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The boys looked at the girls and the fun began. All eyes were wide for a second until they all looked away. Sakura was thinking that he held her when she passed out.

'Damn I wish I was awake, what do we now?' sakura asked her dragon.

'Get used to this world," inner sakura replied.

Naruto first looked at sakura then his eyes landed on hinata. She was looking at him and he gave her a big smile. Her face got real red and she looked down and thought 'he's looking at me.'

'So you have a crush on this boy,' inner said. Hinata face just got redder and she looked down not answering her. She was so busy she didn't notice he came up to her and he said, "Hi I'm naruto and I will be the Hokage someday, Do you like ramen?" naruto practically yelled. He face just got redder and she said, "I'm hinata and I like ramen." Everybody was staring at naruto.

"You guys remember sakura but the girl with two buns is tenten and the one with blonde hair is ino. The girl the idiot is talking to is Hinata." Tsunade said watching their reactions. The guys stared at the girls while the girls looked away.

"First you must learn the girls story before you start protecting them," tsunade said about to begin but tenten interrupted her and began the story.

"We are the elementals of life, each of us contain a dragon of life. I am the Dragon of Earth, sakura the dragon of wind and lighting, ino is the dragon the fire and thunder, hinata is the dragon of water." Tenten said looking at each of them.

"As for the other part, we can protect ourselves," ino said with a distant look on her face. The girls looked at her and a message passed through each of them and ino, hinata, and tenten looked at sakura.

"Forgive me, I had no choice he was going to kill us. When he stabbed you ino I almost lost it. I'm sorry for not protecting you," sakura said with silver eyes that expressed sadness and she was clearly pissed off. "That fucking bastard, if I ever see him again it will either be me or him."

"Don't say that sakura, we have a new start and we can't lose you," hinata said with tears running down her eyes. The guys just looked bewildered, as for tsunade she looked sad.

"Sakura we need you, don't do what mother told you to do. We can protect ourselves," tenten said with sad eyes. Sakura looked down and her eyes went back to green, Hinata wiped her eyes.

"Let's just concentrate on something else right now," ino said with a smile. The girls looked at her and smiled. "Were back now and there is shopping we need to." Everybody sweatdropped, and sakura laughed. The guys where confused while shikamaru was asleep.

"Girls here in this time there is a ninja academy that you will be attending. The boys will be with you at all times while you will be training learning new skills," tsunade said looking at them. The girls smiled and nodded wondering what it is like.

"Today though is a free day but tomorrow you will be going to school," tsunade said with a smile.

"Shopping," ino yelled and tenten groaned. "Ino you go shopping for hours, I can't stand it," making the boys twitch.

"WAIT HOLD ON! Were going to be protecting them all the time?" naruto yelled. Sasuke hit him in the head, "Were right here dobe." Naruto glared at him while sasuke smirked at him.

"Yes you will be protecting them when they need help and know wherever they go," tsunade said in a quiet voice. The boys froze, she didn't use that voice unless she was pissed off. Naruto backed off.

"Tsunade-sama were going to need money to go shopping," hinata said in a quiet voice.

Tsunade smiled and gave them each a card, "This is a credit card when your done shopping give it to the cashier. The girls waved and left followed by the boys who were twitching.

"Which way is the shops boys," ino said with stars in her eyes.

Sakura closed her eyes and pointed to a big building where a lot of people were walking in, "It's kind of obvious pig."

Naruto snickered until ino turned around and said, "Mind repeating that forehead."

"Pig," sakura said with a smirk.

Fire was forming around ino's fingers, sakura looked down and her hands started to glow white. Everybody was starting to stare at them until tenten took control.

"The nerve of you guys c'mon and ino control your anger you'll start a fire," tenten said grabbing sakura and ino's hand and dragging them to the building.

They walked in and stopped to look around while smiling, sakura looked up and saw a big sign, "Konoha Mall they didn't have them back then." They walked down and saw all the stores and grinned.

Tenten looked over and saw a weapon shop and said, "Guys I'll see you later here's my store." Neji looked at the boys and followed tenten over to the store.

Ino once again had stars at she looked at the clothes shop and said, "Oh my goodness I'm going to have a good day," as she looped her arms around hinata and sakura running over.

"I'm not going in a chick store," sasuke said sitting at a bench followed by naruto and shikamaru. They waited for 30 minutes until finally hinata and sakura came up.

"Hurry we don't have much time she'll come out of the changing room and see were gone," sakura said running away.

Naruto and Sasuke shot up and went after them, "Don't leave me with the troublesome woman." They were gone he sighed, "Dammit."

"HEY where are you guys at," ino yelled looking out the door. She looked at shikamaru and pointed, "Get in here I want a shirt and your going to help me." Shikamaru sighed and muttered troublesome before getting up and going into the store.

Naruto and Sasuke caught up with sakura and hinata and sighed, "You guys are too slow," sakura said.

"We weren't the ones who started running away," sasuke said as he got beside sakura.

"Where's the food court?" hinata asked looking around.

Naruto's eyes lit up and he shouted, "Can we get ramen?"

Hinata giggled a little bit which naruto found cute, "Yes we can eat ramen." (she doesn't stutter in my story)

Sasuke sighed and led them to the food court, and ordered the ramen while sakura and hinata sat beside each other and naruto and sasuke sat across from them. Naruto was the one talking most of the time while sakura smiled at hinata's face.

"Uh teme you got guest coming at you 50 miles per hour," naruto said.

He looked behind and saw a stampede of girls running at him. "Damn how the hell did they see me?"

"Wow I feel bad for you," sakura said with amusement.

"Teme try the idea I told you," naruto said real quick. Sasuke glared at him but glanced at sakura unknown at what was going on.

"I need a favor, Sakura" he said looking in her eyes. She blushed as he stared at her intently.

"Okay," sakura said.

He sighed and grabbed her hand as the fangirls stopped and kissed it looking in her eyes. Her blush increased as she felt his lips touch her hand, naruto was giggling while hinata smiled at her sisters face. Sakura looked over at the girls and felt the girls glare and looked away, as they stalked away.

"Dobe for once your idea actually worked," sasuke said setting sakura's hand on the table.

"Sasuke does this mean I'm going to have a bunch of girls chasing after me?"

"I didn't think about that part," naruto said.

"Damn you," sakura said pointing at sasuke. "To get your fangirls away you got them chasing after me now."

"Don't worry about it," sasuke said like it was casual.

"No you don't get it I will tear them apart if they touch me," sakura said with a glare.

"Then you guys will have to pretend to date. Yeah I mean we are your guardians so you guys could do it." naruto said with a wicked smile

Hinata gave a mischievous smile and said, "Yeah sakura it would get his fangirls away."

"Hinata you traitor and no way," sakura said with narrowed eyes.

"Yeah she's not even my type," sasuke said.

Sakura looked at him and said, "Excuse me you don't even know me."

"I don't go for girls with pink hair," sasuke said with a smirk. She's hot I want to piss her off.

"I don't go for guys with hair that looks like a chicken's butt," she said standing up. The nerve of this jerk he's just pissed me off.

He stood up and said, "I don't go for girls like you pinky."

"I'll show you pinky bub," sakura said.

"That's it girl tell him off," her inner said with a twitch.

"I bet you couldn't be my girlfriend for a week," sasuke said with a smirk. Naruto and hinata looked at each other and smirked at each other.

"I accept that bet you jerk," sakura said slamming her hands on the table.

"If you lose I get two free wishes for you to do," sasuke said with that stupid smirk. This is going to be fun.

"The same goes for you I get two free wishes to make you do," sakura said with narrowed eyes. I'm so gonna beat this jerk!

"Hell yeah show this bastard what you're made of," inner yelled. They started a glaring contest as naruto started talking again

"What do you think of this one?" the sales clerk said taking a sword off the wall. She unsheathed it and truly thought it was beautiful.

"Check if it's too heavy or light if it's balanced," neji said eyeing it. Tenten had scrolls and weapons already bought.

"It's perfect but see if it's balance," she said handing it to neji. He looked at it good made sure nobody was close enough when he lightly swung it around ran his hand down the blade.

"It's a good blade perfect for your size," neji said handing it to back to tenten. He looked at the sales clerk and asked, "Who made this blade?"

"Oh it's an old blade maybe the last one my master made before he died, he was a great swordsman. He died a few days ago his name was hikaru higuran" Tenten looked up surprised and said, "How did he die?"

The guy looked down and said, "He died of old age he was also a good painter."

Neji looked down to see tenten face become sad and said, "I'll buy this sword."

The clerk smiled as tenten pulled out her card and handed it to him, "Take care of it please" he said as she strapped it to her back.

"I will don't worry about that," tenten said as she grabbed three bags while neji got two.

They walked in silence looking for the others when tenten stopped and said, "Neji never mention that to my sisters especially sakura."

"Who was he?"

"Well back then he was the same age as us and a nice guy, he was in love with sakura. She didn't love him back until she got to know him then she started loving him, everybody made fun of sakura because of her forehead. He didn't and he was a cute guy I have to admit but when orochimaru came sakura had to leave him and it was a bad ending for both of them," tenten said walking toward the food court.

Neji didn't say nothing after that, he thought tenten was pretty cool with her choice in weapons not to mention she's pretty.

They saw sakura and sasuke glaring at each other and hinata and naruto laughing their butts off. "Is there something were missing," tenten said as she sat beside hinata while neji sat beside naruto.

"Sakura is sasuke new girlfriend," naruto said big grin on his face. Neji smirked and tenten looked at hinata with a blank face.

"I am not his girlfriend just a pretend girlfriend," sakura said bonking naruto on the head knocking him out. Everybody busted out laughing except sakura hinata and sasuke who had a smirk.

"That's still means girlfriend pinky," sasuke said smugly. He started getting up when he was slammed down by the air.

"Then since I'm your girlfriend I might as well enjoy it honeybunny," sakura said sweetly. He growled at her and she blinked her eyes looking all innocent.

"HEY YOU GUYS," ino yelled running over and pulling up a tiny table.

Hinata looked around and asked, "Ino where is shikamaru?"

Shikamaru covered with bags put them down on another table, "I am never ever going shopping with that troublesome woman again."

"That's why you run away when you have the chance, guys we need to get home it's been three hours," sakura said getting up followed by everyone else. Neji picked up three of tenten's bags while she got two. Shikamaru sighed and picked up the troublesome bags and everybody headed out.

"Tenten that sword is very nice who made it?" sakura asked walking beside sasuke.

Tenten and neji froze and said "The owner the sword." Sakura nodded and kept walking.

Sasuke suddenly grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers, sakura looked up and saw the fangirls glaring at her. Ino stopped and looked at their hands and said, "Are they a couple?"

"No their pretending so sasuke doesn't have to deal with his fangirls, they made a bet," naruto grinned from ear to ear. Ino eyes widened and stared at sakura's face to see a red tint.

"I hate you for getting me into this Uchiha," sakura seethed.

"Oh you'll get used to it baby," sasuke said causing everybody except sakura to laugh. They walked out of the mall and went to the hokage tower. When tsunade saw them she dismissed the boys and showed the girls their room and bathrooms. (sorry I skipped a lot of parts but I'm tired) Tomorrow the girls will go to konoha high and meet the time of their lives.

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