Diminished Light: Chosens' Quest
Chapter 1
Journey's Beginning
Sailor Janus

Disclaimer: Digimon is the property of Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei. I only own the season worlds and characters that I have created for this story.

Author's Notes: Takes place after Diminished Light: Void's Assault.

As the Light continued to fade, storms of the heart swept through the lifeless void, pronouncing the end for the former warriors. Harmony rose, breaking through the chaos as Kindness reigned anew. Knowledge believed in its ability and Fate stood for its own destiny. Dreams awakened, and Courage declared it would not surrender. Winds shrieked, fires burned, waves crashed and the earth scorned, yet Purity found purpose, Friendship stayed fearless as Truth broke free of doubt. The vengeance continued its strife to rip them apart but Faith found meaning, Justice discovered the honor within. Sympathy saw through the fog of selfishness and Time found value in what is known. Even as the hatred and destruction persisted, Miracles came forth refusing to abandon anyone. Love proved to stand strong and unyielding and Strength proved to be mightier than fear itself. Spirit came to life and the diminished Light glowed with glory as Hope was no longer lost and Darkness discovered that it was never alone. Together the Chosen discovered their inner power of heart yet, the victory was not as they had wished it to be for the battle was far from over. Accepting the challenge as one to find their missing partners and friends of the Digital World, they set forth on another journey, one that will prove most trying and rewarding alike.

Birds chirped softly in the distance as a breeze whispered gently in the air, swaying in a graceful waltz. Motomiya Daisuke groaned as he opened his eyes and saw thin blades of grass. The last thing he remembered was lights flashing through colors that seemed to swirl, bleed, and mix as the world seemed to spin, flip, and drop out from under him. Sensations of flying, falling, pressure and numbness had flooded his body before everything went black. Just the memory of the whole experience however, was enough to turn his stomach. He felt nauseous at best, but for some reason his back was killing him.

"Has the room stopped spinning yet?"

"Hikari?" He gasped at the familiar voice close to his ear.

"Dai?" She wiggled but found she was still pinned down.

"Ow! Stop kicking me." A thickly accented voice cried out as she realized that something rather warm was nestled on her chest. She blushed crimson as she lifted her head and spotted a tuft of blonde hair. "Um, Takeru? Is that you?"


"Can you get off me? This is rather embarrassing."

The teen's head snapped up as he swore. "I'm sorry, Catherine! I didn't know…" He stared down at her chest and turned a deeper shade of red than she was. "I-I-I I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!"

"Didn't do what?" Yagami Hikari squirmed but was unable to move too far. "Why do we have to land like this? We usually only do this when we return from the Digital World."

"I don't know but Takeru was being a pervert." A new voice explained to the surprise of the group.

"Jyou?" Takashi Takeru gritted his teeth as he realized that it was the eldest Chosen who was making it difficult for the others to move. "I'm not a pervert. It was an accident and can you get off my back?"

After much struggling the small group of Chosen finely untangled their limbs and managed to stand up. It was then however that they noticed there was something very different about each of them.

"What the?" Daisuke stared in confusion at the fingerless ice blue gloves he wore. His puzzled brown eyes roved up his arm to discover sleeves that reached his elbows in black with what appeared to be blue flames in the middle. Over the shirt was a bright blue vest that matched his pants. "Why did our clothes change again?"

Hikari frowned as she noted that his goggles were now black with icy blue lenses. Her eyes fell towards the blue tag and dropped to the black belt adorned with two pouches and a buckle with the symbol of Miracles on it. She glanced towards Takeru who was trying to avoid looking at the French girl. The fact that he was dressed in a red lace up tunic didn't help tone down his flushed face at all. Instead he nonchalantly ran a black gloved hand through his blonde hair as he brushed his other one again his black pants. She realized that he too wore a belt similar to Daisuke's only his had the symbol of Hope. "Something odd is going on here. Where is everyone else?"

"I think I preferred my other outfit better," Catherine Beaumont murmured as she chewed on her bottom lip in slight discomfort. Her silver tank top style shirt barely reached her belly and left a good amount of cleavage exposed. A long sleeved sheer light green top was over it, but even that hadn't covered her navel. A short matching green skirt in a jagged cut hem fell from her hips from underneath a long silver skirt that looked as though it had been shredded. She stomped her green ankle length boots and crossed her arms above her green belt, feeling rather exposed.

Hikari gave her a sympathetic smile then turned towards Kido Jyou who was digging in the matching pouch of his black belt. She frowned at his brown jacket and pants worn over a white v neck shirt then glanced at her own clothing and nearly gasped in shock. The first thing she noticed was the black thigh high boots worn with a knee length black skirt that was open in the front. Under it was a deep purple mini skirt. She also wore a black off the shoulder top under a purple corset-like tank top, both of which left her midsection bare. The only other thing covering her arms were elbow length gloves in the same shade as her mini skirt and corset-like top. She too looked speculatively at the pouches as well as the symbol of Light on her purple belt.

Daisuke snickered as Takeru continued to avert his eyes away from Catherine. His smug grin fell however once he noticed what Hikari was wearing and unconsciously dropped his jaw as he stared at her.

"Hey, Daisuke. I think you have something on your chin," Takeru smirked as the Chosen leader quickly rubbed his hand over his mouth.

"Maybe this place isn't so bad after all."

"Daisuke!" Hikari blushed as she realized that he was referring to her clothing. She chewed on her lip and brushed a hand through her hair suddenly feeling nervous.

"Right. Sorry. We came here for a reason and that's to find the digimon."

"Um, Gennai didn't exactly tell us about how to do that. What do we do? Search? And once we find them then what?" Jyou pushed his glasses further up his nose as he gazed around. "I don't see the others around here either which might mean that we were split up again."

The two younger men's heads snapped up as they too looked for any sign of their other friends having been too distracted by the girl of their choice.

Takeru cleared his throat and folded his arms over his chest. "I guess it can't hurt. I just wish we knew where everyone else was."

Suddenly a musical chime echoed through the air to the shock of the five Chosen. They exchanged glances and looked around curiously. At a loss for the source Daisuke reached into one of the pouches on his belt and pulled out a rectangular electronic device that wasn't there the first time. He gaped in puzzlement as it switched on to reveal none other than a rather familiar face from the Digital World.

"Gennai!" Hikari quickly pulled out a similar device from her own pouch and gestured for the others to do the same.

"Greetings, Chosen. As you can tell, you are not in the Digital World nor your own." He began explaining to the full attention of the twenty young adults, who though were separated into groups, were up to the challenge set forth before them. "You have been split up to take on the task you had agreed to locating and returning the digimon to their own world. In order to do so you must make use of new digivices. These are special ones that are equipped with the Digital Retrieval System or DRS for short. These systems are on each of your D-Quads. You will find that the D-Quads are a digivice unlike any other possessing the ability to detect and communicate with one another, log data, as well as track, analyze, and retrieve digimon respectively. You will also find supplies you may need in your travels. Remember, you are in a world unlike any you have experienced before. Do heed caution as you partake in your journey and good luck."

The face quickly disappeared from the screen as though it had never been there in the first place. Takeru frowned at the D-Quad then searched the other pocket.

"What are you looking for?" Catherine studied him with curious blue eyes.

"The D-Terminal. The digimon can't-" He pause as a pained expression formed on his features. "-use the Digimentals without them. But they're not with us so it wouldn't matter anyway."

Daisuke grinned reassuringly as Hikari place a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Hey, don't worry. We'll find them and it'll be just like old times again."

"As long as you and V-mon don't still snore loud enough to wake the dead." Takeru smirked as the leader's jaw dropped.

"Hey! At least I can cook."

Hikari cringed as she covered her mouth with the back of her hand in silent laughter. "Oh no, let's not go over that again…. I can't believe that you had a bet with Yamato over Takeru and I learning how to cook."

Daisuke draped an arm over his girlfriend's shoulders. "Well, you proved to be able to not give everyone food poisoning…. Unlike the hopeless chef over there."

Catherine glanced at Jyou in confusion who was also watching the three squabbling teens in silence. "Do you understand what they are talking about?"

"To put it simply. Takeru can't cook and Hikari can….kind of. Daisuke and Yamato had a bet going because Takeru and Hikari had to make something for school. I can't remember what they made but it was a disaster from what I heard which brings up the question, Catherine. Do you know how to cook?"

The French girl blinked and nodded. "Oui. I mean yes. I can cook many things."

"Then it might be best for you to keep Takeru out of the kitchen."

"Hey!" The blonde haired boy spun around and glared at his elder. "I'm not that bad!"

"Um, not to break up the party, but I think we have digimon to look for and possibly civilization," Hikari said, in an attempts to bring everyone's focus back to their new situation.

"Right. Let's try heading east and we'll see where it leads us." Daisuke nodded as he pointed towards a clearing. "Maybe we'll get likely and find someplace that has food because I don't know about you guys, but it's been a while since Hikari and I last ate."

"Sounds like a plan," Catherine smiled and together the quintet started off.

Asukai Tani stared out into the ocean, watching the waves lap lazily against the shore. The wind blew through her dark pigtails and she turned back to the others in her party. The only one she had met before was Ishida Yamato. The other three were complete strangers to her even though the red haired guy had apparently been seeing one of her sisters. She pushed at her indigo bandana briefly brushing her fingers again her violet colored goggles.

Yamato glanced at the fidgeting girl and laughed. "It's okay, Tani. They won't bite."

She nodded as the long tan colored sleeveless duster he wore billowed in the wind against his khaki pants and long sleeved copper shirt. She turned and studied the lavender haired girl wearing a short green sleeveless dress over a pair of brown pants, a light tan colored short sleeved top with green boots and short green gloves. The girl was talking to a young man with indigo colored hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was clad in a blue-gray long sleeved shirt the laced up in the front with black pants. A red haired young man stood near them intently studying the D-Quad dressed in a yellow long sleeved tunic with a pair of brown pants and gloves.

The lavender haired girl looked at Tani for a moment then turned around and whispered to her boyfriend. "Who's she? I've never seen her before."

"Maybe one of Ami's sisters?" He replied and nodded towards the young woman. "She has tag and crest."

"Right." The girl stepped towards the brunette and smiled. "Hi, I'm Inoue Miyako and this is my boyfriend Ichijouchi Ken. Um, it's nice to meet you."

"I'm Asukai Tani. It's a pleasure to meet you." She looked down at her clothing and flushed. It wasn't something she could ever fathom wearing. An indigo lace-up vest over a teal corset-like top with matching shorts under a knee length shredded indigo skirt. Purple bands hugged her upper arms from above teal and indigo colored elbow length gloves. She stared down at her indigo colored slippers and sighed. "I guess we don't really have a choice in what we're wearing around here."

Miyako laughed. "Don't worry. You look fine."

Tani nodded as Yamato and Izumi Koushiro joined them. "So I guess it's just the five of us. I hope the others are okay."

"This D-Quad is rather fascinating," Koushiro said, as he studied the device. "I wonder how you get the communication mechanism working?" Suddenly Yagami Taichi's face appeared on the screen to the shock of the red head who nearly dropped it in surprise.

"Koushiro! Hey! Is Hikari with you?"

"Eh, Taichi! No, she's not. Yamato, Ken, Miyako and uh…"

Yamato immediately made a grab for the digivice, snatching it away from Koushiro. "Hey, Taichi! Have you seen Sora?"

"Yeah, she's here. Have you seen Hikari?"

"No. Have you tried contacting her D-Quad?"

The brunette blinked then slapped a hand to his face. Just then Takenouchi Sora popped up on the screen. "No, he didn't. He chose randomly rather than alphabetically."

"I couldn't figure out how to get the stupid thing to work!" Taichi shouted from off screen.

"He randomly pressed buttons. If it was a cell phone he would have ended up calling Bolivia."

Yamato chuckled. "Just keep my fiancée safe, okay, Taichi and I'll keep Tani out of trouble."

The brunette leader's face appeared on the screen for a moment. "Tani is with you?"

Sora shoved him out of the way. "Hey, it should be Tani and I keeping you two out of trouble!"

"Yeah!" Tani stepped in and leaned over Yamato as she plucked the device out of his hand. "Remember, Tai, you have the Crest of Courage, not stupidity. You don't have to do everything and it's okay to be afraid." She ducked under Yamato's intercepting arm as he tried to snag the D-Quad away from her. "And don't worry, Sora. I'll keep your fiancé from doing anything stupid as well as long as you keep my boyfriend under control."

"Deal." The screen went fuzzy as shouts erupted from the device. Taichi's face next appeared as he glared at his girlfriend. "We don't need any help keeping out of trouble."

"Uh huh. We'll see about that. Love ya, Tai." She giggled as she skipped off but suddenly found the ground coming fast to meet her as her legs were knocked out from under her.

Koushiro sighed and inspected his D-Quad carefully. "You two have your own digivices. I'd prefer mine not to get broken before I have fully been able to analyze its abilities and how it work it more closely."

Tani dusted herself off as she stumbled up from the large mass of sand she fell in. Miyako grinned at her and gave her a victory sign.

"That was great. Even better than playing 'Keep Away' with the remote with Daisuke when he wanted to watch some big soccer tournament."

"Easy for you to say. You didn't get shoved into a large bowl of popcorn that decided to lodge itself around your ass. It took over ten minutes to remove because everyone was laughing so hard." Ken glowered at his girlfriend as she started cracking up even more.

"Oh man, I should have never thrown it to Hikari when I did. She went down hard when Daisuke had fallen off of the sofa trying to catch it and crashed into her."

Ken shook his head at the memory. "It's a miracle that neither of them had a concussion. I don't think I've ever seem him apologize so much before." He looked up and frowned. "Um, I think we're being left behind…."

Miyako's head snapped up and her jaw dropped. "Hey! A little notice would be nice!" She grabbed Ken's wrist and sprinted after the rest of their group.

Tani turned around at looked at the couple in surprise. "Oh sorry, we're weren't actually going to leave you. We haven't really decided which direction would be the best to take."

"I think going south would be our best choice," Koushiro offered. "I mean if everyone else agrees."

"Sounds better than just standing around and the sooner we start moving the best chance we have of locating the digimon." Yamato nodded as he addressed the other Chosen.

"Well, then if everyone's ready, let's go!" Tani started off as the others trailed after her.

Taichi brushed the autumn leaves from his thick brown hair and scowled at his childhood friend. Sora, now clothed in a baby pink high necked top that barely covered her stomach with short sheer sleeves, a dark blue pair of shorts that almost looked like a skirt and thigh high beige colored boots was shaking with laughter. She adjusted the pink headband in her short red hair and look at him innocently before bursting into a fit of giggles.

"Do you need some help with your D-Quad?" Her brown eyes twinkled with amusement as he glowered at her.

"I can figure it out for myself thank you, Sora."

Tachikawa Mimi studied her long sleeveless white vest that went down to her mid thigh. Under it was a small dusty rose pink tank top that barely reached her belly and a pink mini skirt. Long fingerless spring green gloves stopped short of her shoulder and matching green calf length boots completed her look. She shoved at her long hair that to her dislike, fell past her shoulders in waves. "I guess this isn't too bad." She shifted her gaze to her boyfriend Michael Nicholson who was decked out in copper toned lace up vest and matching pants with a long sleeved forest green shirt. He looked at his brown gloves and shrugged.

"It could be worse. Then again, I'd prefer to have a hat." He flipped the curly strands of blonde hair from his face. "The first chance I get, I'm gonna straighten out this mess."

"And you say I worry about my looks too much," Mimi snickered at her boyfriend as he folded his arms and pouted.

"Guys have images to uphold too."

"And what a manly image it is." Mimi grinned as she wrapped her arms around him. He narrowed his eyes and sulked further.

"Now you're making fun."

"You know, this kind of reminds me of an RPG," Chichos "Rosa" Sanchez said as she looked over her outfit consisting of a cream colored top with gold crisscrossing laces for sleeves and a short rose gold pleated skirt. Gold bands were joined from her wrists to her elbows with crisscrossing gold laces and on her feet were gold colored slippers with laces that crisscrossed as well up to her knees. She fluffed her short dark ponytail out and bit her lip. "Have any of you played any video games before?"

Taichi and the other older Chosen blanched. He glanced down at his black jacket with gray bandanas tied above his elbows over a gray shirt and black pants with another gray bandana tied at his left knee and sighed. Frighteningly enough, the teenaged girl did have a point but it wasn't exactly something he cared to discuss at the moment. He pulled at his black goggles and grinned nonchalantly as he fiddled with his digivice. "Um, let's not talk about that right now."

"Why not?"

"It's a long story," Sora jumped in to the relief of the others.

"Something that I don't care to relive ever again," Michael muttered as Mimi clutched onto his arm.

Rosa blinked in confusion at them but left the subject alone.

"I think I got it!" Taichi cheered in triumph. "Hikari? Hikari?"

"Big brother?" A puzzled sounding voice inquired as an equally speculative face of a brunette teen appeared on the screen.

"Hikari! Are you okay? You're safe, right?"

The screen shook a bit as though his sibling had been startled by the outburst. "Yes, I'm fine. Daisuke, Takeru, Catherine, and Jyou are also with me. Why do you ask?"

Taichi scratched the back of his head as he began to pace as he talked. "Oh, you know. Doing the big brother thing and checking up on you."

"You mean being overly protective."

"Hey! I am not."

Hikari sighed. "You are too. But remember I can take care of myself and I'm not alone either. Everything will be fine." She paused a moment and smiled. "And I know that you're doing this because you love me and I still love you, but I am stronger now. Stronger than I used to be."

Taichi smiled back at his little sister as he reflected on how much she had grown up. "I know. I just want you to be safe. I don't like it when you're hurt."

"I'll be fine, big brother. Trust me."

He nodded as he drew a deep breath and exhaled. "I do. Hey, can I talk to Daisuke? Leader to leader?"


"I'm not going to threaten him or anything. I think it's great you two are together and have no problems with it whatsoever. I just want to talk to him."

Hikari gazed into the earnest shine in her brother's eyes before she agreed. "Remember to watch out for yourself, big brother."

Daisuke's face suddenly filled the screen. "Um, you wanted to talk to me, Taichi?"

"Yeah. I just wanted to tell you again that I know your intentions for my little sister are honorable but I still want you to promise to take care of her."

"Of course I will, Taichi. She means more than anything to me."

Taichi sighed as he closed his eyes, satisfied with the younger leader's answer. "Good, because I have enough to worry about with Tani not being here and instead I have to watch out for Sora as Yamato is keeping an eye out for Tani."

Daisuke blinked in surprise. "Whoa. Kinda sucks for you guys, but I'm sure you'll be back together again when this is over."

"Yeah. We have some missing friends to find after all. Thank you, Daisuke."

"You've done a good job of protecting her yourself, Taichi. Now it's my turn. I promise not to let you down." Daisuke glanced up and flinched. "Um, better go. Hikari is looking at me suspiciously."

"Okay. Be careful. All of you."

"Don't worry, we will."

Taichi stared at the now blank screen a moment before shoving the D-Quad back into its pouch. He turned back to the others and grinned. "Okay, now that I know Hikari is safe let's go."

Mimi angled a look at Michael. "Someone is being an overprotective older brother."

"True, but considering the fact that he had no idea where she was for years then lost her again after finding her in a few short days can you blame him?"

"Guess not when you put it like that." She smiled as she glanced back towards the others. "So where to?"

Sora studied the map displayed on her D-Quad. "West looks good to me."

"Then west it is," Taichi nodded and together the group headed off.

Lazy flakes of snow drifted from the sky as Wallace Bailey studied the mountain before him. His blue eyes shifted towards the three young women chatting enthusiastically on one of the D-Quads. The only one he was vaguely familiar with was Asukai Ami. Her reddish burgundy curls were swept up in a messy bun allowing a few tendrils to face in her pale face. Her brown, red, and gold colored cape fluttered in the breeze over a tiny magenta shirt that left her stomach exposed and a long ankle length skirt that bled from a rich gold, to orange and ending with a deep red. She pulled at her long magenta colored gloves and pouted at the darker haired girl. Quieter of the two, the raven haired girl fought for her digivice as Ami tried to yank it away. Dressed in an olive green sleeveless dress with a cream colored outer layer she definitely had a royal appearance compared to the other two, especially with the off the shoulder olive green sleeves that were tied to her arms with thick ribbon.

The third member of the trio however had a different air to her that Wallace couldn't help but feel uncertain of. She was tall with short unruly violet hair. Her sapphire blue eyes glimmered as she snickered at Ami. She was clad in what looked like a black leather jacket, but the front half only reached her waist as the back continued down to the back of her knees. Under that was a teal turtleneck and matching pants paired off with black knee-high boots.

"I believe they're all sisters," Hida Iori said softly. He tucked his hands in his long brown coat, which he wore over a deep orange high-necked shirt and black pants. "Triplets to be exact, though they don't look too much alike. Contact lenses and hair dye can do wonders to alter one's appearance."

Wallace nodded absently and glanced down at his long black coat, worn over a burgundy top and blue pants. The bottom of his burgundy colored bandana slapped lightly against the back of his neck and he sighed.

"I think Akina wants you to tell her boyfriend hi for her."

"I do not, Shina," the dark haired young woman glared as she flushed. "I can tell him myself, thank you very much."

Shina laughed. "And just what did you two talk about on the internet? Hm, sister dear."

"I think I may want to plug my ears…."Ami blushed as looked apologetically to Tani on the digivice who appeared to be trying not to laugh at her sisters' banter.

Akina's jaw dropped. "Get your minds out of the gutter. Nothing of that nature happened in any form whatsoever!" She spun around to stomp off but froze at the sight of the two young men staring at them. "As if I couldn't get even more mortified." She slapped a hand to her face, took a deep breath then grabbed her sisters' arms and yanked them over frowning at them. "We're being rude."

"Oh! Oops," The red head bowed in apology. "I am Asukai Ami. It's nice to meet you. This is Asukai Akina and Asukai Shina, my older sisters though only by minutes."

Shina bowed as well and cocked her head at the two boys. "So, you know who we are, it's your turn."

"Hida Iori," the tall brunette replied with a bow.

"Wallace Bailey or Bailey Wallace as you might say it," the blonde bowed respectfully.

"An American?" Shina blinked in surprise as Ami said a quick goodbye to Tani.

"Born and raised."

She smirked as she folded her arms. "Interesting."

"What do you mean by interesting? Is there something wrong with the fact that I'm not Japanese? Michael is also American, Rosa is from Mexico and Catherine is French-"

"Whoa, boy. Take it easy," Shina held out her hands then shook her head as she sighed. "I didn't mean anything by it. In fact I like American culture."

Wallace rolled his eyes. "Whatever. We're wasting time just standing here."

"You're the one who is making a big fuss over nothing."

"I'm not making a fuss!"

"Yes, you are."

Wallace gritted his teeth and swore at the sky. "Fine. Let's just go."

"I believe our best choice will be north," Iori said calmly as he showed the map displayed on his digivice.

"Fine. Let's just go." Wallace stalked off leaving the others to follow.

Ami frowned in confusion. "He didn't act that cold before."

Iori shook his head. "There must be more to it than just acting out and more than likely we'll find out the hard way."

Akina nodded as she glanced from Shina to the blonde American. It seemed her sister had once again found her way under someone's skin but the reason behind that was still a mystery. She could only hope that whatever it was that it wouldn't hinder their journey and the task they set off to accomplish.

Author's Notes: This took longer to complete than expected. What may seem rather simple at the moment is going to become more involved and complicated as the story moves forward.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter to the second part of my series. This is only the beginning after all.