Notes: a crossover of Bridge to Terabithia & A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Bridge to Terabithia part is after the end of the movie's version. The Series of Unfortunate Events part is after book # 13, The End.

Disclaimer: I don't own the stories of Bridge to Terabithia or Series of Unfortunate Events, nor do I own the "a word/phrase which here means…" line that you will see in this story a few times. That is Lemony Snicket's favorite saying, a phrase which here means "he used that line a lot in his works to explain certain things to his readers."

1: Setting Sail

It was a harsh wind that swept over the Baudelaires and Kit's daughter, Beatrice, as they made the journey off the island. However, wind didn't keep the Baudelaires from being resourceful on the journey, a phrase which here means "The Baudelaires were quite busy doing things to help their journey along. Klaus was turning the sails and using his maps, steering the ship. Violet was working on building a propeller to make the boat go faster with the stuff from the arboretum that she stowed in her pockets before she left. Sunny was feeding Beatrice with a baby meal that she had made on the trip from food she brought from the island. Suddenly, all the girls heard a yell and quickly whipped around to face Klaus.

"AAAGH! I've lost the maps! The wind was too strong." The others were shocked.

"I told you to hang on to them," Violet scolded. "How could you have lost them to the wind?"

"I put them under my foot to adjust the sails, and they blew away when I reached down to pick them up. I'm sorry, all right? I didn't mean to."

"It's alright, Klaus. We've all made mistakes before. Have you read anything about finding your way without a compass or map?" Violet reassured him.

"Only what I've read in the cub scout manual back in 3rd grade." Klaus responded. "I don't know why I quit at Bear Scout. If I had gone on into Boy Scouts, some of that information might have come in handy right about now. I guess that's why our parents put me in there. To train me for what they knew would come."

"Just try to remember what you read, Klaus. I'm sure we'll be able to make it somewhere if you could jus-"

At that moment, a loud crash of thunder cut her off. They all sat and listened for about 5 minutes to the sounds of the water churning, the wind howling, the boat creaking, and the occasional raindrop.

"Oh-oh. Storm's coming," Sunny said.

'You're right Sunny. It does seem like there's a storm coming, doesn't it, Klaus?

"Oh, er- yeah, it does," replied a startled Klaus who was trying to figure out which way the storm was coming from so they could move in the opposite direction.

"Well, we better take shelter. Klaus, Sunny, go under that seat over there. I'll take Beatrice and curl up with her under this seat. Oh, and while your over there, could you pick up my half finished propeller? I dropped it when you lost the maps and screamed."

And the orphans did just that. Klaus put the propeller in his pocket and thought to himself that with the right imagination, it could look like an axe or a hatchet. He wondered whether Violet noticed that or not. While under the seats, they all went to sleep.