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Code: Going Ghost

Chapter 19

Aelita looked on with her eyes wide in horror and her mouth completely opened as she trembled at the true form of her nemesis. For as long she could remember Xana had been nothing but a heartless monster out to destroy her friends, her family, and the rest of the world. She remembered as far back when Xana attacked her and her father when they came to Lyoko and Franz told her how Xana had become a threat to mankind. How the computer had reactivated and her friends had fought long and hard against Xana.

How Xana had bound her to the computer and caused nothing but grief to them especially Jeremy when he had to accept Aelita was staying on Lyoko. How Xana stole her memories and used to escape into the net and create a series of replicas of Lyoko so he could take over the world. After all that it was impossible that Xana was once her brother.

"I refuse to believe it! You're just lying to me again! You always lie!" shouted Aelita.

Xana smiled at her as amusement appeared in his eyes. He saw this coming.

"I don't suppose Jeremy completely finished reading our father's diary. Or should I say in this case your father, Aelita. Franz Hopper hasn't been my father in over seventeen years. The day he locked me in Carthage and my body was left in a virtual limbo while my mind was on Lyoko.

It takes more then simple programming to make a supercomputer become sentient. I remember how Franz Hopper worked day and night to recover my body and put me back together. Even if he didn't know I watched him Lyoko and worked on making the virtual world a better place from the inside. However he slowly began to lose hope and stopped when his little girl was born.

I was looking forward to having a little sister but Franz Hopper gave up on me and looked to you as a second chance. That is why no matter what he would always protect you. Listen little girl and listen well, Franz Hopper kept a lot of secrets from his family like how he constructed Lyoko by combing military equipment and combining with a kid's video game." said Xana,

"This can't be right. In Franz's logs it said you were a computer program meant to destroy Carthage." said Ulrich.

"Of course he said that. I integrated my mind with that program so I could control over Lyoko. The power that came with it was absolutely glorious but of course I wanted more than just control of Lyoko I wanted out." said Xana,

"Then why do all of this? Why not just tell us and then we could have brought you and your body back?" asked Yumi.

"Of course you would have but to tell you the truth I don't really care anymore. Just seeing you along the madman Franz Hopper suffer makes it all worth while." said Xana.

Aelita had enough and activated her angel wings and flew straight at Xana. He only held out his hand and completely stopped Aelita as rammed into it. Aelita tried to push forward but Xana easily held her back with one arm.

"Hey, hey, you're not the violent one of the group, princess. So try not to over do it." said Xana.

Without even trying he shoved her to the ground.

"I hate you!" shouted Aelita.

Xana's foot came down on her and kept her still. The others tried to jump on but William stepped out in front.

"Do you have any idea how many people Franz Hopper ruined to create Lyoko? Of all the peoples' lives he messed the one true person who meant the world to him died from grief." said Xana.

Aelita gasped.

"But don't fret, his little girl reminds him everyday of what he could have had and what he lost. Oh, I bet you didn't even realize how his wife reacted when she found his own husband trapped their first born son into a computer and gave up on trying to bring him back." said Xana moving his face down and the red tint in his green eyes grow brighter.

"It was because of that grief that she didn't see a car coming on the road until it was a second late. In a cruel world like this it only takes a second to lose everything. Like the pain and suffering you and your friends endure from fighting and trying to balance it with a life of an everyday child. I suppose for the sake of the boy I once was I should spare you but I have been full of hatred and loathing for anybody harboring the blood of that creep Franz so it seems you're out of luck." said Xana,

"Not yet." said Ulrich.

He charged straight at Xana and his opponent stepped back and ducked under the first swing and sent his fist into Ulrich's stomach and leapt with a foot into the samurai's cheek. The impact sent Ulrich flying but he rolled off his back and jumped up.

"You're going to pay for that!" said Ulrich.

Xana ducked underneath his swing again and moved behind Ulrich with blinding speed.

"Keep trying, Ulrich. I'm much stronger than you." said Xana.

He back flipped when Ulrich swung again and leapt into the air with stunning aerial acrobatics. He landed on the ground and smirked at the glaring Lyoko Warriors.

"I don't care what you say, Xana, I will never believe what you have to say!" said Aelita,

"Who cares? Anyway don't speak like that until you have talked to the old man yourself you and he are after all due for a family reunion." said Xana.

He looked at William and chuckled.

"We're going. I've had enough playing around. I am becoming homesick now." said Xana.

William nodded and the data streams vanished and left only the interior of the blimp. Xana walked up to the terminal and a portal opened. He gave one last smirk at the Lyoko Gang and vanished into the portal with William walking after him.

Aelita forgot about them as she quickly overridden the auto pilot system and changed course.

Fenton Works

"For now it looks like all evidence of Xana has returned to the cyber net. Jeremy has been contacting Franz Hopper but it was really brief since Hopper can't have Xana coming after him yet." said Yumi,

"How do you guys know it's not another one of Xana's tricks? For all we know he made the whole thing up." said Danny.

"I'm starting to think that Xana might have been telling the truth but Aelita will completely deny it. The only to know for sure is to talk to Franz Hopper himself." said Ulrich,

"That's going to be tough. Xana's on the constant look out for Franz." said Odd.

"For now let's not talk about that. Let's just enjoy the peace and quiet and forget about Xana and Vlad Plasmius." said Ulrich,

"I'm down with that." said Danielle.

"Me too." said Danny,

"At least Vlad and Xana will be taking their own breaks." said Sam.

Vlad walked through the lab with several bruises on his face. That fight Daniel and Danielle will left him injured especially from their combined Ghostly Wails and Xana had disappeared completely. He sighed and sat down. No matter how much pain he feels nothing was compared to losing Maddie to that oaf Jack Fenton.

No matter what happens he doesn't care anymore. Danny Phantom would pay and he would be the one to make sure of it when he humiliates the ghost boy and takes over the world with or without Xana's help. He looked the midnight sky and smiled evilly. Daniel and Danielle better get some rest for it would be their last.

Xana smirked as he sat in his chair. The room he was in resembled Carthage with him sitting on a throne in a great hall. He looked down at William and several other figures.

These were his new warriors. Humans that had come to work for him after he observed the hardships. One wore a black lab coat with his symbol on it with a high collar and black gloves and black boots.

Another wore muddy jeans with a black leather belt around his waist and spikes on the knees. The jeans were black and he wore black and red shoulder pads but no top and wore a black and red helmet. Xana's symbol was imprinted the chest of the warrior.

The last one was a female with a sleeveless black tank top with Xana's logo on it and black jacket. The sleeveless top was cut from the bottom so her abdomen was revealed and she wore black skirt with black leather boot going up to her knees.

These were Xana's new warriors and they agreed to fight for him. They were given their own strength and abilities and they were just fine with what he was planning. Xana allowed a smirk to come across his features at the thought of future confrontations with the Lyoko kids and the Ghost children.

Very interesting.