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Love And War

Chapter 1

The Triwizard Tournament


It was raining. It was raining pretty hard. Fat rain drops fell swiftly and rolled down the window that Hallie Potter's cheek was leaning on. The cool chill from the night's downpour felt awesome against her flushed skin. She had spent the better part of an hour wrestling around with her best friend Ron Weasley and his twin brothers Fred and George. Her raven hair was matted down to her head and she moved a few strands off her forehead and gave a big sigh. Her perfect summer was about to be shattered because come tomorrow morning, she would be boarding the Hogwarts Express and she would endure another long year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The only thing she was looking forward to was seeing her boyfriend Draco Malfoy. Yes...you read right...Draco Malfoy has been her boyfriend since that fateful day that she had came to him soaking wet from the rain, with tears streaming down her eyes. She had only said three words to him before she had broke down into his arms. "Sirius is dead."

They had been friends since 4th year, which had been the second quiet year in a row without a disturbance from Voldemort. Small things happened, like attacks from his Death Eaters, but there had yet to be any signs of his ugly face and for that Hallie was thankful.

Last year she had been having dreams of a room, and she had convinced herself that Sirius was being held captive at the Department Of Mysteries by Death Eaters.

It turned out that Bellatrix Lestrange had been manipulating her dreams by using an ancient dark curse. She had lured Hallie there to get the Prophesy that detailed the fate of her and Voldemort. Bella had hoped to get the Dark Lord's approval by her plan and she had an ambush waiting for Hallie and her friends when they showed up. Sirius had come to the rescue to help her out when he had found out that they were there, but his act of heroism proved fatal as Bella, his cousin, sent him through the Veil.

It had been a direct blow to the heart of Hallie as she tried to run to the veil, but Remus Lupin had held her back and told her that Sirius was gone and he wasn't coming back. He had held her as she stared at the Veil in shock, with tears running down her eyes. Dumbledore and the Order had rallied up all the Death Eaters that they could catch, and her friends were okay except for a few bangs and bruises. Remus had tried pulling her away from the room but she had broken from his grasp and run up to the Veil. She had kneeled in front of it and cried.

"Sirius I'm sorry! It's my fault...this is all my fault. I'm so sorry. You died for loving me...you died because you wanted to protect me...you died because of me. I'm sorry...so-so very sorry. I love you. Sirius..."

Remus had made her friends stay away as he went up to her with sad eyes and touched her shoulder. He had called to her and tried to pull her from the Veil, but she tore away from him and bolted from the room. She left the Department in a dead sprint, barely realizing that it was raining. She had run all the way to Hogwarts and she had quickly escaped into the Dungeons and knocked on the Slytherin Common Room portrait. Blaise Zabini had opened the door and without any words he stepped aside and let her in. She avoided eye contact with the few people who had been in the Common Room and rushed up the stairs to Draco's door.

The Slytherins all had their own rooms, and they were all usually password activated and magically locked. She had knocked and waited, her eyes were watching the rain drops fall from her clothes. The door swung open and Draco was standing there in his silk red boxers that Hallie had gotten him for Christmas. He didn't have a shirt on and he looked as if he had been about to turn in.

"Hallie?" He had asked and she looked up at him. Her bright emerald eyes were pooled with tears, her clothes were soaked and dripping, as was her hair that fell in wet curls, framing her sad looking face.

"Sirius is dead." And the tears had spilled. It was as if saying the words to someone made it that much more real and her knees had gave out, but Draco caught her before she could fully collapse. He had pulled her to his chest, not minding the fact that she was soaking wet. Her sobs had begun, the force of them shook her whole body and he helped her into his room before any of his House mates decided to be nosey.

He had gave her a change of clothes and put it on theblack couch where she was sitting. He had told her that he would listen to anything she wanted to tell him, and she had crumbled in his arms. She told him everything that had happened that night and he had listened as he stroked her wet curls and held her close. After she had finished crying and telling her story she had looked up at him and thanked him. It was at that moment that he had swooped down and kissed her on the lips. The kiss lasted mere seconds...seconds in which she had kissed him back but caught herself before it could escalate. She had jumped from his arms, grabbed the change of clothes and disappeared into the bathroom.

When she had come back out she was wearing his long green button down silk shirt and a pair of his pants that she had to adjust and roll up the legs so they would stay on her body. He had stood from the couch and apologized to her, but she had walked right up to him and kissed him, silencing his doubts that he had scared her away and ruined their friendship.

That was how their relationship had started, and he had helped her close her grief stricken heart, and now she was able to handle talking and hearing about Sirius without becoming a ball of tears. He made her happy and for that she was grateful. For that she loved him.

"Love?" She said out loud as the thought struck her. They have been dating for 5 months...there would be nothing wrong if she did care deeply about him. "But love?"

" 'But love' what?" Hermione Granger asked as she walked into the room that she shared with Hallie when they stayed at The Burrow.

Hallie turned from the window and looked over at Hermione with a confused look upon her face. "I think I'm in love with Draco."

Hermione's eyebrows scrunched together as she sat herself down next to her friend and sighed. "Are you sure...I-I don't want it to seem like I'm not happy about this, but..."

Hallie didn't like it when Hermione trailed off, it usually meant that she knew what she would say would upset someone. "'Mione...what is it?"

"It's just...before when you guys were just friends it was tolerable. But then when you told us that you were dating, I got worried. Malfoy's a cold-hearted bastard and I couldn't understand what you saw in him. But you continued to say how nice he is when you two are alone and I thought that maybe a fling wouldn't kill anybody...but now...love Hallie? You could really get hurt if you're starting to feel this deeply for him."

Hallie fought down her temper as she leaned against the cool glass and closed her eyes. "He really is a sweetheart when we're alone. He likes to act all tough in front of others, but that's another thing I like about him. He's real nice 'Mione. I think I do love him."

Hermione sighed and shook her head. I guess maybe I haven't been able to see how you two are together...he's never really hung out with the rest of us. When you guys got together, you just went off alone all the time, and then when school ended, he just comes and get you for dates and he never hangs with us. I would like to get to know him...I think we all would. You know Ron is still a bit uneasy about the whole thing, and he just wants to make sure that Malfoy won't hurt you." Hermione held Hallie's hand in hers and let their eyes connect. "We all worry about you. We just want to make sure that you're happy. Don't shut us out because of what happened to Sirius."

Hallie moved her hand away but Hermione grabbed her back. "I haven't been shutting you guys out."

"Yes you have. We understand that you need time to grief, but let us back in. We're your friends and we love you. Let us see you and your boyfriend happy together, stop trying to hide everything."

Hallie knew she was right. She had been trying to keep Draco to herself, hopeful that nothing would taint it. Hoping that she could be happy without their being a threat to Draco. But what threat could her friends bring? She was being paranoid. Draco's father is a Death Eater, nothing else bad could possibly happen to endanger him more than he already is. "You're right. Ok I promise that everything will change this year."

Hermione flashed a smile and pulled the other girl into a hug. "Come on lets turn in. We have to be up pretty early tomorrow. You did pack everything right?"

Hallie laughed and nodded her head. "Of course." Hallie jumped in bed and Hermione cut off the light and climbed into the bed. "Night 'Mione."

"Night." Hermione said.

Hallie touched her clock and set it a half an hour early so she could pack the rest of her stuff without Hermione finding out.


September 1 always was a busy and rushed day. On platform 9 3/4 everyone was hurrying onto the train and saying rushed goodbyes to their parents, or whoever came to see them off to school. The Weasley's, Hermione and Hallie were, of course, running late. After a disaster of finding out that the only person who had fully packed for school was Hermione. After everyone running around like chickens with no head, they had finally jumped into the Ministry car that Mr. Weasley had acquired for them and took off for the train station.

Hallie was the first one through the wall and she hurried her stuff over to where the other students had piled theirs. She watched as they were quickly put into the train and she turned around to look for her friends.

"Her gorgeous. Looking for someone?" Hallie turned around to see Draco Malfoy standing behind her with his trademark smirk on his face.

He was wearing a pair of charcoal gray dress pants and a matching silk shirt. His hair was falling in place around his face, a few strands were in his eye, giving him an even sexier look. He had stopped using gel back in 4th year when Hallie had told him that she thinks he'd look hotter without the gel. His eyes are an attractive silverish-gray color that Hallie always found herself drowning in. All in all Draco Malfoy looked as if he stepped off the pages of a magazine.

"Looking good stud." Hallie said with a smile as he wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. He eagerly kissed her back and held her tight in his arms. When they finally detached themselves she leaned her head on his chest and sighed. "I've missed you."

"I saw you last week babe." Draco responded with a laugh as he ran his hands through her hair, missing the way her silky strands ran through his fingers like water. He would never willingly admit it, but he loved running his hands through her hair...it was something strangely calming about it. He had missed her...5 days without seeing, talking, or touching her drove him up the wall. But that was also something he would never willingly admit.

"I know but still...it's boring without your charming wit." She said with a laugh as she looked up at him and raised herself on her tiptoes to touch her lips to his. He lowered his head to meet her and they shared yet another kiss.

"Stop snogging...it's sickening." Hallie and Draco separated from each other and looked at the scrunched up face of Ron Weasley.

"Sorry if watching other people get some action forces you into a jealous rage Weasley." Draco smirked at the redhead.

Ron's eyes narrowed as he took a step forward. "Don't make me kick your arse Malfoy!"

Hallie stepped in between the two boys and gave them each pointed looks. "Cut it out both of you. Can't you try to get along?"

"No!" Came the joined voices of Draco and Ron.

"How about we board the train before it tries to leave us." Hermione said in exasperation as she pulled on Ron's sleeve and made him follow her into the train.

Draco grabbed Hallie's hand and began walking towards the train, but he stopped when she refused to budge. He turned to see her bright green eyes turn to a dark jade color.

"Would it kill you to try and get along with him?"

Draco sighed and looked around, making sure no one could hear their conversation. "He's the one who threatened to kick my arse."

Hallie rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "You provoked him. I just...I want you guys to get along, you both mean a lot to me and it hurts when you insult each other in front of me, as if my feelings doesn't matter."

Draco's resolve crumbled when he saw the sadness seep into her eyes, replacing the anger. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. "I'll try ok?"

Hallie nodded her head. "That's all I ask." She turned and pulled him into the train, just as the conductor sent out the three minute warning.

They found Ron and Hermione in a compartment with Ginny and Neville. They walked in and sat down, while Hermione gave Hallie the sign that she had spoke to Ron as well.

"So...Ron...don't you have something to say to Malfoy?" Hermione said in a nonchalant voice as if she was announcing the weather.

Ron looked uncomfortable and he toyed with the collar of his shirt and cleared his throat. "Um..."

Hallie lightly pinched Draco on the thigh and he glared at her. She raised an eyebrow and he turned back to Ron and straightened up his back. Hermione stepped on Ron's foot, ignoring his whimper of pain.

"Look Weasley...lets just call a truce so these ladies can stop abusing us." Draco said.

"Agreed. Truce." Ron agreed. Hermione and Hallie flashed both boys a huge smile as the train began to move.

"Well we better head to the prefect meeting." Ron and Hermione said standing up.

Hallie waved goodbye to them as she leaned against Draco and smiled on the inside when she felt his arm go around her shoulders instantly. She took his fingers and began playing with them as she looked out the corner of her eyes and saw Ginny and Neville speaking to each other in hushed voices.

"So are you two shagging or what?" Draco asked suddenly.

"Dray!" Hallie exclaimed.

The blonde raised an eyebrow at the us of the nickname in public. He told her never to use it if they were with other people. "What? They look like they want to jump each other's bones."

"Umm...uh..." Neville had turned beet red and Ginny's eyes were wide.

"Neville I think we should go and talk to the Patil twins. I want to see how their summer went." Ginny said as she jumped up quickly and pulled Neville from the compartment.

"Dray! I can't believe you did that!"

"And I can't believe you called me that in front of them. Besides...I wanted some alone time with you anyway." He took out his wand and magically sealed the door and conjured a curtain so no one could see what was going on in the room.

"Did you now?" Hallie said with a glint in her eyes as she straddled the blonde and smiled as he looked at her in surprise.

"Never expected you to do this." He said as he let his hands rest on her thighs.

"What, you want me to move?" She asked him in a teasing voice.

"Hell no." He responded as he pulled her head down and connected their lips. Their makeout session was filled with passion and unmentioned love that was obviously between them. The touches they gave each other were like small fires being touched upon their skin. It didn't take long until Hallie began gyrated her hips, causing friction between them. The movements had sent her mind reeling with pleasurable tingles that were coursing through her body.

Draco pulled her closer to his body as he put his hand up her shirt and his fingertips came into contact with her lace bra. She began sucking on his bottom lip and he wanted nothing more than to take her clothes off and show her exactly how deeply he felt about her.

Their passion filled together time was interrupted by someone knocking on the door. "What the bloody hell are you two doing in there?" Ron's voice wafted into the compartment.

Hallie kissed Draco one last time before she climbed off of his lap and sat down next to him. The Slytherin held back his string of hateful curses as he unsealed and uncovered the door and allowed access to the redhead and his bushy-haired girlfriend.

Ron and Hermione sat down across from the couple and Hermione took out a book and began reading. It didn't take long for the three of them to get into a heated discussion about Quidditch. As the conversation continued Ron and Draco began to give each other snide comments, and so to diffuse the situation, Hallie changed the subject.

"How was the meeting?" She asked.



Ron looked over at Hermione as if she had lost her mind. "Are you completely mental? The whole time we just sat there and listened to Cho talk about how much she wanted to see if we could host some dances. God knows she just wants another reason to dress up before she graduated this year. We all know it's a plan to get Cedric Diggory to ask her out."

"Is she still trying to get with him?" Draco asked with a shake of his head. "That girl is pathetic."

"Just because she likes a guy?" Hallie asked in confusion, not understanding why the boys seem to hate Cho Chang's guts.

"How do you not know? I thought everyone knew. Even Hermione knows!" Ron said outraged by Hallie's lack of knowledge concerning this topic.

"Hey!" Hermione said indignantly as she swatted Ron on the knee with her book.

"Bloody hell 'Mione! That hurt!" Ron cried holding his knee.

"Well you asked for it!"

"Can someone just tell me why she's pathetic?" Hallie said ignoring her friend's antics, even though Draco was finding it hard not to laugh in Ron's face.

"Well she's what Muggle would call a gold-digger." Hermione informed.

"Oh...really? And how do you know this?"

"Everyone knows babe. Cho goes after anyone with large vaults. Cedric is like on the top 10 list of wealthiest guys in the school. Since I'm the first on the list, she of course went after me as soon as I was old enough to get interested in girls."

"What!" Hallie exclaimed, not knowing this bit of news. Cho Chang was beautiful...how far had they gotten? How long were they dating? Did he love her at one point? The questions were just rolling around in her head.

"It's nothing to worry about we never dated. I knew straight from the start that she was nothing but a fake bitch."

"You're lucky though mate. If you was a boy she would have most definitely went after you."

"Me? Why me?"

Draco scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Why else? Not only would you have been famous, but you're extremely wealthy. You're number 2 on the list by the way."

"So she's tried everyone on this list?" Hallie asked.

"Yeah. She went after Blaise too...poor girl, he embarrassed her in the hallways last year." Draco said with a laugh.

"That was a completely cruel thing to do to her." Hermione said, not moving her eyes from her book.

"Are you nutters? That was hilarious! I laughed so hard for the whole day!" Ron said with a smile.

"Where was I during all of this?" Hallie asked wondering how she could have not known about something like this. This would have been circling around the school for about 2 weeks.

"Hospital. After the Quidditch Match when some idiot beater from my team hit the bludger your way as you went for the snitch."

"Oh yeah! I was in the hospital for almost a month!"

"Which sucked for you! You missed the biggest thing that has ever been gossiped about that year. It was bloody brilliant!" Ron smiled.

Hermione looked out the window and closed her book. "We're almost there guys. Hallie lets go change in the bathroom." Hermione said grabbing her robes. Hallie followed suit and turned to the two boys.

"No fighting. You have been doing so well, I'm proud of you both!" She kissed Ron's cheek and gap Draco a tap kiss. She gave them both dazzling smiles and walked out of the compartment behind Hermione.

The two boys looked at each other and waited until they were sure she was out of ear distance.

"Look...hurt her...and you die. She's happy with you, Merlin knows why, and if you do anything to make her unhappy in any way, I will kick your arse so bad you won't be recognizable."

"Recognizable? Has Granger been letting you read some of her books Weasley? You have nothing to worry about, I won't hurt her."

Ron and him stared each other down for a few more minutes before they both turned and changed into their robes.


The Sorting had gone and went. Hufflepuff had gotten 4 new students, Ravenclaw had got 5 and Gryffindor and Slytherin tied with 10 new students. Dumbledore stood for his yearly speech and everyone waited for him to hurry so they could begin eating.

"Students, I have exciting news for you this year. This year, there will be no Quidditch."

Outraged voices emerged as they tried to wrap their minds around a year with Quidditch. Ron was the loudest of them all, along with Fred and George of course. Hallie's eyes were wide and she looked over to the Slytherin Table to see that Draco looked as if someone told him he had no money in his vault.

"Silence!" Dumbledore's magnified voice carried throughout the Great Hall with such force that everyone quieted down instantly and sat back down int heir seats. "Now, instead of Quidditch this year, Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry will be hosting The Triwizard Tournament."

Excited voice piped up as everyone was buzzing with the news.

"The Triwizard Tournament? That's completely deadly!" Hermione said in shock that they would even think to be hosting it.

"Bloody Brilliant!" Fred and George exclaimed together.

"No Quidditch?" Ron asked still in shock.

"Think I'd get picked?" Seamus Finnigan asked.

"Ha! How do you expect to survive that Tournament when you can't seem to do a spell without blowing off your eyebrows?" Dean Thomas said with a laugh.

"Hey! They grew back." Seamus said as he rubbed his eyebrows, as if trying to convince himself that they were still there.

Over at the Slytherin Table Draco was still trying to pull himself together after the bombshell about Quidditch being cancelled.

"Can you believe this? I'm entering!" Malcolm Flint exclaimed. Malcolm is Marcus Flint's younger brother. They looked almost alike, except for the fact that Malcolm had perfectly straight teeth.

"You won't last 5 minutes in this Tournament!" Pansy Parkinson said with a mocking laugh.

Draco finally snapped out of his slump as he realized that he was actually nervous about this year's Quidditch season anyway. How would it be if he lost to not only a girl, cause he's been doing that since he started playing Quidditch, but his girlfriend. That would surely rupture his ego. He was well aware that she was spectacular on a broom and she was better than anybody, but he'd rather not let the whole school see his girlfriend beat him right in front of their eyes. He would never live that down. "What about you Blaise...thinking on entering?"

"Yes actually I am. Do you know how awesome it will be when I win?" Blaise said with a smile.

"If you win." Millicent Bulstrode said with a laugh that ended in a snort.

"We all know your fat arse didn't win against those cupcakes, but you don't see us bringing it up every few seconds." Blaise shot back. Pansy spit out her juice in Crabbe's face she dissolved into giggles.

Millicent's face turned beet red and she glared at them. "Fuck all of you!" She got up and stomped away and sat down next to the 7th years.

"Was that an ogre that just went by...oh! I'm sorry, it was Bulstrode!" Blaise said loud enough for the whole Slytherin Table to hear. The laughter that erupted caused Millicent to lower her head and hide her face with her hands.

Dumbledore finally began speaking again, and everyone quieted down so they could hear every word the old Headmaster said. "I regret to inform you that for safety reason the Tournament is only open to 7th years. Now before you all erupt into more yells of anger let me say this, any of you who enter this Tournament, you enter at your own risk. Because once your name is selected, you stand alone. Hogwarts will be housing 2 other Wizarding schools. They will arrive tomorrow, and I would hope you show them with the same hospitality as you would like to be given. With that said, dig in."

The noise erupted as everyone filled their plates and debated on the unfairness of the whole Tournament. Hallie was angry that she wasn't able to play Quidditch, but that just meant that she had more time to get her friends and her boyfriend on pleasant terms. It would take a while, but she would not rest until they were able to call each other by their first names.

Over at the Slytherin Table, they were discussed the outcome of the Tournament.

"Who do you think will get picked?" Pansy asked.

"Well obviously not me." Blaise responded dejectedly.

"Honestly I don't think anyone in here has enough power to win this Tournament." Draco said matter-of-factly as he piled some Mashed Potatoes on his plate.

"Potter might be able to. It's a shame that only 7th years can enter." Pansy said as she dug into her salad.

Draco's eyebrows scrunched up in thought as he mulled over what Pansy had just said. Hallie did have enough power to win, but the thought of her even being in the Tournament made Draco's stomach tie into a knot. He was actually thankful that there was no way she could enter. The thought of her watching safely in the stands made him satisfied him immensely.


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