Turn 1: The Ultimate Test – The Start of an Exciting Year!

It is a warm summer day in Domino City; everyone is outside doing many different activities. Some people are playing with Frisbees, some are walking their dogs, and some are even playing Duel Monsters. Today is the day that the illustrious Duel Academy holds its practical exams.

A teenage girl walks briskly through the streets; she is wearing a brown tee shirt with a white outline of wings on the back. A wind kicks up; blowing her long chestnut brown hair, and her bright red skirt. She is wearing a Duel Disk, reminiscent of the ones worn by Yuigi and co during the Battle City tournament. This is Beatrix, and she is going to be taking the Duel Academy practical exam.

This year, the practical exams are being held in Kaiba Land, in the Blue-Eyes White Dome. Beatrix could not be any more excited; she had never been the Kaiba Land, and had heard that it was like heaven for Duel Monsters players. She was so excited that she never gave it any thought as to why the practical exams would take place where the pros duel for the championship.

All of the prospective Duel Academy students gathered outside of the Blue-Eyes White Dome. The door is locked, and all of the duelists are wondering when the exams would start. After ten minutes of waiting, a monitor flickers to life, and Seto Kaiba's face filled the screen. The billionaire had aged, but did not look very different from when he founded the school. Those who had stayed perked their ears for the message, knowing that it would be worth the wait.

"Duelists, why are you here? That is the question you have asked yourselves before coming here. Some enter Duel Academy to become the next World Champion, others have much higher goals: to become the Duel King. Or, perhaps your goal has nothing to do with dueling. Great card designers have come from Duel Academy, and have created the cards that you are playing now." Comes the voice of Kaiba, "These doors welcome those of you who are ready to walk boldly into the future. To you who have even a single grain of doubt; leave now." Kaiba's voice suddenly became deep and imposing, "If you are not one hundred percent confident in yourself, the world will not accept you, and neither will Duel Academy. To those who will walk bravely forward, there is a special challenge. Normally, only those who graduate from the preparatory school enter in Obelisk Blue, however, for those willing to face the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, you will be admitted into the blue dorm. This will be different from the normal exam; you must win in order to be admitted to the school. You will be turned away if you lose, that is the nature of Duel Monsters; you either risk it all, or get nothing. That is all." With that, the monitor turns black.

A humming noise emanates from the doors, signaling that they were unlocked. The people who had gathered around it stood there bewildered by what the CEO of Kaiba Corp. had said. Some had been intimidated, and began to leave. The rest watched those who were leaving, and started having feelings of doubt also. Beatrix saw this, and felt that she had to do something. She walked over to the doors, which opened automatically for her. She stepped through them, and spoke up to catch the attention of those who were left, "Everybody! Don't let your resolve falter! I will take Mr. Kaiba up on his challenge, so please, keep your spirits up!" With that, Beatrix walked into the Blue-Eyes White Dome, and walked straight to the dueling platform where she expected Kaiba to be waiting. Everyone she had addressed was intrigued by this, and followed her inside; their fears completely forgotten. She ran through a door, and stopped abruptly when she saw that she stood on a small ledge before a large pit.

Indeed, she did find Kaiba who stood across from her on a similar ledge, but it was not what she was expecting. Kaiba stood beside a strange looking droid with ten card readers on its body, "What is this?" She wondered to herself.

"This is a dueling droid; it has been programmed with dueling strategies and has my Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Did you really expect that I would duel you? The chance of you beating this challenge is slim enough, if I was to duel you, there would be no chance." Kaiba said, as if knowing what Beatrix was wondering.

Beatrix stared at the legendary duelist ahead of her, "Then why are you here? Something tells me that you want a challenge. Well, I'm here, and I challenge you Mr. Kaiba!"

Kaiba smirked arrogantly, she had awoken the duelist inside of him, and now it was time for one more duel. He called for an attendant to bring him a duel disk, and he took his deck from the droid. He readied his duel disk, and drew five cards, "Challengers go first." The CEO of Kaiba Corp. said.

"Okay!" Beatrix says as she draws her sixth card.

Murmurs could be heard from the spectators, they all wondered if this girl would be able to stand up to Seto Kaiba, a legendary duelist. Kaiba was known for his cunning and excellent card play; his strategies were so intricate that no amateur could possibly figure them out. Beatrix knew that this was going to be one of the biggest challenges of her entire career, one she did not know she could beat. She would have been content in Ra Yellow or Slifer Red, but she took on this challenge to inspire her fellow duelists, and inspire she was going to do!

"I'll set a monster face-down in defense mode, and set another card face-down. Your turn Mr. Kaiba!" She said politely.

Kaiba draws a card, "A weak opening move." He said, and the audience was inclined to agree, "I summon Sonic Bird in attack mode, but that's not all, because when I summon Sonic Bird, it brings me a spell from my deck. A ritual spell card called Ritual of White Dragon!" A bird with rockets strapped to its back flies in from the sky, and in its talons is the ritual spell card Kaiba had mentioned, "Now, I'll play Ritual of White Dragon, and offer Sonic Bird as a sacrifice to summon Paladin of White Dragon!"

Sonic Bird fades out of sight, and a blue dragon with a knight in shining armour shines to life on Kaiba's side of the field. The dragon gives a loud roar, and the knight brings his sword in front of his face in a dignified manner.

Paladin of White Dragon ATK 1900 DEF 1200

Beatrix looks at the intimidating monster in front of her as Kaiba continues with his move, "Now, I'll attack your face-down monster! White Dragon Strike!"

The dragon flies by Beatrix's face-down monster and the knight stabs it with his sword. The card shatters without flipping face-up, "The holy sword of the paladin destroys my monster without flipping it face-up." Beatrix says, "Skelengel's effect won't be helping me today."

"Now, I'll activate my monsters second effect! I sacrifice Paladin of White Dragon to summon a monster from my deck. A monster known as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Kaiba exclaims.

The Paladin of White Dragon disappears, and taking its place, is Kaiba's trademark monster. The massive dragon appears on the field, its very presence increasing the gravity in the room. The dragon stares at Beatrix, who cannot help but be a little intimidated by the awesome dragon in front of her. More than her intimidation, however, was Beatrix's admiration for the monster.

"The Blue-Eyes White Dragon, mighty dragon of the light! I am honoured to be in the presence of this magnificent creature!" Beatrix swoons.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon ATK 3000 DEF 2500

Kaiba is uncertain as whether or not to heckle Beatrix's embarrassing behavior. On one hand, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the most intimidating card in the game, Kaiba's holograms made sure of that, and it is funny to see Beatrix react in such an odd fashion. On the other hand, Kaiba has the upper hand, and how he loves to have the upper hand.

"You're lucky that I can't attack now, so I end my turn." Kaiba says in his usual grace.

"Okay, my turn!" Beatrix says as she draws and gasps when she sees what card it is, "Oh! It's you!"

Before she left for Kaiba Land that morning, Beatrix's father stopped her as she was walking out the door, "Beatrix, I have a gift for you before you leave. This card saw me through a lot of my duels and hardships in life, and I want you to have it now. This is the guardian angel of our family, and he will watch over you through your hardships."

Beatrix looks at the card her father gave her, here most cherished card, and after a few moments Kaiba becomes annoyed with his opponent's hesitation, "Are you going to play your card or aren't you?" He shouts across the gap to Beatrix.

This snaps Beatrix out of her reflection, and she looks up with a sorry look on her face, "Oh! Right," Beatrix says as she takes the card she just drew, and exchanges it with another card from her hand, "I play the spell card Shinato's Ark! I sacrifice Majestic Mech – Goryu in my hand to call forth Shinato, King of a Higher Plane!"

A bright stream of light shines from the heavens, and from it descends the leader of the angels. The blue-skinned creature settles in the air above the Blue-Eyes White Dragon; the angel's face displays serenity, even in the face of Kaiba's powerful monster. Kaiba recognizes this monster as the deck master of his adoptive father's son, Noah. He had hated it ever since, but when Beatrix summoned it; it seemed to have a different feel to it.

Shinato, King of a Higher Plane ATK 3300 DEF 3000

Beatrix points at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, "I'd hate to have to attack a mighty creature of light, but I have to win this duel for my fellow students. Attack Kaiba's Blue-Eyes with Hand of Holiness!"

Shinato rears back with its right fist, and thrusts it at Kaiba's dragon. A bright beam of blue light blasts forth from the angel's fist, and pierces through the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The dragon explodes, and the beam that pierced it hits Kaiba.

Kaiba's Life Points: 3700

"Ugh, my Blue-Eyes!" Kaiba grunts as his monster explodes.

"I end my turn by setting a card face-down!" Beatrix says, her confidence building since she had her family's guardian angel watching over her.

The prospective students looked on in awe as Seto Kaiba's favorite monster was destroyed by Beatrix in a single move. A duelist just like them had entered into a game of one-upmanship with one of the dueling legends, and as of this moment was winning! Their spirits rise as they watch this duel.

Kaiba sneers as he draws his card, "Activate trap, Call of the Haunted!" Kaiba's signature monster rises again, it roars in anger at Shinato's audacity to destroy it, "Next I'll use the spell card Polymerization!"

Beatrix's eyes widen, "You don't mean?!" She exclaims.

"Yes! I will fuse the Blue-Eyes on my field with the two in my hand to create a monster without peer. The unparalleled Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" Kaiba says with satisfaction.

Two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons shine to the field on both sides of the one that was already there. A swirling portal opens amongst the dragons, and the three dragons merge together thanks to the magic of Polymerization. The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon now appears, its three heads rising to the heavens and letting out an ear shattering roar in a declaration of victory.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon ATK 4500 DEF 3800

Everyone, including Beatrix this time, is in complete awe of the newly created fusion monster. Beatrix was prepared from just about anything, but this was the ultimate dragon; very few duelists have ever faced the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and every one of them was defeated by it. The only duelist who had ever defeated it on record was the King of Games, but he is the best duelist in the world, not some kid who had been unfortunate enough to make herself a martyr.

A cold chill rushed through Beatrix's body as the grim reality of it all hit her like a ton of bricks; she was dueling a legendary duelist, and on top of that, he was Seto Kaiba, rival to Yugi Motou. She was no match for him at this point in her career. It was at this point that something strange happened. She did not know why, or how, but something about the card her father gave her that morning caught her attention. She looked at her hand, and saw it, remembering what it was and how she could use it. She smiled at her card, knowing what she had to do.

Kaiba laughs, "Now my Blue-Eyes, destroy her Shinato, King of a Higher Plane!"

Beatrix's eyes narrow with resolve, "I activate my trap card, Negate Attack! Even if it is the ultimate dragon, my trap will still stop its attack and end your battle phase!" She says with confidence.

Kaiba growls silently, "That only saved you one turn. My Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon will attack you next turn!"

"Not gonna happen, you see, because I activated a counter trap, my monster's effect activates." Beatrix says, her voice suddenly becoming serious.

"What do you mean? Shinato doesn't have an effect like that!" Kaiba replies coolly.

Beatrix smirks, "Think outside the box, not a monster on my field, a monster in my hand!"

Kaiba was shocked, "Say what?!"

"I'm talking about this," Beatrix turns the only card in her hand over so Kaiba can see, "My family's guardian angel, Voltanis the Adjudicator, and it'll protect me from harm, even from the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" Beatrix announces.

"How will it do that?" Kaiba says, thinking that Beatrix was bluffing.

"Because I can special summon it whenever I activate a counter trap, not just that, but when Voltanis the Adjudicator is special summoned this way, I can tribute all of my fairy type monsters to destroy an equal number of cards on your side of the field!" Beatrix explains.

Voltanis the Adjudicator shines to life in front of Beatrix; the giant angel holds its massive staff in front of it, and stares at the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The Adjudicator holds a gaze with the three-headed dragon as it decides its fate.

Voltanis the Adjudicator ATK 2800 DEF 1400

Beatrix points at Kaiba's monster, "Voltanis, destroy the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Light of Judgment!"

Shinato looks to the towering Adjudicator and nods. The blue angel rears back with its fist, and shoots a beam of its own energy at Voltanis, charging it for its most powerful attack. Shinato disappears, and Voltanis' eyes glow a pale blue. Beatrix's favorite monster raises its staff above the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and prepares to launch a powerful blast of holy energy at it.

Kaiba flips his last card over, "I activate De-Fusion! Your Light of Judgment has no target, and my three Blue-Eyes White Dragons come back to the field!" Everyone's eyes shift from Beatrix to Kaiba.

Three Blue-Eyes White Dragons begin to fade back into existence in front of Kaiba, but Beatrix was not about to let this happen, "I activate Holy Blast! As long as I have a light attribute fairy type monster on my side of the field, like Voltanis, I can remove one of the Blue-Eyes in your graveyard from play for a turn. Since one of your Blue-Eyes can't be summoned, none of them can!" All eyes go back to Beatrix.

A thin beam on white light shines from Voltanis' staff, and strikes one of the transparent Blue-Eyes White Dragons in front of Kaiba. With one of the dragons removed from play, the others disappear as well, leaving Kaiba defenseless.

"No, that can't be!" Kaiba shouts, without any more cards to play, he had but one choice, one he really did not want to make, "I end my turn." He says at a length.

Beatrix draws, and spies the card that she just drew, it was the best card she could have gotten at this time, "I activate the spell card Empowering Light! By removing Shinato, King of a Higher Plane in my graveyard from play, I can increase Voltanis' attack points by two hundred times its level. Shinato is a level eight monster, Voltanis' attack points increase by sixteen hundred!"

Voltanis the Adjudicator ATK 4400 DEF 1400

Beatrix nods, "It has been an honour to duel you Mr. Kaiba." She says with humility, "Voltanis the Adjudicator, attack directly for the win. Judgment Strike!"

Voltanis raises its left hand, and aims its palm at Kaiba. A pale blue light glows around its hand, and then a wave of blue light floods over Kaiba, who faces it fearlessly. With this attack, the duel is over, and even though this deck was not his complete deck, it was still a good duel on Beatrix's part.

Kaiba's Life Points: 0

The other duelists cheer as Beatrix wins the duel. Beatrix relaxes herself and sighs in relief; she is glad that her duty is done now. The audience flood into the small space, placed precariously high above solid ground, celebrating their champion. Beatrix smiles, happy for everyone who had been heartened to see her duel.

Kaiba clears his throat to get everyone's attention, "As creator of Duel Academy, allow me to be the first to introduce you to Obelisk Blue. But don't get smug!" Kaiba announces as he points his finger at Beatrix, "I will come before you for a rematch, and I will hold nothing back then!"

Beatrix smiles at Kaiba and then makes a "V" with her index and middle fingers, "I accept!"

This year is going to be a very special year. With the arrival of a new Obelisk Blue student who has the talent to inspire and the strength to stand up for her own morals. She would meet many hardships, many talented duelists, and will face her fair share of defeats. Despite the long and arduous road that lay ahead of her, Beatrix would walk into it bravely, thanks to this experience with Seto Kaiba.

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