A/N: This is my continuation of 'Reaction' but it can be standalone. I have no idea where this came from… my muses scare me…

Uh… light shonen-ai.

They say that it's the flaws that bring out the true beauty in someone.

You're too filled with flaws to be considered beautiful in any way, shape, or form.

But then… What does that say about me?

You're loud, rude, lazy, and you snore.

Very loudly.

You complain constantly. You're always hungry. You're supposed to be some kind of genius, but you always do or say something to make a situation infinitely worse. You're so unlucky and underestimated that it's a given you'll succeed in anything you put your mind to.

You drool in your sleep too.

You're spread out so much that you're taking up almost the entire tent we were sharing. So I'm huddled in a corner while you slobber all over my pillow. I would normally just shove you back over to your side, but last night I discovered something.

You snuggle up to anything with an internal heat source with an unyielding death grip.

My cheek still hurts where you punched me when you woke up.

My other option would be to just rough it outside.

But it's raining.

Maybe if I glare at you enough, you'll burst into flames.

… I did not just have such a childish thought.

I'll try it anyways.

Your body (not as wonderfully well built as mine) is littered in small scars. But only one really stands out so obvious on your skin.

On your left shoulder.

I don't really remember what we were fighting about. You said something and I lost it.

The only clear thing about that memory was when I was holding you. Your shoulder was so messed up from the fire I threw at you… Someone was calling for Katara, maybe that was me, I couldn't move…

I hope I never have to go through any of that again.

My fingers brush over the rough surface of the burn scar and I jerk back. You grumble and shift a little, then snore away.

Furious for some reason, I snatch my soaking pillow away from you and settle in where your side was supposed to be. Immediately, you curl into my back and lightly clutch the back of my shirt.

You're way too flawed to be beautiful.