Chapter 3 - The Battles Begin!

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I watched the flaming shuriken come at me in horror, knowing that nobody could do anything to protect themselves. It was too late. I closed my eyes, waiting for the immense pain that would follow when the shuriken's blades struck me. That's when I heard a crack. I opened my eyes and gasped.

Kankuro had jumped in front of me and everyone else, taking the blow of all the shuriken. I watched my brother's body burn in the blazing fire, cackling as it tore at his flesh.

Then it exploded. I raised my arms in front of my face, then lowered them and looked at my surroundings. Pieces of burning wood was scattered all over the place.

Wood? I thought, confused. Then realization hit me. It was Kankuro's puppet! He had used his puppet to protect everyone! I looked around for Kankuro, but I didn't see him anywhere. I watched all the genin gather around Kakashi-sensei and Gai-sensei. Shikamaru looked annoyed, and Gaara was eating a cookie.

A shadowy figure stepped out of the bushes. It had a cloak wrapped around its body, the hood of the cloak covering the figure's head and face. "Good job," he said. I didn't understand who he said that to because nobody was in front of him, but then, Kankuro jumped down from a tree and landed in front of the cloaked person. "Thank you," he answered. He looked proud.

"But you're still not a part of this training program," the person informed Kankuro. I could tell by the voice that it was a male. Kankuro's proud smirk faded. "What?" he growled. "Why not?"

"First of all, you weren't invited, and second of all, you stalked Temari here," the cloaked man said matter-of-factly. Kankuro groaned and started to walk home. He looked disappointed. I was about to go and try to cheer him up when the ground began to shake violently.

I turned around swiftly and saw that the cloaked figure had punched a large rock, which crumbled to tiny pieces and revealed a secret opening in the ground. "This way," our host said, indicating with his hand that we were to go down this hole. I hesitated for a moment, but then followed everyone else down.

I reluctantly stepped onto the first stair of the staircase in the secret passage way after taking one last look at the outside world, then descended down to whatever awaited me there.

XxX xXx XxX

I was amazed by what greeted me at the bottom of the staircase. There were different fields, battle fields, which were set to look like different terrains, and they were all set up in glass domes. One had an actual erupting volcano inside it, while another had a luscious valley with a waterfall cascading down into a beautiful pool.

We started practice battles immediately. It was Neji vs. Sasuke, Naruto vs. Shino, Hinata vs. Shikamaru, Kakashi vs. Gaara, Rock Lee vs. Kiba, and me vs. Sakura. Gai sensei would go against the winner of Neji's and Sasuke's battle.

Each group was put into a different glass dome. Neji and Sasuke were put into one that was thickly covered with trees, making it hard to see. Naruto and Shino were in the one with the volcano. Hinata and Shikamaru were in the dome with the valley and waterfall. Kakashi and my cookie-obsessed brother were put in a dome that had a rocky landscape. There were boulders scattered all over the field.

Rock Lee and Kiba's dome had a cliff whose edge was met by a vast ocean. Last but not least, mine and Sakura's field was one that was covered with snow, ice and humongous glaciers. Gai-sensei was instructed to wait with the host as we began our battles.

Naruto: Finally! The fighting! This author is so slow!

Silver Curiosity: (Glares) Excuse me? (Holds up fist)

Naruto: Uhh…

Silver Curiosity: I can make you die if I want to. (Gives innocent smile) I'm the author…

Naruto: (Gulps) (Starts to sweat) No, th-that's okay! I'd r-rather be a-a-a-alive!

Silver Curiosity: Thought so. Now where's Temari? I gotta kill her for what she did to me in the last chapter.

Naruto: …

Silver Curiosity: Don't "…" me!

Naruto: Okay! Please don't hurt me!

On with the story!!!

Naruto's P.O.V.

The weird guy in the cloak just yelled, "Start!" I quickly jumped about 5 or 6 feet back to avoid any attack Shino would throw at me, but he just stood there. I eyed him suspiciously. He was up to something. So I decided to just attack. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" I cried out as four clones of me appeared from clouds of smoke. While the clones charged at Shino, I circled around the volcano, and quietly came up behind him.

Shino threw a kunai at one of my clones, making it disappear. Another clone came flying at him from his left, but he jumped up, grabbed its leg, spun it around, and smashed it against the side of the volcano. While Shino was occupied, I made another clone of myself and used it to help me form a spinning ball of chakra, the Rasengan.

I jumped at him and drove the Rasengan into his stomach just as he turned around. I smiled with satisfaction, but my smile disappeared in a second when Shino went poof. It was a clone! So the real Shino was probably about to attack me right now. I turned around quickly, but Shino wasn't behind me. I scanned the field, but I didn't see him.

That's when I felt something under my feet. He was underneath me! I jumped up, but I was too late. Shino broke through the ground and gave me a painful blow to the face. I flew backwards and hit the ground hard. Shino then disappeared. Was he using Genjutsu to confuse me? I slowly got up and wiped the blood off my mouth. What was that thing that Sakura-chan said to wake me up when I was under Genjutsu before? Damn. I couldn't remember. This was bad.

Neji's P.O.V.

As soon as our host yelled, "Start!" Sasuke and I both jumped up into a tree and concealed our presences from each other. "Byakugan!" I whispered softly as I gazed past thick groves of trees searching for Sasuke. I had a feeling that Sasuke was using his Sharingan to predict all my moves. I was wrong. He had just jumped down from a tree and stood in a small clearing.

"Hey, blind girl, over here!" he shouted. He was insulting me! That damned Uchiha! I instantly jumped down from the tree I was in and was about to use my Juken (Gentle Fist) on him when I realized that I was about to attack a clone. My anger had made me lose my focus. I stopped my attack on the clone and studied it. It obviously had a purpose. It may have been a distraction, but I didn't see Sasuke try to approach me, even with my Byakugan. So what was the clone's purpose?

Then I saw it. The exploding note. If I got close enough, it would explode. I was onto his game. As long as I didn't go anywhere near the clone, I wouldn't make the note explode. I scanned the trees for any sign of Sasuke, but there was nothing. I looked back at the clone. That's when I saw a thin chakra line extending from the note somewhere into the trees. Sasuke had to be at the other end of that line. That was the good thing. I had found Sasuke. But the bad thing was that if Sasuke pulled that chakra line, it would trigger the explosion of the exploding note and I would be done for.

Then the note exploded. I braced myself for the impact. It wasn't that serious, but while I had raised my arms over my head to protect myself, Sasuke sneaked up behind me and gave me a spin kick to the head, sending me sprawling to the trunk of a large tree. I skidded to a stop right before I hit the tree. My head was pounding from Sasuke's assault. I stood up shakily and looked around. Sasuke was gone again, but with the Byakugan, I spotted him instantly underneath some bushes. I pretended not to notice as I slowly inched towards him. Then I shouted out, "Hakke Rokujuyon Sho!" (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms) and started to hit his tenketsu (chakra points) with lightning speed. Sasuke was taken by surprise as I started to strike him. When I hit him the sixty-fourth time, he fell to the ground, drained of chakra for the time being. Looks like I was gonna win this battle.

Kiba's P.O.V.

I studied our surroundings for a moment. Then I heard the host yell "Start!" I saw Rock Lee get into a fighting pose. Then, Gai-sensei suddenly yelled out, "Go Lee! Use moves of youth!" I turned around to look at the fool, and just at that moment, when I was off guard, Rock Lee yelled out "Konoha Senpuu!" and spun into me. I was thrown off the cliff, dropping head first into the ocean. I focused all my chakra into my feet, and steadied myself on top of the waves. Akamaru sat on top of my head, barking furiously at Rock Lee.

Using all the chakra that I had centered into my feet, I ran up the side of the cliff and cried out, "Dynamic Marking!" as Akamaru did his thing. Rock Lee dodged Akamaru's attack and disappeared just to reappear behind me. I was taken back by his speed. He was so fast! He side kicked me, sending me flying into the air, then he jumped up above me, and kicked me down. I crashed onto the edge of the cliff, wincing in pain.

Akamaru ran over to me and began to whimper. "It's alright, boy," I said in a soothing voice, trying to calm Akamaru down. I looked up at Rock Lee. He was staring past me at something behind me. He looked shocked. "Kiba, watch out!" he warned, and I turned around to see what was wrong, but I was too late. The cliff underneath me gave away and I fell again. But this time I wasn't headed for water, I was headed for dangerously sharp rock spirals that would pierce me to death.

"Aaaaahhhh!' I screamed as I fell to my doom. I could see Rock Lee and Akamaru at the edge of the cliff staring down at me with worried faces. I was too far away from the cliff to grab onto it with my chakra. There was nothing I could do to save myself.

To be continued…

Temari: (Trying to sneak away before Silver Curiosity notices her)

Silver Curiosity: (Notices Temari)

Temari: (Screams and starts to run for her life)

Silver Curiosity: Why are you running away?! It's not like I'm gonna chase you with a mallet or anything! (Takes out mallet and chases after Temari)

Naruto: This is entertaining. (Eating popcorn and drinking soda)

Neji: Not as interesting as the last American Idol, but entertaining. (Eating popcorn and drinking soda)

Ino: Where's forehead girl?!

Silver Curiosity: (Stops chasing Temari with mallet and glares at Ino)

Temari: (Sighs in relief)

Ino: …Wh-what?

Silver Curiosity: Ino?! Why the hell are you here?! You're not in the story!!!

Ino: Umm…but…AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (Starts running for her life)

Silver Curiosity: (Starts chasing after Ino with a humongous eraser) Come back here, Ino! I'm gonna erase your sorry ass! You don't belong here!



Sakura: Go, Silver Curiosity! Wahoo! Die, Ino-pig! (Waves hands wildly in the air)

Sasuke: (Comes up behind Sakura)

Sakura: (Accidentally smacks Sasuke in the face with her flailing arms) OH MY GOD! SASUKE-KUN! I'M SO SORRY!

Sasuke: (Knocked out cold)

Naruto: (Snickers) Didn't see that coming even with the Sharingan, did'ya,

Naruto: (Laughs)

Neji: (Expresses amusement by doubling over with laughter with Naruto)

Silver Curiosity: (Erases Ino and doubles over with laughter)

Temari: (Giggles)

Silver Curiosity: (Glares at Temari)

Temari: (Runs for her life again)

Silver Curiosity: (Chases after Temari with mallet again, slips on a banana peel and falls into a dumpster. Typical)

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