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Fall, Baby, Fall

Chapter Seven

Power consumed him like an icy blizzard. He'd never felt this way before. Consumed with an unsatiable need for warmth as he fell shivering to the ground.

Why? his mind raced, as he clutched his head. His once green eyes turning into a ghastly silver-blue, and as he stared upward at the night sky, his heart cried.

He was monster. Glancing at his hands, his skin a pale blue, he saw ice wrapping itself around his fingers and lacing up his arms. A yelp escaped him, and he shuffled away from where he was sitting. He turned around to face the thing that had turned him into such a being.

A glowing blue stone half-cased in ice, stared back at him-- lifeless-- as it emminated waves of sickly blue energy. His heart clentched with uncertainty, his body feeling as though it were shutting down with cold, even though it was clearly a summer night. Death seemed to hover nearby.

The small little boy wailed for his mother, for his family, but none came. After all, traipsing up forbidden mountains didn't leave him in a good place for rescue. Warm feelings, thoughts, and heat itself seemed to escape him. The small boy felt weak, but in its place something new was forming.

The blue-eyed boy glanced at the blue ice-stone he'd held so curiously only a few moments before. A scowl crept onto his face, "Stupid thing." he muttered, taking flight. He was eager to see what other changes his body had went through, but he had to return home first.

Luckily enough for him, his body was now regaining strength, but he still felt ice cold. After flying for what seemed to be hours, he returned to his home-- sneeking in through the balconey of his parent's house. He tried to quietly tip-toe into the room, but he quickly found that he had been truly missed. His mother gathered him up quickly, "Rangi! Where have you been?!" she exclaimed, hugging him for only a second before realizing that he was freezing cold, "You're freezing!!" she held him tighter.

His father approached, "We've all been looking for you."

The little blue-eyed boy, Rangi, stared blankly ahead. He should've felt warmth, he should've felt happiness, but he felt nothing. His mind raced with thoughts of the emotions he should have; the recognition of his mother's face didn't stir a small smile in the least. He knew he should feel something, but his face remained blank.

He felt himself tune out from the world around him. His parents were scolding him, he should've felt guilt, and remorse, yet he merely lay in his mother's arms listening to his own heartbeat. Things only went more downhill from that day.

Rangi was forever changed. He didn't lead a normal Tameranian life like the others. He was too different. His body was completely changed. Although his hair was still the soft brown color it always was, his skin was a pale blue, and his eyes mirroring a simliar darker hue. His temperature had dropped significantly, and he couldn't summon starbolts, only blasts of ice.

Feelings were foreign to him-- really-- the only thing that he felt was useless. So, in attempts to make himself feel better, he turned to conquest, fighting, war. Anything he could improve himself in, he applied, and added to his knowlege. He'd once tried to take over Tameran by killing his own parents, but he was abruptly banished.

From that day on, however, he promised revenge. Revenge on Tameran, first, and next the cosmos for making him the way he was-- cold and empty.

Raven, Starfire, and Terra all huddled together near the warehouse under the watchful eye of Zayn. The three girls sat misrablely under the shadows of the warehouse building lost in their own thoughts. Raven worried about the Titans as a whole-- how could they turn things around? And then she thought about Beast Boy-- she felt a little unsure whether what they had was still worth keeping-- it felt so complicated.

Starfire worried about Robin mostly. She knew he was probably pulling his hair out by now. They still had yet to spend their night together-- oh how she envied her dark-haired friend's experiences! A part of her also wondered what exactly her brother was planning-- she knew it was conquest-- she just didn't know how much conquest he had in mind.

Terra seemed the most troubled of all. She felt guilty for betraying her friends once more-- she was only trying to play both sides of the field without the other knowing-- but then Zayn happened. She felt some pull towards Beast Boy in her heart, though, she just couldn't stop thinking about how sweet he was to her...and how angry he'd looked at her because of her most recent betrayal. It made her stomach clench.

She loved Zayn, but he didn't really understand human courtship, as he called it, but she didn't understand Tameranian courtship either. And then of course, keeping their relationship low-key so to spare their lives was no easy task either. Her heart swelled, "Raven, Starfire, I'm sorry." her voice cracked, breaking the silence between them.

Her two comrades shed glances in her direction, "I shouldn't have brought you all into this-- and Raven? I never woulda-- you know-- if I would've known about you two-- I'm happy for you." she was referring to the kiss when she spoke.

Raven smirked slightly, "It's okay, although I gave him plenty of grief for it."

"We must decide on a plan." Starfire whispered, she didn't believe that Zayn could hear, or cared to hear what they were saying, but one could never be too cautious.

"Yes, I'm sure we're some kind of matrimonial alliance prospects." Raven agreed with some disgust in her voice.

Terra looked downward, "I'll do whatever I can to save us, Earth too. I feel horrible."

"Yet you still find room in your heart to betray over and over again." Raven remarked, with a smile evident. She found it hard to be angry with Terra no matter what she did. Starfire smiled as well, they were all getting along...but her smile faded-- it would only be for a short time, as long as they shared the same goal-- life.

Zayn was trying really hard to be a loyal servant to an alien he would be calling King soon, but he felt more guilty about it than ever. He felt like he was betraying Terra. He wanted to listen in on the girls' conversation, but he withdrew himself and wandered further away towards the sea. He knew they wouldn't escape, and he needed time to think.

"She's gone!" Beast Boy's distressed yowl woke his two remaining teammates. Robin and Cyborg rushing to his side, "What?!" Robin asked, hearing his yell, but not the words.

"Raven's gone! She went with that alien!" Beast Boy exclaimed again, his face contorting into anguish.

Cyborg put a comforting hand on his shoulder, "We'll find her B."

Robin felt shock consume him, and he wondered if maybe that Starfire was missing as well. He rushed to her room and doubled back, "Gone! She's gone too."

"The docks!" the three boys exclaimed together.

Starfire, Raven, and Terra were being ushered onto the spaceship by Zayn when the boy Titans showed up. Rangi narrowed his eyes at the newcomers, "Let us go."

"Wait," Raven spoke, staring into Rangi's empty eyes, with an empty look of her own, and it must have been the way she was looking at him, because he only nodded his understanding. Raven flew down to the boys, raising them in her dark energy. The three hadn't expected her to attack, "Don't follow us." she told them, pointedly staring into Robin's masked eyes, "It's for the good of Earth."

She dropped them harshly, and disappeared into the large blue spaceship, "Raven!" Beast Boy called after, his arms extended into the air out of frustration.

So here they were, all seperated. Beast Boy had resigned himself to staring out the window she was taken from sitting on the floor cross-leggeded and sad-eyed. Robin and Cyborg walked in, "It's time." Cyborg said, as the shifter turned his head, "We're going to get them back." Robin spoke, his voice demanding.

The green-eyed boy nodded, as he looked down at the broken necklace in his hand, "I'll get you all back." he whispered to himself, following the others down the hallway.

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