, laughing, something she hadn't done in such a long time. She hoped to God that Roxas liked her, that he wanted to see her more often. She knew she certainly did.

"Hey? You alright over there? You're frowning."

"Huh? I am? Oh…I just…I'm not sure when I'll laugh this much again," she said, gazing at the shadow of the coffee shop stretching across the cobbled path. The frown was still set deep on her face as she looked back at him, "I haven't had this much fun in a while..."

Roxas was silent before blurting, "Naminé, go out with me."

The girl stopped breathing for seven whole seconds before blinking in rapid succession, her mouth very wide and open as she tried to process his words. For some reason, the words "go out" and "with me" weren't being understood as they looped around her head, over and over. It was like a big, fat ERROR was blinking in her head, telling her that sentence was terribly, terribly wrong, that she had misheard completely.

"W-what?" She sputtered. Her hands clutched the table as it was the only keeping her from fainting. Or swooning.

"I-I mean," he started, "You're really cool, Naminé. You're much more fun than most girls I know--more down to Earth. And I would like to spend some more time with you—you know, like…well, it doesn't have to be a date, but I want to hang out again. Soon."

Naminé, still incredulous and flabbergasted, blinked at him and his honest, eager expression. Her jaw moved but no words came out. Suddenly, his phone began to ring, and he fumbled around in his pockets. He held up a hand.

"Hold that thought." He answered it, talking quickly. Roxas nodded, and hummed some 'yeses' and 'uh-uhs'. He sighed heavily before pocketing the phone and staring her in the eyes.

"Okay, well, we can't do anything today. I gotta go, because my Dad wants me to help with something or whatever. But don't worry, we'll meet again." He said fervently.

Yeah, right. We'll probably never see each other again. Naminé forced a smile and instead said. "Maybe—"

"In fact...," He whipped his phone back out, then pressed some buttons and handed it to her. "Here, I'll give you my number, and you can give me yours. So that way, we'll make a dat--plans! We'll make plans!" He stammered, smoothly brushing it off.

Tentatively, she took his sleek phone and gave him her own. With a sort of numb disbelief, she punched her name, her cell, and her home phone, just in case.

He stood up after placing his cell back into his pocket. He leaned over to hand Naminé hers, but when she reached out for it, he grabbed her hand. Her face, neck and arms heated instantly. Her bright eyes widened even further.

"Look, I know we're complete strangers, but I really…I dunno what honestly, but I want to see you again. Give me a chance, okay? Call me. Bye." He squeezed her hand, then turned and hopped over the small iron fence, and ran off in his desired direction.

What just…happened here? Naminé stared at her phone that now held Roxas's number. She then got up herself; not entirely believing the words that the words exchanged between herself and the boy were reality.

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