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Randy and Torrie sat in an all white room. They barely spoke to each other any more. Then a guy came in. He wore tight jeans and a white shirt. He sat in his chair and took out his note pad. After at least 5 minutes of silence, the man finally spoke.

"Well. I'm Dr. Dave, couple therapist, highly recommended. What can I do for you?"

Randy stared at Torrie. Torrie stared back. They both looked away at the same time. Dr. Dave sighed.

"This is going to be harder then I thought. So let's start with the main problem. Since I go by the motto 'ladies first,' let's start with you Ms. Wilson."

Torrie sighed and looked at her nails. She didn't want to be here, let alone be here with Randy. She finally spoke.

"I don't know why we're here. We could have handled this ourselves."

"Well your friends and family have been concerned about the both of you. So please explain the problem."

Torrie didn't know where to start. She looked at Randy, who wasn't paying any attention. So she told her side of the story.

"We use to date a long ways back. We were the power couple. But I slipped up and made a mistake. He broke up with me and I was sad. Then he went out with this other diva and that got me jealous. So I went out with this other star to make him jealous. It worked, but I fell in love with the other star. We got back together, but it wasn't worth the trouble. Days went by, things happened, and now we're here."

"What exactly happened?"

"Things I would not want to repeat thank you very much."

"Maybe Mr. Orton can explain?"

Randy looked up. The guy was obviously gay, no doubt about it. He sighed and told him his part of the story.

"I only went out with Ashley because I could. I fell in love, but I broke her heart. Yeah it felt bad and it wasn't worth what I went through. We just got some old feelings back and forth and well…look at us now."

"You know it's not healthy for a relationship to end up like this."

"Thank's Dr. Phil."

"Now who exactly did you to date?"

Randy and Torrie looked at each other. Dare they say? Well Torrie did, since she blurted it out.

"I dated John Cena while he dated Ashley Missaro."

"John and Ashley! Aren't they the power couple now?"

Randy grunted in disgust. Him and Torrie were the power couple. Until Vince made that double title match. And of course they lost. All because Torrie saved John from getting RKO'ed. That's how it all happened. He looked back to see Dr. Dave staring at him.

"What is your next step for making this relationship work?"

"If we knew we wouldn't be here now would we?"

"God Randy just be nice! At least he'll help us!"

"I'm sorry am I not living up to your expectations? Run back to John maybe he will."

"Great! Then you can run back to Ashley and beg her for forgiveness."

"I never beg!"

"You did when…"

Dr. Dave held his hand up for silence. He wrote down something on his clip board. Torrie's cell rang in her purse. She picked it up and looked at who was calling.

"Who is it? John?"

Torrie ignored Randy's comment. Only to find that he was right. She answered it.

"Can I call you back?"

"Where are you?"

"Couple therapy."

"Sucks for you. OK call me back ASAP. This is important."

"OK I will. Bye."

She snapped her phone shut. Unlike Randy and Ashley, her and John had become friends. Maybe even more then friends. Torrie shook her head. No! Not now! She remembered how it was all resolved. Before she could go down memory lane, Dr. Dave started to talk again.

"So can I hear both sides of the story?"

"What story?"

"Like, from the night you two got back together to when things started to fall apart."

Randy and Torrie didn't speak at first. They didn't like talking about it. Dr. Dave waited for someone to speak. When no one did, he took it upon himself to take care of things.

"Well Torrie why don't you start?"

"Why can't I start?"

"Ladies first Mr. Orton."

"She went first last time!"

"Stop being a baby Randy and grow up!"

Dr. Dave applauded at Torrie. Randy looked at him confused.

"What was that for?"

"She's standing up for what's right. From my records, she hasn't done that to you in a while. If you don't mind Mr. Orton, let Ms. Wilson go first."

"Fine. Be my guest."

Torrie looked at Dr. Dave, then at Randy. She wondered if he still loved her, after all that had happened. She sighed and looked to see where to start. That night. That New Year's Revolution.

"Well it all started when…"