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Chapter 10: Celebration


"Mom, we have something to tell you." Lorelai said.

"Yes Lorelai?"

Lorelai was about to tell her when she realized something. "Wait, where's Dad?"

"He has an important phone call that he's waiting for in his office."

"Hmm. He does. I'll be right back." Lorelai got up and went into her father's study. "Dad, I need you to come out here. I have something very important to tell you."

"I'll be there after my phone call Lorelai."

"Dad. I need you out there." Lorelai said sternly. Richard looked up from his papers. When he saw how determined Lorelai looked, he got up and walked out of the office. Lorelai smiled and followed him.

"Well, now we're all here. What do you have to tell us?" Emily asked as the two came into the living room.

"Okay, Mom, Dad, we have some news..."


"Well, what is it?" Emily asked after a pause.

"I'm...I'm..." Lorelai couldn't seem to be able to tell her parents.

"Lorelai..?" Richard asked.

"I'm pregnant."

Emily and Richard were shocked. Lorelai could tell they were both processing what she said.

"You're..." Emily said, and her mouth dropped open.

"Pregnant." Richard finished. For about another minute they sat like that. Then Richard showed the slightest bit of a smile. "Congratulations."


"You're going to have a baby!" He said, getting somewhat excited. Now Lorelai was shocked. Her father actually approved of this...and further more was happy for her.

"Wow...thanks Dad." She said, and gave him a hug.

"Yes, thank you sir." Luke said politely.

"It's Richard, my boy."

"Thank you, Richard." Luke said, and Richard beamed. Emily was still looking shocked. Lorelai looked over at her.

"Mom?" She said cautiously.

"Yes, Lorelai?"

"Um..are you okay? You look a little...shocked there."

"Well I am shocked."

"But after you're done being shocked you're going to be..."

"Happy, I guess." She said as if it were obvious.

"What?" Lorelai thought she had completely lucked out with her Dad being happy for her, but she would be the luckiest person ever if her Mom was happy for her too.

"I'll be happy for you. You're having a baby, and I assume you're doing it right. You're not 16, and you're with a good man. I am happy for you." She said. Lorelai almost had tears in her eyes. She got up and hugged Emily.

"That means so much to me. Seriously, you don't know how much it means to me. Thank you Mommy." She whispered. Emily smiled.

"This calls for a celebration!" Rory said excitedly.

"It certainly does." Richard said.

"What kind of celebration?" Luke asked.

"Anything. Lorelai, you pick." Emily said, almost giddy. Lorelai looked at her, weirded out at first, but then she smiled.

"Tell the maid to forget about making dinner. We are ordering pizzas and Luke and me are going to run out and get a movie." Lorelai said, smiling.

"I'll be right back." Emily said and went off to tell the maid. Rory was still shocked at her grandparents' reactions, but she knew that they really were happy for Lorelai, and she also knew that they wanted to be a part of the baby's life. And she knew that Lorelai would let them.


Luke and Lorelai got back with the movie Casablanca. The pizza arrived shortly after they got back. They got all set up in the living room, and Lorelai put the movie in. She snuggled up to Luke on one of the couches. Richard and Emily sat in another, and Rory sat on a chair. All throughout the movie, Lorelai was smiling and thinking, 'This is how it should be.'


When the movie was over, it was 9ish.

"I guess we should be going." Lorelai said.

"Thank you. It was great." Luke said, shaking both of their hands.

"Yeah, thanks." Rory said.

"Bye guys, see you next week." Lorelai said as they were almost out the door.

"Will we be seeing Luke too?" Emily asked.

"Yes, you will." Luke answered. Lorelai beamed.

"Bye." Rory said, and closed the door. They all leaned back against it.

"That was..." Lorelai started.

"That was amazing." Rory finished.

"They took it so well." Luke said.

"Nothing like I expected. I am completely blown away by this." Lorelai said, and started walking towards the car.

"I am too." Luke said. "From what you've said about your parents...and from the time that I met them at Rory's 16th birthday party, I never expected them to be happy about this."

"Believe me Luke, neither did I." Lorelai said.

"So...home?" Rory asked after a minute.

"Yeah babe. Home." Lorelai answered. They got in the car and headed home.


When they got home Rory went straight to her room. She yelled a quick "Goodnight." to Luke and Lorelai before shutting her door. Luke and Lorelai went upstairs and got ready for bed. They were both exhausted.

"Yuck." Lorelai stated when they were both under the covers.

"What?" Luke asked confused.

"I'll be starting morning sickness soon."

"That's all a part of being pregnant."

"Well it's one of the gross parts."

"It's all worth it though."

"Yeah, it is. Hey Luke, what do you want?"


"Boy or girl?"

"I'll be extremely happy with whatever."

"I know...but which do you want? I mean, a boy because you could play baseball with him and do all the guy things...but then a girl could be a 'Daddy's Girl,' which I'm sure she would be."

"I really can't pick which one I want."

"Neither can I. I'm just so excited."

"So am I. So am I." Luke said. With that, Lorelai put her head on his chest and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, Lorelai woke up and Luke was already out of bed. There was a note on his pillow that said

Making breakfast downstairs.

Come down.

Lorelai smiled. She went downstairs, and walked into the kitchen and put her arms around Luke's waist. He turned around and kissed her.

"Good morning."

"Mmm good morning." She said back. She got a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down at the table. Just then, Rory came out of her room.

"Is that coffee I smell?" She asked. Luke nodded and she poured herself a cup of coffee. Lorelai glared at Rory. She shrugged and took a sip. Luke put breakfast on plates then put them in front of the girls. Rory started eating, but Lorelai scrunched up her face at the smell of the food.

"What's wrong?" Luke asked.

"Yuck." She said, pushing the food away from her.

"Right. What do you want instead?" Luke asked, getting up. Lorelai smiled. He really was the perfect man.

"Toast. with celery on it."

"I'll be right back."

"We don't have bread?"

"We don't have celery."

"Oh. Be off then." Lorelai joked. Luke rolled his eyes and kissed her. Lorelai sighed with satisfaction.

"This is good." Rory said.

"Yes. It definitely is."

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