Just a noteā€¦Don't tell yourself that this is just another typical Danny-obsession fic. Just read to the end, and you won't be disappointed.


Glowing green eyes stared at it, memorizing its every curve. He hardly dared blink. Everything about it was perfect in his eyes.

It was his obsession.

Every night, after the others had gone to bed, he would sneak over and claim his obsession as his own, just for a while. Every night he would indulge himself. Every day he was tormented by its unreachable nearness. His thoughts dwelled on his obsession's complete perfection.

He loved the flawless features, the taste of it on his tongue, the smooth feel of it under his fingertips. He bent closer and breathed deeply, simply absorbing the sweet scent. He gazed down lovingly at his obsession.

He knew the risks. He had been warned about the consequences of such an obsession. He knew it could very well kill him. But he didn't care. He would give anything just to be with his obsession, every night, in the dark and quiet.

The dim chiming of a clock from downstairs broke him from his hypnotized thoughts. He gazed down sorrowfully at his obsession. "I must leave you for tonight," he whispered with a sigh. "But I promise you I will return to you again tomorrow." He turned to go, but was halted by the soft scent of his obsession wafting up to him.

He paused. Glowing green eyes were captivated by the sight of his obsession. "Just one more," he reasoned quietly to himself. He bent down, his fingertip gently tracing a smooth curve. He lowered his mouth to his obsession, and bit its head off.

Sighing contentedly, Danny leaned back and examined the shape in his hand. A headless polar bear. He smiled a bit, munching happily on his obsession.

Danny didn't care what anybody else said. There was no age limit to enjoying animal crackers.

The End.

Oh man, I'm laughing my head off, anticipating the response this will get. Would it help anything if I said that I really love animal crackers? Fortunately, I don't have to sneak off at night to eat them, but I have been told that animal crackers are for kids (and I'm rather older than Danny). Animal cracker lovers unite! Oh, and please leave a review, lovers and haters alike.