Chapter 1

Jonas, a thirteen year old boy, quickly rode down the hill with Gabriel, a baby that was supposed to be released, strapped to its seat on the back of Jonas's bike. Jonas could help but look back up the snowy mountain, which was covering the view of his town. Also, he felt something he had never felt before. It was not love. It was not hatred, but something along the lines of that. There was a word that had described it that he remembered and felt before. It was guilt. That was the word Jonas has been looking for. Guilt. He had left his "grandfather" behind him and he couldn't return. Not to the world of Sameness.

Jonas continued on to ride on the snowy road, hoping that he would soon get to a town, where he could keep Gabriel's small body warm. Every time he pressed down on his pedal of his bike, he felt pain. Every time he felt that pain, he remembered that he had to find a hospital, or at least some help to heal his sprained ankle. When Jonas expected it the least, he saw a town not to far from the bottom of the hill. He paddled as fast as he could as he struggled.

When Jonas finally arrived, he fell onto the grass side ways. He quickly reached for the scared Gabriel, afraid he might cry. While he did that, Jonas have heard something he haven't heard for a long time - Laughter. He weakly got on his back and turned his head to where the sound of laughter came from. When he finally managed to, he saw little kids playing in snow, laughing and running around. One of the parents that was outside saw him and ran over as fast as she could.

Just before Jonas blacked out, he heard her say, "Oh, dear! A teenager and a small baby!"

When Jonas awoke, he felt warmth. Groaning, he sat up and realized that he was in a bed. In fact, in a building of some sort. Suddenly, Jonas remembered Gabriel as he cried out with terror, "Gabe? Where are you, Gabe?"

A lady with long blonde hair and blue eyes, who was quite thin, told him with a smile, "Calm down, dear. If you're talking about the small baby that you were with before you went out cold, he's all right. He's being treated by the nurses in the part of the hospital where all small children goes. He's quite a fuss, mind you."

Jonas tried to get up as he hurriedly told her, "It's probably because I'm not there! I was the one who gave him a memory of a boat on the water during a calm night, and if I'm not around, he's always like that!"

The lady pushed down Jonas lightly onto the bed by his shoulder, as she questioned him with suspicion, "What do you mean you 'gave him memory'? Aren't you around from here?"

Suddenly, Jonas realized that he saw all the colors at the same time. He took one more look at the lady as he asked, "You mean that I'm not in the world of Sameness anymore? You mean that there's things like love here?"

The woman looked at Jonas with great confusion before she started to laugh. "Yes, dear. There are things called love. We parents have responsibility of loving our children," she explained. Jonas suddenly started to feel guilty once more as he fell on his back onto the bed. The woman asked him, "Did something happen?"

Jonas's eyes filled with tears at the memory of The Giver as he explained, "No. Not if you don't count having to leave someone you love behind you, that is."

The woman told him, "My name is Jenna Trobell. Tell me what's wrong."

Jonas got up once more as he told her, "Before I tell you what happened, I need to get Gabriel. My name is Jonas by the way."

The woman named Jenna handed him some sort of woods with cottons of some sort wrapping parts of it as she said, "Well, Jonas, if you want to get Gabriel, you'll have to use these to help you get around. You have to put them under your arms for support. You had a sprained ankle, so you have a cast on you."

Jonas nodded as he used something he have never used before. Even before he knew it, he was getting used to using these objects to support himself. When he finally got to where Gabriel was, he realized every single child had light colored eyes. Started, Jonas called, "Gabe? Where are you?" Suddenly, a sound of fretful child started to make giggling noises.

A male with dark black hair and dark gray eyes with glasses on picked Gabriel up as he called to Jonas, "I see you're finally awake!" He looked at Gabriel for a moment and looked back at Jonas as he asked, "Does this kid laughing have something to do with you?"

Jonas nodded as he told the man, "Kind of. I was the new Receiver and I transfered a memory to him by mistake. Apparently, ever since, he would only sleep quietly and all when I was around. Other wise, has trouble."

The man handed Gabriel over the Jenna, who was standing right behind Jonas, as she was told, "Let these two stay with you and your family for awhile, Jenna. They just need some place to stay, by the looks of it." With just that, the man walked around as he played and talked with other children.