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A Windy Story

"Sure you don't want to come?" Dean questioned as he grabbed his faded leather jacket from the back of a chair.

"Naw, you go," Sam stretched his long arms, "I want to have a shower, and maybe scope the net for a new gig. Grab me something to eat though."

"Alright," Dean did his routine check of keys and wallet, "What do you want?"

"Surprise me," Sam smirked opening up one of his large duffle bags to grab some clean cloths.

Dean wordlessly gave his brother a look, a twitch pulling at the side of his mouth.

"Fine," Sam rolled his eyes, "Just grab me a burger and fries. Put onions on it though, and I'm watching Final Destination tonight."

"Freak," Dean coughed.

"What are you, eight?" Sam smiled, "Go get food before the storm hits."

"Alright," Dean took a deep breath, "I'll be back in a bit."

In answer to his statement a large clap of lightening lit up the dim room, followed quickly by a deep, ominous growl of thunder and crashing wind.

"See you later Dorothy!" Sam called out.

Dean thought of a number if smart ass replies that he could have given, but decided to leave Sam with the feeling of triumph. For now. The car was parked only a few feet away from the door to their room, but in that small amount of time, what little hair Dean had was blown harshly out of style.

"Damn," Dean mumbled looking into the sky.

It had darkened significantly in the two hours that they'd been in the small town of Tramposo, Nebraska. Deep black and blue clouds slowly crept their way in from the horizon, brining with it a powerful wind that whistled through the leaves of the trees. Taking one last look at the hotel Dean got into his car and pulled out. The town was small, and it took barely five minutes to get from the hotel that was on the outskirts to the main street in the center of Tramposo.

"Where to go?" Dean spoke to himself, 'Back in Black' blaring from his speakers, "Sam likes fries and burgers, so mind as well stop at--"

Those were all the words that got out of Dean's mouth as another sound entered his ears which was much louder than his music.

A siren.

The siren blew loudly and as Dean glanced out the window, he saw numerous people running around. His heart beat quickening, Dean pulled the car to the side of the road and got out.

"Hey Mister!" a young boy ran to Dean, his eyes wide, "You gotta run!"

"Why?" Dean questioned, "What does the siren mean?"

"There's a twister man!" the boy cried out, "A tornado. It hit just out of town, and is heading this way!"

"Oh God," Dean's eyes shot open as he stared at the nearly black sky; the kid having already run off down the street, "Sammy."

The wind suddenly picked up, and before Dean could even get back to his car, a large branch from a nearby tree flew at the older Winchester, knocking him unconscious…

"…my head…" Dean mumbled, his eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Dean didn't think that the process of opening his eyes could be so hard as it took nearly a minute to do the task which he normally could do so easily.

"Gotta… help… Sammy," Dean's strangled words escaped his mouth as he forced his eyes to focus and his stomach to calm down.

The world which finally come into view, however, was not the one that Dean remembered. There were several people walking along the sidewalk, and the bright blue sky shone above him.

"What's happening?" Dean staggered to his feet, the back of his head pounding viciously.

People continued to walk by him, ignoring the older Winchester completely. The sidewalk which he stood on didn't seem to be the same one from Tramposo, and the sky shone bright and cloudless; unlike the havocked one which Dean remembered.

"Sam?" Dean called looking around, "Hey Sam!"

His heart beat quickened as Dean worked his way through the increasingly crowded street, keeping an eye out for his little brother. Dean barely noticed when a tall, hooded figure came up to him; eyes of red glowing from within a black hood.

"What now?" Dean's face immediately went into a fighting stance.

"Dean Winchester," the voice was raspy.

"You are so fricken lucky I don't have something to waste you with right now," Dean threatened.

"No," though the face was blocked, Dean could almost envision the smile on the things face, "You are the one that is lucky."

The demon lifted its arm up swiftly, revealing a long blade. Dean tried to run, but it was too late- before he could take one step away, he felt a fierce burning sensation piercing through his back as the blade dug into him.

"No," Dean gasped, falling face first to the ground, a pool of blood immediately forming around him.

"If only it was that easy for Sammy," the hooded figure taunted and Dean looked up to see it disappear into the crowd.

"S-Sam…" Dean uttered his brother's name, his vision blurring.

It seemed to take an instant, and Dean wasn't even sure it happened. His world became black, and just as quickly he opened his eyes again.

"What--" again pain pulsated through the back of Dean's head.

"Oh God!" a lady's voice pierced through Dean's ears, "Someone help! There's someone hurt here!"

The foretold attention brought Dean back to consciousness quickly and he forced himself to sturdy his world. A lady stood overtop of him staring down.

"Don't try to get up," she spoke urgently, "I'm trained in CPR, and you have a large cut on your head. You shouldn't move."

"I'm fine," Dean got to his feet, "Honestly. What-- what happened?"

Ignoring the reply from the lady, Dean looked around in an attempt to answer his own question. He was definitely back in Tramposo as the sky remained dark and ominous and debris was scattered throughout the street and sidewalk.

"Well?" the lady looked expectantly at Dean, and he had the feeling that maybe he should have paid a little attention to her as she spoke.

"Umm, sorry, I missed that," Dean spoke slowly.

"What's your name?" the lady repeated her question.

Dean looked over and saw that his Impala was still parked with only minor scratches and dents in it, "Uhh, it's Dean. Listen lady, I'm fine. I-I have to go find my brother."

"Wait!" a last feeble effort was taken from the kind hearted woman, but Dean was already getting into the car and starting it up.

The streets were crowded with panicked people and debris from smashed windows, buildings and trees. Glancing at his watch, Dean figured out that he'd been out of it for nearly fifteen minutes. That thought brought him back to his brief, but bone-chillingly vivid dream.

"There was a demon," Dean spoke to himself, desperately trying to navigate his way safely down the street, "It-- it killed me."

The dream made no sense, and Dean decided not to think about it, but concentrate on finding Sam and making sure he was ok. The drive to the hotel seemed to take hours, and the chaos from the tornado only seemed to get worse the closer he got.

"Please," Dean mumbled to himself, "Please… just not the hotel."

His mumbled prayer seemed to be useless though as the closer Dean got to where he'd left Sam, the more destruction seemed to be placed on his world around him. Finally he got to the street and turned the corner to where the hotel once stood.

"Oh God, no," Dean slammed on the breaks and got out of the car.

The hotel was now completely leveled to the ground, smoke billowing up in places as people ran around crying, desperately attempting to rescue the countless people that were trapped inside.

Including Sam.

"Sam!" Dean cried out, scanning around in a vain hope that maybe his brother had escaped, "Sammy!"

It was no use. Dean found himself standing in front of their room; which sat in a smoldering pile among the rest of the hotel. His heart hammered in his chest almost as much as his head as the same thought raced through Dean's head over and over again.

'How could anyone be alive in there?''

to be continued...

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