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.Ouran High School Host Club.
.My Turn.By Everlasting Wonders.
.Chapter 8.

The soft clinking of silverware accompanied by constant chatter and the occasional laughter filled the room while two figures sat quietly opposite each other. Slowly lifting the fork to her lips, she took a small bite out of the steak, savouring the warm and rich taste as the juices flowed down her throat. Looking up, she stared at her mother as she giggled and then turned towards the family who sat opposite her.

"Unfortunately, my other two sons cannot be present today. There's just so much to do," the lady said with a sigh.

"Oh it's quite alright; we'll meet them another time. I'm sure they must be fine, young men."

They were here to visit and to talk about business, her father had told her. Her five year old mind could not comprehend but she had nodded all the same. When they had arrived, her father began to talk incessantly with the other man while her mother was busy with the lady. A boy stood next to them and when she looked at him, her eyes widened.

He was handsome. Standing tall and proud, he reminded her of her brother – educated, confident and of course, not forgetting, beholding absolutely stunning features.

A bright smile formed on her face as she took a step forward before her brother brushed past her suddenly. Extending his hand towards the boy just as her father had done earlier, she watched her brother exchange handshakes with the boy and they began to immerse themselves into deep conversation. Turning her head towards the direction of her parents and then to her brother, her shoulders fell slightly when she realised that she was left out.

"Misaki," she heard her mother hiss at her.

Lifting her head quickly, she cowered at her mother's stern frown before she squared her shoulders once more, angling her head up slightly. Posture… Giving a small curtsy, she greeted the lady before her who was chuckling behind her hand.

"This is my daughter Misaki." Her mother turned towards the lady again as she introduced her with a smile.

"What a darling," the lady gushed and bent down a little, cupping Misaki's face gently. "I've heard a lot about you from your mother."

Not knowing how to respond, Misaki chose to smile politely as the lady retreated towards the dining room with her parents. Beside her, she watched as her brother walked past her and followed her parents to the dining room. As she turned to follow, the ebony haired heiress stepped on the hem of her dress accidentally and fell forward. With a gasp, she bit her lip as the sudden sting from the impact shot up her leg. Lifting her eyes slowly, she breathed a sigh of relief when she realised her family and guests have already left the hall. Just then, a person knelt down before her and she pulled back in shock at his close proximity. It was him.

"Are you alright?" He asked with an amused smile as he helped her up from the ground. Her face flushed and she nodded, her eyes directed to the ground. "I thought your father sent you for lessons-"

"Don't tell him," she interrupted. "I'm trying my best already… I'll definitely get rid of this clumsiness." As she brushed her dress to remove the creases, her movements stopped suddenly and her eyes widened. "How'd you know about that?"

"You're the one, aren't you?" He asked with a cheerful smile. "I overheard my mother once saying that Toshiko-san was sending his daughter for etiquette lessons."

"I'm sorry?" she blinked in confusion.

With a chuckle, he shook his head and bowed. "May I accompany you to the dining room?"

Misaki felt her heartbeat quicken as her face heated up slightly. Giving him her best smile, she nodded excitedly as he offered her his arm.

"It's very nice to meet you. I'm Toshiko Misaki."

He looked at her from the corner of his eye and remained silent for a while. After a while, his sights turned back towards the direction which they were heading and the corners of his lips quirked.

"I know."

Lunch was nothing short of an awkward affair. Or perhaps it only applied to Misaki herself. Seated between Kaoru and Kyoya, the young heiress restrained herself from fidgeting. Occasionally, her green eyes would shift between the two by her side. However, she would also cast her sights quickly back to her food. Across from her at the table, Mitsukuni watched her struggles with a smile. Kawaii ne.

"Misa-chan," he called out to her and watched as she lifted her head quickly. She looked puzzled and surprised at the same time, and Mitsukuni could not help the giggle that escaped his lips. Offering the young lady a cheerful grin, he continued, "don't hold back and eat up, alright? The food in this restaurant is really good!"

Mitsukuni watched as she managed a small, strained smile. It was rather obvious that she was uncomfortable. While the Toshiko heiress tried her best to maintain a calm façade, it seems that girl simply has no talent at all for hiding her emotions. She wore everything on her sleeves, and from the stories he has heard about the Toshiko family, Mitsukuni was not sure if her parents would be pleased about that fact. However, the blond could care less – he found it adorable, and he would prefer it if she remained just as she was. Besides, who was he to say about how sophisticated upperclassmen were supposed to act? He was a fine example of someone being comfortable with who he is. With a bright smile at his cousin (who he noticed had been staring at him for quite a while), the loli-shota host turned back to his meal. He would leave the lady in peace for now.

Meanwhile, by the side, Tamaki was unceasing in his attempts to feed Haruhi. If Misaki might like to point out (which of course, she wouldn't), the brunette looked completely uninterested and borderline annoyed.

"Don't take me for an idiot!" Haruhi grumbled. Her cheeks were tinted slightly pink and she turned to glower at the second-year blond. "Just because I have never eaten oysters before doesn't mean I don't know what it is! You don't have to stack a whole plate of them in front of me. Do you know how embarrassing it is?"

Tamaki's trembling eyes turned towards Haruhi and he sniffed. "I didn't mean that," he pouted. "I just wanted you to eat as much as you want because you've never eaten oysters before." Suddenly, he lunged at his vice-president and wailed, "Mother! Our dear daughter is angry at me!"

Kyoya merely sighed and said, "You brought it upon yourself, didn't you?"

Misaki watched from the corner of her eye as Kyoya spoke with Tamaki nonchalantly. The blond began tugging on his partner's sleeve desperately while sputtering the horrible possibilities that could happen if Kyoya did not help him immediately in pacifying their 'daughter'. Surprisingly, it did not take long before Kyoya spoke.

"Haruhi," the third son of Ootori looked at the said brunette with an overly sweet smile. It was a smile that was not unfamiliar to the Host club members, and everyone knew it was too good to be true. "It's not every day that you get to eat oysters. If Tamaki offered them to you, be grateful and take it."

Beside him, Tamaki shrunk away slowly and quietly with a wary look. Kyoya, it seems, had a short fuse that day. Meanwhile, Haruhi gulped and nodded. Who dared to argue with the Demon King?

Misaki suppressed a sigh. She could very well tell that Kyoya was in a bad mood, and though she did not know what caused it, she had a feeling that it had something to do with her. Deciding not to probe too much into it (in case Kyoya directed his poor mood towards her), Misaki turned her thoughts away from the present and reflected on her time spent with this group of people whom she were currently engaged in a meal with. How long has it been since she had first interacted with them? She paused and recollected her memories. Five days? Blinking once, she recalculated. Has it only been five days? A queer feeling enveloped her as she thought about it. Since her first entrance into the Third Music Room, Misaki had been spending five consecutive days with the Host Club. She repeated the thought in her head to let the idea sink in. It has been five consecutive days.

Directing her gaze across the faces of all the Host Club members, she felt a sense of awe. These people were labelled as weird by some, charming by most. However, in Misaki's eyes, they were warm. These people had invited her into their midst so freely and so generously. Now that she was taking her time to reflect, the ebony-haired heiress could not help but feel thankful and blessed, for how many would have such an opportunity? It was strange how fate worked. To think that she would once again be engaged in an unlikely friendship with Hitachiin Kaoru, and through the twin be connected to such wonderful people. To think that her days were going by as normal as ever, and suddenly it was filled with some sort of adventure or another. Well, she nibbled on her lower lip, maybe adventure is not the right word for it, but who is complaining?

Suddenly, a shift in movement pulled her back to the present. Kyoya had reached over, and silently placed a tamagoyaki on her plate. Misaki stared at the yellow object. She thought she felt Kaoru stiffen by her other side, but she dared not look. Slowly, she raised her knife and fork, and sliced through the omelette with a clean cut, the utensils not making a single sound (mind you, her clumsy nature had cost her a lot of practice to achieve this) upon contact with the ten thousand-yen plate. Putting the bite-sized piece into her mouth, the Toshiko heiress pointedly ignored Kaoru's gaze. Was it her imagination, or did Hikaru stare as well? Kyoya, on the other hand, continued with his meal as though he had not done anything in particular.

The tamagoyaki had been prepared with sugar. It was a sweet tamagoyaki. Just the way she liked it.

Misaki fought the blush of embarrassment that threatened to appear on her cheeks. Had he purposely given it to her, knowing that she liked it? She wondered if she should thank him. But then again, she pursed her lips slightly, the tamagoyaki was just the way Kyoya disliked it. Salt, she recalled, he liked it with salt.

Yet still, she told herself as she turned to look at Kyoya.

He remembered.

Lunch finished without any more complications and Misaki could not help but feel relieved. Considering the multiple nonsensical issues that happened at the table (she conveniently 'forgot' about the awkwardness), it was to the Toshiko heiress' relief that dinner had finished without any mishaps. As the group of eight exited the restaurant, Haninozuka jumped happily.

"Cake! Let's have some cake for dessert! I want to eat strawberry cake! And cheesecake! And chocolate cake! And -"

"Mitsukuni," Takashi interrupted the ecstatic blond senior, "you're going to end up with a toothache again if you eat so much sweets. Do you remember the last time?"

Hearing this, the brown-eyed Haninozuka turned his teary eyes to his tall cousin, sniffing as he fisted his hands beneath his chin. "But…but-"

Takashi did not budge. It was his responsibility to make sure Haninozuka was healthy, and he would risk the blond's wrath to do so. However, Tamaki had a different idea.

"There is a café that Renge-kun suggested we visit some time back," he said while offering Takashi a meaning look with a smile. "Apparently it is similar to a commoner's café! ("I highly doubt it," Haruhi mumbled with a scowl.) Since it sounds interesting, perhaps we could go and have a look? In the meantime, we can each have one dessert."

Then, Tamaki turned towards Mitsukuni. Lifting his finger to emphasise his point, he winked and said, "Just one each." Behind his cousin, Takashi nodded subtly.

"Wai!" Mitsukuni exclaimed as he wiggled in happiness. "Cake! Cake! Cake!"

Haruhi's lips formed a gentle smile as she looked upon her senpai. There was no stopping that martial arts prodigy when it came to his love for sweets. "It's that great, Honey-senpai?"

Spinning around to hug the brunette, Mitsukuni grinned, "Haru-chan! Let's eat lots, ne?"

"Ah!" Tamaki gave a choked sound of grief as he huddled by the sidewalk. A cloud of gloom seemed to envelope his body as he rocked himself back and forth. "Why? I am the king. Why doesn't anyone listen to me?"

Beside him, Haruhi looked on with a deadpanned look and Mitsukuni only blinked curiously. The rest conveniently ignored the situation. Sighing, Haruhi turned away. How troublesome.

"What will you do?" Hikaru's eyes remained on his friends but his question was directed at his twin.

Kaoru pondered for a moment as he watched alongside his brother. Indeed, what did he want to do? His heart had been in turmoil since the hyakkin. It was unlike him to be so quiet and stoic. He was supposed to be laughing alongside his brother, playing pranks and cracking jokes. However, he could not help himself. No, he was too troubled to be having fun at the moment. As his olive eyes trained themselves onto the small back of Toshiko Misaki, he felt his chest tighten painfully. He had to do something. He knew he had to do something. Logic told him so. But what was it that he had to do?

"Kaoru." Hikaru shifted his eyes to look at him, eyes that were identical to his own.

There was no time. Kaoru gritted his teeth. This unpleasant feeling had to go. He had to act. Now.

Looking back, Kaoru did not know what possessed him to do what he did. Stepping forward, he grabbed hold of Misaki's hand boldly, ignoring the jerk from her fingers at the unexpected contact.

"We won't be joining you," Kaoru said. He did not smile, but he did not frown either. He was simple expressionless. Behind him, he heard his brother murmur his name.

Then, Mitsukuni whined disappointedly. "Eh? Let's go to the café together!"

Tamaki looked up as well and shifted back towards the group. "Yes, let's go together, Kaoru."

However, the auburn haired Hitachiin only shook his head. Tightening his grip slightly on Misaki's hand, Kaoru attempted to offer a small smile of assurance.

"It's alright, you should go and enjoy your dessert. There is still a place that I wanted to bring Misaki-chan to." Kaoru's smile faded and he turned towards Kyoya. He thought he felt Misaki stiffen beside him, but he merely took a small step forward, his hand never relinquishing hers. "There are still things that I want to talk to her about."

The air seemed to thicken around the group and no one uttered a single sound. The dark eyes of Kyoya bore down on the olive ones of Kaoru. Misaki stilled her breath in nervousness, her green eyes trembling. Just as she thought her heart would stop from the way it was violently thumping, Kyoya took a step forward. One of his hands was stuffed into his pants pocket and his posture radiated regality and confidence. At that moment, he reminded Misaki so much of her brother. They always managed to maintain an air of superiority, no matter if it was in front of outsiders or family.

Kyoya lifted a hand to push up his spectacles, the edge of which caught the sunlight and glistened.

"Do as you like."

End of Chapter 8

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