Disclaimer: Ouran High School Host Club belongs to Bisco Hatori and I am only credited for the plot of 'My Turn'. There is also my own created character, Toshiko Misaki.

Summary: "But when Hikaru begins to realise that he wants to try taking another step forward…When that happens, what should I do?" Unfortunately, the time came faster than Kaoru had wanted. It will finally be his turn to find someone who belongs to him.

Note: This story is written based on everything I know so far of Ouran High School Host Club so pardon me if there are any mistakes. Despite being incomplete, a rewrite has been done for the original version of this fan fiction which consisted of chapters 1 to 8. The plot has changed rather significantly within this span of 8 chapters.

.Ouran High School Host Club.
.My Turn.By Everlasting Wonders.
.Chapter 1.

The familiar melodious chime rang throughout the school as students placed their books down and pushed back their chairs. In the corner of a certain classroom, an ebony haired girl resisted the urge to sigh aloud as she stacked her books neatly. Lessons for the day had finally ended and students were pouring out of the classroom. However, she knew that most of them were not about to head home yet. As usual, they all had too much spare time on their hands and returning to their large but empty houses were pointless.

"Misaki-chan," a sweet voice called out to her as she lifted her head, seeing Kurakano Momoka coming towards her. Offering her class' vice-president a smile of her own, Toshiko Misaki waited for the brunette to reach her table. "Misaki-chan, we're heading for the Host Club today. Perhaps you'd like to join us?"

It was always the same question after school. Many girls in her class frequent the Host Club and her friends have always been trying to persuade her as well. In fact, three members of the Host Club were in her class. With a shake of her head, Misaki gave an apologetic smile as she declined once again while thanking them for their offer all the same.

Toshiko Misaki was a first year student in Ouran Private Academy's High School branch. With long ebony locks and forest green eyes, she was a fairly soft spoken girl. Despite being known for her grace and lady-like demeanour, few knew that she was once a clumsy character who often made many embarrassing mistakes. It had taken her years of hard work to achieve her parents' expectations but Misaki had long since developed the image that she knew, deep inside, the way her parents wanted her to behave.

Slipping the last book into her bag, Misaki stood from her seat and started her way out the door with the rest of her friends. Just as she was about to reach the exit, her eyes caught sight of Hikaru walking out with Haruhi. A sudden impulse grabbed hold of her as she stopped in her steps, turning her head towards the right to find Kaoru sitting alone at his seat. He was slowly slipping his books into his bag; a little too slow if Misaki was to comment on it. For a moment, she hesitated to resume her walk to the door but the chattering from her friends pulled her out of her reverie as she turned to give them a smile even though she had not been paying attention to the conversation.

Yet, a tugging sensation at her heart began to surface and it was gradually getting stronger. Unconsciously, she took another quick glance at the Hitachiin twin who was still seated in the middle of the classroom. It was really none of her concern, but Misaki found her steps fumbling as she tried to ignore the temptation that gnawed at her.

"Gomen," she gave a chuckle, "I seem to have left something behind. I'll see you tomorrow."

Her friends gave her a wave as they said goodbye. A few of them commented that it was rare for her to leave something behind since she was always organised but Misaki merely let the comments pass as she turned back. Purposely slowing down her steps, she waited till her friends turned round the corner and out of sight before she stood quietly by the door, not entering. Slowly shifting her head past the pink doors, Misaki stared at the auburn haired teen inside.

I know that look…

Perhaps it had occurred much earlier, Misaki was not sure. However, one thing she was certain was that look on Hitachiin Kaoru's eyes she discovered by accident the previous week. With half-lidded eyes, he was staring directly at the blackboard but Misaki knew that he was not reading the words that were written on it at all. No, she knew that look all too well – loneliness. Gently leaning her weight on the wall, she nibbled on her lip as she contemplated whether she should enter.

The years seemed to have flown by but Misaki could still remember everything as if it was yesterday. She had known the Hitachiin twins since they had first entered Ouran. Everything existed as their world and the world outside theirs. It has always been immiscible, like oil and water. The two of them were practically inseparable. She remembered how she had disliked them, thinking that they were arrogant and proud.

"The two of you won't be able to live as a pair forever you know," Misaki recalled herself telling the twins. "You're bound to separate, that's the way of life."

It had been rather rude of her to have spoken so bluntly, she now knew. Those words had occasionally been echoing within her mind over the years. She had been very young then and did not know what it was she should say, and what it was she cannot say even if it may be true. A sigh escaped between her lips as she stared out the massive windows. It was too late to take it back now though.

Yet through the years, the Hitachiin twins had proven her wrong again and again without fail. No matter what obstacles came their way, they had never left each other's side, continuing to be each other's pillar of support. Misaki had been stupefied to say the least. Her strong belief had started to dissolve then, trusting that her assumption years ago had been wrong.

She thought that she had been surprised when the twins had remained together, unmoving. Little did she know that a bigger surprise awaited her; Hikaru and Kaoru had willingly involved Fujioka Haruhi into their world. The twins had been more open to friends since they joined the Host Club, a club initiated by a second year high school student, Suou Tamaki. Misaki had been somewhat thankful then, happy to see that the twins were finally opening the gates, forming a bridge between the two worlds. However, she did not expect the extent of the change such that the twins would be so willing to add one more person.

Fujioka Haruhi has always been a strange person that Misaki could not understand. How was it that a new student could change the Hitachiin twins so much? Sure, Haruhi was a smart person, having accepted into Ouran with an academic scholarship. It was a near impossible task to get that scholarship for middle-class students, yet Haruhi managed to do that. Perhaps it's because of that reason in which the twins decided to be friends with him?

Or perhaps it's because of Haruhi's commoner status? For all she knew, the Hitachiin twins had rarely exposed themselves to commoner things. In fact, everyone from her social status rarely come into contact with commoner things. Recalling a time when a few girls in class had been mentioning how cute Hikaru and Kaoru were when they saw the instant coffee, Misaki felt the corners of her lips pull upwards. Yes, that must be it; she tried to reason with herself. They must have been curious about the things commoners do and had thus attached themselves to Haruhi. There was no other explanation.

Suddenly, a sound from the classroom drew her attention back to the present and she pulled herself from the wall, standing straight and proud as she caught sight of a presence at the door. Kaoru stepped out and he noticed her immediately. Eyes widening, he said nothing as he blinked, staring at her with a look of surprise on his face.

"Misaki-chan," his features relaxed as he turned to face her directly, "what are you doing, standing out here?"

"I was…um…nothing really," she mumbled, feeling heat spread across her cheeks. She had been careless! Within her head, a miniature version of herself had rivers of tears flowing down her face as she sniffed pitifully. How could she have allowed herself to be so lost in her thoughts to be caught in such a situation?

Kaoru stood, unmoving, as he leaned his weight on his right leg. With his bag held under his left hand and his right hand tucked into his pants pocket, he smiled wryly at the difference in posture between himself and the girl before him. She was always so prim and proper, so different from how she was in middle school. Perhaps he could say that she has grown and matured, but something nags at him that it was simply not fitting for her to be that way.

He watched the faint blush that was forming on her cheeks and he released a soft chuckle. He had been surprised to find her outside the classroom. Why had she not entered? However, that was the least of his concern as he stared curiously at the ebony haired girl before him. She wasn't walking away and Kaoru was interested to find out what it was that kept her there in that very spot. Did she have something to say?

"Ano…" she started in a soft voice.

"Hmm?" He urged her on, not being able to help that amused smile that spread across his face. It was rare to see Misaki flustered and at a loss of words and he could not help but notice how cute she looked like that. That very look she had on her face at the moment reminded him so much of the innocent girl back in middle school.

He could still remember it very clearly, how Hikaru and he agreed with each other that Misaki was simply the clumsiest girl they have ever met. From the first day they had met her in class, it was apparent that she was a magnet for accidents. It was a source of entertainment for them as they noticed her walking into walls and tripping on carpets. However, he didn't know what happened over the years to produce such a big change in the Toshiko heiress. Word came from his mother that the Toshiko family had employed numerous teachers for the girl to ensure that she learns the proper decorum fitting for a lady but the twins had merely brushed it off as a ridiculous joke. There was no way that she could achieve that; her accident-attracting habits were incurable!

Or so they thought.

"Why are you not with Hikaru-kun and Fujioka-kun?"


Kaoru could not explain it himself. Long ago, Hikaru was his world and his, Hikaru's. In the beginning, Haruhi was all but a toy for them to entertain themselves whenever they were bored. It had all started with the eight million Yen vase. They had barely spared her a glance when she transferred into their school. Donned in the simple material commoner's called cotton, she was anything but attractive. Everyone knew her as 'the studious commoner'.

However, after admitting her into the Host Club, Haruhi proved to be more than she seems. As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. Haruhi no longer became a simple toy for them, but something more, especially to Hikaru. They became more attached to her and they realised that she was constantly part of their lives. She formed the close bonds between the Host Club members, stronger than they could ever imagine. She was the one to unite them all under one big family. Everything changed when she arrived.

Kaoru had been excited then. Life became more colourful and Haruhi had been able to penetrate through both Hikaru and his shell, leading them further out of their world. In the process, she had taught Hikaru how to communicate with his friends and socialise. Kaoru knew perfectly well that it was good for his twin brother. Yet, strangely, something in him hated the fact that Hikaru had changed.

Slowly, Hikaru seemed to drift further, away from him. He always felt so distant, even when they were right next to each other. Sure, their bond would still be there, but something was different, and Kaoru did not like that one bit. Life is ironic, he thought, I was the one who encouraged and gave the opportunities to Hikaru, and yet I'm regretting it now. Shaking his head, Kaoru rid his head of those thoughts. Hikaru deserved to be happy.

"Kaoru-kun?" Misaki looked at him strangely as something flashed across the olive eyes of the host before it disappeared as quickly as it came and he shook his head suddenly.

Seemingly drawn out of his own thoughts, he gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I'm alright, just thinking of something. Hikaru and Haruhi need to meet the teacher for something so they are heading to the Host Club later."

Misaki was unconvinced that he was alright, as he put it, but she knew well to keep her mouth shut. "I see," she said simply.

A satisfied look was on the twin's face as he nodded. "We've never had a proper conversation before, have we?" He gave a laugh. "I've never seen you at the Third Music Room before either."

Is he trying to start a conversation with me? Strangely, a warm feeling filled her as a natural smile slipped out, feelings of happiness bubbling within her. Although the Hitachiin twins were much more approachable now than before, Misaki had never had a proper conversation with either of them, as Kaoru had pointed out. It intrigued her, how much they have changed and she would be lying if she said she wasn't interested in getting to know them better.

"We were from the same class in middle school, right?" Kaoru asked again.

"Yes, it's rather interesting how we've never really talked despite being in the same class for so many years." She answered.

"Hikaru…" He said suddenly before pausing. Eyes widening, Misaki directed her full attention at him. Why did he suddenly mention his brother? A sudden heavy feeling rested on her heart as she waited for him to continue. She could hear the pounding of her heart clearly in her ears. Misaki was confused. What was she nervous about? Something was making her nervous but she did not know what. Was it what Kaoru had wanted to say?

With baited breath she waited patiently for Kaoru to continue. However, the tense atmosphere cleared suddenly when the auburn haired teen smiled.

"It's nothing. Hey Misaki-chan, would you like to come by the Third Music Room today?"

From the tone in his voice Misaki knew he was expecting her to say yes. On normal circumstances, she would've turned down the offer without any hesitation but to her surprise, she was finding it difficult to reject him. Besides, Kaoru's sudden hesitancy in finishing his sentence piqued her curiosity. She wanted to know more about him. Finally giving in to the pulling sensation at her heart that has been bothering her, she gave a small smile.

"It is my pleasure."

And the feeling stopped, as a sudden wave of calmness washed over her.

End of Chapter 1