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Okay let me explain the beginning of the story because it might be confusing! Orochimaru has sakura, tenten, hinata, and ino to unbreakable chains. Then sakura and the girls use their powers and get locked in an amulet for seventy years.

"Damn you Orochimaru," said a sixteen year old girl with pink hair by the name of sakura. She has green emerald eyes but right now her eyes were pure white with black pupils in the middle. She had gashes and was bleeding really bad. She was glaring at an un-human like man with a long slinky tongue and paler skin than anybody could imagine. She was no ordinary human; she was the element of wind and lighting. She looked over at her sisters to see hinata strapped to chains being tortured tears streaming down her eyes but fighting with a glare. Hinata was the element of water and rain. She then looked over at ino fire blazing around her body clenching her teeth trying to break the chains. Ino had gashes and a cut above her eyebrow bleeding badly. Ino was the element of fire and thunder. She then saw tenten with rock surrounding her trying to get free of her torture. Tenten was bleeding badly and was surrounded by orochimaru's men. She could handle them and was trying to summon her greatest strength. What makes them so different is that they because they are elementals they are dragons. She was brought back by orochimaru slapping her across the face.

"Now, Now, little sakura, you know what I want. Why don't you give me the key." Orochimaru said in that snake voice that made sakura sick.

Sakura tried to summon any wind but couldn't get any and her lighting was pointless because of her chains. She looked at her sisters and knew what she had to do. "Go to hell! It's my duty to protect the sacred place. I'll never tell you." Orochimaru just smirked, leaned forward and licked her cheek. "You will give me what I want sakura or I will kill you and keep your sisters alive and torture them until they tell me."

The four sisters looked at him with pure hatred and ino said, "I would tell you nothing I would rather die than tell you my secrets you dirty snake." Hinata and tenten agreed until ino was stabbed in the side with a dagger by the snake himself.

"INO!" hinata shouted surprisingly trying to get to her. Ino fell down but didn't hit the ground because of the chains around her. Sakura started growling and wind finally started surrounding her. She started speaking a forgotten language and her sisters stared at her with widened eyes. Sakura was speaking a language that their mother taught them and was speaking a chant to save her sisters. But their was a price, they would be put in a long sleep. They would be trapped in their amulet and wouldn't know when they would wake and be free.

Orochimaru ran at her but she just kept on chanting the wind around her growing. Finally, ino, hinata, and tenten started chanting. Ino had fire circling her with a loud noise. Hinata had water swirling around her. Tenten's had leaves and rocks surrounding her. Sakura's wind grew strong and it started to form something solid and turned into a white dragon. Ino's fire turned into an orange dragon. Hinata's water turned into a glowing blue dragon. Tenten's rocks formed into a brown dragon.

"What the hell is this?" said orochimaru backing away feeling such extraordinary strength coming off in waves at the girls.

They kept on chanting but Sakura's piercing white eyes looked at him and smirked at him. "What's the matter orochimaru? I guess you didn't know this did you?" She began chanting again and the chains broke with the dragons still surrounding the girls. She looked at the girls and gave them a smile in which they retuned. Orochimaru watched and started understanding what they were doing.

"None of you can run from me. I am immortal, I will keep feeding off souls until I find you and then gain the ultimate power." Orochimaru said in a voice that made him sound like a maniac. Sakura looked at him and glared and said, "The day we meet again I will kill you." That was her last words before a piercing white light surrounded the girls and disappeared.

The girls were known and their disappearance lead to a legend. Though it was forgotten it was still remembered by a few. What really happened though is there dragon came and locked them into their amulet and they fell into a sleep that could last for decades. Hinata's amulet disappeared into the deepest lakes. Tenten's amulet disappeared into the earth. Ino's amulet disappeared into the trees highest places. Sakura's amulet hid in the roots of the rarest plants.

70 years later...

The amulet's remained untouched until one night sakura's amulet lit and a bright light appeared. After it was gone a sixteen year old girl with short pink hair and glowing green eyes was there holding the amulet. She barely had any clothes on except shredded clothes around her breast and her lower part (if you know what I mean). She instantly fell to her knees because she was weak and tired. She looked up and saw the moon was full and gave off an orange glow. She looked down and knew her sisters were awake too. The wind blew on its own and she could already feel the wind whispering its lonely cries to her. She had to find somebody who can help her and get help. She closed her eyes and focused on the wind and felt something to the east. She stood up slowly and began walking feeling like she could pass out any second. After twenty minutes of walking she heard noises. She looked and saw a boy around her age with onyx eyes and black hair with blue streaks. She was so dizzy she didn't get a good look at him. The wind blew and she felt a strange pattern going through his body…he must be strong she thought. She stumbled and fell down. Her eyes bled white and he turned around.

Meet sasuke uchiha konoha heartthrob. Though he really didn't care about all that he wanted one man dead. When he was seven years old his parents were massacred by his own brother. When his brother left the village he was killed shortly by orochimaru who talked him into killing his parents. Ever since sasuke has trained and is killing the bastard when he sees him next time. Sasuke carries the sharingun which can see through a ninja's attack. Right now his is in ninja high school academy and is getting stronger. His mentor is kakashi and he has three friends named naruto uzamaki (his best friend), neji huuyga, and shikamaru nara. He was trying to train when he felt a great chakra coming close. He ignored it at first until he heard a thump. He turned around and was surprised to see a half naked girl with pink hair and white eyes. Sasuke had to admit she looked sexy. It was clear to him she wasn't going to last much longer before she passed out. If she was a fangirl like the others he's leaving her.

She looked at him preparing for a fight if he wanted one. He was walking toward her when she stopped him, "I mean no harm but if you want a fight I won't refuse but if you don't then take me to somebody who can help me." She said in a cold voice that surprised sasuke. To him she was defiantly not a fangirl.

"Hn, fine follow me and I will take you to someone who can help you." Man this girl was annoying already he has to take her to tsunade's. She closed her eyes and when she opened them he saw green pools staring coldly at him. She stood up weakly and followed him. He had to admit she was strong because even though she was at her weakest he still felt chakra rolling off of her in waves. He knew he couldn't just walk into tsunade's saying he found a girl that is practically naked and walking around konoha. Halfway there the wind picked up and circled around sakura. To her it whispered hinata calling out of her. Her sister was close by.

"What's going on here?" asked sasuke watching the wind surround her.

She knew she couldn't go on so she looked where the wind was telling and tried to tell him but couldn't. She whispered "hin…ata," before she fell straight down. Sasuke caught her before she hit the ground and was stunned. Who was she talking about and why was the air surrounding her like that? Exactly who was this girl? He picked her up and carried her bridal style to tsunade's house. When he got there he knocked the door and got a scream of 'come in'. He entered and saw tsunade with sake bottles apparently about to drink until drunk.

Tsunade looked and saw sasuke, "What do you want uchiha? Why have yo…..what the hell is this? Why is this girl half naked?" Tsunade rushed over and grabbed sakura from sasuke's arms.

"Hn, I was training and she comes out a bush asking for help." Sasuke said but he wanted to leave and get out of here.

"That's strange, did she tell you where she came from?" tsunade asked examining her.

"No but something happened halfway there. Air started surrounding her and she whispered hinata and passed out." Sasuke said trying to leave. Tsunade didn't say anything but kept checking sakura's body. She then opened her hand and grabbed the amulet. Sasuke was curious about what she was seeing. She studied it as if hypnotized by it.

"Oh no." she muttered. She had been of the few people who knew the legend and the amulet was pulling on her trying to tell her. She had to find the sister's before he found them. She looked at sakura and pulled a piece of pink hair out of sakura's face. Sasuke was curious to what the old hag's problem is. "You say air was surrounding her body?" tsunade asked.

"Yea so?" sasuke said coldly.

"Sasuke, you have no idea in what you're in for. She is stronger that any human, we have to find her four sisters."

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