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Dean scanned the first-aid aisle in the pharmacy.

"We got antiseptic?" he asked Sam.

"Yeah," came Sam's muffled reply.

"We need gauze…" Dean mumbled, throwing a small packet into a shopping basket. He looked up with a frown at Sam's battered features and grazed shoulder. "We need lots of gauze…"

Dean gathered up three more packets of gauze and threw them in the basket.

After retrieving a crumpled-looking twenty dollar note from his pocket, he marched up to the counter and set down for the items which included burn cream, cotton swabs, gauze, painkillers and a large tub of gummi bears. A greasy-haired sales clerk stood at the counter, wearing a bright yellow nametag that read Mark.

The sales clerk looked at the brothers questioningly as he scanned the items through. Dean's eye was an interesting shade of purple and Sam's shirt was ripped beyond repair, revealing fresh angry grazes across his shoulder.

"That'll be fourteen fifty-seven," the clerk said in a bored voice. Dean handed over the cash.

"Hey, uh, Mark, have you got a bathroom we can use?" Dean asked the clerk in what he hoped was a friendly and non-threatening voice. The clerk sighed heavily.

"I'm sorry, we do not have a bathroom available to customers which is located at this store," he said in a much practiced rhythm.

"Yeah but there's gotta be a staff bathroom. We wouldn't ask normally but we really need a sink because – well because Sam here… was just in a bike accident," Dean said with a serious tone.

"Whatever dude," the clerk said, taking a key from under the counter.

'Bike accident?' Sam mouthed at Dean once the clerk had turned to open the door. Dean shrugged.

The bathroom was clean enough, and Sam sat down on the toilet as soon as he'd entered and began to inspect his wounds.

"Dean, hand me those tweezers." Dean retrieved the tweezers from a small bag of first aid equipment he kept in the Impala. It had been a while since he'd restocked the kit and Dean had decided to take the opportunity to fill it with cotton swabs and band-aids.

Sam winced as he tweezed a small fragment of glass from his left shoulder. Dean stared at Sam's hand.

"Shit, man, how'd you get burnt?" Sam glared at him.

"You kind of threw the match at me first, and not the casket," Sam said with a growl.

"Oh yeah."

Dean stared at his own reflection and gingerly felt the puffy area around his eye.

"Sam that spirit really let us have it, didn't he?" Dean said with a chuckle. Sam murmured something in reply, busy dousing himself with antiseptic lotion.

The brothers had just tackled the very unpleasant spirit of Derek Fouller, a recently-deceased retiree hell-bent on haunting his own grandson due to a feud regarding the treatment of a collector's edition Happy Days pinball machine. The case had been a great assurance to Sam that his family wasn't completely screwed up. Despite several wounds, a black eye and a nasty burn, Sam and Dean had triumphed over the spirit – the carcass having been thoroughly burned and ass having been thoroughly kicked. Unfortunately, Dean had decided to be thrifty and had checked out of the motel they'd been staying at right before they'd left to tackle the spirit - thus Sam and Dean were left to tend to their wounds in the staff bathroom of Gellar's Pharmacy. This was something Sam was most displeased about.

"Dean, I need a break," he said.

"Break from what?" Dean mumbled, applying lotion to his tender bruise.

"From this. From going from crappy motel to crappy motel, eating take-out and never having any really clean underwear."

"Well it's not my fault if you forget to do laundry."

"I need a break Dean. I need to stay in a place for more than three nights. I need to be able to sleep in and not worry about the next hunt," Sam said, suddenly sounding much more annoyed. Dean was surprised.

"So you wanna give up hunting, is that it? You want to go back to school?" Dean said, his voice much louder than he'd intended.

"No, not give it up. I just need a time-out, a break. I need a holiday."

Dean blinked several times and was quite amazed to discover that it made a noise.

"A holiday?"

"Yeah. A holiday."

Long Beach – California

Jaime awoke to the sounds of the neighbour's lawnmower coughing and spluttering what sounded like its last breath. She rolled over and suffered a brief moment of panic upon discovering the rest of the bed was empty. Then she spied the note:

Jaime –

Sorry, didn't want to wake you - you looked so lovely asleep. Be ready when I get home at five – remember dinner with the parents? I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow. Love you.

- Scott

Jaime smiled as she read the note. Though dinner with the parents wasn't something she was looking forward to, she considered it very necessary. Mr and Mrs Kruger would probably be very interested in getting to know her better, especially considering Jaime was going to marry their only son in eight months.

Jaime rolled out of bed and ambled her way to the bathroom. She scooped up her dark hair into a rough bun and turned on the shower. She took off her engagement ring and inspected it with a smile before setting it on the bathroom counter. She peeled off the old t-shirt she slept in and jumped back when she saw a shadow in the steamy shower door. She looked back and it was gone.

Figuring it must be a trick of the light, Jaime stepped into the shower and let the water run over her.

After her shower, Jaime walked barefoot into the kitchen and stubbed her toe on one of the many boxes of appliances sitting on the tiled floor. After cursing Scott for leaving them there, she hopped to the fridge and poured herself a glass of juice. She looked out at the boxes stacked along the walls. She walked over to a box labelled 'Shirts' and opened it. The scent of Scott's cologne wafted out and she drank in the smell. Jaime pulled out his favourite green shirt, ready for ironing. No doubt he'd want to change for dinner and having his clothes ready would avoid the usual confusion and time-wasting. She heard a thud across the room.

"Hello?" she called. There was no reply. "Scott?" She turned towards the sink and her eyes widened.

"Oh my God…"

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