Love And War

Chapter 5

Charred Edges


Hallie was up pretty early thanks to her alarm. Since the falling out with Hermione, she had to settle for waking herself up in the mornings. She usually got up at 7, got dressed and hurried to Ron's room to wake the boys. This morning was no different. She curled her hair and tied half of it back in a ponytail, and let the rest hang. She slipped on a pair of jeans and a black tank top, while slipping her feet into her favorite pair of sandals. On the way out her room she picked up her robe and book bag and left, without looking behind to see that Hermione was up in bed, watching her.

Hallie hurried to Ron's dorm and opened the door without making much noise. With a smirk on her face, she jumped on Ron's bed and began hopping up and down while she began singing loudly and out of tune on purpose. "Wakey Wakey, time for Bakey!" She said loudly.

"'Allie!" Ron said tiredly as he sat up in bed with his hair rumpled and his eyes half closed.

"Rise and shine!" Hallie said in a laugh as she hopped down off the bed and continued the routine with the other boys in the room, until they were all up and glaring hatefully at her. "Oh don't look at me like that, no one told you to stay up all night wanking off." Four pillows were flung at her and she couldn't help but burst out in giggles.

Seamus wagged his eyebrows suggestively. "Maybe you could help us once in a while."

Hallie scoffed in disgust and threw a pillow, that was at her feet, hitting the Irish boy square in the face. "Stop being such a pig."

"Watch what you say Finnigan." Ron warned as he slid out of his bed and yawned loudly.

"We have Hogsmeade today, we get out of classes early, this is the kind of day you guys should be looking forward to." Hallie said with a shake of her head as she sat down on Ron's bed.

"Yes well...I don't have anyone to go with, so it won't be that much fun." Dean replied with a sigh.

"We could go together, I've been dying to get some Butterbeer." Seamus said as he leaped out of bed and began digging through a pile of clothes that were on the floor near his bed.

"I'm thinking on asking Luna to go with me." Neville said with a smile. Neville was really only comfortable around the people that were in the room, he had formed a bond with them and he knew they wouldn't make fun of him unless it was purely good hearted.

"Luny Lovegood? I thought you was dating Ginny." Dean said in confusion.

" guys were dating over the Summer. What happened?" Hallie questioned.

Neville looked down at the floor and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know...I thought everything was going fine, but last week she called it off...I think it has something to do with her crush on Diggory."

"Cedric? Really? I thought she liked Krum." Hallie was beyond confused at this point. She didn't understand why Ginny would act so coldly towards Neville like that. He was a sweet boy, he didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

"At this point, you never know. She's going through boyfriends faster than I do underwear...oops! Sorry Ron..." Seamus said looking sheepish.

Ron pulled his blue shirt over his head and shrugged. "I know all about the boys...just...don't talk badly about her in front of me. She's still my sister and I'll kick your ass."

Seamus put his hands up in surrender while Dean shoved him playfully and made the Irish boy fall to his bed. "Dean! I told you I don't swing that way!" Seamus said with a laugh.

Dean groaned and smacked the boy with a pair of his pants. "Shut up Seam."

"So 'Allie, you want to check out Honeydukes? I heard they got an awesome new selection of Chocolates." Ron was practically drooling.

Hallie shook her head mournfully. "I don't think so, Cedric asked me to go with him."

Everybody in the room stopped what they were doing and looked over at the girl who they were extremely close to, platonically of course!

"Cedric?" Neville asked.

"Dammit! How'd he get past crazy eyed Malfoy?" Seamus questioned.

"I'm not exactly talking to Draco right"

"Does Malfoy even know?" Ron asked.

"Of course not! Do you think Hallie would still be sitting here if he knew? She'd probably be fishing Diggory's dead body from the Black Lake." Dean said with a laugh.

"Draco's not that jealous." Hallie defended her boyfriend.

"Oh really? Remember when he exploded just because you were sending Seamus letters during the Summer?" Ron reminded.

Hallie sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't even know why I'm defending him. He's an asshole. Are you guys done yet?"

The boys quickly shoved on their sneakers, and the group left the Dorm room, switching the topic to something much more pleasant.


Thursday seemed like an awesome day to Draco. Why? Because he knew today after he saw Hallie and they went to Hogsmeade together, that everything would be okay again. He was planning on being a real sweetheart to make up for the fight. He was going to buy her favorite flowers and take her out to eat somewhere spectacular. He had money, and he planned to splurge it all on her. Sure she wasn't a materialistic person, but she was a girl, and girls loved to feel cared for and pampered. It was a fact that everyone knew, and it was a weakness that guys loved to exploit.

So at the end of his 3rd period class, he went to his room and dropped off his school robe and his book bag. After he checked the mirror 50 times, to make sure he looked the picture of perfect, he walked out with a pep in his step and wind in his hair. He was confident, nothing could possibly bring him down now. Well...except...

"She's not here, you just missed her actually." Lavender Brown informed Draco from the Portrait that protected the Gryffindor Common Room. The Fat Lady was fanning herself with a paper fan and she hummed quietly.

"A nice handsome boy asked her to go with him, last was after curfew and I was very reluctant to call her out." The Fat Lady gossiped. Lavender glared at the Fat Lady and turned back to Draco, forcing a smile on her face.

"Uh...she went with Cedric..."

Draco's eyes turned that stormy color that everyone was always afraid of seeing directed towards them. "Oh really?" And without another word he pivoted, in a way that was much similar to Severus, and stormed off.

Lavender turned to the Fat Lady and shook her head. "It's not okay to gossip about the House you protect! He didn't need to know that Cedric asked her!" Lavender stormed back into the Common Room and slammed the portrait harshly, not caring about the curses and loud yelling that the Fat Lady screamed out.


"Oh these look like they'll taste like heaven!" Hallie gushed as she picked up a box of newly added Chocolates that Honeydukes now had.

"I got it." Cedric said as he went to grab the box from Hallie, but she pulled back and shook her head.

"You don't have to buy anything for me Ced. I can provide for myself." She explained with a laugh as she continued on to see what other new things were added to the selections. She found a box of chocolates that turned different kinds of fillings in your mouth. From Caramel, to Peanut Butter and than back to a creamy Milk Chocolate-y taste. Hallie was nearly drooling just by reading the description. She picked up a box for each of the boys and two boxes for herself.

"Sure you got enough there?" Cedric joked when he saw the stacked up boxes in her basket.

"Nope! I need some more...I just got to find the right kind..." Hallie said as she let her eyes wander over some more sweets.

"How do you keep that figure of yours, if all you do is scarf down junk food?"

Hallie flashed him a grin and walked over to some Assorted Chocolate Jelly Beans. "Easy...I do absolutely nothing. I think it has something to do with how the Dursley's used to keep me on their very exclusive diet."

"And what's that?" Cedric grabbed a box of Chocolate Jelly Beans and threw them in his basket.

"Feeding me practically nothing." Hallie said in an emotionless tone.

Cedric turned to look at her quickly. "What? How could th-"

"It's quite alright." Hallie interrupted with a smile. "It's just how they are, they happen to hate magic turn they hate me. It's no big deal Ced. Really." Hallie said as she dropped the Chocolate Jelly Beans back on their shelf and moved on.

Cedric's admiration of her skyrocketed in those few minutes when he learned about her unsatisfying home life. If she could deal with that and still be so caring and kindhearted...well then, that said a lot about her character. She really was unique. If he had went through that, he was sure he'd hate all Muggles and be about as Dark as Voldemort himself.

After they finished going through the whole store, they stood online to purchase their items. It seemed like every second 30 students would come into the store, which made it very crowded. Hallie sighed as she waited for the 3rd year girl in front of them to figure out what color bag she wanted her items in. After 3 more minutes of the girl continuously changing her mind Hallie touched the girl's shoulder.

"Get blue, it smells like blueberries." She suggested.

The girl smiled and nodded her head. "That sounds like a good idea thank you..." Her eyes trailed up to Hallie's forehead and saw the scar. Immediately her eyes lit up and her smile grew wider. "Hallie Potter just helped me out...she actually spoke to me!" She squealed, talking to herself.

Hallie kept her frustrated noise inside, as she smiled politely at the girl. "I think he's waiting for you to choose."

The girl squealed again and turned back. "I'll get the blue bag...thanks." She grabbed her stuff and with one more look at Hallie, she left the store and ran into a group of her friends. "Hallie Potter just spoke to me!" She was heard squealing, before the door to Honeydukes closed and she couldn't be heard anymore.

"How do you deal with that?" Cedric asked in bewilderment.

"One day at a time." She answered as she threw her stuff up on the counter and paid for it. When both of them were finished they walked out of the crowded store and looked around.

"So where to next?" Cedric asked.

"Umm...I am kind of hungry. Do you mind if we go get something to eat?" Hallie asked.

"Why would I? Come on." He said, leading the way to The Three Broomsticks. They found an empty table near the back, and quickly got into the booth. Just like Honeydukes, the place was packed, and Hallie found herself waving and nodding at a lot of people who had managed to catch her eye.

"So...I heard the most interesting bit of news the other day." Hallie started as she looked through her menu.

"Well don't you look like the cat who swallowed the canary...what did you hear?" Cedric questioned as he closed his menu, already having decided on what he wanted.

"I heard that you asked Cho Chang that makes me come you didn't ask her to Hogsmeade today?"

Cedric felt his stomach turn, and a bad taste formed in his mouth. "Maybe because I never asked her out."

Hallie put her menu down and looked at the Hufflepuff in confusion. "But she was gushing all about it and I wondered why you didn't tell me...I thought maybe you wanted to keep it hush-hush."

"No. I never asked that...I can't believe she's spreading lies." Cedric replied with a shake of his head.

"So she seriously a 'money hungry cow'?"

"Yes...that's the only reason she wants to date me, she thinks I'll marry her and she'll be provided's pathetic."

"Hmm...and here I thought Ron and Draco had it wrong."

"Nope, they put the Quaffle right through the hoop."

Madame Rosmerta came over right then and took their orders. They continued talking until they got their food, and then they swapped some of their food so they both could have a taste of what the other was eating.

"How's you and Draco?" Cedric asked, hoping that she'd tell him they broke up.

"Oh...well...we're just at odds right now...I don't know...I don't think I should have said the things I said to him...they were harsh and uncalled for." Hallie said thoughtfully.

"Oh...I thought you guys had broken up." Cedric said, hoping that he didn't let his disappointment reflect onto his words.

"No, nothing like that. Just an know how we were before we got together, so imagine now when we know more about each other to exploit."

"Ah...well...hmm..." Cedric really didn't know how to respond. He was just going to be happy that he got to take her to Hogsmeade, and they actually did have a wonderful day.

"Cedric?" A female voice called a few feet away. Cedric didn't even need to turn around to know that it was Cho. "What are you doing here...with her?"

"Minding his own business...something that you obviously know nothing about." Hallie sneered at the girl, showing that she really spent way too much time around Draco.

"What do you want Cho?" Cedric asked warily.

"I want to know why you didn't ask me to Hogsmeade...I am your girlfriend." She sais as she moved closer to the booth that Hallie and Cedric were sitting in.

"In what life? I never asked you out Cho, so I really don't appreciate the lies you've spread."

Cho touched his shoulder but he pulled away. "Why are you being this way Ceddy?"

"Just...leave me alone...ok Cho?" Cedric sounded very angry.

"Fine! We'll talk later." She threw one last hateful glare at Hallie, before she flung her hair, turned around, and left.

"Talk about psycho." Hallie remarked as she sipped down her Butterbeer.

"Exactly...I don't know how to deal with that girl." Cedric said mournfully.

"Just get a girlfriend, that way she has no choice but to back off." Hallie advised.

"If only the girl I liked, liked me back." Cedric replied, wondering if she would get what he meant.

"I don't see how any girl wouldn't like you Ced. Maybe you're not trying hard enough, just tell her how you feel, and just kiss her to show you mean business and you're not fooling around. Girls love when guys take the initiative." Obviously she didn't get what he meant at all. He wondered how she would react if he did that to her...would that make her leave Draco to be with him? "Are you finished?"

Cedric looked down at his plate, half of his food was gone, and he didn't have an appetite to finish the rest. "Yeah...I'm done." He said. He watched Hallie begin to dig into her money pouch to pay for her part of the bill but Cedric grabbed her hand and stopped her. "Let me get it."

"Cedric, I told you that-"

"You provide for yourself...I know." He said cutting her off. "But it's the least I can do, I did tell me about Cho's lies."

Hallie bit the corner of her lip, but when she saw that Cedric was really serious and he wasn't going to let it go, she nodded her head and sighed. "Fine."

Cedric smiled and put the money on the table, including a tip for Rosmerta. "Come on." He said, taking her hand and pulling her out of the booth. The two continued to walk around Hogsmeade, window shopping and checking out stores that sold little trinkets and glass statuettes. Hallie made notes in the back of her head, so she would know what she was going to give Ron and her other friends for Christmas.

Finally, they made their way back to Hogwarts, with a 5 scoop ice cream cone in their hands. Hallie had 5 different kinds of Chocolate, while Cedric had Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate chip crunch, Banana, and Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip. Their conversation was light and fun, they continued making each other laugh all the way until they got inside the Castle.

Cedric walked her to the Gryffindor Common Room, and they said goodbye after Hallie managed to smear Chocolate on Cedric's nose. When she was finally inside she greeted her friends that were in the Common Room, and then she went upstairs to dump her stuff on her bed.

"Draco came looking for you right after you left." Lavender informed her.

Hallie turned to where the girl was sitting at her vanity, painting her toenails. "Really? Thanks Lav." Hallie said as she turned back around to get the Chocolates she bought the boys.

"He knows you went with Cedric."

Hallie's eyes widened and she groaned. "Oh great! He's going to be so mad when I see him."

"He was practically foaming at the mouth."

"Thanks Lav." Hallie said as she walked out of the room and headed down stairs to where Ron, Dean, and Seamus were playing Exploding Snap. "Hey guys." She said as she threw them each a box.

"Mmm...these look good." Seamus said as she quickly tore open the box.

"'Allie you're a goddess." Ron complimented, his mouth already filled with Chocolates.

"Thanks Hals." Dean said as he opened his box frantically and popped a chocolate into his mouth.

"Glad you like it. So how was your day? And where's Neville?"

"Oh...he's still out with Luny." Seamus said through a mouthful of chocolates.

"Bet you anything he's having way more fun than we did." Ron said as he leaned back and popped a handful of chocolates into his mouth.

"Those are meant to be eaten one at a time you know." Hallie said in disgust.

Seamus laughed and opened his mouth to show the chocolate that was all on his teeth and his tongue. "Want to lick some off?" He asked Hallie with a laugh.

Ron threw his sneaker at the boy. "I told you to watch what you say." Dean laughed and smacked Seamus in the back of his head.

"Ow! Whatcha do that for?" Seamus shouted as he rubbed his head.

"Cause it's fun." Dean answered simply.

"Boys, boys, calm down please. Anyway...did you guys even go to Hogsmeade?"

"Yeah, we went together, only to get some candy-"

"And Butterbeer!" Seamus said, cutting Ron off.

"And then we got bored and came back." Dean finished.

"Oh..." Hallie answered as she sat on Ron's lap and took a piece of lint from his hair.

"How was your date with Diggory?" Ron asked.

"It wasn't a date." Hallie informed.

"If you say so." Dean said with a chuckle.

Hallie rolled her eyes and pinched Dean's nose, laughing when he swatted at her fingers and glared at her. "It was fine...we had fun. He's a really cool guy."

"Aww...she's falling in love!" Seamus said as he playfully swooned and batted his eyelashes, causing them all the crack up.

"Oh piss off! I'm already in love and the bloke's name is Draco Malfoy." Hallie stuck out her tongue.

"I would prefer Cedric, than Malfoy." Ron groaned.

"Well too bad. I'm in love with Draco...end of story."

"Well the way you two are acting, I would think you guys were barely friends." Dean replied.

"Yes well...that will change pretty soon."


Draco laid on his bed, glaring at his canopy. He was upset that he didn't go to Hogsmeade and interrupt Cedric and Hallie's rendevous. Instead he had went into his room and took out his frustrations on his furniture, and luckily he knew how to fix it with Magic, cause otherwise he would have to send a letter to his Mother, hoping that she would refurnish it.

The door to his room opened and Hallie walked inside holding something in her hand. Draco sat up and stared coldly at her. "Did you make a wrong turn trying to find Hufflepuff?"

"Draco, don't be like that. Cedric asked me to go with him as a friend, cause we are friends Dray. I don't know why you are so paranoid, but it's causing a rift between us. Just trust me...I'm not going to cheat on you."

Draco sighed as he motioned for her to sit next to him. "It's not that I don't trust you...I don't trust him. I know how guys think, lets face it, you're one of the most prettiest girls in the school, any guy would willingly give their right leg just so they could date you."

Hallie slid the box she was holding over onto Draco's lap. "I'm sorry for all the things I said about your mother. It was uncalled for, I was just feeling so frustrated with everything."

Draco looked down and saw that she had picked him up a box of Chocolates with coconut filling, his favorite chocolate of all time. He smiled at her and reached under his pillow. He pulled out a long slender box and handed it to her. "I ordered this earlier today...I marked it urgent and made sure to use my last name to the best of my ability. It got here in three hours." He chuckled.

Hallie opened the box and inside was a necklace, made out of pure gold. Hanging from it was a small replica of Hedwig. To make her snowy white fur, it was encased with small diamonds. Hallie looked up at Draco with a smile and she hugged him tightly. "Thank's beautiful."

"I knew you would like it. Here, let me put it on for you." She lifted her hair and he went behind her and snapped the necklace on. It felt cool against her skin and she reached up and touched it, letting her hair back down. "It looks gorgeous on you."

"Can I sleep here tonight?"

Draco gave her a genuine smile and pulled her close to him. "Of course." After a few minutes of silence, he kissed her forehead sweetly. "I didn't mean anything I said either." Hallie smiled, knowing that in Draco Malfoy language, that equaled an: "I'm terribly sorry for insulting you the way I did."

"I love you."

"I love you too Hallie."


The rest of September went by relatively smooth, and most of October did as well. It all blended into a blur of homework, projects, outings and cold weather. October 13th found Hallie laying on her stomach in her room, listening to Padma and Hermione talk in hushed whispers and loud giggles.

Hermione and Hallie had stopped making eye contact with each other, and if they could help it, they refrained from being in the same room. Hallie was trying hard to get her project done for her History of Dark Creatures class. The class was new it was just put on the schedule this year, and Hallie thought it was interesting so she signed up to take the class. She only had that class twice a month, so Professor Abraham gave them a project every month. The topic of the month was Dementors, and Hallie had tried putting the project off, but on the 31st, they'd have to turn it in, so she had to hurry to get it finished.

"Hallie!" Ron yelled from the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Girls' Dorm.

Hallie rolled off her bed and left the room, not bothering to look back at Hermione and Padma, who had stopped their conversation to glare at her. She bounded down the stairs and stopped in front of the red headed boy. "What is it? I have a major project that I'm not even halfway done with."

Ron lowered his voice and leaned in closer to the girl. "Hagrid wants us to come to his Hut after curfew. So don't fall asleep."

Hallie felt her curiosity peek and she lowered her voice as well. "What about?"

"I think it has something to do with the First Task."

For the rest of the night Hallie just kept going over ideas on what it could possibly be. Her project lay forgotten on her bed and she took a piece of parchment, deciding to write a quick letter to Draco.


Ron told me that Hagrid wants me to come to his hut tonight and find out the First Task. I'm going beside myself, wondering what it could possibly be, but I have no idea. I'm drawing blanks here, and I am so nervous. The First Task is a few weeks away, and as long as it didn't start, I could fool myself into thinking that it wasn't real. Oh my god, I'm rambling to you...Sorry to bother you, continue what you were doing.

Oh! And tell Pansy and Blaise I said Hi. I'll come to your room after I find out, I love you.


When she was done with the letter she opened her window and whistled a little tune. A few seconds later, Hedwig came flying towards her. The snowy white owl perched on the window and nipped at Hallie's fingers affectionately. "Hey Heddy!" Hallie said as she gave her owl some treats and petted her. "I need you to go give this to Draco, ok?" Hedwig hooted and Hallie smiled and kissed the birds head. "Thanks girl." She said as she tied the letter to Hedwig's leg, and watched as the bird took off.

Hallie climbed into her bed and pretended to go to sleep. She waited until the rest of her roommates were asleep, and then she grabbed her Invisibility cloak and tiptoed out of the room. She met Ron downstairs, and the both of them got under the cloak, and made their way to Hagrid's Hut. When they reached the hut, Hagrid was outside waiting for them, a glowing lantern was in his hand.

"Ok, tell me what it is!" Hallie said anxiously throwing the cloak from off her and Ron.

Hagrid chuckled and shook his head. "You got to wait. We have to go into the forest first." They walked into the forest, with Hagrid's lantern lighting the way for them.

Ron looked over at Hagrid in shock as something just clicked in his head. "Hagrid...have you combed your hair?" Gaining Hallie's attention, she looked up at the giant and realized that Ron was right. It looked like he washed it as well.

"You might want to do the same." He said to Ron.

"I comb my hair!" Ron said touching his hair to prove that he did.

Hallie giggled into her hand and then she caught sight of a flower hanging from Hagrid's robe. " there a reason you look all cleaned up? Trying to impress someone?"

"" Hagrid stuttered.

"You've got a girlfriend!" Ron said suddenly.

"Shhh!" Hagrid warned as they heard a tree branch snap.

"Hagrid! Hagrid!" Came a female voice a few feet away.

"Put the cloak on!" He instructed as he walked by them and moved a hanging branch, revealing Madame Maxime.

"He wants to date her?" Ron said in a whispered outraged voice.

"I think it's sweet." Hallie defended.

"You would, you're a girl."

"Oh shut up!" She whispered back.

Hagrid and Madame Maxime began walking and Ron and Hallie followed close behind them. All of a sudden they heard loud noises and Madame Maxime gasped.

"Oh! They are magnificent!" She breathed. "Can we get closer?" She was already moving away and Hallie and Ron walked up more so they could see what Madame Maxime was talking about.

Ron moved a few bushes and before them, a yard away, stood four cages with four very real Dragons inside. Hallie pulled the cloak off and turned to Hagrid in bewilderment. "That's the First Task? You're joking!"

"Hey! That's my brother come he didn't tell me about this?"

"They're misunderstood creatures." Right after Hagrid said that, a Dragon with spikes up and down its back blew out a breath of fire, scaring the men that were making sure the cages were locked. "But that Horntail is a nasty piece of work."

"How am I supposed to get by a Dragon?" Hallie asked as she felt panic begin to take a toll on her.

"I have no idea, but you have a few weeks to figure it out. All the others will know by tomorrow." Hagrid said as they watched the Horntail blow fire, singeing a man's hair.

"What do you mean? How will they know, isn't this supposed to be a secret?" Ron asked.

"Madame Maxime is gonna tell Fluer, and Igor was here earlier, helping to tame the Dragons so Krum will know as well. I told you..."

"What about Cedric?" Hallie asked turning her eyes back to the four Dragons.

"Well I guess he's the only one who doesn't know." Hagrid said.

Hallie turned back to the Dragons and felt as if she was just thrown into a bottomless well. Ron seemed to sense her inner turmoil, because he pulled her to him and rested his chin on her head.

"It's going to be alright 'Allie. We'll find something to help you with the Task." He said in a comforting voice.

Hallie never let her eyes leave the Dragons. She watched as they continued moving around in their cages and blowing fire. She was confident that Ron would keep his word, but she didn't know how she was going to get through this Task. It seemed so Dragons? Were they trying to kill them? Her only comfort was knowing that Draco would be waiting for her when she went to his room tonight. Hopefully, he would help get her mind off of her impending doom.


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