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Chapter One - The Letter

The sunlight penetrated my window and bathed me in its warm, soft glow. I slowly opened my eyes and looked beside my bed at the time. The clock read 5:23. I smiled at the thought of being able to sleep a little longer before I had to get up and start to train. I closed my eyes, just beginning to relax when I heard a stupid, annoying voice scream my name.

"TEMARI!" it shouted. I groaned and covered my face with my pillow as I heard my bedroom door bang open. I heard heavy footsteps walk up to my bed and felt the pillow being taken off my face. What greeted me was an unpleasant sight: my brother, Kankuro's face twisted into a scowl as he looked down at me.

"What is it?" I asked impatiently.

"Didn't you hear me calling you?" he asked, aggravated.

"Of course I did! People half way around the world probably heard you!" I replied in an annoyed voice. He just shrugged as I sat up and stepped into my slippers. That's when I noticed an envelope in Kankuro's hand.

"Hey, what's that?" I asked, pointing at the envelope.

Kankuro looked down at the envelope and said, "Oh yeah! I came here to give this to you! Some weird dude gave it to me earlier." He handed me the envelope. I stared at it suspiciously. It had my name written on it in beautiful handwriting. I opened the envelope carefully, making sure not to pull any triggers if this was an exploding note. Slowly, I pulled out the piece of paper that was tucked in the envelope.

I began to read the note aloud. "Temari, you and a few other exceptionally gifted individuals have been chosen to try out a new training exercise." I looked at Kankuro, who just shrugged. I looked back at the letter and continued reading it.

"Meet me at the gate of Konoha village tomorrow. From there, I myself will escort you to the new training ground, where you will battle each of the other ninjas as your opponents. Only one ninja will win, who will gain the opportunity to train under me. I will train that one individual to become one of the strongest ninja in the world. I would appreciate it if you joined me tomorrow. Please make your decision and arrive no later than noon. Sincerely, your host."

I didn't know what to make of this. Usually, I would've jumped at the thought of becoming one of the strongest ninja ever, but this stranger just leaves me a note to go to some unfamiliar place. This sounded like a trap. I started to get a little suspicious of this host of ours.

"Hmm…" said Kankuro. I looked back at him. He had his arms folded over his chest and his eyes were concentrated on a certain spot on the floor. I think the fool was thinking. That's when realization hit him. He roared out in rage, almost deafening me and the rest of the world.

"What is it this time, Kankuro?" I asked with irritation as I put a finger in my ear to make sure that I could still hear.

"That damn note said that exceptionally gifted individuals were given this letter!" he yelled in fury.

Not understanding him, I replied, "So?"

"'So'? So that means I'm not exceptionally gifted! Well, I am, but this fool doesn't think I am! Who does he think he is?!"

"Somebody who thinks that you have no talent?"


What does that have to do with him not being talented? I wondered. I sighed and said, "Oh well, Kankuro. Just man up to the facts and admit that you just aren't all that great. I mean, you play with dolls!"

"THEY'RE PUPPETS!!!" he shouted angrily. I could tell that he was starting to get a bit emotional. I decided to change the subject before I made the idiot cry.

"So…where's Gaara?" I asked casually. Kankuro looked at me with this stupid face, like he was asking, You actually care?! What the fuck?!

"I'm right here."

"Ah!" I cried out, not expecting anyone else to be there besides me and Kankuro. I jumped back, bumping into Kankuro, who screamed like a little girl as we went tumbling backwards onto my bed. We both rolled off the bed and landed on the ground with a thud in front of someone's feet. I looked up and saw Gaara, my other brother, eating a chocolate chip cookie.

"Gaara!" I exclaimed. "I didn't know you were here!"

He looked at me with the expression he always had on his face and calmly said, "Where else would I be when we have cookies?"



Kankuro and I were speechless at our brother's obsession of cookies. Gaara stared at us as when we didn't reply to his statement, not that we were supposed to since that was a rhetorical question, but I don't think Gaara understood that.

Gaara glared at us and slowly asked, "Why aren't you two replying?"

"Umm…that's because you asked a rhetorical question!" I nervously answered. "That means we're not supposed to answer the question.

Gaara narrowed his eyes at me, then ignored me and said, "Oh yea. This morning some dude came by and gave me a letter about—" Gaara stopped when he saw me flailing my arms around from behind Kankuro and mouthing the words NO! STOP. I sighed in relief as Gaara closed his mouth, knowing that something bad would happen if he said anymore in front of Kankuro. Gaara had gotten the same letter as I had, and if Kankuro knew that, he would have been going on a rampage.

I walked past Gaara and was just about to head out the door of my bedroom when Gaara blurted out, "I got this letter from some guy this morning that said I was one of the few that was chosen for this new training thing." I smacked into the door as Kankuro hollered out something I could barely understand. I thought I saw Gaara grin. I rubbed my aching head, then stopped abruptly as I felt someone's gaze burn a hole through my back. I slowly turned around, afraid of who was glaring at me. If it was Gaara, I knew I knew that I would be dead immediately, though I didn't see a reason for him to be mad at me. If it was Kankuro, his loud, deafening voice would give way to the apocalypse.

Just my luck. It was Kankuro. Damn. The world was ending. I wouldn't even live up to thirty. He looked so mad that I could actually see fire burning in his eyes, the flames leaping out and trying to attack me. "Umm, Kankuro? Are you mad?" I asked nervously. He started screaming and waving his arms around in the air like a madman.


"Calm down, Kankuro!" I said, trying to stop him from destroying my room. He narrowed his eyes at me, then turned his gaze to Gaara. He slowly walked to the door of my room, and without turning around, he shouted, "I DESPISE YOU BOTH LIKE HELL!" With that, he exited my room.

"Well, that was…interesting," Gaara noted in his usual, unemotional voice as he munched on another cookie. I sighed, exasperated by Kankuro's stupidity. I didn't understand why he was getting so worked up about something so dumb. I looked at Gaara. He somehow had gotten the whole entire jar of chocolate chip cookies without me noticing.

"Gaara! Put away those cookies! They'll ruin you're appetite! We'll be eating breakfast soon," I scolded. He gave me a death glare and I backed away. Then he returned to eating his cookies. I started to get annoyed. When it came to cookies, Gaara would never listen me. Actually, Gaara just never listens to me. So I decided to take a stand. As a big sister!

"Gaara, gimme those cookies right now!" I ordered.

"Hell no. They're mine, bitch!"

"What did you just call your older sister?! Bastard, you'll pay for that!"

"Ahhhh! Get off me, you fat woman! Don't touch my cookies!"

"Who's fat?! Hah! I got the cookies!"

"Give 'em back, you fag! They're mine! OWW! WHY'D YOU WHACK ME?!"

"Don't call your sister names, you son of a bitch!"

"But you're calling me nam—OWW! WHAT'D YOU WHACK ME FOR THIS TIME?!"


"Hey, you're so old that you're gonna die anyways! Why would you care I said anything to—OOW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

"DON'T TALK BACK TO ME! Hey! When did you get the cookies?!"

"Mwahaha! The cookies are mi—OOOWWW! THAT HURT!"



And so, Gaara and Temari fight over the cookies for the rest of the day. Then, finally, the next day comes. Temari and Gaara (who had to be dragged by his older sister unwillingly) went to meet the other ninja who were given the opportunity to try out the new training exercise. The thing that Temari and Gaara didn't know was that Kankuro had followed (stalked) them to the front of Konoha Village. Now, this was gonna be a problem…

To be continued…

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