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Code: Going Ghost



The people of the world always sleep under the soft darkness of the night, however not everyone is blessed with that privilege. Not when they are threatened by ghosts and an evil demonic artificial intelligence. Five kids who go to a boarding school in France and one kid who has become a half ghost are all that stand between these monsters and total world destruction. Recently due to an accident involving a ghost known as Technus appearing among one of many 'Replicas' created by the demonic AI known as Xana after the destruction of Lyoko the four virtual warriors along with their genius friend meet the Ghost Boy known as Danny Phantom.

Is it good or bad that they meet?

Despite the hero's meeting thier problems have just begun. They will find out as they are always on alert and watching that the peace has not only been breached but shattered! Destroyed by the explosive fury of their enemies. It begins with a woman discovered by Danny Phantom, bound and gagged with her life only measured by the ticking of a clock counting down the last seconds before the bomb beside her detonates.

Left behind by the demonic AI known as Xana and his allies who have kidnapped her child and holding him for a ransom the scared and frightened mother could never hope to raise.

At least that is the story that the woman tells!

But as the ghost boy and the virtual warriors will find the truth to be far more insidious than they can even imagine and before their fight is over they will entangled in a plot that threatens far more than a single child. The scheme created by Xana and his allies will light up the skies of the night and leave nothing but smoldering remains of the city of Amity Park. As long as these evil monsters roam free no one is safe. Working together with the Lyoko Warriors, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, Aelita, and Jeremy, Danny and his friends must save the city of Amity Park from impending disaster of the massive crime wave of ghosts and virus.

They will encounter ghosts, monsters, and humans possessed with great powers far greater than they can dream. Mind twisting puzzles and deadly traps will be thrown in their way to stop them but with their abilities and high tech weapons and devices they cannot be stopped. Will they succeed or is the city of Amity Park and the rest of the world of the doomed to destruction?


Ulrich is the silently-strong introvert of the group. He is 13 years old, in grade 9, 5.12' and weighs 99.2 pounds. Ulrich would seem to be the bravest member of the group, willing to fight off the various creatures and humans Xana possesses and sends after them, despite the rather obvious handicap.

On Earth, Ulrich wears a jersey with a vest over it and he wears cargo pants over his legs, all varying shades of green. In the first season episode "Killer Music," the jersey is shown as a non-sleeved shirt. His shoes are white. At night, he wears a white jersey and green shorts. When he practices Pencak Silat, he wears an outfit that looks like a black tank top with black pants. He's also barefoot when wearing this outfit.

Ulrich's Lyoko attire is somewhat modeled after a samurai. The outfit comes complete with a karate headband and a katana, as well as a drawing of an Oni on the back of the vest. He wears tabi over his feet. The back of Ulrich's Lyoko ID card shows three round symbols believed to be stylized chrysanthemums, a type of Japanese flower. He gets a new outfit in the fourth season, which trades his more loose-fitting clothes for a tighter body suit. He has two swords strapped to his back, instead of just one to his side. The original sketch has some sort of tracking device over his left eye, but this is dropped in the final product in favor of the original headband.

Jeremy is the brains of the group and the leader of the group outside of Lyoko. He usually determines their plans before any missions to Lyoko. He is the only one (except for Aelita) that can operate the supercomputer, and is much more proficient in its use than she is. While the others head to Lyoko to fight Xana, Jeremy observes and directs them from an interface outside of Lyoko. This allows him to warn them of threats, materialize vehicles, and reload weapons in the case of Odd. His help is invaluable in their attempts to reach the towers, and their performance tends to suffer greatly without it.

Odd is the jokester and prankster of the group, acting less serious and more carefree than the others in any given situation. He is 13 years old, in ninth grade, 4.69' tall, and weighs 70.5 pounds.

Odd has a unique style of dress, both on Earth and Lyoko. On Earth, he wears a normal shirt and bellbottom-ish pants, both of which are different shades of purple. He wears gold shoes and a gold belt that matches the color of his hair. His hair is styled into a large point in the same fashion as his hair on Lyoko, which Odd purposefully copied after first traveling to Lyoko (when he first arrived at Kadic, his hair was originally slicked back in a neo-hippie hairstyle). He also has a purple stripe on the front of his hair (it's an actual part of his hair, as seen in both " Unchartered Territory" and "Revelation"). His night clothes, on the other hand, are red and orange. The shirt has a picture of Kiwi on it. Odd often draws a similar picture in class when he should be paying attention.

Odd's Lyoko appearance, as he describes it, is that of a "giant purple cat." Like a cat, his hands are dominated by the first four fingers. He doesn't possess a pinky on either hand. He also has claws and a purple tail to match, the latter of which Odd can control like a cat. Despite the feline-like features on his suit, there's a picture of Kiwi on his chest – the same one seen on his night shirt. In addition, on the cuffs of his gauntlet sleeves (on the upper arm), there are small outlines of animal faces. A close inspection will reveal that one has an outline of a stereotypical cat face (large, narrow eyes on a small face with whiskers) and the other has an outline of Kiwi's face. A white arrow appears on the back of each of Odd's hands. These are the points where his Laser Arrows emerge. His ID card has a paw print on the back. In the fourth season, Odd gets an upgraded version of his regular outfit. He retains his cat-like appearance, but appears more armored and physically built than he previously did. He also gains cat ears. The original sketch has a set of three larger claws on each of his hands, but this is dropped in the final product.

Odd has a pet dog named Kiwi, which he keeps in his room against school policy. Despite the rule against dogs, most of the students know Odd has the dog. It would seem that only the teachers are unaware of Kiwi's existence. Jim seems to know (or suspects) that the dog exists, but has never been able to prove it without a return trip taking place. Odd also shares a room with Ulrich. The others have their own rooms or live at home. This occasionally results in arguments between the two on roommate-related issues.

Odd suffers from motion sickness, as shown whenever he enters Carthage via a Transport Orb. He often complains of a stomach ache or nausea as soon as he enters the arena. Oddly enough, he does not get sick in the final episode of the second season, "The Key." Odd even said so himself that he didn't understand why he didn't feel like throwing up. This is perhaps a reference to the bad feeling a person may get in their stomach right before something bad happens, but reversed because he is usually made sick upon entering the arena. He also avoided the nausea in the episodes "A Fine Mess" and "Franz Hopper," but this was because he was in Yumi's body and sent there directly, respectively. In "A Fine Mess," Yumi suffered his usual motion sickness. In the third season, Odd never suffers from this sickness

Yumi is the oldest member of the group, being one year older than the rest of them; her age gives her the title of the "mature" one of the group, who looks after the younger members of the team, especially Jeremy. She is 14 years old, in grade 10, 5.41' tall, and weighs 110.2 pounds.

On Earth, she wears a black turtleneck sweater that has long sleeves and exposes her lower stomach. Her hair is usually left hanging down in a cropped hairstyle. She also wears black pants, and a pair of boots. When she and Odd switch bodies, Odd comes to school wearing a different outfit consisting of black pants, a green sweater-vest with an orange shirt underneath, fingerless mesh gloves, and a fur cap with cat ears on top. Odd claims to have gotten the clothes from her closet.

In Lyoko, she has an outfit modeled after the outfits worn by geisha and oiran. Elements of both are used to make up the outfit. It comes with a short-sleeved/hemmed kimono over red tights, black thigh-length boots, red eye liner, and red blush on her cheeks, a white-painted face and neck, and some red on her lips to complete the look; in the first season a small part of her lower lip has more red than the upper lip. Her hair is bunched up into a small bun and the rest is left hanging down. Three bangs are also left hanging. Yumi's Lyoko ID card shows a stylized impression of a leafy flowering plant: a sakura, a Japanese cherry blossom. In Garage Kids her kimono sleeves were longer, like that of a furisode. Concept art for the fourth season shows her wearing a form-fitting, black and red ninja-esque outfit with her hair down (like her hairstyle on Earth) instead of in a bun. She retains her dual iron fans, and her body has a bustier, sexier figure than her previous virtual incarnation.

Aelita was originally thought to be the sole inhabitant of the virtual world of Lyoko, aside from Xana. She's approximately 12 years old, in grade 9, 4.65' tall, and weighs 77.1 pounds. Because aging is not a factor in Lyoko, her actual age is about 22, since she was on Lyoko for a period of about ten years before her first devirtualization. Her general pattern of speech also sounds more like a young woman than a young girl, which is evident when comparing her current voice to her voice in flashbacks. As a joke aimed at her being the only inhabitant of Lyoko and having the ability to do anything to it on a whim, the other members of the group (starting with Odd) have called Aelita "Princess" on multiple occasions, even treating her like a princess some of the time.

She was originally believed to be an advanced AI within Lyoko, since she had no memory of her past and lacked the ability to dematerialize normally. The second season reveals this to be false. Aelita was actually the daughter of Franz Hopper, who built the supercomputer and created Lyoko. When the government came to arrest Franz, the two escaped to Lyoko. Upon arriving, Xana attacked them, forcing Franz to shut down the supercomputer to stop him. Aelita somehow lost her memories during this event. Franz restores her at the end of the second season, making her completely human once more, at great cost to himself. She will wear a new outfit in the fourth season, which has a pair of wings to enable flight.

Xana is the main antagonist of the show Code Lyoko. On Lyoko, Xana's powers are limited to materializing monsters and altering terrain. He can only alter the terrain to a limited extent, but on a much larger scale than Aelita. While Aelita has control over basically any point on Lyoko's surface, Xana's ability seems limited to pre-defined points that trigger automatically. Xana can do anything from creating a labyrinth around a tower to creating a dust storm on a desert plateau.

Through the towers on Lyoko, Xana's attacks on the real world are limited only by his imagination. His ghosts can be used for a near-limitless amount of purposes, and Xana himself can direct their actions remotely. In most of the first season and parts of the following seasons, Xana's attacks were focused on various inanimate objects, most of which were some type of electrical device. Xana has also demonstrated the ability to disrupt the fundamental forces of nature on two occasions, those forces being gravity and weather, respectively. In "Zero Gravity Zone", Xana used various capacitors scattered about the city to create a magnetic field that canceled out the gravitational pull of the Earth. In "Cold War", Xana altered the atmosphere above the city to create a snow storm, continuously decreasing the temperature in the city. These two instances are arguably the most effective attacks to date, as both were foiled mere seconds within killing one of the team's members, and only failed by a slight margin.

Xana can possess living things, but only does so regularly after the first season. The only living things Xana possesses in the first season are rats and bees, possessing a single one at first and having it spread the possession like a virus to others of its kind. After using the time travel feature of the supercomputer to greatly increase the supercomputer's power, he used this power to possess humans. When possessed, the Eye is superimposed on the person's pupils and their voice is demonically warped (apparently in the fashion of Xana's real voice as heard in "Ghost Channel"). The possession also gives its victims enhanced abilities, such as super-strength, the ability to pass through solid objects, and energy manipulation. The latter manifests in different ways depending on the person. Those possessed also tend to keep some of their original personality. This can be seen in their behavior. They often refer to taking orders from Xana and keep some of their more distinctive traits, such as Nicolas' rather strange laugh.

Aside from affecting the outside world, Xana can use his ghosts to possess the supercomputer itself, giving him access to features he otherwise can't use on his own. Through this, Xana can materialize his monsters into the real world. So far, he has done this with Kankrelats and Crabs. The latter of the two are much larger than the scanners and destroyed them upon materializing, limiting their total number to three. The Kankrelats, on the other hand, easily fit into the scanners, and a sizable army of them were created before Xana was stopped. Xana also created a duplicate of Yumi on one occasion. On one occasion, Xana takes control of the time travel feature of the supercomputer, but does not use a ghost to accomplish it. In that instance, Xana placed a virus in code downloaded from Carthage, which Jeremy unwittingly released into the main system.

Xana's most advanced ghosts are independent, not requiring a host to exist. These ghosts are known as polymorphic clones, since their main function is to assume the appearances of others. They possess every ability a possessed person does, as well as the natural morphing skills of regular ghosts. They are often used to replace various members of the group, creating confusion from within. Xana also had one impersonate an actual ghost on one occasion. Xana had damaged the tower-scanning program earlier to complete the illusion. In the episode "Revelation", a clone disguised itself as Odd and went to Lyoko. Once there, the polymorphic clone could transform itself into any member of the group, complete with their abilities and weapons.

After escaping from the supercomputer, Xana's already formidable powers are magnified. Though towers are still required to initiate the attacks, they are on a far greater scale. Instead of possessing people one at a time, Xana is capable of directly possessing mass numbers of people at once. Xana can also control a large number of single objects, such as varying types of food. By using the Scyphozoa, Xana can also transfer his viruses into those on Lyoko. He first uses this ability on Aelita in the episode "Lyoko Minus One". Using her, he then transferred the virus into the passage tower of the Forest sector. This was accomplished in the same manner as Aelita uses to shut down towers, except that the normal "Code Lyoko" is replaced with "Code Xana" ("Xana" being in red letters). Xana then deleted the sector entirely. He does the same to the other three sectors over the course of the third season and uses a possessed William Dunbar to destroy Carthage in the final episode of the season.

After using William to destroy Lyoko, Xana seems to fully possess William for use as an avatar of sorts. This more potent possession transforms William from his normal bright appearance to a much darker, Xana-themed appearance. In addition to the physical transformation, William seems to gain powers similar to Aelita, as seen in concept art for the fourth season. He is also seen trailing black flame as he walks, though whether or not this is anything more than decorative is debatable.

William is introduced as a new student in the second season. He was kicked out of his old school for plastering love letters all over the school. He is also an admirer of Yumi; in "Marabounta" he indicates to Ulrich that, if Ulrich does not express his feelings to Yumi sooner or later, he will pursue her romantically himself. However, he does show some respect for Yumi and Ulrich's romantic relationship, and does not intend to break them up.

Approximately Yumi's age, he has exhibited common sense and ability to take charge in dangerous situations, like in "Attack of the Zombies". His well-meaning restraint of Aelita, Jeremy, and Odd in that episode slowed the team's response to a Xana attack, however.

Quite a few episodes have proven that William is usually a very kind hearted person, but he can be quite mean when he needs (or wants) to be. For example, he goads Ulrich into doing something he obviously didn't want to do (rock climbing) in the episode "Vertigo". On the other hand, William invited Ulrich to join his go-kart club in "A Bad Turn" after Ulrich turned out to be a decent driver during the school's driving test.

Several episodes show various faults William has. For example, in the episode "Final Mix", it's shown that he can't dance. Later on, in the episode "Vertigo", Ulrich reveals that William has a fear of spiders. In "The Secret", William also reveals that he cannot swim, despite the fact that he can do so rather well in the second season.

In the episode "The Secret", William, fed up with Yumi's erratic behavior, decides to follow the group to the factory, where he learns about Lyoko. When asked to retrieve Yumi to help the gang he does so, but both are intercepted by a possessed worker for a building demolition company, who has set up dynamite sticks all around the factory. William succeeds in defusing the detonator for the dynamite sticks. The team then votes to see if William can become a trusted member of the group. Surprisingly, while even Ulrich agrees, Yumi votes against him due to her severe distrust of him. As expected, a return trip is used to wipe his memory. However, faced with Xana's increasing power and the loss of almost all of Lyoko in "Double Trouble", Yumi changes her mind and lets William join (a decision that Yumi later comes to regret). This proves to be a costly mistake, since William's cockiness and inexperience leads to his downfall during his first Lyoko mission. Using the Scyphozoa, Xana possesses William (who was ignorant of the Scyphozoa's purpose) and uses him to destroy Lyoko. The act of doing so transforms William into a darker, Xana-themed version of himself.

William's Lyoko attire consists of a white and blue form-fitting body suit and a zanbatō. Like Ulrich's sword, it can absorb and deflect lasers. The sword is apparently heavy enough that it can't be wielded one-handed (by unpossessed William), and its weight is great enough for its own momentum to spin William if swung hard enough. In comparison to the more subtle attack styles of the other Lyoko warriors, William merely uses brute force to destroy everything in his path. William's own battle experience is short-lived, however, since Xana possesses him shortly after his arrival.

When possessed by Xana, William can fire energy blasts from his sword (like Ulrich did in "Franz Hopper") and hover to a small degree. He can also use Ulrich's super-sprint ability, but leaves a purple trail instead of a yellow one. After Xana uses William to destroy Lyoko's core, William's color scheme is changed to an all-black outfit with red outlines. The eye of Xana also appears on both his head and chest, but not in his eyes. He will continue wearing this outfit in the fourth season, as seen in a promotional photo for the fourth season. He also retains his sword, albeit with black vines creeping up the blade from the sword's hilt much like a Lyoko tower. William can also generate a black mist similar to one of Xana's ghosts, which he is seen using to lift an unconscious Aelita.

Danny Fenton is a nervous, clumsy, and sometimes superficial 14-year-old boy who tries to fit in with his peers. But he is also able to transform into his ghost form (his transformation words are normally "I'm going ghost!"). Upon transformation, his normally black hair turns white, his eyes change from sky blue to ectoplasmic green, his skin changes from light to dark, and his normal attire becomes a black hazmat suit - with white boots, gloves, belt, and starting from the second season, a "D" emblem on his chest, becoming "Danny Phantom".

While in his parents' laboratory, Danny Fenton had an accident involving the newly built "Fenton Portal" and his molecular structure is fused and rearranged with ectoplasm. As a result, he can transform from human to ghost at will, and he has several supernatural abilities.

Jazz is Danny's older sister. Being the older sister and feeling the most rational of the family, she takes it upon herself to be the "mature" figure, often criticising her parents obsession with ghosts and protecting her younger brother. Ultimately though, she means well, using her knowledge to point her parents in a more "normal" direction and keeping an overprotective eye on Danny, even if it sometimes is a constant annoyance to others.

Jack is obsessed with ghost-hunting. Geared up in his day glow-orange spandex jumpsuit, he jumps into action before thinking and can make a bad situation even worse. While he is an adequate fighter with great strength (due primarily to his prodigious size) and courage, he can often be clumsy and incompetent. He has a level of genius though, as well as a good amount of technical knowledge, and is able to conjure up working ghost gadgets and defense systems built all around the Fenton household. He also has a maturity and seriousness that few people recognize.

Maddie (short for Madeline) is an accomplished martial artist as well as marksman and technical whiz. She has a sister named Alicia who is divorced, doesn't like Jack, and lives in Arkansas (seen in "Prisoners of Love"). Maddie, despite her obsession with ghosts, absolutely loves her family and will do anything to defend them. Vlad Masters has been in love with her since college and is always trying to get her to leave Jack, but she always stays true to her family and defends Jack when Vlad talks him down. Danny used to be really close with Maddie when he was little and, despite not being as close to her now, still looks up to her.

Danielle'Dani'Fenton female clone of Danny created by Vlad, who looks to be about 12 years old. She claims to be Danny's "third cousin once removed." She was against Danny at first, but eventually she sided with her "cousin" after she learned that in Vlad's eyes (whom she had seen as a father), she was just another experiment- and a failed one at that even as she won't last for long as she uses up all her powers.

Dani possesses all of Danny's powers, but her unstable DNA prevents her from using them to excess (the more she uses her powers, the faster she deteriorates into ectoplasmic goo). Her suit is slightly similar to Danny's, only more feminine looking (A suit cut at the waist, with her bellybutton showing, slightly high heel boots, etc.).

At the end of "Kindred Spirits", she is shown flying off into the sunset vowing to return someday, now being on good terms with her "cousin". The two seem to have grown a strong bond of trust and concern for each other. This is the most important relationship for Danielle, since Danny is the only friend/family she has.

Tucker Foley, Danny's best friend "since forever". A loyal friend (usually), they share virtually anything (if not everything) with each other, including their friendship. Although Tucker is vulnerable to jealousy as seen in the episode "What You Want" or wanting attention as in "King Tuck", he always realizes in the end that he just can't let Danny down. Tucker is nicknamed the 'Techno-Geek' for his impressive knowledge of computers and gadgetry by the popular kids. He is infatuated with technology, including his PDA (which comes in handy while ghost fighting), and cannot live without it, as shown in "13", when his obsession for digital electronics proved too overpowering to allow him to change his image as "Techno-Geek".

Tucker is also constantly struggling to attract girls, most of which are considered popular, but all, especially the best-looking ones, completely ignore him. Unfortunately, he does not know when to keep his mouth shut, which gets him into trouble. He also is a carnivore, as heard in the episode "Mystery Meat", and has a sense of smell finely attuned to meat.

Sam is one of Danny's best friends. She is a goth (much to the dismay of her preppy parents and their hatred of the goth subculture). She's also an environmentally concerned vegetarian. Her parents are extremely wealthy, having inherited from a great inventor, although she keeps this a secret. According to her, she wants to earn real friends, rather than the popularity and fake friendships that come with wealth. Sam is often the most pragmatic of the group, though she does have the tendency to be bossy and a bit self righteous at times, especially when environmental causes are involved. She and Tucker are often there assisting Danny in any way they can when he is fighting ghosts, or telling his parents crazy stories to protect Danny's secret identity. It was her fault that Danny wanted to try the portal and turned into a ghost.


Sometime after the destruction of Lyoko the virtual warriors received a message from Franz Hopper who gave them the blue prints to Carthage and allowed them upgraded versions of their Lyoko Forms to fight Xana who has created smaller Replicas of Lyoko using many supercomputers on the net to attack the real world like he could on the original Lyoko. Xana now in the Lyoko Form of William Dunbar has been working to bring them down but so far both sides are still at war. However Xana is not the only virtual being on the net.

A piece of data has found its way onto one of the virtual worlds Xana is in control of and now wishes to use it.

And his name is . . .

"I am Technus, master of ghostly science and knowledge and now with these virtual worlds I will rule!" ranted the ghost.

The ghost found his way into Lyoko after the Ghost Child destroyed the satellite and worked on discovering how this world worked. He discovered the towers and planned to use them to their greatest ability.

"With these towers I will reach out to the real world and control everything!" cackled Technus.

The ghost came up to the tower in the Desert Sector and entered it however his intrusion did not go unnoticed. A pair of dark cold eyes opened in shock before replaced with cold indifference. A figure that resembled a teenaged boy with dark blue colored hair appeared near the tower as it glowed dark green with a tint of black. He observed the tower within a safe distance and watched without a sign emotion on his face.

Technus cackled as he reached out to the waking real world.

Amity Park

On the billboards they say Amity Park is a calm place to live. Those who believe will it will be in for a shock when they found that the city is usually over run by ghosts. Paranormal activities are happening every day which has not happened since the town was found. However that does not mean the town does not have someone to protect it.

It has a hero that fights with these malevolent spirits everyday. This hero is known as Danny Phantom once called Inviso-Bill much to his dismay. His human side is a clumsy average teenager with his own problems. His parents are ghost hunters, his best friends are Tucker Foley a techno-geek and Sam Manson a Goth.

They both know his secret along with Danny's older sister Jazz 'Jasmine' Fenton who covers for him when he goes ghost. The only other person besides a handful of ghosts who knows his true identity is Vlad Masters AKA Vlad Plasmius but Danny refers to him as a seriously crazed up fruit loop due to his obsession with Danny's mother Maddie Fenton. Danny keeps his identity secret for good reason because his parents are ghost hunters who are obsessed with ghosts. Jack prefers to blast the ghosts molecule by molecule while Maddie wishes to study them.

Their obsession with ghosts has caused Danny and his sister misery very often by coming to their school when there is a mystery no one can explain. One example would be the time they mistook Mr. Lancer the school teacher and Vice Principal for a ghost. Lancer couldn't give Jack detention so Danny ended up getting stuck in school for that accident. Jazz has wished they would do more constructive things than just ghosts but after Danny found out she knew she now sees ghost hunting as fun since Danny let her in after he found she knew.

Tonight marked the end of the third week without any ghost attacks much to Danny's relief which allowed him to get work done without Mr. Lancer on his back. However what he was in for tonight was what nobody expected. The lampposts on the street started short circuiting and dark green clouds with black tints in them started to pour out. A loud cackle that echoed through the streets.

The specters started to surround the houses of Amity Park.

"First Amity Park and then the world!" shouted a voice.

Kadic Junior High School

"Yeah! Video Arcade here I come!" said a loud voice.

"Would you keep it down, Odd? We know how much you love the arcade but you don't need to shout." said a voice.

Four kids were walking out of the school on a Sunday which is when there is no class.

"I am actually looking to the arcade. With Jeremy looking for my father and us fighting Xana we hardly have anytime for ourselves." said Aelita,

"You're right about that, Aelita." said Yumi.

Ever since Xana destroyed Lyoko and the gang got their new Lyoko forms it has been one fight after another.

"Too bad, Jeremy decided not to come." said Ulrich,

"Well we can always drag him to the arcade. There it is!" said Odd.

He ran towards the arcade giggling like a little girl. Ulrich rolled his eyes while Yumi and Aelita chuckled.

The Factory

Jeremy typed away at the computer.

"Franz I know you have been trying to contact me. Please just send me a signal and I can materialize you." said Jeremy.

"As much as I would look to I can't. Xana is on the lookout for me and if he finds me then I will not be able to help out."

These words appeared on the screen.

Suddenly the tower activation alarm went off.

"Xana." whispered Jeremy.


A voice groaned as the boy looked up and see something strange.

"I really need to stop playing Doomed late at night." said a boy.

He looked around and noticed everything looked 3D.

"What the heck is this? Where am I?" asked the boy.

He looked out the window to see a desert floating in the sky with separate platforms and gigantic wires.

"Danny!" shouted a voice.

The boy looked to see a giant man in an orange jump suit charge into the room.

"It has finally happened. Our town has been taken to the ghost world so the ghosts make us their servants." said Jack,

"I don't any ghosts right now." said Danny.

"They are obviously filling out their menus before they come and make us their slaves." said Jack,

"Ghosts don't eat." said Danny.

"What do you mean? I saw a movie with a cannibal ghost in it and it could eat people." said Jack,

"Mom told you to return that movie week's ago." said Danny.

"Really? I guess forgot to remind you to remind me to return the movie. Note to self: Have Danny remind me to return the movie when we get back." said Jack, writing it down.

At another house a man looked out the window.

"Lord of the Rings! Where am I?" asked the man.

A man in a grey tuxedo walked out the building called City Hall and looked up to the sky.

"What is this place? This is no part of the Ghost Zone I have ever seen." said the man.

Danny ran out of the house to more of the strange world and saw his friends.

"Tucker! Sam!" he shouted.

They looked to see him run up to them.

"Danny do you have any idea where we are?" asked Sam,

"Not a clue, but I don't like the look of it." said Danny.

"Why does everything look so 3D? It's like we are in a video game." said Tucker,

"I don't but I am going to find out. I'm going Ghost!" shouted Danny.

His entire appearance change as a white ring appeared around him and split in two. As one went up and one fell Danny's clothes changed into a black and white jumpsuit with white gloves and white boots and DP emblem on his chest. Danny's hair turned snow white and his glowed green. He grabbed Tucker and Sam and they flew into the sky.

A pair of dark eyes widened at the transformation and followed them from the ground while avoiding their detection.

"This place looks like something you could only in find on a computer or a video game." said Tucker,

"Any idea what those towers are? I can see a lot of them scattered throughout the place." said Sam.

"I don't know but maybe they can help us." said Danny.

He landed in front of the tower. However they were watched by two beings. One was the one who brought them here and the other was the one in control. The one who was control watched and waited.

It wouldn't be long before his enemies would arrive to investigate the activated tower. However that did not mean he could not have some fun. With just a thought a group of Crabs and Kankrelats appeared in front of him. He gave just a nod and they moved towards the growing city.

Video Arcade

"And it is a tie here, folks. Ulrich and Yumi head to head of laser tag against Aelita and yours truly the one and amazing champion of games, me!" said Odd,

"Give it a rest, Odd. You're going to get us kicked out." said Ulrich.

This little game allowed the kids to have the joy they had almost forgotten. For Ulrich, Odd, Aelita, and Yumi it came to as a relief to them all. For once they did not have problems from Ulrich's father, Yumi's brother, or her parents fighting, no Jeremy giving them a serious lecture about they must ready and alert, no Sissy and her goons harassing them, heck not even another one of Xana's take over the world schemes. Or so they thought. Odd's cell phone started ringing.

"Hello, hey, Jeremy. Got it." said Odd.

He switched off his phone and turned to the others.

"We got to go." said Odd,

"What's the problem?" asked Aelita.

"Xana." said Odd,

"He's at it again?" asked Ulrich.

"Jeremy asked us to meet him at the Lab." said Odd.

The Factory

Jeremy was scanning the websites for any sign of strange activity but so far nothing. He heard the elevator open to see his four friends enter the lab.

"Hey, guys. Sorry to pull out of your fun but we got a problem." said Jeremy,

"Xana's at it again?" asked Yumi.

"Actually there is a tower active but it's not Xana working the controls this time." said Jeremy.

"Is it my father?" asked Aelita,

"Sorry, Aelita, but it's not Franz this time either. Anyway all that I know is strange new land masses have appeared in one of the Desert Sections of one of the Lyoko Replicas. That is where you guys come in." said Jeremy.

"You want us to check it out." said Ulrich.

Jeremy nodded.

"And be careful out there, whatever's going on out there has caught Xana's eye too." said Jeremy.

The others nodded and headed to the scanner room. Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd stepped into the scanner room as Jeremy started up the process.

"Transfer Yumi. Transfer Ulrich. Transfer Odd."

The doors closed.

"Scanner Yumi. Scanner Ulrich. Scanner Odd."

The inside of the scanners started to glow.


The three kids vanished.


Three figures appeared in the air and landed on the ground. A fourth figure appeared a few seconds later. Ulrich wore a black and orange body suit with two swords strapped on his back. Odd wore purple armor with cat like ears, a tail, and claws.

Yumi wore a black and red form fitting ninja suit with two fans. Aelita wore a pink jump suit with angel like wings sprouting from her back. Three vehicles appeared in front of them. One was the Overcycle, the other was Overboard, and the last was the Overwing.

They jumped as Aelita flew into the sky and headed for the tower.

Meanwhile Danny landed back in the virtual city of Amity Park as the people gathered City Hall.

"You think Vlad did this?" asked Sam,

"This is not his style at all. Besides from the look of his face he doesn't know what is going either." said Danny.

"Citizens of Amity Park, as you all know we have been taken somewhere against our will and rest assured I will not tolerate the ones responsible for this crime whether they are ghost or human." said Vlad,

"Very well, mayor!" said a voice.

They looked to see a ghostly figure in the sky.

"I am Technus, master of all things science and technology. Using the power of this virtual world I have trapped you all here." said Technus,

"So it was Technus who did this!" said Danny glaring at him.

"This virtual world is a unique and powerful place created by humans. I have now put it to good use." said Technus.

Suddenly a laser fired and hit Technus in the back.

"Who dares hit Technus the most hip master of all things virtual?" asked Technus,

"He needs to seriously stop living in the past." said Danny.

He looked to see a swarm of giant hornets fly into the city.

"Virtual monsters, that's great! Why didn't I think of that?" asked Technus.

"This is a nightmare! I want my teddy!" wailed Dash.

Suddenly a growl was heard and they saw several giant crab like robots looking at them. They all screamed for their houses except Jack and Maddie.

"Ghostly robots, well I have just the thing to stop you! My Jack-O-Nine Tails!" shouted Jack.

He threw towards the crabs but bounced off the shell. If the crabs had faces they would be staring at Jack as if he was an idiot. Suddenly their eyes started glow red and they started firing their tri-lasers. Jack jumped as the crabs started firing.

"I'm going Ghost!" said Danny.

He once again changed into Danny Phantom and flew at the crabs. They turned to see the Ghost Boy fly at them and fired their lasers. Danny went intangible as they laser fired and they passed right through him. He fired ecto blasts at them which pushed them back but they only shrugged it off.

"How can they take those hits?" asked Danny.

The crabs now were annoyed with him and started firing at him again. Quickly going intangible Danny avoided the lasers being fired and flew forward. Suddenly a golden arrow hit the strange eye on one of the crabs' shell and it exploded.

"Sorry, did you want that one? Looks like you were some problems." said a voice.

He looked to see a cat like boy with his hair in one giant spike sitting on the roof his house.

"Who are you and where are we?" asked Danny,

"It's kind of a long story so here's the short version my name is Odd you are in virtual universe in a computer being attacked by an artificial demonic intelligence out to take over the world. Sounds weird right?" asked Odd,

"The virtual universe? Yes. The bad guy out to take over the world? No." said Danny.

"Anyway, you guys are stuck here fighting those monsters until my friends get to the mysterious tower that extremely pale guy used to bring you here. You see those towers are portals between this world and the real world. Bad guys who use the tower can make bad things happen." said Odd,

"Like abduct while you sleep after playing Doomed for three straight hours?" asked Danny.

"You play Doomed. I've already beaten the high record." said Odd,

"Yeah right, I doubt that." said Danny.

"No seriously. I skipped school three days in a row to finish it." said Odd,

"Freeze, ghosts!" shouted a voice.

They looked to see Jack Fenton pointing his gun at them.

"You're going straight back to the Ghost Zone when I am done with you." said Jack.

He pulled the trigger but nothing came out.

"As soon as I recharge this thing." said Jack,

"What's with that?" asked Odd.

"Relax, I kind of got a long story to tell too and don't worry about him. He's mostly harmless." said Danny,

"So who is that nut?" asked Odd.

"My Dad." said Danny, simply.

"Oh, well that explains it." said Odd,

"I know but let's move before my mom shows up." said Danny.

"How bad is she?" asked Odd,

"Hi-Ya!" shouted a voice.

Odd jumped to avoid an upper cut and jumped as Maddie fired a laser blast.

"Oh, that bad." said Odd.

Danny grabbed him and they went intangible and flew through the walls.

"Well this is cool. I always to try that but the problem was my friends told I wasn't light headed enough." said Odd,

"I know it works very well. So where is this tower that Technus is using?" asked Danny.

"If he hasn't created any monsters or if my enemy hasn't sent his monsters that the tower should be shut down about now." said Odd.

Near the tower

Yumi dodged as the Megatank fired another energy blast. So far it seemed Xana was not going to let them pass. They were blocked by two Megatanks, two Tarantulas, three Crabs, and a battalion of Kankrelats. Aelita flew through the sky dodging lasers fired by the Tarantulas as Ulrich pulled out his swords and blocked the attacks.

Yumi's fans glowed light blue and created a shield that blocked all incoming lasers while Aelita flew in firing energy bolts that hit their targets. Ulrich clashes his swords and electricity sparked and he spun around and unleashed an electric barrage of 360 degrees. All monsters were hit and exploded. They looked to see the dark green glowing tower.

"Jeremy, we have arrived at the tower. Looks like it has caught Xana's eye and he doesn't want us to get here first." said Yumi,

"It doesn't matter we need to deactivate the tower now. I've found what it is being used for. It's launching specters and somehow virtualizing a city called Amity Park." said Jeremy.

"We better deactivate it now. You're up, Aelita." said Ulrich,

"I don't think so." said a voice.

They looked to see a pale green skinned man in sunglasses with white hair in a pony tail with a black suit and grey cape. He was floating in the air with strange robots that a T shaped face with red eyes and an evil smile.

"I am Technus the master of all technology and science." said the figure,

"So you're the one causing this." said Yumi.

"Yes and now with these towers I will rule the entire virtual world." said Technus.

Suddenly a giant laser hit the tower and it started to shutdown. Technus gasped as it shutdown.

"Who dares?" asked Technus.

They looked to see a Megatank but the person next to it caught their attention. He wore a black form-fitting body suit with red outlines and the Eye on his chest. He had dark blue colored hair and he carried a black zanbato with black vines coming out of the blade's hilt. His face was emotionless has his eyes studied everyone in front of him.

"No doubt about it . . ." said Ulrich,

"Xana." said Yumi.

Odd and Danny arrived with Sam and Tucker on the Specter Speeder to see Xana shut down the tower.

"Is he that Xana guy you told us about?" asked Danny,

"That's him." said Odd.

"How dare you ruin my far out plan to take over the human world!" said Technus,

"It would have fallen apart anyway." said Xana.

Hi voice was mixed with William's and his own voice which spooked everyone who have just met him.

"However let me show how to actually use this tower to its greatest extent." said Xana.

The tower started glow red.

"Oh no." said Ulrich.

"Thanks to this virtual world on the internet I can sent specters anywhere I want and I thank you, Technus, for testing this plan of yours. Let me show how its done." said Xana.

Soon enough more buildings from Amity Park arrived in the virtual world.

"Cut it out!" said Danny.

He fired ecto bolts but Xana blocked them with his giant sword. Odd charged forward and his claws started to glow yellow.

"Drill Claws!" he shouted.

He brought his hands to pierce the demonic AI's body but Xana caught the attack by grabbing Odd's wrist and tossed him at Ulrich who jumped to strike. Yumi and Aelita fought to get to the tower which was surrounded by three Megatanks. Technus was being attacked by Danny was easily defeated without his monsters which were destroyed by Xana's monsters in a few seconds. Danny pulled out the Fenton Thermos and opened.

"I'll be back, Child!" shouted Technus.

He was sucked into the Thermos quickly.

"Aelita, now!" shouted Yumi.

Aelita flew into the tower and flew to the upper platform and looked to interface. She placed her hand on the interface.




The tower shut down and Xana glared darkly at the tower. He gave quick message to his monsters telling them to stop. They disappeared as Danny landed.

"Now what?" asked Danny,

"Just wait a few minutes. We win again." said Odd.

The screens inside the tower fell and it became dark.

"Return to the past now!" said Jeremy.

There was a flash of light and then everything disappeared.