As most of you know, this is the sequel to Walking on Water, however, you do not have to read it to understand what is going on in this part of the series. And hopefully if I can ever get myself out of the BBRae fluff rut, then it'll be more RobStar-ness. : P And action-y!

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Fall, Baby, Fall

Chapter One

The light-haired boy sat alone in his room. He held his head in his hands as the bright specks of stars reflected on the tears that fell down his face, "She's gone..." he muttered, "Gone..." he repeated looking up.

His green eyes that once held bright enthusiasm, now only held painful sorrow, "Why'd you have to go? You were so happy!"

As the starlight began to fade, he thought about the painful events of the past week that led to her untimely departure...

With a small yawn, a dark-haired girl awoke from her bed. Leaving the comforts of her room, stopping only a moment to put on her cloak, and opening her door to find a vase of flowers with a note attached.

She smiled softly, already knowing who the flowers were from, and picked up the vase to read the note:

Only once

Special Day

For You and Me

Turn around and you'll see!

Raven turned around at once, half-expecting to see him in her room. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion, ready to search her room and give him a piece of her mind for hiding in her room while she slept, but before she had a chance to do anything, she felt a kiss on her right cheek.

"Suprize! Happy One Year Anniversary! And I can't believe you still love me." he grinned playfully.

She smirked, "Beast Boy, what's this 'turn around' part for?"

"Hah. That was just to confuse you so I could sneek up on you."

Raven rolled her eyes, but he continued, "Recognize the flowers? They're the same ones from the riddles-- but I added five more roses to make it twelve."

A soft smile snuck onto her face, "Thanks." she replied, turning to put the flowers on her dresser.

She returned a moment later, and before he had a chance to speak she trapped his mouth in a sweet kiss. He felt so light-headed that he barely realized when they broke apart, "Beast Boy?"

"Huh?" he replied, relishing the feeling of her hands cupping his face.

"Do you want breakfast or not?"

"Do I have to? Can't we just--" he replied dreamily, leaning foreward in an attempt to kiss her.

She shied away, "C'mon, let's eat breakfast."

He nodded, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and took her hand in his before the two of them strolled down the hallway on their way to the kitchen.

She descended the stairs before him, caught up in an interesting converstation. Turning towards the kitchen she found her other friends gathered around the table smiliing brightly at her. She also noticed that breakfast had already been taken care of, and there was flower petals on the table.

"Beast Boy! I told you nothing extravagant!" she turned towards him with a look of embarassment, although, part of her did want to hug him for he sweetness-- of course-- he'd always been sweet.

"Actually, that was Robin's idea-- I had something else in mind, but he said it might be too much." he laughed, causing her to blush even more as she approached the table, "Cy and Star made breakfast though. So you can thank them for that."

She gave him another endearing look before sitting down at the table next to Starfire and Robin with Cyborg across from her. Beast Boy sat down after her, and clasped her hand. She mouthed 'Thank You' and ate the pancake breakfast her friends had made them.

The rest of the day the Titans spent together; playing and laughing like they were all young children again. It felt so nostalgic to them-- so unreal how much acting like five year olds could actually boost one's mood and then deflate it so quickly after playtime was over.

The twilight was quickly fading into night as Beast Boy walked Raven to her door. They both stopped a moment, letting the silence hold them.

"Well, today was fun..." she began, unsure.

"Yeah, I can't believe how much kid stuff we did today!" he replied enthusiatically.

"Well, good night." she cut him off, giving him a small kiss, "Today was nice." she turned to leave, but truthfully, she felt like she hadn't shown the same amount of care and consideration to their anniversary that he had-- it made her feel sad.

"Wait, Rae-- one more thing." he beckoned, reaching into his pocket.

"Aw Beast Boy! No more gifts!" she groaned.

"I had this planned for awhile-- I can't take it back now." he retorted sweetly, offering her the necklace.

She took the box that contained the necklace. Examining the necklace carefully, she found it to be a blue-turquoise crystal butterfly on a petite silver chain. She smiled at him sweetly, "I half-expected it to be a raven actually."

"Just so you know, I don't care if you didn't get me anything. I just like you being here to spend today with me." he told her, as though he read her internal conflict.

"I'll bet there was some material possession you wanted..." she replied, closing the box.

"Well, there was this one videogame..."

"Knew it. Tell me tommorow, and we can go get it okay?"

"Fine Raven." he smiled, as he turned to leave.

"And Beast Boy," he looked back her again, "Happy Anniversary."

He grinned, "Yup." and disappeared down the dark hallway, as Raven vanished into her room. But even though things seemed so calm, and complacent, the Titans had much more to fear than they realized, but they soon would discover...

Yeah, I know I said this story had more focus on StarRob stuff, but I just figured I'd show that Rae and B had a "happy ending". : D Dun worry next chapter picks up the slack. :o