AN: I don't even know why I put this weird prologue in, it's really weird. I suck at them. Just want to say, thanks to my LA teacher, she read us Interstellar Pig, and the second to last sentence is almost exactly a line in the book. So, I don't take credit for that, that's Mr. William Sleator's.



Fate. It's a funny thing sometimes. I'd never really thought about it until recently. One tiny thing can throw it out of balance. But usually, your future is determined for you. No matter what you do, it will always work out as planned. A few twists here and there, but the basic skeleton of your life is still visible. You can't stop it. Though, it is not only fate, but how a person responds to the blows dealt to them by fate that makes up who they are.

Be truthful -- if you had my life, as hard as you'll see it is, would you really change it?