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Summary: Because of a rookie cop, she'll never know her Daddy.

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I drive out of town with my daughter gurgling in the backseat. I pass all of the twinkling lights of the casinos and the many restaurants along the Strip. I drive for many, many miles until I get to San Francisco. I drive down to the shore of the Pacific Ocean, and gently lift my seven month old daughter, Jessica, out of her car seat. I get a beach towel out of the back seat, and lay it out on the sand. I gently sit down with Jessica and watch her stick her little fingers and toes in and out of the sand. The tide comes in and goes out, and tears well up in my eyes as she reaches toward the water. She then looks back at me, pouting. I pick her up and walk toward the ocean. I gently dip her in and out of the water, never letting the water get past her thighs.

The tears finally fall as she giggles happily. She doesn't know that I threw the ashes of her father into these waters exactly a year ago. Because of a rookie cop, I am alone to raise my daughter. Because of a rookie cop, my husband will never know his daughter. Because of a rookie cop, my daughter will never know her father.

I sob silently as I relive that dreadful day.

I hear a gunshot coming from downstairs. I rush down the stairs and see a man with a gun jump out the window and run down the street. Tons of cops are after him, and they finally get him. I then see my husband lying in a pool of his own blood. Blood is gushing out of a wound in his chest...right where his heart is. I scream and rush up to him. The rookie cop runs in, and I snarl, "I thought you said the scene was clear! Go get an ambulance!"

I look back down to my husband and say, "Hang in there."

He raises a bloodied hand up to my face and cups my cheek. I cover his hand and kiss it.

"I love you, Sara," he croaks.

He then moves his hand down to my belly, where a small bump is forming. He gently strokes it and whispers, "Daddy loves you. Be good for Mommy."

"No, Gil...don't talk like that!" I cry.

"Raise our child right, Sara...make sure they know me," he said. "Promise me."

"No,'re gonna pull through this," I said, tears falling freely. "You've got to. Don't leave me here...I'm still not ready to say goodbye!"

"Neither am I, sweetheart, but I can't help this," he whispers gently. "I love you."

I lean down and kiss him on the lips one last time. I cry as he shuts his eyes and leaves my alone in this cold and harsh world.

I snap back to reality when I hear my daughter say, "Mama!"

I smile through the tears and hug her to me. My tears fall into her soft hair as I say, "Good job, baby."

I look up to the sky, and say, "Thank you, Gil, for Jessica. I promise I'll raise her right. I promise to tell her about you every day. I miss you so much...I love you."

The wind suddenly picks up. It whistles through my hair, and I could've sworn that I heard my husband's voice say, "I love you, too."

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