Bold is voiceover.
Italic is a Sharpay voiceover (as in, she's speaking off-screen).
Regular is actions/normal speech.


Everyone has hopes and dreams

Shows Troy scoring the winning basket and being surrounded by his friends.

But when they're gone in an instant,

Zoom in on Troy as he tries to steal the ball from an opponent, he's elbowed in the gut and falls.

What happens to a dream deferred?

A cry of pain reverberates through the gymnasium and the crowd stands suddenly.

Can you ever truly recover?

Shows Troy on crutches, walking away from his awaiting friends.

Or will you forever be lost in the motions?

Loud music plays, the room is crowded. Troy looks around guiltily, and pops a palmful of pills into his mouth.

Sometimes, you need to lose yourself,

"Troy, please talk to me!" Gabriella begs.


To find who you're really meant to be.

Troy shoves one of his crutches onto Sharpay's foot and she screams and smacks him with her purse.

So what happens to a dream deferred?

Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.

Zac Efron

Troy angrily throws a basketball into his mirror.

Ashley Tisdale

Sharpay has her compact open, but is looking over the top to watch Troy across the hall.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

A tear slides down Gabriella's cheek.

Corbin Bleu

Chad shoves Troy into a row of lockers.

Lucas Grabeel

Ryan rubs his hands together and smirks mischievously.

with James Lafferty

The Wildcats lift him onto their shoulders as Troy watches from the sidelines.

and Adam Brody as Noah

"Oh, I get it. I'm only here for the comic relief."

There's a thin line between

Giving up, and giving in

Troy shouts, "You can't help me! No one can fucking help me!"

Or does it explode?

When Dreams Defer.

Coming soon.

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edit 5.31/12.28: Noah was added to the trailer (Noah lovers rejoice! ;D) The obvious choice for him should be Adam Brody, since Noah was inspired by Seth Cohen, but I have multiple Noahs running rampant in my head on different days. Another contender, I think, is Johnny Lewis. He was on The O.C. for a few eps. too & has a bit of Noah in him. And still another is Superbad's deliciously awkward Michael Cera, who I think pretty much has the look for him. If anyone doesn't picture him as Adam (or Johnny, or Michael), then just ignore this & go on picturing him however you want. But overall I find him a pretty tricky person to envision - he's a bit of a shapeshifter in my own mind.

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