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"No, wait!" Dean yelled.

Oz paused and spoke with his back continuing to face Dean, "You hunters. You find me and want nothing more than to kill me. You don't realize that all I do is return those that stumble into my world back to their own."

And then it hit Dean like a ton of bricks, "You… you're not a demon?"

"I understand your confusion," the voice was low and continued to hold a ominously hazy quality, "But no. And yet you come back merely to mock what you don't know."

"I'm sorry," Dean swallowed, slowly shaking his head, "I never knew."

"I showed your brother his loved ones," Oz continued to stand motionless, however refused to face the Winchester, "Attempted to show where he was, and that it was best if he didn't stay."

"It's okay now though," Dean shot a look at where Sam's body had been; now disappeared, "Sam's back where he belongs. I need to go be with him though. Please."

Oz turned slowly and looked at Dean now, his red eyes shimmering beneath the black hood, "There will be others. Other hunters will come and kill me. And they will die too."

"I'll warn them, tell them-" Dean was cut off before he could continue.

"Don't," Dean could almost visualize a smile on the things face, "A lesson must be learned through experience. And you, Dean Winchester, are very lucky."


"Dean? Dean… open your eyes son…" the voice was firm but comforting.

Feeling like his mouth had a sock in it, Dean licked his lips and spoke with his eyes still closed, "Am I alive Bobby?"

The family friend let out a low laugh, "Yes, you're alive."

Slowly Dean opened his eyes and looked up into Bobby's unshaven face. Florescent lights hummed, and Dean was vaguely aware of the mumble of people from outside the walls.

A small, weary grin crossed Dean's face as he looked at the anxious looking Bobby, "You are the ugliest Tin Man I've ever seen."

Bobby laughed and let out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding, "That was way too close Dean."

Dean groaned as he sat up, "Yeah, but it worked. Where's Sam?"

"You found him?" Bobby's eyes widened.

"Why the hell do you think I did this?" Dean suddenly moved quickly as he ripped out the IV from his hand and swung his legs over the edge, "Bobby, you should have been looking for him!"

"I've been watching the doctors try and save your ass," Bobby attempted to explain, "You nearly died Dean."

"So did Sam," Dean stood on wobbly legs, feeling the world spin around him, "Come on."

"Dean, as far as anyone here knows, you tried to kill yourself," Bobby warned, "They're not going to let you just waltz out of here."

"I don't care," Dean stuck his head out of the doorway to make sure nobody was coming, "Oz killed Sam, so that means that he made it back. Which means they must have found him and brought him to the hospital."

Bobby reluctantly agreed to let Dean look, and the two set off down the hall. Bobby never grew up with any brothers or sisters, and only had two cousins to speak of; both of whom he never met until he was in his late teens. He had seen the connection that could happen between siblings as he watched Sam and Dean grow up from little boys to handsome men. Though through all of that, it never failed to surprised Bobby when the Winchester brother's would show just how truly close they were. Immediately after leaving his own room, Dean walked down the hall, took a right at the corner, and looked in the third door to their left.

"Sammy…" Bobby didn't even have to see inside the room to know that the youngest Winchester was inside.

"Dean!" Sam looked up from the bed he sat on and saw Dean walking in.

The two met halfway across the room in a hug that neither wanted to let go of.

"God…" Dean squeezed his eyes shut, his face pressed against his brother's shoulder.

"Dean," Sam forced himself away, "Dean… are you hurt?"

"I'm amazing Sam," Dean, despite his world continuing to shift uneasily around him, lied with a grin, "Are you alright Sammy?"

"Some stitches and a busted rib," Sam smiled, "Nothing too bad."

Dean breathed deep, running a hand through his short hair as he looked at Sam, "Damn it's good to see you again little brother."


Dean stepped lightly on the gas as the police officer waved them on. Two days after the twister hit, the town of Tramposo still looked like a war zone. Sam had been released early that morning, and wasting no time, the brothers bid farewell to Bobby and took the nearest highway out of there.

"How you doing?" Dean shot a sideways look at Sam, "Do you want to take a few days off?"

"No, I'm good," Sam assured, "I just want to get the hell out of here."

"I couldn't agree more," Dean pressed harder on the accelerator, listening with satisfaction at the pure of the engine, "Why don't you grab the map out of the glove compartment and see where the hell this road leads us."

"Okay," Sam obliged.

It was a trusty map that had been sitting in the Impala since before Sam could remember. Vague recollections from when he was a little kid and was proclaimed 'Map Boy' caused a small smile to creep across his face. He was just wondering how many of the roads were actually still around that it showed in the map when he found where they were.

"We're about a hundred miles out from a place called Waterhen," Sam informed.

"Perfect," Dean grinned, "We'll sack it there, and figure something out in the morning. Sound good?"

"Yup," Sam clicked on the radio and leaned back in the seat.

Deciding to give his brother a break from any type of loud music, Dean let the soft sound of the radio fill the silence in the car. It was after the first song that the announcer came on.

'Good afternoon everyone, this is Jesse Glen speaking and you are listen to KTL 94.7 fm with your sixty second weather. The storm system from which wrecked havoc on much of our southern region including Tramposo, Elwood and Ste. Marie is going to bring in a low pressure system up north through Nebraska. Along with it is very humid temperatures ranging in the mid-eighties through the end of the week. A small, but high pressure system from South Dakota is going to merge into some nasty storms tomorrow which could result in a number of funnel clouds and some possible tornados in and around the Waterhen area…'

All that could be heard was Sam's burst of laughter as Dean quickly made a u-turn in the middle of the highway.

The End.

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