Warm Comfort

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"And making his way to the ring from San Antonio, Texas, he is the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!" Shawn walked toward the ring, glaring at his opponent, Edge.

As he climbed into the ring he was met with a hard spear. He hit the canvas hard, pain blossoming in his back. He stood up with difficulty and the bell rang.

The spear had done more damage than he had orinally thought. With every movement his body screamed in protest. Somehow he managed to get through the match and make his way to the locker room. As soon as the door closed, he collapsed onto the bench so he lay on his stomach. His whole body was on fire.

He barely heard the door open but he felt the soft hands on his back. He turned his head and there was Edge, or Adam as Shawn called him.

"Did I hurt you with that Spear Angel?" he asked gently. Shawn nodded. Adam lay his hand on Shawn's back and he hissed. Adam quickly removed his hand.

"Oh Angel, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?"

"No." Shawn whimpered. Adam calmed him with a small kiss on Shawn's nose.

"Hush Angel, why don't we get you outta here?" Shawn nodded again and Adam helped him to his feet. Adam put an arm protectively around Shawn's waist. He led Shawn out of the arena and to his car, helping Shawn to lay down in the backseat. Adam got into the front and started the car. Glancing back at Shawn every few minutes, Adam drove them to the hotel.


Adam parked the car as close to the door as he could and helped Shawn out, practially carrying him to their room. He opened the door and made a beline for the bed, setting Shawn on it with the upmost care.

"Shawn? Angel? How does a nice hot bath sound?" Adam said softy, brushing Shawn's hair away from his eyes.

"Sounds like Heaven right now." Shawn mumbled.

"And a massage after?"

"Wonderful." Shawn said with a small nod.

"Only the best for my Angel." Adam said, walking toward the bathroom to start the water. He put in Shawn's favorate lavender scented bath oil and waited for the tub to fill.

As soon as it had, Adam walked back into the bedroom where Shawn was trying to find a position that would relieve most of his pain. Adam walked over and helped him strip, gasping as he saw the caught sight of the purple and black bruise that was begining to form.

He led Shawn to the bathroom, supporting him as he stepped into the tub and lay back. Shawn sighed as the hot water hit his aching body and soothed away the discomfort. Adam let Shawn relax in the tub, running his hands silently through the older blonde's hair.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Hmmm yeah." Shawn mummered, seemingly half asleep.

"Good, come on." Adam lifted him from the tub and dried him off, placing kisses along Shawn's neck. He took Shawn back to the bed and positioned him to lay on his stomach. Adam took a jar of bruise cream from his bag and began to massage it into the large one on Shawn's back. Shawn felt all remaining tention and pain fade to be replaced by warm comfort and he started to pur. Adam chuckled softly.

"I love it when you do that Angel."

"Do what?" Shawn yawned.

"Purr. It so cute, like a cat." Shawn snorted and yawned again.

"I love you Adam."

"Love you too Angel."