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For a very long time, Naminé felt numb. Not even the new rumors could pierce her. The backlash event of the party didn't even faze Naminé. She was a brick wall to every whisper, every taunt, every wad of paper on her desk. She didn't react to anything until Roxas showed up.

When she saw him walk past her in the halls, it was like everything hit her at once. White noise of the halls rushed into her ears, the world went a little dizzy, and her heart was racing. Hoping he didn't spot her, she snapped her head towards her locker, practically sticking her head inside it.

He's here! At my school! I know he's new and all, but there are other schools! Oh God…why?

Pulling her head out, Naminé checked the hallway for him. He was gone. She let out a long breath she didn't know she had held in. She reached for her English book as her thoughts drifted back to Roxas.

On second thought, he probably came because he knows so many kids from here. It was probably decided long before we met…

For the rest of the day, Naminé was jumpy and anxious to get out of school. She kept watching the door, wondering if they shared any class, making plans on how to avoid him. He was the last person she wanted to talk to, Kari and Selphie being second and third on that list.

Her phone didn't buzz or ring with text messages or calls after her outburst at the party. She was kind of shocked, and hurt. Naminé was hoping Roxas would call—he seemed to be a kind, caring person...

So where had all that "kindness" and "crazy for a girl"gone?? Didn't he want to check up on her? To find her side of the story? After the third day and no new text messages, Naminé simply turned her phone off. It's not like she got phone calls before anyway.

Maybe I brought upon myself…yelling at him that night… Naminé shook her thoughts away. Roxas is gone anyway. The last bell rang and she waited until all of her classmates left then headed home.


Naminé's ears practically burned when she heard the latest gossip two weeks later—Roxas and Kairi were going out. It made her heart ache to hear that news.

So I wasn't the girl he was crazy for. Huh. Lucky Kairi.

Naminé was relieved and yet disappointed to find that she shared only one class with Roxas; English. It was hard though. She could feel his gaze on her, heavy and boring, whenever Kairi wasn't around to redirect his attention. She would feel his stare, but never meet it. It was a lost cause to her.

But it seemed that after three weeks of complete silence from Naminé, Roxas had finally taken as much as he could cope with.

The blonde girl was the last to leave again, taking the back door out of the school to reach her bike. She trotted down the stairs when her name was shouted out behind her.

"Naminé! Nam, wait up!" She froze. It was Roxas's voice. Her name on his lips. Naminé shook off the shock and practically ran for her beach cruiser, ignoring his calls.

But Roxas was faster, and Naminé just couldn't unlock her bike. She angrily tugged at it, her heart in her throat, but by then Roxas was close. Too close.

"Naminé…" he panted, "Why…are you running…from me?" Roxas asked. She didn't answer but her hands froze on the latch. He walked around until he faced her.

"Please, I want to talk to you. Look at me." He grabbed her chin. Her eyelids slammed shut, and he groaned.

"Are you really going to ignore while I'm standing right here? I'm not going away until you talk to me, Naminé. I'm serious."

She could tell. The tone in his voice, the firm way he held her chin—he really wasn't going to leave her alone. Naminé was just going to have to make him go away then.

"So now you decide to talk to me?" She spat. She jerked her chin away, glaring. Roxas confusedly look at her.

"What? You've been ignoring for the past three weeks!"

"Before! The day after the party you didn't even call me! How do you think I'm supposed to react Roxas? Ever since I stood up to Kairi, everyone has been treating me like crap! I thought you felt the way everyone else did! And you probably do! You believe her!"

"Wait, wait, Naminé, I can explain!" Naminé shook her head.

"Too late, Roxas. It doesn't matter anymore…"

Nothing was said after that. Naminé wanted to unlock her bike and get far away from Roxas. He was making her chest hurt so badly with longing, with disappointment. He didn't even realize how much he hurt her, did he?

"…Naminé, I don't understand. What do you mean, I believe her? Why'd you say I'm like everyone else?"

"It's not obvious yet? Everyone treats me horribly Roxas. It's like I'm a slut, like I'm a snob, like I'm some sort of alien species. Roxas, you do hear what people say about me, right?" She took his slow, embarrassed nod as a yes.

"Do you know why they say those things? I'll tell you—Kairi is a two-faced lair, Roxas. I told her that using people and stomping all over them was wrong. I lost my temper and told her to get over herself, and since then, I've lost all friends, and all I ever hear are rumors. Rumors about me."

"…And you thought I'd believe those rumors?" Roxas said slowly, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Naminé, I'm not that kind of person."

"Could've fooled me!"

"I didn't call you because I thought you hated me! You never called me! And you've been acting like I don't exist for I don't know how long! How do you think I feel?" Roxas snapped back. He shook a hand through his hair, frustrated. Naminé let her mouth hang open, her hands near her mouth.

He thought I hated him? How could he…why would…

"Look, I'm not…I'm not that kind of person, Naminé," Roxas said, slow and earnest. He said nothing until she would hold his gaze. "I'd never believe those things—not unless you admitted it yourself. I'm sorry. For everything." He held out his arms, tilting his head, a small smile on his face. Naminé found herself falling into an embrace and her arms wrapped tightly around his skinny waist.

"Roxas, why are you so different from everyone else?" She muttered aloud. Naminé gripped the back of his shirt in her fists.

"Because I'm not everyone else, Naminé. I'm me. I'll never go away. I want to be the one person who's there for you."

"Why? Why me?" Naminé pressed on. She lifted her head to give him a probing stare.

"Because…" he pressed his forehead on hers, his hot breath hitting her lips in an even rhythm. Naminé felt her heart quicken and her eyelids lower. "You're the girl I'm completely crazy for."

"Oh…" Naminé managed to get out before being whisked into a long, seemingly never-ending kiss. She was a little dizzy when she got off her tip-toes, their kiss ending.

Roxas nuzzled her neck and she couldn't help but let out a burst of giggling. "You're so adorable, you know that? God." Roxas said, as if amazed. He left his head on her shoulder.

"So I take it that you and Kairi aren't dating then?"

Roxas snapped his head up, giving Naminé a slight glare. "What? Isn't a little obvious who I like here? Why does everyone keep asking me that?"

"Um, because…Kairi said you are." Naminé mumbled.

"And people believe her?" Roxas scoffed and rolled his eyes. Then recognition hit him. "Oh…so…that's what you've been dealing with, huh?" Naminé weakly nodded. Roxas embraced her again. "I'm sorry, Nam." He trailed butterfly kisses on her forehead, and she happily accepted his apology.

But their little moment ended when Kairi arrived on the scene. Her frustrated growl made Naminé extremely scared. She managed to untangle herself from Roxas and attempted to unlock her bike again.

"R-Roxas, I have to go…" She mumbled out, glancing at Kairi again.

"And where do you think you're going, slut?!" Kairi shrieked. She shoved Naminé's shoulder once she was close enough.

"Hey! None of that Kairi!" Roxas caught Naminé by the arm, pulling her against him. Naminé was shocked for a moment. It was the first time she was saved from Kairi.

"Roxas, you don't understand. Stay any closer to her and—"

"Kairi, save it." Roxas snapped, stunning both girls. "Naminé told me the truth."

"The truth? And, what, you believe her? Over me?" Kairi scoffed, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yes. Completely."

"What?!" She screeched and threw her arms at her sides. "Are you kidding me?! She's a slu—"

"Don't you dare say it," he warned.

"Why? What went wrong?! We were—"

"Nothing. At least, we used to be friends. But, hey, now I've seen your true colors. It's pathetic Kairi. You have a lot going for you. You don't need to use people to get what you want. I'm sor—well…I'm not sorry. What you did to Naminé was beyond wrong. I can't be around someone like that. We can never be together Kairi."

He just…He just rejected Kairi! For me!! There is a God!

Kairi stared at the two, her eyes flickering back and forth, as if trying to fit in a missing piece. Her fists shook by her hips and she still looked ready to kill. But then, she let out a growl, and turned around, stalking off.

"Whatever." Was the last thing she said to them.

The teens waved Kairi off—they were far too happy. Naminé threw her bike in Roxas's car, seeing as he refused to let Naminé pedal home. The drive home was long, but surprisingly pleasant. At each red light, Roxas would kiss Naminé's cheek. Naminé did nothing but giggle and tell him to keep his eyes on the road.

"Sooo…you have anything planned this Saturday?" Roxas asked as they stepped onto her porch. He linked their hands and made her arms rest on his shoulders, placing his palms on her back.

"Um, nothing in particular…why?" She asked, oblivious.

Roxas smirked. "Wanna go to the movies?"

"What? Again? Why would I want to do that?"

"To see a horror flick with me. Again."

"Roxas! You know horror movies scare the crap out of me!" Naminé whined, pushing her bottom lip out. Roxas nodded; he kissed the corner of her mouth and slowly drifting over her lips with his own.

"S'okay. We could just…not watch the movie." Although slightly dazed by the light kisses, Naminé furrowed her eyebrows.

"Well then what…would we do…?" Roxas was silent, waiting. Then it clicked for her and she pulled away, gasping at him.

"NO! B-bad Roxas! I'll see you later! Good night!" Naminé quickly unlocked the front door, slipping inside and closing the door again before Roxas even realized what happened.

"Wh…what? Naminé! Aw, c'mon, are you really mad? I'll promise I'll be good! Naminé!"

"You promise?" Naminé asked, teasing him.

"Yes…" Defeat was in his voice. She laughed and opened the door. Roxas tumbled through the doorway and captured Naminé in a tight hug.

"All right, all right," she said, façade gone as she blushed, "We can go."

"Yes! I'll see you tomorrow?" She nodded, shyly standing on her tiptoes to kiss him goodbye. Roxas trotted off her porch and she watched drive away, sighing dreamily.

That night, Naminé slept like a baby, dreaming of Roxas and vanilla ice cream and long embraces. But, while dreaming that she was leaning in for a kiss from Roxas, did Naminé realize that Roxas had sped away with her bike still in his trunk…


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