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'Remus Lupin, am I right?' Remus looked up from his Potions book. He was having trouble with that subject, so decided it was necessary to spend extra time to it.

'Yes, I am.' He frowned. 'And you are…Catherine Lovegood.' The blonde haired girl nodded and sat down on a chair opposite to Remus' . 'You're Sirius' girlfriend.' Remus stated.

'Err…I guess so. How did you know?' Catherine asked. 'Well, I figured, as you are exactly his type. You're in Ravenclaw, aren't you? One year below?' She nodded again. Siriius always dated the same kind of girls, and it wasn't very often that one could see him out with a girl, so this was a little unexpected. They always had the same androgynous look, shaggy blond hair and little to no girly curves at all.

'Yes. I was kind of surprised when he asked me out. You see, I thought…I thought he didn't like girls.' Remus raised his eyebrows. 'He doesn't. He always said girls only wanted to talk about other girls, y'know, spreading rumours and all that.' Catherine giggled nervously.

'I do like to gossip.' She admitted. 'But anyway, I meant it like…like he was interested in boys. In a non-platonic way.' She added at his confused look.

'Do you mean you thought he was gay?' Remus asked , amused.

'Well, yes. But it wasn't just me who thought that. All of my friends agreed, and I heard some Gryffindors talk about it too.' Remus blinked in surprise.

'I didn't hear anything like that.' 'You wouldn't, because you're not a girl.'

'I'm aware of that, thank you.' He chuckled. At her look though, he stopped.

'Excuse me, but why are you looking at me like that?'

She stared off into space for a minute before saying.

'On our date, two days ago, I asked him about it. I was curious about his reaction.'

'What did he say?' Remus leaned closer, this could get interesting….

'He told me….He told me he wasn't interested in girls. Nor in the most guys.'

'So? He's asexual?' 'No…I thought he was in love with someone. A guy. Just him. So I asked him that.' She paused, as if to recall what Sirius'd said.

'He said;' How is it that you girls can come to this conclusion, in split seconds, while it took me two years!'' Remus gasped. 'So…So what you're saying…is that Sirius confessed he's in love…with a bloke?' Catherine looked at him strangely. 'Not just any bloke, either!' She blurted. 'You know who Sirius fancies?!' Remus exclaimed. 'We'll get to that later! What I found very interesting was how…easy he admitted it. I mean, it's about being in love with someone of the same gender, something that isn't accepted by most people, and he just…said it.' That didn't surprise Remus, though. He knew his friend. Always reckless, and never thinking before doing. He'd had enough experience with Sirius to know that.

'That's Sirius.' He shrugged. 'Now will you tell me who—' 'I don't understand, though. I mean, look at me. I'm quite the catch! Still, he just kept talking about that guy for the rest of the evening. He was happy to be able to talk about it with someone.'

'Oh. So you don't mind?' 'Of course I do mind! He's Sirius Black! He's like…one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. But it seems that y- that guy has his attention. His…undivided attention.' Remus noticed the slip-up, but didn't think it was important.

'So Sirius is finally in love with someone?' Catherine sighed. 'Yes.'

"Who could it be ??" He thought to himself.

A few weeks later, Catherine and Sirius no longer were a couple. Sirius, surprisingly, had found himself a new girlfriend. One entirely different than Remus'd thought as Sirius told him the news. This girl was very girly and very curvy. It was a seventh year , Gryffindor and with that , Sirius broke all his own, made-up rules about dating a girl. First, she wasn't his type, and he didn't even really like her, secondly, she was older, and thirdly, she was in the same house( if they would split up now, the avoiding would become a larger problem than usually.) Also, this girl wasn't very nice to the Marauders, besides Sirius.

She always wanted to spend time with him, and thus the Marauders had grown to hate her with a passion for stealing their friend. On purpose.

It was another night in the library for Remus, where he was reading a novel in a quiet and peaceful corner. The common room was way too noisy, and if he went up to the dorm, James and Peter would come and get him eventually. And he really wanted to finish this book. He was nearing the end when a scream caught his ears. The angry footsteps came closer and he sat up in his comfy chair. Linda came around the corner, and spotted him.

'Lupin!' She shrieked. 'You stole him from me!' Remus was terribly confused.

What on earth was this girl talking about?! He asked her just that.

'I am talking about Sirius!' She sat down with a huff. 'What do you mean, I stole him from you?' He asked. 'You are the one that's wanting to spend all of his free time with you.'

'That's because I thought he would get over you!' She groaned and let her head fall into her arms. 'He's so crazy about you…' she said softly, looking up at him.

Now Remus was really confused. Crazy about him?

He frowned.' I have no idea what you mean.' Linda smiled at him wryly.

'Look, Lupin…Let me explain. Sirius is gay.' Remus nodded, he knew this.

'And he is in love.' Remus nodded again. 'With a friend.'

'Really? Who is it?' But she ignored him. 'Have you ever noticed anything about Sirius' girlfriends?' Remus shrugged. 'They were all the same. Smart, blonde- brownish hair, thin and tall, not girly-girls.' 'Exactly. Now does this sound more familiar. Honey-blonde hair, amber eyes, thin and lanky, smart and bookish, mischievous, and with a secret love for pranking?' This did sound familiar. It described him, in the great lines.

'Yeah, what about it?' 'That's what Sirius likes.' Remus frowned again. So, Sirius liked his qualities in his potential boyfriend. But he didn't know anyone else besides himself that actually fitted this description. Did that mean that Sirius liked him?

'Don't laugh at me, but…is it me?' Linda snorted. 'Took you long enough.' She stood up.

'He's free, just so you know.' With that , she walked away.

Remus put down his book and pinched the bridge of his nose.

What was he going to do about this?

Linda had apparently told Sirius that he liked him back. Remus didn't know how he felt about Sirius, at least, he knew he wasn't in love with him. Now that Remus knew , he noticed how Sirius looked at him. He felt the burning stares when in class, and hungry gazes as he undressed. And he found he didn't really mind. But it still was very strange, and Remus didn't know how to act around Sirius anymore.

As he grew more and more nervous, Sirius started flirting with him.

He touched him more than friends would usually do, and the way he spoke wasn't joking, but truth. The other day, when Remus had finished overlooking his essay, Sirius had told him. 'I love you, Moony.' And it sounded so sincere. And it wasn't just because he was checking his homework.

And that slightly scared Remus. He didn't know what he would do when Sirius actually confessed his love. If he would do that, that is.

One day, James cornered him outside the Transfiguration classroom.

'Remus, I need you to tell me, honestly, what you think of Sirius. I don't mind, whatever you say. Just, be honest. I know you know how he feels about you.' He added after a quick thought.

'Err…I don't know…' He started carefully. 'I'm scared. To get hurt, I mean. And I don't know what to do anymore. I can't just…tell him to stop loving me. Because I don't want him to…But sometimes I wish I could, when it's all getting too much. I can't handle it. I don't want him to get hurt by rejecting him. But I also don't want me to get hurt by not rejecting him.' James nodded. 'So…You do like him. In the boyfriend way?' Remus blushed.

'But I don't know how long Sirius will want me. I mean, what if… what if I'm not really what he is looking for?' James seemed highly amused and looked at something over Remus' shoulder. 'Trust me, you are what I'm looking for.' Sirius said. Remus whipped around, blushing furiously. ' Sirius!' He squeaked. Sirius stood there with a smile on his face.

He looked slightly nervous, as if he was afraid to be rejected.

Now , that was a surprise for Remus. He tried to remember all the times that Sirius'd been nervous, but other than in his first year when he was going to be sorted, and after the Snape Incident, no occasions came to mind.

'I'll be going, then.' James said smoothly and hurried down the corridor.

'I…' Remus started. 'First Catherine came to me…And after what she told me, I just didn't see. It was pretty obvious, now that I look back on it. And after that Linda, she was less subtle. And then you started…doing things…' he rambled. Sirius chuckled.

'I did put you in an awkward position, didn't I?' Remus stared at him. 'Kind of…' He admitted softly. Sirius stepped closer to him, and Remus could feel his breath tickle his ear as he spoke. 'Remus…' The 'R' rolled smoothly off his tongue and the sound of it made Remus flustered. 'I know I'm someone…who's difficult and hard to trust…But please…Trust me here. I mean it. I'm serious this time. I won't leave.' Sirius looked Remus in the eye and leaned in. As soft lips kissed him, Remus' eyes widened in a nearly comical way before closing and he started kissing back.

"Kissing Sirius is nice", he thought.


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